WikiHow Memes For People Who Want Really Bad Advice

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MEME COUCH! WikiHow Memes that give really bad advice.
Thanks for watching Meme Couch, check out the playlist for lots more! We look at tik tok, memes, vidoes, you name it. Best meme compilation show ever!
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CinnamonToastKen Oy oldin
Here is some advice...Like the video so you're friends think your cool.
King Mander
King Mander Oy oldin
I love the fact you guys know what Fairytail is......:)
King Mander
King Mander Oy oldin
Alireza Akhavan
Alireza Akhavan Oy oldin
20,000 subscribers without a video challenge
20,000 subscribers without a video challenge Oy oldin
@cd1sm So sentences start with a capital letter.
cd1sm Oy oldin
so *your friends think *you're cool.
Weskimo Jo
Weskimo Jo 4 kun oldin
High schoolers: “wait there’s numbers here”
Mamma IBD420 Support
Mamma IBD420 Support 9 kun oldin
Where's this "other America" you speak of 🤔....
AngelKayla 2021
AngelKayla 2021 12 kun oldin
That mix tap one with the firefighters is a real video that happened it's some where on UZpost where a guy made a mix tape and gave it to one of them and said some joke about it being on fire
Emma Renee
Emma Renee 26 kun oldin
I'm tall and up until my thirties people were always asking me about basketball, it's finally stopped.
Honey Buckets
Honey Buckets 26 kun oldin
I just double tapped the video to try and like it
Abigail Savage
Abigail Savage 27 kun oldin
Real answer: put the platinum ravioli in the Hobbit ch 1: an unexpected party
Poppy Seed
Poppy Seed Oy oldin
I thought these were actual WikiHow articles for half the video 🤣😂
Jlawgaming Oy oldin
Bro im 6'7 and that basketball wikihow hit me where it hurt. At the rim of the basket lol
karla Knapper
karla Knapper Oy oldin
I love you guys, you are so hilarious
Billy Billow
Billy Billow Oy oldin
Just the wiener dogs in my imagination Never thought someone could relate with me more
Andrea Witzemann
Andrea Witzemann Oy oldin
The platinum ravioli looks like a condom
Janeen Landry
Janeen Landry Oy oldin
Set your alarm through Siri so when you curse it out you actually get some feedback 😂😂😂😂😂
Janeen Landry
Janeen Landry Oy oldin
Pop tart wrappers are aluminum even if they don’t feel like it and metal reacts with the conductor inside of a microwave so his pop tart wrapper it is what caused the sparks and fire never put metal or anything reflective in a microwave
Janeen Landry
Janeen Landry Oy oldin
My sister was looking up foot soaks for at home pedicures and one dyed her feet Blue for 2 weeks! We laughed so hard and her son’s had jokes every day about it 😂😂😂😂
Jeanicia Sparkles
Jeanicia Sparkles Oy oldin
One time when I was in middle school, I put 2 pop tarts in a toaster. I walked away for like a minute or 2 and it CAUGHT. ON. FIRE. I was so confused because I thought you were supposed to put pop tarts in the toaster 🤔😓🧐🙃😭
Catherine G
Catherine G Oy oldin
My son is 6 ft 4 in tall. And when anybody says to him you must play basketball he looks over and says You must play Miniature Golf LOL proud mama
Molly Fixxxer
Molly Fixxxer Oy oldin
The "sock puppet" jokes caught me off guard, but were pleasantly hilarious.
Sheena Folsom
Sheena Folsom Oy oldin
The ravioli looks like a condom😅
Born in MASS Tea Party
Born in MASS Tea Party Oy oldin
For perfect popcorn do it for 2 minutes. Works every time :-).
Heidi Williamson
Heidi Williamson Oy oldin
Yall should react to doja cats song moo
Heidi Williamson
Heidi Williamson Oy oldin
Popcorn cooks best at 2.5mins popcorn button is garbage
Anti-Heroine Oy oldin
Made a sad person laugh. Thank you
Faircloth Retrievers
Faircloth Retrievers Oy oldin
Whale Noise meme got me 🤣 😁😂
Faircloth Retrievers
Faircloth Retrievers Oy oldin
Buff Pro ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Kamryn the turtle
Kamryn the turtle Oy oldin
Anyone notice on the monkey meme the dudes pupils are 2 different sizes
Kamryn the turtle
Kamryn the turtle Oy oldin
The spoon meme is a vine
Mel Taylor
Mel Taylor Oy oldin
Guys without mustaches: Do you mean Beautiful Women?
