Why Is This Makeover Show So Bad

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Checking out Jodie Marsh on Snogg Mary Avoid and I'm pretty sure someone's grandma is doing the makeunder or over. Whatever you want to call it. Why is it so bad!
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Jodie Marsh Gets a Makeunder | Snog Marry Avoid
P.O.D.'s arch nemesis Jodie Marsh gets a natural makeover but will the outspoken model love her new look?
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Evisceration Plague
Evisceration Plague 17 soat oldin
She dresses like Christy Mack during her highest height.
Vittoria Gnecchi
Vittoria Gnecchi Kun oldin
From bad to worse
Marianne Kun oldin
Her style wasn’t my personal taste, but she honestly was so cute before. The after just looks so boring. Also I seriously doubt that 75% of people didn’t want to snog her lol.
Joe Berry
Joe Berry 2 kun oldin
idk who is doing your audio but they need to work on balancing the videos volume with yours.
Dakfew Games
Dakfew Games 3 kun oldin
Ken Flexing his numbers.mp4
Flail Snail
Flail Snail 4 kun oldin
I really want a makeover show where they take their personality and tone it down. Not to where they are barely recognized but to where its more appropriate but keep their style with it.
tawny. 4 kun oldin
at the time this was filmed, every celeb looked like this? girls wanted to look like this! i hate these makeover shows. i'm always gonna look weird, i like it like that!
Joanne Maughan
Joanne Maughan 5 kun oldin
She's famous in the UK
carmen 5 kun oldin
Ken: Oh 400 thousand followers, that's cute. Me who has not even a thousand: 👁️👄👁️
Cas 6 kun oldin
literally if she just toned it down with the eyeliner she wouldn't need to be on the show
Fibrewire 6 kun oldin
You should check Jodie Marsh more recently, shes a stacked champion body builder. more ripped than most men and still hot
Ellen Yorgensen
Ellen Yorgensen 7 kun oldin
Looks at her social media stats... That's cute! 🤣😂
Origami 7 kun oldin
They made her cute but it's definitely not her cup of tea. The wig was super unnecessary they could have just styled her to match her haircut and shaved the design off the side of her head. Making her casual punk, with something that has a bit more coverage.
cream 190311
cream 190311 8 kun oldin
They go way too extreme with this show. Only saw a few that were cute at the end. But you're right they end up looking old usually. It used to show up in my Facebook feed all the time. Watch it does again after this😂.
MysticSybil 8 kun oldin
I actually kinda like the dress But that is a bad makeup look on her and that wig looks CHEAP but hell yeah her before look she was ROCKING the black leather and the cockatiel mohawk 👌👌👌
Gg j
Gg j 8 kun oldin
When they fix everything but her eyebrows
Andro Mando
Andro Mando 8 kun oldin
Jody hot af the way she is dont throw a wig and dress on her like common
Autumn Eller
Autumn Eller 9 kun oldin
Thank you guys for making videos, im going through hard times right now but you guys always make me smile and remind me that the world isn't a completely dark and lonely place. ❤
Jennifer Rose
Jennifer Rose 9 kun oldin
Lmao!! 🤣😂
timothy naquin
timothy naquin 9 kun oldin
7:15... The guy who said marriage material, how drunk was he when they asked him
Corral 134
Corral 134 9 kun oldin
Jodie is an English media personality, bodybuilder, columnist and model. This show is so old now 🙄🙄 wasn't even that popular tbh
Kristen Reid
Kristen Reid 9 kun oldin
Look her up. She’s a body builder.
Doodly Doo
Doodly Doo 10 kun oldin
i still dont know who jody marsh is
secretlady646 10 kun oldin
she looks like a reject spice girl
Alana Lilly
Alana Lilly 11 kun oldin
This show is teaching girls that you have to conform to society’s standards that are based off of what white men prefer. It’s sickening that women can’t just dress how they want or have their own unique style without getting bashed. Not everyone has to dress and be the same🙄
Hope 11 kun oldin
100% hotter is a much better version of this show. The original looks are often more extreme and the outcomes aren't grandma-esque
Eric Willings
Eric Willings 11 kun oldin
If you bang her what do you do with the make-up on the sheets 🤔🤔😂😂
No Name
No Name 11 kun oldin
They basically turned her into the Walmart version of Fiona from Shrek at the end😅😅😅
Kid Anarchy
Kid Anarchy 12 kun oldin
Funny enough Jodie marsh was my first childhood crush
JuggiBeanx 12 kun oldin
Look at her nose! It looks like it was built.
AelaofAlba 12 kun oldin
Jodie Marsh is literally the bane of UK society
Twisty Toast
Twisty Toast 12 kun oldin
Big Milkies...
Chonky Temmie
Chonky Temmie 12 kun oldin
She looked fine how she was, let her be her, but I can't stop looking at her nose, the side shot of it makes it look STRAIGHT jacked up. 4:55 I mean look at that thing.
Moxy Girl
Moxy Girl 12 kun oldin
What in the party city is this make over ??
David skylar
David skylar 12 kun oldin
ken shouldve kept his beard long and keep that fade fresh. it increases professionalism and appeal.
