Willy Wonka Has Gone Wild on TikTok

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Willy Wonka is on TikTok and its wild! Today I react to Willy Wonka bumping and grinding all over gen z. Is this what the youth of today are thirsty for? Willy Wonka with the WAP?
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CinnamonToastKen Oy oldin
Are you a ✨bad nut✨ too? If so you'll love this video... uzpost.info/vision/video/ocqorNuagaWjo3U.html
Vixen Fox Sly
Vixen Fox Sly Oy oldin
I am blind
Bolbl91 Oy oldin
If my dad ever told me I was a bad nut, I’d assume he meant having me was a mistake
secretlady646 Oy oldin
please make a tiktok
Sara Jackson
Sara Jackson Oy oldin
Your dad bods better!!!
Zoey Jackson
Zoey Jackson Oy oldin
Thank you 💖 Your right using daddy as a sexual term is simply DISGUSTING but I thought it was only me who felt that way because of what my father did to me at a young age
Garin 3 kun oldin
Petition for Ken to throw it back in a video
Jared Villarreal
Jared Villarreal 4 kun oldin
I cant see the laughs in it too ken
ly mar
ly mar 7 kun oldin
Therapist: sexy Willy Wonka doesn't exist, he can't hurt you Me: 👁👄👁....
Monsieur Monster
Monsieur Monster 10 kun oldin
That's what you call skinny abs. Dude probably weighs 118 pounds soaking wet. And you would most likely see his spine. So skeletons are sexy now.. got it 2020
Pink Portrait
Pink Portrait 11 kun oldin
Make an account you coward
ROO 12 kun oldin
Listen ken I’m 20 aka gen z’er but I hate tik tok but if you get tik tok I will bring myself to download it only for you tho lmao
Jessica Schmidt
Jessica Schmidt 12 kun oldin
Shut up! Your videos are great🥺
Vanilla Lucero
Vanilla Lucero 13 kun oldin
I'm a gen z but fookin hell I don't understand them their humor too Especially the Wonka wonkabob sht These are just randomly generated and it's not funny for me anymore Argh 🤮
Joe Knoedler
Joe Knoedler 16 kun oldin
Yeah, when Tik tok dripped I new I was no longer young and cool
Mikayla Possible
Mikayla Possible 21 kun oldin
I loved Johnny depp as willy and def would’ve fucked butttt this dude 🥴🥵🥵🥵 I’m pregnant just watching him😂
who do you think
who do you think 26 kun oldin
Think how we feel there's no music to it it's weird 😂
The End Times
The End Times 26 kun oldin
Ken you're too nice on this video lol
Elizabeth Show ell
Elizabeth Show ell 26 kun oldin
Keep working on it laughing and cringing at you
Sassy Devil
Sassy Devil 27 kun oldin
Wooooo, Ken! I know I'm a little late getting to this video, but thank you for the flesh show! I want to drum my hands on that belly! 😘😘😘 My apologies to Mary. If I can convince my boyfriend to dance and show his belly, she's more than welcome to watch and enjoy or not enjoy. Just let me know. 😁
PÆrbÆÆz goomÆn
PÆrbÆÆz goomÆn 27 kun oldin
Lol u nemo
Splendore 17
Splendore 17 27 kun oldin
I definitely see a collab happening very soon, you know, after I saw that belly dance😂
Kris van Laar
Kris van Laar 29 kun oldin
WWTT should not exist. People like him are driving away the attention of actual cosplayers that put time and effort in their costume and makeup
The Beauty Demon
The Beauty Demon Oy oldin
Dude, if you made a TikTok you would have so many thirsty people flocking to you. No joke.
Brant Morse
Brant Morse Oy oldin
That cartman episode was classic
TRUEthatguy Oy oldin
i feel dumber every time i see something from tik tok
Rachel Berry
Rachel Berry Oy oldin
When Ken said "where the oompa loompas at??" my first thought was midget porn 😂
DubCatXero Oy oldin
11 million people wanted to see willy wonka without a shirt? And it’s not even Johnny Depp? I’m so lost. Edit: I wonder if I can sue this guy (WW) for the injuries sustained from cringing so hard.