Zach Hatten
Zach Hatten Oy oldin
I love you, too.
Victoria of the Victoria Victoria's
Victoria of the Victoria Victoria's Oy oldin
You have to open the microwave halfway through, shake the popcorn then restart. You're welcome...
Meine Postma
Meine Postma Oy oldin
Laila Ibrahim
Laila Ibrahim Oy oldin
Who would've thought Buff would not date a girl just coz he didn't like the shoes she wore... your loss Buff, YOUR LOSS!
rachel kalb
rachel kalb Oy oldin
You're back !
Dean Ken
Dean Ken Oy oldin
Buff pro be eating 17lb chickens?
Heather Elwood
Heather Elwood Oy oldin
8:34 What'd u say to me meow!? 🤣💀
Spoiled Splenden
Spoiled Splenden Oy oldin
What is that thumbnail? Lmao
Rainee BC
Rainee BC Oy oldin
Best episode ever 🤣
timothy naquin
timothy naquin Oy oldin
00:34 who else is calling bs on ravioli... That's a condom
G low
G low Oy oldin
"What did you say to meow" unrated af😂
Mel Defonz
Mel Defonz Oy oldin
Toe shoes are the best. :(
King Mander
King Mander Oy oldin
Miss Wrenchinitup
Miss Wrenchinitup Oy oldin
I haven't needed ravioli for a few years i should check and see if they etxpired.
Daniel Tan
Daniel Tan Oy oldin
Now this is what I call a real confession. I’m so proud I taught you well.
glb1993 Oy oldin
Only the big toe goes into the one side of the ninja shoes and the rest of your toes on the outside part. I use to have some that I'd wear while playing outside while growing up and that's how they'd work lol.
ft JNi
ft JNi Oy oldin
Love that Dean has a Raptors cap on. Love from Toronto 🙏🏾🙏🏾
Clarissa Gaither
Clarissa Gaither Oy oldin
Hurray, I'm a cow. 😂
LotusBloomsTwice Oy oldin
Forgive me Father for I am about to sin... Priest: What have you done my child? Me: I made a bad question... Priest: And what question is this? Me: ...If you hide your special ravioli in a Bible, does that make it...Holy? Priest: .....
Em Vieau
Em Vieau Oy oldin
99% sure that ravioli is a condom
YankinANDGankin Oy oldin
Love you too 👊😎
Kassondra Runyon
Kassondra Runyon Oy oldin
13:25 my sisters name is klarissa.........
Chris Skylord
Chris Skylord Oy oldin
"How to spot the stoner in math class" 😅🤣 this is why I was an art student
Marty Le fromage mcburger
Marty Le fromage mcburger Oy oldin
11:02 Bet the toilet’s a gusher!
haleigh lol
haleigh lol Oy oldin
I always get asked if I play basketball and volleyball and it’s the most annoying thing ever
Kat Rina
Kat Rina Oy oldin
How to find your toilet's G-spot The Ad I get: G-spot Trojan condoms
Chad Sexington
Chad Sexington Oy oldin
Tabi = Japanese split toed shoes. 👍😁👍
Chad Sexington
Chad Sexington Oy oldin
Tabi = Japanese split toed shoes. 👍😁👍
Missie Smith
Missie Smith Oy oldin
All of these would make great Cards Against Humanity cards.
Klarissa Faye
Klarissa Faye Oy oldin
No need to be so rude about my diet 😂😂
Yummy_manuka_honey Oy oldin
Man this video is sssooo funny I nearly pissed my pants lol.
Butterflysnme2 Oy oldin
So *THATS* what the knife hands are!
Vikki Moyer
Vikki Moyer Oy oldin
Bruh. Put the popcorn in the microwave, set it for 3-5 minutes and listen to the pops. When they get like 2 seconds apart then take it out. Also, my dad got me a clock from Iraq and it scared the ever living SH*T out of me. It was an Iraqi song and I literally woke up crying because of it.
Jose Regis
Jose Regis Oy oldin
sad how buff is not on the thumbnail
Mrgazzer09 Oy oldin
half way through the video i realized these wiki how titles weren't real
Nix Oy oldin
I'm in trouble for laughing and gigglesnorting too loudly lol. Bf has the tv and his video games volume turned up loud to make a point ROFL.... apparently I was drowning out the NPC conversation! I blame you guys! Love you anyway x
Heyo Its Téo
Heyo Its Téo Oy oldin
I owned one of those kind of Bell alarm clocks (cause I was a heavy sleeper as a adolescent). But after the first morning of that thing scaring the living heck out of me, I had to take a bell away.. just use a digital. I lost more sleep waking up before the time I set just to beat its loudness. Lmao js
Rev JR
Rev JR Oy oldin
Just get a hot air popcorn machine, it's automatic and always on the right setting.