Cat Balint Tynan
Cat Balint Tynan 12 kun oldin
Like 90% of the time they look better before Whose the Karen running this show
Kris Taylor
Kris Taylor 12 kun oldin
They literally just suck all the life and personality out of them. Thats the makeover.
20angeleyes20 12 kun oldin
My first reaction when I saw the 'makeover' was "HOLY FORK SEND THAT TO THE RANCH!!".
Cae Crumble
Cae Crumble 12 kun oldin
Lets take this hot woman, tell her she's ugly and pay other people to tell her she's ugly, dress her up like a budget prom attendee and give her hair that is the same size as her head, and tell her that she's only pretty if she looks like a 19th century noble mom.
Vicktoria Veela
Vicktoria Veela 12 kun oldin
There's a nipple in the thumbnail
SailorCosmicElement 12 kun oldin
I mean the dress is definitely pretty, but that crappy wig....
Shonda Schultz
Shonda Schultz 13 kun oldin
Her nose.... It looks weird n I had no clue who jodie marsh is
ANIMAKER 124 13 kun oldin
She'll get there when she's 95
Talmage Chimuti
Talmage Chimuti 13 kun oldin
Has no one made a Attack on Titans reference yet 😂😂😂😂😂😂
batesylad 1990
batesylad 1990 13 kun oldin
I’m from the UK and I’ve never heard of her lol
Random Fandom
Random Fandom 13 kun oldin
Ken: “Old Betty back there in the back” Me: **has a grandmother named Betty**
Dan Paulsen
Dan Paulsen 13 kun oldin
female independents? NO YOU MUST CONFORM TO OTHER WOMENS STANDARDS. Come on how can this kinda show not check the boxes in 2020? I bet the producer looks like the team 'merica puppet of gene garofalo
Maria1992 13 kun oldin
This show should not exist. Women should be - no, ARE allowed, BY THEMSELVES, to wear whatever they want and look however they want. Screw this. Gurl you do you
Nancy Betters
Nancy Betters 13 kun oldin
She looks like she's going to a cosplay convention
Holly wood Neu
Holly wood Neu 13 kun oldin
Jodie Marsh was also on an episode of "It's Me or the Dog", so we can add "bad dog owner" to her repertoire
Forsaken Fortnite
Forsaken Fortnite 13 kun oldin
You all know she fine af before the makeover
Amberly B
Amberly B 13 kun oldin
She's so....*gag* classy 🤢
Lisa Doherty
Lisa Doherty 13 kun oldin
Comment more on this show.
Anna Rimarcik
Anna Rimarcik 13 kun oldin
The defeated screen reminds me of the Incredibles scene.
SpookySady 13 kun oldin
"Oh 400,000 followers, that's cute" LMAO!!!
Cameron Jones
Cameron Jones 13 kun oldin
"That's one step further than Sharpies!!" (cough) You mean... you mean other people do that
ladooshopprincess 13 kun oldin
Buff looks like a happy adorable teddy bear. Everytime i see him trying to act gangster (‘oh snog! SNOG! LET’S DO THIS!’), I’m like ‘awwwwwwwwwwwwww he’s so cute!!!’ 😍😍😍😍lol
gemma nicole howard
gemma nicole howard 13 kun oldin
Someone I knew at school their dad dated Jodie Marsh back in the 00’s. By all accounts she is a really nice girl 🙂💞 Edit: I haven’t seen her on TV a lot recently (but then I don’t really watch TV) but she used to be on TV a lot (especially on This Morning) xx
Zarina Zombi3
Zarina Zombi3 13 kun oldin
Taking their sense of self and telling them that they are ugly. What a trash show lol. She was cute before the make over 😅
Holly Warren
Holly Warren 13 kun oldin
Her: Has 500 k followers Ken: ''That's cute' Savage lol
Ly Liz
Ly Liz 13 kun oldin
I mean her outfit on the Pod or whatever it's called looked cool, she looks like a Mad Max character.
Lauren 13 kun oldin
The tip of her nose tho...
Abbie Lammas
Abbie Lammas 13 kun oldin
She was most famous in the uk for being a glamour model
CJ 13 kun oldin
I love the dress! But I also like her regular style, if she gets them a little better fitting. A lot off her clothes seem a little ill fitting. I like her style before and after. Edit: best out come that I’ve seen on this show. As a 20 year old I would actually wear that dress, and I’d also where what she came into set wearing. If she blended her eyeshadow out better that alone would have made her look significantly better.
Colette Berry
Colette Berry 13 kun oldin
Jodie marsh is actually a well known body builder in the uk. That’s her normal, known look 😂😂 she looks better today than she did then though
Crescent Blue
Crescent Blue 13 kun oldin
She kinda looks like Miley Cyrus and P!NK’s love child 🤔
Jean-Dominique wahl
Jean-Dominique wahl 14 kun oldin
this makeover show is just '' let me take the personality out of your look''
Gene Sanford
Gene Sanford 14 kun oldin
Pink mouse?
