Woman Gets Extreme Makeover To Find Boyfriend

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This woman wants a boyfriend and gets and extreme makeover to help her out!
React Couch reacting to The Queen Of The Charity Shops Has 'Slug Eyebrows' | Snog, Marry, Avoid?
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Jasmine claims she is the queen of the charity jobs! She loves vintage clothes and her very, VERY big eyebrows. Is she ready to take on a fresh look with some smaller eyebrows?
Reddit - www.reddit.com/r/CinnamonToastKen
React Couch and Dr Phil - uzpost.info/vision/video/etqvk7eig2d9mmQ.html
Memes - uzpost.info/vision/video/bbBo2pWbfnSCgZM.html
5 Min Life Hacks - uzpost.info/vision/video/ia2etK2am3WxoYE.html

C T Kun oldin
Punk Rock *Pirate guys, not parrot, lol
Cy Eerie Czar
Cy Eerie Czar Kun oldin
I think she would like Ken’s eyebrows
Duh Sunnyday
Duh Sunnyday 2 kun oldin
So snog is like making out?
Mike Smith
Mike Smith 3 kun oldin
I feel like this show just turned her from a confident lady to a depressed Mormon!
Grime Merchant
Grime Merchant 3 kun oldin
This show is great use to watch it back in the day. Pods hilarious.
Mad as Max
Mad as Max 5 kun oldin
She needed a concrete mixer to, help put on her foundation!
Mad as Max
Mad as Max 5 kun oldin
She is, what we used to call a brewery bird. In other words you, need to drink the brewery dry before you stick in the, old man meat or just plain fugly!
Alexandra Cohen06
Alexandra Cohen06 6 kun oldin
Her lipstick transferred to her teeth! The eyebrows are a no go... otherwise shes very pretty
Brandi blank
Brandi blank 7 kun oldin
Did Kens shirt give anyone else PTSD moment?🥺
Makube Gysman
Makube Gysman 7 kun oldin
I kinda like the eyebrows they are sexy
Bailey H
Bailey H 9 kun oldin
The Nina shirt is still too soon dude T^T
squarepotatoes 12 kun oldin
She's so cute in the after, but she can definitely still wear some of the clothes she has Just not all of them at once
Lelynn Miller
Lelynn Miller 15 kun oldin
snogging = making out
Under a TBR
Under a TBR 16 kun oldin
who would want thises two to react to what not to wear?
Stephen Tolman
Stephen Tolman 16 kun oldin
Snog is french kissing basically
KATZ Berlin
KATZ Berlin 16 kun oldin
Meaniees! ;D At least she had an individual style haha. Apart from the caterpillar eyebrows.. ;'D. And "yayyy finally douchebags want to snog me... yayy!"
Joe Knoedler
Joe Knoedler 17 kun oldin
I kinda think her outfits were cute. It’s really just the makeup.
arkonatous 17 kun oldin
If Ken’s t-shirt is what I think it is it gave me PTSD.
MysticSybil 20 kun oldin
Snog is British for makin out
Ms. Turkey
Ms. Turkey 20 kun oldin
Alright you convince me I'm subscribed
Anna 24 kun oldin
Idk I think why would you want a boyfriend who only wants you when you change your style? Be yourself.
Wesley Gray
Wesley Gray 24 kun oldin
Gotta be 100% faked. Lol.
Kendrick Velazco
Kendrick Velazco 25 kun oldin
Bruh he sounds like a pokemon at 3:27
bunny 25 kun oldin
I love how all the women who like women in the comment section are all agreeing that like minus her makeup she's very cute and her fashion is fun. It's our thing lmao we're either all goths or hippies
Dottie Ndots
Dottie Ndots 25 kun oldin
6:10 so she could date Coltee?
