Wife Buys Used Underwear to Seduce Husband | Extreme Cheapskates - React Couch

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React Couch reacting to TLC Extreme Cheapskates Wife Buys Second Hand Underwear to Seduce Her Husband. They're a little crusty but she loves to save some money and basically beg for things.
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A wife attempts to doll up for her husband on the cheap. She shocks the hairdresser by asking something out of ordinary and haggles over used underwear at the charity shop. Will she manage to get everything she needs?
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CinnamonToastKen 3 oy oldin
I would wear crusty underwear for you
Stevan Medvedev
Stevan Medvedev 2 kun oldin
Please don’t lol
ひで 2 kun oldin
@Bailey Webber lyrics
Salma Valadez
Salma Valadez 27 kun oldin
@Help Yourself I’m Busy you oip
Salma Valadez
Salma Valadez 27 kun oldin
@Alexander Wilson itu
Salma Valadez
Salma Valadez 27 kun oldin
@Laura A I
Spencer Dean
Spencer Dean 18 soat oldin
This video was amazing
Princesslion13 Kun oldin
She could’ve gone to a Sephora or a similar makeup place and gotten a free makeover, at least I’m pretty sure they do those
Ericka Murray
Ericka Murray Kun oldin
Thats the chick that takes broken old toys from the playground for her kid and has a changing table from a gas station!!!!!!!!!!
III_RTC_III I 2 kun oldin
I thought the guy in thumbnail was Ken lol
rita housni
rita housni 2 kun oldin
Kokichi Bæ
Kokichi Bæ 3 kun oldin
Rebelrouzer 3 kun oldin
The question for the ages is what was the crust the leftovers of?
Tashy 4 kun oldin
"Shes got that Lucy special..." LOL
L. Powell
L. Powell 5 kun oldin
How is her lipgloss budget $7 but $2.99 is too steep for lingerie?
Christina F
Christina F 5 kun oldin
Trying on and/it buying lingerie and/or undergarments from a thrift store is absolutely disgusting!!!!😫🤢🤮
Priscilla Ribeiro
Priscilla Ribeiro 6 kun oldin
For 100 $ she could have just shaved her legs at home bought some fake Synthetic clip in hair extensions which she could do without because she had pretty long hair to begin with and she could’ve went to Walmart and gotten some lingerie there and she would’ve even had some money left over to get her nails doneThis Hass to be fake and just for the show
MartMeme E
MartMeme E 9 kun oldin
Up to this point never have I almost threw up because a video... Up until today
Sarah Al-zaid
Sarah Al-zaid 10 kun oldin
She didn’t wash the lingerie before putting it on.
Psycho_Maniac 10 kun oldin
'Let her have it karen' ffs lmao
kalob hunt
kalob hunt 10 kun oldin
Imagine you come home and your wife is looking sexy AF and there is a cameraman and sound guy. What do you do??
King Of Evil Ganondorf Dragmire
King Of Evil Ganondorf Dragmire 12 kun oldin
*2.99 is a little out of my price range* Wtf is wrong with you you spend 50$ on your hair but can't spend 3$ on underwear used underwear 🤢 and 22$ on lipgloss and I wouldn't be surprised if he found out what she did and divorce her for it
Irene Acosta
Irene Acosta 12 kun oldin
1:46 why does she look like punk rock Hillary Clinton?
B K 12 kun oldin
Waxer Karen........literally hang in there sis I would have been speechless
Allyson 12 kun oldin
She can go to sephora to get the makeup samples.
Brown skin_ Girl
Brown skin_ Girl 13 kun oldin
When I give birth to a baby one day, I’ll be like “can I get a discount on my hospital bill for painnn” 😂😂💀
Myra Hazward
Myra Hazward 13 kun oldin
Throw the whole bitch away
Natavan Abasova
Natavan Abasova 13 kun oldin
watching this with you guys laughing in the background so much better than watching these clips on my own
Blue Boy
Blue Boy 14 kun oldin
She was a karen In hiding
Kyo-ni l
Kyo-ni l 14 kun oldin
biches; name's apple of course they gonna be fkn crazy
Jorrie Wimmer
Jorrie Wimmer 14 kun oldin
LMAO!!! You two are hilarious. Please don't stop these videos. They make a bad day so much more fun.
ichiikoneco 15 kun oldin
I hope this stylist quit working there. This is why you do an extension consultation and sign a contract before moving forward with extension services.
Morgan Smith
Morgan Smith 16 kun oldin
The look on that stylist face when she said she brought her own hair extensions and the lady in the thrift store 🤣🤣🤣
Faith Killen
Faith Killen 16 kun oldin
“2.99 is a little out of my price range”
Faith Killen
Faith Killen 16 kun oldin
This is so hard to watch 😭
Ronelle James D. Bulano
Ronelle James D. Bulano 17 kun oldin
He is real hahahahahaha
Minami X
Minami X 18 kun oldin
She could've went to Shein...they're cute and cheap, but ok. Aliexpress, too. Aish.