Cindy Kitty
Cindy Kitty Oy oldin
I'm 24 and the stuff on tiktok makes me feel so old. I don't understand most of it. I'm glad the Wonka guy is having fun tho
Billy Billow
Billy Billow Oy oldin
I’ve never heard of this WiLlY wonka cosplay guy but umm... I guess I learned something new. My favorite part of the video was when ken try to do that an thing, that was funny
inial8tor Oy oldin
I got that throw back to SP
8.7.8ŮŞĆH Oy oldin
JJQuickSilver Oy oldin
I'm 19 and I dont understand Wonka's tik tok either
Willow Bee
Willow Bee Oy oldin
Willy Wonka wants to share his "Lollipop " with the world ;)
Amber VandeVrede
Amber VandeVrede Oy oldin
Y'all do be hating on my mans...
Isabel Martinez
Isabel Martinez Oy oldin
I must be a boomer myself because this isn’t it 💀
Black Unicorn Productions
Black Unicorn Productions Oy oldin
how do i reach deez keedz...
Cherry Oy oldin
Tbh, dude's pulling off the voice almost exact, gotta give him props there
Hey Graey
Hey Graey Oy oldin
LOL please pay me 1,000$ for that 10$ cake XD We literally can take any image and print it onto edible paper that costs like 1.99. Saved you over 990$
Inufan078 Oy oldin
I remember seeing him as a popular Tik Toker and I went to his page being like why is he popular I don’t understand??? And I couldn’t find the answer going on his profile either. I’ve never gotten the daddy thing either and get nauseous from it guess I’m a boomer too haha.
Jack Oy oldin
How does anyone find Willy Wonka attractive? Lmao. Plastering abs on him doesn't make him better, the dances are just creepy. There are farrr more attractive characters to cosplay... The cosplay isn't even that great? Its pretty cheap by the looks of it.
Zeezeela Fe
Zeezeela Fe Oy oldin
This fake wannabe Wily Wonka 🙄🙄
Jo HexxKitten
Jo HexxKitten Oy oldin
He's more Wanker than Wonka... are young women these days standards so low?
Calum Doyle
Calum Doyle Oy oldin
I don’t see how millions of people think it’s attractive. He just ruined my childhood.
Dripping God
Dripping God Oy oldin
i’m trying to take a shit and i see willy wanka thrusting
Sarah Duropan
Sarah Duropan Oy oldin
I'm officially at the age where I don't understand the younger generation. Why does this guy have 10,000,000 followers??? WHY???
Andro Mando
Andro Mando Oy oldin
Ken u literaly made my day with that XD
Kai Megrail
Kai Megrail Oy oldin
How do I reach deez kiiiids
Kenzie Harris
Kenzie Harris Oy oldin
I wish I could pluck kens eyebrows 😂
Nath Lahava Einherjar
Nath Lahava Einherjar Oy oldin
Private Thunderhead
Private Thunderhead Oy oldin
You wanna know what happened to Oompa Loompas? They were taken from their home forest and were forced to learn dancing..any of those who didn’t meet expectation?They were pulled away and never seen again.
Holli_Bells Oy oldin
Careful he’s 19 😂💙💙
Shadow Dreamer
Shadow Dreamer Oy oldin
I just... I can't... I don't understand anymore... 🤨 😎🤙
Whizzy Oy oldin
im 13 and felling like a dad when i watch this
Gabbie F
Gabbie F Oy oldin
The cake.... killed me. Omg. I would literally throw myself out a window if I were to grow up and reflect to my 18th bday and THAT was my cake...
ToriTori Oy oldin
I don't understand "sexy" Willy Wonka thing... Sexy Plague Doctor on the other hand.... ;)
Anti-Heroine Oy oldin
Don't worry Ken. You're not too old. This kids are just idiots
Anti-Heroine Oy oldin
I agree. Why is daddy sexualised?
Jenn Jordan
Jenn Jordan Oy oldin
I nearly pissed my self in the beginning from laughing 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Xenja Kruse
Xenja Kruse Oy oldin
Am I the only one who prefers men shaped like Ken over this Willy Wonka dude lol
KSCuber Oy oldin
See Wonka's willy today on Only Fans
piano_ popcorn
piano_ popcorn Oy oldin
The first one was my fav
Ayame Oy oldin
nah chief this aint it...