Laurie Elizabeth
Laurie Elizabeth 25 kun oldin
Snog is a quick kiss (making out )😂😂 deffo not a romantic kiss that’s for sure 😂😂😂
Southseven customs
Southseven customs 25 kun oldin
Ehh in my area that's not too bad This show is weird af. ...end result was lame
Insertfacerollhere 26 kun oldin
This show reminds me of 100% Hotter
Donna Liska
Donna Liska 26 kun oldin
i acta=ually like her stye she just needs to tone down the make up a bit she seems cool :)
Beloved Gifts
Beloved Gifts 26 kun oldin
lol growing up I was told snog was kiss or get busy lol. So when I heard I’m getting close to snog I lost it lol
Confused_potato_boi 26 kun oldin
I would have dated her before the makeover, that confidence is beautiful, and she didn't look that tbh.
crazichickify 26 kun oldin
Should have got a drag queen helping and she would have gotten real help. They know how to look fantastic in wild fashions. Should have different ppl for different style types. Otherwise its boring
outlaw trucks tv
outlaw trucks tv 27 kun oldin
I think ol buff wanted to buff her out
Ampersand 27 kun oldin
she looks like the demon bride from insidious
Noodle Soul
Noodle Soul 28 kun oldin
Oh no...the shirt
Prabhat Pandey
Prabhat Pandey Oy oldin
First question to ask when did you start doing drugs young lady
Alana Towery
Alana Towery Oy oldin
She looks like she's finna tell me my fortune on our way to the factory. (Stereotypical Medium + Rosie the Riveter)
Melissa Ernst
Melissa Ernst Oy oldin
Snog is British slang for making out
Marco Total
Marco Total Oy oldin
I love her look tbh. I'd love to go charity/thrift shopping with her
Marz8999 Oy oldin
She hasnt grown out of her 6yr old self.
Jamie Jai
Jamie Jai Oy oldin
8:24- more like like WHAT are you!! As someone who's eyebrows are done on point this works my ocd, anxiety, makes me 🤢, 😭 and my skin crawl all at the same time! Id say ooof, but there's no words for this absolute atrocity. You could actually see her real eyebrows thru the sharpie in the sunlight.... wtffff....🤦🏻‍♀️🤣🤣🤣🤣 It's a dam shame cuz she's actual really cute without all that shit all over her! 🤷🏻‍♀️
Janeen Landry
Janeen Landry Oy oldin
I got a feeling her Dad is the OG the movie Taken was based on and she put those eyebrows on so she was unable to be kidnapped again
Janeen Landry
Janeen Landry Oy oldin
😂😂😂😂 where is she taking her to? Is there a Narnia closet behind all that clothes in the store?
Row MyBoat
Row MyBoat Oy oldin
she the real manchester girl
My perspective
My perspective Oy oldin
Can’t believe they didn’t know what snog means!
AngelKayla 2021
AngelKayla 2021 Oy oldin
to be honest, the rest of her is fine it was just the makeup was off to me, and what's wrong with buying clothes from a thrift shop?? Even if they do smell it's not like you can clean them when you get home??
Zeezeela Fe
Zeezeela Fe Oy oldin
I literally KNOW A person who looks like that NATURALLY 😂💀💀💀💀 with the same name lmao
Tariq Edwards
Tariq Edwards Oy oldin
i feel the same way about super thin eyebrows lol
Marissa Bones
Marissa Bones Oy oldin
More eyebrows than face
Kerah Oy oldin
Hang on, that shirt Ken is wearing... is that what I think it is?
Mimi LuvvxXx6
Mimi LuvvxXx6 Oy oldin
Thought the chick in the thumbnail was Gabbie Hanna 💀💀
Tinkerbell ll
Tinkerbell ll Oy oldin
I don’t mind her clothes as much... but it was the makeup (the eyebrows) that had me like oh boy.
Tinkerbell ll
Tinkerbell ll Oy oldin
Snogging means like making out in the UK
Lexi Lue
Lexi Lue Oy oldin
She can wear whatever she wants, I love thrifting. It's just the make up bro, its too much.