Kenzie Coco
Kenzie Coco 18 kun oldin
What the hell I would NOT buy somebody else’s underwear and WEAR IT!!! I just watched her sniff them eeeeewwwwww 🤢🤢🤮🤮😷😷 if 2.99 is out of her price range she better call her mom and tell her to put that shit on PayPal 🤣
Christina Blanchette
Christina Blanchette 19 kun oldin
She was on another cheapskate tlc show
Alexia Simões
Alexia Simões 20 kun oldin
She really is faking that waxing pain, it is not that dramatic 😂 she really tryna finesse that girl for some compensation
Tiffanie Verhine
Tiffanie Verhine 20 kun oldin
The salon lady keeps making faces because she knows this lady is not going to tip
Anh Le
Anh Le 20 kun oldin
She should’ve just waxed herself at home and do everything herself. This is gross lol
Deni Smith
Deni Smith 21 kun oldin
She is still wearing used teddy haggling the dude for a dollar or so that is already freaking cheap she really has NO SELF RESPECT FOR HERSELF!!!
Deni Smith
Deni Smith 21 kun oldin
Is that manager wearing a Karen wig?? Lmao Uh wow I need to throw up now after seeing her smell the used underwear they literally don't wash the stuff that is donated or sold to the thrift shops !! Holy cow!!!
Deni Smith
Deni Smith 21 kun oldin
It's hard not to gag myself to death cause of this nasty nasty crusty crotch woman!!!
blackclouds909 21 kun oldin
She did not just shove her nose into that underwear 🤮
civ rillan
civ rillan 22 kun oldin
I felt so bad for the fake "karen"she just wanted her out lmao
やぶ 22 kun oldin
That Karen had a patient of a saint, lol
Saoirse Mayhorn
Saoirse Mayhorn 23 kun oldin
Just A LITTLE crusty👀😂
Emma Renee
Emma Renee 24 kun oldin
Karen could lose her salon if she did all this shit this woman wants; there are health rules they have to follow.
I gagged when she sniffed the underwear omg
chris Thompson
chris Thompson 25 kun oldin
This sucks
ɩąɖყ ʄąɬɧą ɱųƈƙɛཞ
ɩąɖყ ʄąɬɧą ɱųƈƙɛཞ 26 kun oldin
Everything is cheaper if you just steal.
MotherboArd64 26 kun oldin
Everything you’re doing to save your marriage is probably why it needs saving.
Michael Bugner
Michael Bugner 26 kun oldin
My face was stuck in an expression of disgust and cringe for the entire video.
Alucard 72
Alucard 72 27 kun oldin
This looks so put on for the show 🤣
Jordan Daniels
Jordan Daniels 27 kun oldin
Pink haired Karen could lowkey get it though 😂😂
Barend van Dyk
Barend van Dyk 27 kun oldin
This is shameful. I'm ashamed watching this...
Queen Vaeh
Queen Vaeh 28 kun oldin
Fr- idk how this woman didn’t get her license revoked for doing the things for her. I get it it’s for the show but literally you can’t do what that chick asked lol
Wesley Gray
Wesley Gray 29 kun oldin
Well, I trust the woman at the thrift shop. She was non biased and straight up lol.
MoonMoon 29 kun oldin
So instead of paying $2.99 she paid for two $3.99 shirts to get the lingerie for $1 off? What?
Marie Mays
Marie Mays Oy oldin
This was published a day before my birthday 🤣😆
Karma 224466
Karma 224466 Oy oldin
Me: looks at thumbnail "ew" Also me: reads title "ewwwww"
Esther-pearl M
Esther-pearl M Oy oldin
I am disgusted and ashamed for her 🤢🤮 It is the purest definition of gross
Danielle Jaramillo
Danielle Jaramillo Oy oldin
The reason I can't stand cheapskates is that they refuse to acknowledge the importance and value of OTHER people's needs to make a living and put food on their OWN table. I think cheapskate is another word for narcissist.
nachtegael W
nachtegael W Oy oldin
I totally agree this woman is asking for unreasonable discounts, and since she didn’t even spend her full budget I don’t get it. Trying to haggle in a department store?? Why? All the same, some people really have tight budgets, and get imo unfairly branded as cheapskates just for “normal” money saving things, like using one coupon or buying a coat at a thrift store because you really can’t afford a new one.
Danielle Jaramillo
Danielle Jaramillo Oy oldin
She got married for the tax breaks and she'll have kids for the same reason.