Mr. Mutou
Mr. Mutou 14 kun oldin
This the kinda show you gotta watch in reverse😂
James Rodriguez
James Rodriguez 14 kun oldin
Ken: "400,000 followers, thats cute" Absolutely killed me 😂😂😂
SparklingMoota 14 kun oldin
Did anyone know who she was? Before this video
Mickey Coronado
Mickey Coronado 14 kun oldin
I wonder how much they paid her, to say she liked the make over. Hahaha ridiculous dress and wig. She didnt look like a girl a nice guy would bring home. "Yikes" either way.
Raul Lopez
Raul Lopez 14 kun oldin
Ken flexing like nux😄
Paige Moor
Paige Moor 14 kun oldin
Okay that makeover was horrible. At least let her keep her blonde hair! 🤦‍♀️
Paige Moor
Paige Moor 14 kun oldin
Wait, are the eyebrows tattooed or microbladed? It makes a huge difference 😂
Ace Poe
Ace Poe 14 kun oldin
It’s so friking weird seriously! Like these women are gorgeous and so many styles could suit them but they make them look worse EVERY time. If they could just show them that they can still look edgy and eye catching without looking “trashy” I’m sure they’d love it. I know because I’ve been there. 🤦🏼‍♀️
Michael Reddy
Michael Reddy 14 kun oldin
the way Ken says "that's cute" with a straight face
Stick Man
Stick Man 14 kun oldin
all i wanna know is what watch are you wearing ken?
c!nnabit 14 kun oldin
Hate when they put party city wigs on people and go "okay all fixed !"
c!nnabit 14 kun oldin
In her before photo she looks like a fortnite character.
Nick Hall
Nick Hall 14 kun oldin
You should’ve played more show and talked less
Mizu W
Mizu W 14 kun oldin
Ew no... before was way better
b- trav
b- trav 14 kun oldin
I love it when Ken flexes on people for their followers
LEVOS 14 kun oldin
Tattooed eyebrows is called microblading. Its not really extreme nor uncommon. It is tattooing, however it is not lifelong permanent. They do need to be gone over again with a microblading blade periodically to maintain. Microblading can be successfully done at home if one takes the time to educate oneself and practice (on a special fake skin synthetic material) the actual physical tool stroke techniques used to achieve "hair-looking" brows. You can buy microroblading tolls and full kits online for very affordable prices (affordable even for the not so awarded financial class of human beings. Not the definition of "affodable" wealthy people like to use, such as considering a very high priced item like 28 dollar shampoo to be not only affordable but VERY affordable just to flex passive aggressively, when we all know most of us buy 2-5 dollar shampoos and consider a 8-12 dollar shampoo to be outrageous price wise).
Breona Wilson
Breona Wilson 14 kun oldin
Ken: (looks at her following) That’s cute 😂😂😂 you’ll get there someday LMAO I died!!! 😂😂😂😂👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Ayla Crabtree
Ayla Crabtree 14 kun oldin
Sorry I'm late y'all 💖💖💖🍅
ProfoundProcrastinator 14 kun oldin
Shes a glamour model, posed for page 3. Not so big in the media nowadays.
Kangeer 14 kun oldin
why are woman boobies cencored and man boobies not? why do?
Kittie 14 kun oldin
Honestly, fr? The dress isn’t great but it defines the top part of her figure. She has a gorgeous figure, I honestly wish I had it. But the wig and the makeup to cover it all?? I want the other her back, she had a great Mohawk, love it and it fits her, and a interestingly badass clothing choice.
Sky 14 kun oldin
Honestly? More power to these women who love themselves.
Tonia Evi
Tonia Evi 14 kun oldin
Her accent is 👌
Attila Pataki
Attila Pataki 14 kun oldin
this is so bad lol... i especialy hate the part when then cherry pick the people who answered like they wanted
Jon Goodman
Jon Goodman 14 kun oldin
This show is absolutely terrible. If the women want to look a certain way, and they aren't hardcore overboard about it, and it's not affecting anyone else why does it matter if they have fake shit done to them or not? Let them look how they want, it's their bodies. I also happen to think a lot of these women who get these "makeovers" come out a lot worse than when they started.
TheKideH 14 kun oldin
Da fug.
Tyrues 14 kun oldin
no way 75% wanted to avoid instead of snogg
Danielle Bergmann
Danielle Bergmann 14 kun oldin
Ok, but she looks like she's going to prom
Danielle Bergmann
Danielle Bergmann 14 kun oldin
This Lady: "I can get away with murder" People: 👁O👁 Donald Trump: "I can get away with murder" People: *WHOO*
Jos-Jos Radvanjí
Jos-Jos Radvanjí 14 kun oldin
I mean..judging by what she said later her first look fit what she wanted and what the people said in terms of avoid fit too. She wants to come and go around ,they were right but she's fine with that so.. what was the purpose of changing her again if that's exactly how she wants to come off? .-. I am confused
M0NSTER_D0SE 14 kun oldin
I liked her waaaaay better before this shitty makeover
Maximillian 14 kun oldin
Why would they not let her keep her sexy spunk? That is like her personality. Just teach her how to dress that way while not looking trashy, and she would be ready to go!!
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