Tasha Vladimiroff
Tasha Vladimiroff Oy oldin
She looks cute after.
Katjana Dullin
Katjana Dullin Oy oldin
Is it just me,🤔 or does she look like a 4 year old who got into her mother's makeup.💄💄🙈
Kilo Bravo
Kilo Bravo Oy oldin
Very funny! Liked and subscribed!
The Almighty Nerd
The Almighty Nerd Oy oldin
She looks like a toddler who got into her Mom's closet and makeup
Laura Danyal
Laura Danyal Oy oldin
Snog means Kiss
Vex U
Vex U Oy oldin
Why did natural looking eyebrows go out of style? I could never understand that lol
Alexandra Carri
Alexandra Carri Oy oldin
Gabby Hanna I’m sorry but....
Tazz Houston
Tazz Houston Oy oldin
Snog means kissing
Will Storts
Will Storts Oy oldin
She just looks like a white Mia Khalifa.
Mariam Akerman
Mariam Akerman Oy oldin
Creative self-expression is better then this makeovers honestly, being different and trying to be unique is not so bad, many gucci designers were different too and they make shitty stuff that ppl call fashion and pay thousands but this bit makes them look like basic grandma 😂 but with "class" , so idk what is the point of makeovers if they just wipe off make up and put them in different old bad clothes 😂
road trek
road trek Oy oldin
Like either one of u has ever gotten close to any woman...
Noreene Bailey-Bailey-Treece
Noreene Bailey-Bailey-Treece Oy oldin
I love snog marry or avoid but you guys base it even funnier.
Greg S
Greg S Oy oldin
A big part of her died with those eyebrows were killed.
leigh D
leigh D Oy oldin
😉 *punk rock parrot*
N D Oy oldin
She's terrifying 😂
lukewarm Oy oldin
I actually liked the way she dressed before..it was fun and different.
Sam Sweetland
Sam Sweetland Oy oldin
Your shirt makes me want to tear up. Ya arsehole.
Mireille F
Mireille F Oy oldin
This is a bit mean, don't you think -_- ?
videodude4 Oy oldin
Snogging is British slang for make out or kissing.
Mystarkio Oy oldin
dude on the right could have kept that “went from a 2 to a 3” comment to himself. Since he didn’t, I think that’s a douchy move. Hearing shit like that from a random guy,,, pretty unsollicited and suddenly made the vibe of this video very cringy? 2 random dudes joking about the appearance of a woman, what a timeless dull and tasteless story.
godlessfornicater Oy oldin
Omgggg!!! That fma t-shirt! Yeeess but also, Nooooooo!! 😂😫
Emily Shell
Emily Shell Oy oldin
Your shirt makes my heart hurt
S Batts
S Batts Oy oldin
10 out of 10 men would still smash.
Janita Oy oldin
I always had a problem with the show whilst it could be enjoyable at parts they always have people on the with a very goth or alternative sort of style which annoyed me because there are loads of people who dress like that and you can find someone who also enjoys that style and it kind of just makes you feel like you have to look “normal” also I really like this chicks eclectic style the only thing that could be considered not attractive would be the make up
Annbrial Lawrence
Annbrial Lawrence Oy oldin
I'm like attracted to women and like she be gorgeous before like the energy she has before is attractive
Georgie Constantinou
Georgie Constantinou Oy oldin
Ken and buff trying to understand British slang makes my day 😂😂
Lezle Aspelund
Lezle Aspelund Oy oldin
What, that’s not a dude, in drag???........lmao
Sammi Strong
Sammi Strong Oy oldin
Ken's T-shirt is very upsetting. RIP Nina and Alexander💔
bethany wright
bethany wright Oy oldin
Snog is the British term for "make out"
Gaming Bacon4554
Gaming Bacon4554 Oy oldin
Watching these guys are perfect to do while eating maruchan noodles and drinking soda
Julia Rickett
Julia Rickett Oy oldin
Snog = make out
Joanna Oy oldin
She would fit in at an art school, She has a creative personality : )
Allison Kauffman
Allison Kauffman Oy oldin
Its cute they said they wanted to snog her thinking it was bad...making out isn't bad...¿
Stacey'sMom Oy oldin
Anybody else think she looks like Claire from Degrassi after her makeover? Just me? I’m buggin?