Tammy Kablammy
Tammy Kablammy Oy oldin
why don’t the sales people just say no. ask her to leave. goddamn you don’t owe her shit when she’s literally saying she wont spend any money in your store
Sudo Nick
Sudo Nick Oy oldin
14:35 dude, I worked at a thrift store off and on for about 6 years, not only are the people generally pretty crazy, but almost everyone non-stop asks for discounts on pretty much everything. Sunshine Thrift Store Shout Out!
Georgie Constantinou
Georgie Constantinou Oy oldin
I get L’Oréal lipstick for £7.99 and it’s gorgeous you don’t need to pay $22 for lipstick I paid £24 for all of my makeup apart from my eyeshadow pallet and I love it
Julia Kazmierski
Julia Kazmierski Oy oldin
I would be so embarrassed haggling like that omg
Maxomillion 211
Maxomillion 211 Oy oldin
someone else’s hair on her head... bruh what
mancman 6969
mancman 6969 Oy oldin
Did they get married on a beach in a crusty crabs underwear and dress?
mancman 6969
mancman 6969 Oy oldin
Who remembers that song.... Thong tho tho tho thong Let me smell that tho tho thoooong
mancman 6969
mancman 6969 Oy oldin
Wowwwwww thrift store barbie
DubCatXero Oy oldin
Could you imagine being an Extreme cheapskate, but spending 30$ on waxing instead of just shaving? And putting other people’s hair on your head at the cost of 50$? AND a buying used underwear before washing it?? Not everyone has money for the things they want or even need, but that’s not it. 🤭 Edit: I meaaaann I’d definitely hang around to watch though 👀
BlackRoseAssassin Oy oldin
Also that lady at the thrift store trying to score lmaooo
sicc_playboys_13 Oy oldin
I would charge the bitch 1.00 samples
BlackRoseAssassin Oy oldin
Watching her look at that used thong gives me anxiety.
sicc_playboys_13 Oy oldin
Honestly though a lot of times girls only wear lingerie set like once or never after purchase.
Wendy Gliddon
Wendy Gliddon Oy oldin
She looked like she was having a hard time pushing out a fart through those crusty underwear 😂😂
kari D.
kari D. Oy oldin
I work at a consignment store and occasionally we do have women like this who come in and try to haggle price... Like what? It's already like 4 dollars for a shirt... Come On PEOPLE!
HKVC Oy oldin
But why would the store even ACCEPT/ SELL USSSED lingerie in the first place?
Marina D
Marina D Oy oldin
Husband’s gotta watch out for STD’s after her trying on that underwear
alex toll
alex toll Oy oldin
What's with that random woman who was watching her the whole time lmao
Kiki V
Kiki V Oy oldin
No dayum way. I'm sorry, but I would totally not blame my man for dumping me after wearing crusty lingerie in the bedroom. That's just gross.
Paul Battifora
Paul Battifora Oy oldin
Sabreena Raue
Sabreena Raue Oy oldin
Can't you get a UTI or an STI from used underwear? I'm not sure, but at least wash them first before wearing them.
Tatiana C
Tatiana C Oy oldin
She looks the exact same after her “makeover” 🤔
Marz8999 Oy oldin
Hmmmm I wonder why my crotch itches and burns. I must have a allergic reaction to something. Nope its just the crusty lingerie from the thrift store you tried on.
Dark Wolf
Dark Wolf Oy oldin
His lady is about to get lice.
Frawstedheart Oy oldin
Maybe she got a Free case of Crabs
Galo Molina
Galo Molina Oy oldin
Coming from europe its funny to see how stores bend over for a customer in america lol
Tamara Collins
Tamara Collins Oy oldin
This has to be fake!!!
Cutie Pie
Cutie Pie Oy oldin
Worst client ever
Shark bite
Shark bite Oy oldin
Could you imagine that used thong up someone’s asshole and she puts it on WITHOUT WASHING IT. And it’s crusty 🤢
Sara Lasher
Sara Lasher Oy oldin
Anyone else notice that she’s not even wearing a wedding ring....? I think the husband dipped a long time ago and her crazy stalker ass is gonna show up at his house after this filming wearing her goodwill lingerie and weave from 15 people 😂💀
Maddysin Leigh
Maddysin Leigh Oy oldin
“I’m going to remind him why we got married.” For the tax deduction?
•DΣҒΩX • Oy oldin
13:34 "HE IS REAAL!" lmfaoooo
wreckless _
wreckless _ Oy oldin
damn.. i mean theys something seriously wrong with her lol HAHAAAA
wreckless _
wreckless _ Oy oldin
people like that... especially the chick with the hair... man they got some serious mental problems...
John Mondragon
John Mondragon Oy oldin
I just met a girl with an anal tail!!
Lep P
Lep P Oy oldin
Crabs included free of charge.
Lep P
Lep P Oy oldin
That’s just nasty
Shannon Mackay
Shannon Mackay Oy oldin
Why wouldn't u just get like Primark ones
oh yeah nahui
oh yeah nahui Oy oldin
I hate cheapskates so much
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