Amanda den Hollander
Amanda den Hollander Oy oldin
The guy may be watching you but Dr Phil is watching me from the background 😂
cd1sm Oy oldin
Can we talk about the fact that Ken pronounced "omniscient" as "omniposcent?" 100% not a real word lmao. still love you tho, Simon Toe Skin.
dennis pashin
dennis pashin Oy oldin
12:50 As a 6.5 foot person, literally every other conversation starts with that image 🤣 Yes, I played on a team in middle school, shut up.
Clark G Phynics
Clark G Phynics Oy oldin
banned for the hat
Xioseff Oy oldin
buff sick cap I want it
Wiki-Noose Oy oldin
Thanks wikihow now I know more then ever!
Tyler Christensen
Tyler Christensen Oy oldin
5:06 Hit the popcorn button then hit the +10 seconds button then you have the perfect popcorn.
Jess Basta
Jess Basta Oy oldin
Your videos are like bacon they never get old and they always satisfy
Horrible Smile SKM
Horrible Smile SKM Oy oldin
Just Bex
Just Bex Oy oldin
Can I just say. Ken should move to the mountains and become a mountain man. He has the look for it. Always has.
Robin Rountree
Robin Rountree Oy oldin
The shoes with all the toes...had two right feet. Sorry, can't say toe shoes as they were NOT ballet slippers.
nobody you need to know
nobody you need to know Oy oldin
The spoon on the eyes was 'How to get Anime eyes'
Rachel Bui
Rachel Bui Oy oldin
I love you to Buff and I think of both of your ravioli Ken and buff as toilet pleasers f😁
Lady Vader
Lady Vader Oy oldin
I once saw a gazebo just alone in the middle of a parking lot. I think about that a lot.
Anonymous_Buddha Oy oldin
I really want ravioli now...
Unity4213 Oy oldin
Your memes are fire Ed boy, but your ravioli is underdone and from a can!
Gengar Oy oldin
Sleep shooting is the most American thing uve ever heard
Jess Aris François
Jess Aris François Oy oldin
Ken, bro, 1:13 is definitely how to do a mating call
Literally Jesus
Literally Jesus Oy oldin
I got to know about Ken from pewds but honestly I'm watching him more often than pewds! Especially now that I'm recovering from my fracture. Both of them just crack up in laughter
dereck broy
dereck broy Oy oldin
What is the name of the song you use for your background, it's starting to get to me Oy oldin
My ex before he met me. Went out for the night. Came home and cooked a whole chicken. He thought 20 minuits cooking time would do it. He ate it not realising because he was eating watching a film and it was quite dark. It was bleeding.
Laura Gilb
Laura Gilb Oy oldin
This came out on my birthday yesterday :)
TeniMajek Oy oldin
Spent most of my time pulling my phone back and forth, trying to work out how they saw a tongue 🧐🧐🧐
MR52E Oy oldin
So right of the bat as a pastor: I’m not mad I’m just disappointed lol
Influennza Pyloric
Influennza Pyloric Oy oldin
I literally lol'd. Thank you
Life’s Wicked
Life’s Wicked Oy oldin
Ken your getting to old for this shit time to get a real job bro
H1dd3nDr4g0n Oy oldin
Lol I have that gun alarm clock. It's fun. You can snooze it by shooting it, but you have to get up and turn it off yourself. Lol
Dr.Jiggles Oy oldin
Hmmm. I'm starting to suspect those weren't in fact ravioli.
Magerbailey Oy oldin
I'm upset with myself that when the "how to teach your baby Italian" I knew exactly what would happen
Robson Mcgee
Robson Mcgee Oy oldin
im 14 y/o and 6ft and cant shoot a basketball for shit 😂
JaymeLynPringle Oy oldin
Can you guys just switch seats one time? Just to make everyone uncomfortable? Idk why I just feel like I need that
mariam al said
mariam al said Oy oldin
I think the "how to reveal to ur friend that he's black" is for ppl like the black girl that came into dr phil
monkeynumber nine
monkeynumber nine Oy oldin
Hahaha hahaha 😂 Bad influence on my cat... 🙊🐈 I'll be right back...
Gizmo_ Joy
Gizmo_ Joy Oy oldin
Lmfao a special "ravioli", I can't effing breathe!!! THAT'S how this starts? I'm having a stroke...
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