Trinity Mitchell
Trinity Mitchell Oy oldin
Genz has a crush on Willy wonka caused play Because of Johnny Depp
Charmin-chan Oy oldin
Oh no “Wonka” got Tybott too!? man i used to like that Tik Tokker 6:10
MochiGirl11 Oy oldin
Ken is turning into that Dad youtuber that’s trying to stay hip with the kids lol 😂😂❤️ # bellydance
dark-thunder700 Oy oldin
Every single second of this made me cringe
Trouble Maka
Trouble Maka Oy oldin
sassy ken saying mmmhmm is my favourite
impeirion42 Oy oldin
thirst is over 90000
Porcelain Marionette
Porcelain Marionette Oy oldin
Its okay I'm gen z and I don't understand why people my age like half the things they do
Angel Victris
Angel Victris Oy oldin
Lol, I love how you made a video and contaminated my love for Willy Wonka...I love that a lot, thank you so much...I love you for that so now I get to ruin my mom’s love for the movies too, then we will continue this for generations to come. LOL
SpaceOrc13 Oy oldin
He's not even hot but okay
giosbirthdayhunt hunt
giosbirthdayhunt hunt Oy oldin
this was uploaded on buffpro Birthday
Alana BananaCanada
Alana BananaCanada Oy oldin
Ken should have kept this as his intro / outro
Alana BananaCanada
Alana BananaCanada Oy oldin
I'm officially too old to understand anything anymore.
Mikayla Coleman
Mikayla Coleman Oy oldin
Not even joking, Ken is more attractive than this guy. Im a sucker for a beard.
Spaceuh Chunkee
Spaceuh Chunkee Oy oldin
Willy Wonka with an emphasis on the Willy
James Roberts
James Roberts Oy oldin
I don't get it...
Abby I
Abby I Oy oldin
Ken over here low key fangirling over Willy wonka 😂
Mrz Teetz
Mrz Teetz Oy oldin
"How do I reach deez kids" 😂😂 don't worry Ken I got the reference👍
Paula Lawrence
Paula Lawrence Oy oldin
Its apps like this that make me feel my age (40). My kids love tik tok but I just don't get it. I have no interest in it at all. Give me UZpost and dad bods any day of the week 😄😄😄
Core Bore
Core Bore Oy oldin
That version of Willy Wonka doesn’t match that Oompa Loompa.
Charlie Apples
Charlie Apples Oy oldin
It’s not gay if it’s a beloved childhood character
Rowanb93 Oy oldin
I will say, I think his cosplay of Johnny Depp's Willy Wonka (when he's actually wearing a shirt anyway...) is pretty spot on; he even kind of has Depp's mannerisms and way of speech down pretty well. The problem is just how much cringe I feel at the thirst trapping.........
Miss Hard Stan
Miss Hard Stan Oy oldin
Shockingly my already empty soul somehow got emptier. Anyone up for sneaking into my quarantine and killing me in my sleep?
Jamie Grxy
Jamie Grxy Oy oldin
how do i reach these keeds ???
Raquel Mendoza
Raquel Mendoza Oy oldin
Im disgusted by Willy Wonka.
Tater Cat
Tater Cat Oy oldin
Yeah, I don't get this guy either. I mean, whatever floats your boat. I have a Tiktok, but this aint the side I wind up on. I'm not on "straight" Tiktok
DampCake Oy oldin
AK cu
AK cu Oy oldin
That last reference is not South Park, it is Stand and Deliver. Although not original, Cartman parody of that was great. How do I reach Ken?...
tornadoallie3 Oy oldin
"How do I reeech these keeeeeds?"
Samantha Khan
Samantha Khan Oy oldin
sorry but he gives me weird "I'm a banana" vibes... too many similarities...
Olivia Fae
Olivia Fae Oy oldin
I'm getting Ken's belly on my birthday cake for my 21st next year 👌🏻👌🏻
Wingedcat Person
Wingedcat Person Oy oldin
"But, No! I'm sure he's a really nice guy!" When you can't even make the friend zone. Ouch.
Pumpkin Patch Exotics
Pumpkin Patch Exotics Oy oldin
That was a skit from the actual movie when he asks if he can eat things
Zaheer Sarang
Zaheer Sarang Oy oldin
This is why Tik Tok needs to be banned
Doug Renison
Doug Renison Oy oldin
I do not want to see his chocolate factory! 😳
Victoria Parker
Victoria Parker Oy oldin
Are you playing Genesis song called Mama?
LucK Fayde
LucK Fayde Oy oldin
I got the south park joke ken, please let me be your Fren ken
Canadian Guitarist
Canadian Guitarist Oy oldin
Oh course I know 90% of southpark. I'm 24
Butterflysnme2 Oy oldin
I'm really too old for this. And please do not get on TikTok.
Coffin Cake
Coffin Cake Oy oldin
Ken's hotter. Fight me.
Xenayah Chebin
Xenayah Chebin Oy oldin
Tea Pot
Tea Pot Oy oldin
J M Oy oldin
Ken is better than Willy
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