Signe Andersen
Signe Andersen Oy oldin
Snog is kissing :)
HassassinWolf Oy oldin
am I the only one who thinks she looks like Gabbie Hannah?
Ben McNulty
Ben McNulty Oy oldin
You guys need to do more of these 😂
Joe Parson
Joe Parson Oy oldin
Sometimes, just because you can does not mean you should. (Edit)........Ken's giving this chick a red-headed stepchild beat down!
Jon Lusz
Jon Lusz Oy oldin
BuffPro: "I don't know what Snog means, but I'm leaning towards that." Snog meaning kiss: 0_0
Bill Pardy
Bill Pardy Oy oldin
This whole show makes me sad. The girls on this show: "I'm very passionate about makeup and unique fashion, it helps me express myself creatively and gives me self-confidence." The show: "That's disgusting, you're disgusting, and everyone laughs at how disgusting you are behind your back. Here's a tutorial on how to dress like Pam on The Office."
Therese Von Todderud
Therese Von Todderud Oy oldin
@Bill Pardy Well, I had a journey myself going from an emo kid at 12 to being sort of like a toned down viking witch now :P I just went for everything that was black and had spikes, and in my eyes now, it was a very childish style. All I'm saying is that a lot of people have eyes for only one style and trying out something else won't hurt them. Being a teenager is about trying and failing... doing weird shit with make-up and hair and clothes. But it's a journey. I still believe that a statement piece or two is what will lift any outfit, but going overboard will look messy. If you like it, go for it, but I just think like that myself. I know who she is; she is certainly herself. My one great idol is Marilyn Manson and he is pretty unique when it comes to his style as well :P I do respect that. But I'm currently trying to be respectable while simultaneously trying to show my uniqueness. It works well professionally and privately. That is what this show fails to do...
Bill Pardy
Bill Pardy Oy oldin
@Therese Von Todderud I just don't believe in telling people to tone down their style, which they clearly like. There is someone for everyone and it shouldn't matter that 50 people avoid you if you find one who truly loves you for you. Also my hero is Emilia Fart so maybe I'm just groomed into thinking "that person dresses weird and I'm into it because I love self-expression." If you don't know her, she dresses, "like an obese, deranged Judge Judy," according to herself and it's STUNNING down to her mole eyes❤
Therese Von Todderud
Therese Von Todderud Oy oldin
I know. I especially hate it when they take goths who dress so amazingly with a purpose to their style and just make them dress like a HM mannequin. I've always adored different styles, but sometimes the people on this show pile on clothes that are different and that's what they do wrong. They can use one or two unique items and it will do way more for the look than five or six such items. That's why they call it a statement piece. But the show doesn't know what a statement piece is, lol. One thing that's important to people like me, metalheads, punks, goths etc., is that we want to be recognized by our own. This show takes that away from them completely. They should make an effort to understand why they dress the way they do.
Rebecca Benway
Rebecca Benway Oy oldin
Snogging is pretty much making out. Kissing and caressing.
Antonio Hernandez
Antonio Hernandez Oy oldin
Have y'all noticed his shirt 😂😂😂😂😂
Palix Tobin
Palix Tobin Oy oldin
This is what black pudding does to you...
Laura Oy oldin
She reminds me of Smell from This is England
Phoenix Ramirez
Phoenix Ramirez Oy oldin
Omg his shirt has nina and alexander from fullmetal alchemist 😭
Satyrical Satanist
Satyrical Satanist Oy oldin
Ngl my eyebrows were exactly like hers at one point because I didn’t know how to do makeup 😂
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