We TEST Our FRIENDSHIP (Myers Briggs Personality Test)

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Today we take the Myers Briggs Personality Test to see how compatible we are and ultimately test the magic of our best friend friendship.
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황대일 3 kun oldin
ken is isfj.
ᄏᄏᄏiamdidaybels 6 kun oldin
A representation of me and my 2 best friends. I'm buff. 😂❤️
Alfie Kiko
Alfie Kiko 14 kun oldin
Yess! I just found you guys a few months ago, I’m an INFP! & I immediately guessed Kevin’s personality type because it’s pretty similar to mine. Buff was harder to pinpoint, but I can totally see it! Love seeing people getting into the MBTypes!
Queen Visenya
Queen Visenya 15 kun oldin
I'm INFP-T And its creepily accurate!!!
Joe Knoedler
Joe Knoedler 20 kun oldin
I got ENTSP on the test. Which means I’m better than you 😉
황대일 21 kun oldin
ken is isfj definitley. that test is incorrect.
April Blast
April Blast 22 kun oldin
I'm an INTP too and I'm so shocked to hear that Ken is too because i dont know many INTPs, no wonder i like watching his videos :)
Kody Kline
Kody Kline 24 kun oldin
Same Ken. I am loving seeing my dr and stuff from home too. I dont want to have to go back in real life lol
marissa herlein
marissa herlein 25 kun oldin
I took that test a couple weeks ago and was also a logician. I knew there was a reason why we had the same sense of humor!🤣
MsJimmysgirl 28 kun oldin
I just took the test and I am the defender
MotherofAll Games
MotherofAll Games Oy oldin
Ken is me
Sonicfan 110305
Sonicfan 110305 Oy oldin
Opposites attract?
Iam Silje
Iam Silje Oy oldin
I'm just like ken.
Desiree Collins
Desiree Collins Oy oldin
I just loooooove you guys you make my day love from South Africa💝💝💝
A. B
A. B Oy oldin
I love when they show drawings...nice hair cut K.
Mamma Dingo
Mamma Dingo Oy oldin
Move to Australia ! Yea boiiii Where the bloody hell are ya!
Multiverse666 Oy oldin
eat your cereal
Multiverse666 Oy oldin
buff is a master debater
Gaia Oy oldin
I'm an INFP and I have crazy dreams all the time! Last one I had my face get ripped off by an unknown being. There was a lot of gore.
Gaia Oy oldin
Freaky deaky
Lara Stockham
Lara Stockham Oy oldin
Man, I vibe with Ken's personality, almost exactly...cant stand large crowds and imma shut in.
Laura Klaassen Minnick
Laura Klaassen Minnick Oy oldin
Wow. Both fit pretty well, I think. I'm an ESFJ- I _AM_ Molly Weasley. Guardian. Protector of friends and family. Holder-upper of traditions, holidays, birthday parties. But you have to communicate clearly- no vague, insubstantial ideas. I was with an INTP for 19 years. Brilliant man, fun to talk history, and philosophy, and science, etc. But daaaamn, could he be argumentative! And insensitive- Sometimes I really had to fight for attention. And all too often, I was at the bottom of his 'to-do' list. And more, of course. Then one day, out of the blue, he announced that he was done, we were over. I had no voice in it. He refused to discuss it, refused to consider counseling. What little I could get out of him, he blamed me. I wasn't meeting his vague (and often unspoken) requirements. And I haven't seen or spoken to him since. Sometimes opposites don't work.
Shawn Mizzles
Shawn Mizzles Oy oldin
I too am an INTP/INTJ...I am somehow a balance of both.
ちゃんKoneko Oy oldin
I'm an advocate (INFJ) hehe it was a pretty accurate description of me XD im waaaaay too emotional
Peaches 2 oy oldin
Im INTJ which is rare as is, but its the rarest seen in females.
The 45th Firewall
The 45th Firewall 2 oy oldin
I got advocate
Lily-Kate Oldham
Lily-Kate Oldham 2 oy oldin
'lets assume they're already disappointed in me' that got me hahah
richard_henry13 2 oy oldin
I’m almost exactly like Ken it’s true extroverts adopt introverts
Rebecca Pechon
Rebecca Pechon 2 oy oldin
I’m INFJ. Like if you are too!
Pixie Wings
Pixie Wings 2 oy oldin
Entp rules! And we aren't so much intolerant as intolerant of things we don't like...not afraid to say something and don't feel compelled to let it slide....it is the whole...i am not willy wonka and it is not my job to sugar coat shit kind of thing......
Wingedcat Person
Wingedcat Person 2 oy oldin
I did that test after watching. I'm a virtuoso. I'm creative and like doin hands on stuff. I hate getting stuck in a schedule and commitment, aaand I'm mysterious and private. Woot for introverts!
Cortney Roby
Cortney Roby 2 oy oldin
I'm an INTP logicisn too!!! An INTP female, even more rare.
Fiona Gutierrez
Fiona Gutierrez 2 oy oldin
i love that ken can fill some out before buff answers
Robin MV
Robin MV 2 oy oldin
infj ftw!
Nickolas 3 oy oldin
Dane has the same personality as me hell yeah! Even though i hate parties and social stuff.Side note I've found out about this test when Markiplier did it and he's also a Debater even though he is mostly introverted,like i am.Guess Debaters are kinda both extroverts and introverts.
Kitten2Cat 3 oy oldin
Woooh that mini couch is gonna be mint
Nora Zulkifli
Nora Zulkifli 3 oy oldin
I’m an INTP too, Ken! We’re a rare, misunderstood bunch but the way our minds work is extremely cool. Also, I don’t think you’re unintelligent at all. You’re definitely smart in your own way :)
Akia Sembly
Akia Sembly 3 oy oldin
"Oh no! Ellen Page"
Nikki D
Nikki D 3 oy oldin
How many paused the video to go take the personality test? Just Me? Oh :(
RiOT76AD 3 oy oldin
I'm a "logician" as well. Agree with most of the things, but I sure wish we were more common these days.
DaWhiteWolffie 3 oy oldin
Dangit, I think I'm a Logician. No wonder I've always had trouble fitting in with people. Edit: I just realized this...BuffPro is actually Uncle Tito from the Rockets cartoon! ha!
bill sheverbush
bill sheverbush 3 oy oldin
How many people asked if Buff was a Master Debater?
Chonky Temmie
Chonky Temmie 3 oy oldin
Dam Ken kinda sounds like me, I need to take this test fo sho. Sounds like Ken and Buff are the perfect friends to me, i love how Ken knows most of the awnsers before Buff can awnser.
Lily M
Lily M 3 oy oldin
That dumb test is different every time you take it. Seriously it is more about what mood you are in at that time.
Xander Michael
Xander Michael 3 oy oldin
Fun fact, the Myers Briggs test is about as scientifically accurate as astrology. It largely generalizes personalities and has weird results, for instance if I took the test and got ENTP, but if I answered the test three times with slightly different wondering people would get large changes such as INTP. This is essentially a test that gives someone superficial knowledge.
Addie C
Addie C 3 oy oldin
I’m an INTP I need to find my Buff❤️
Cameron Jones
Cameron Jones 3 oy oldin
I was skeptical about Ken being an INTP until he said he was thriving in quarantine
sky rat
sky rat 3 oy oldin
Yooo, INTP gang, whete we at
Denni Knight
Denni Knight 3 oy oldin
I freaking LOVE how opposite you two are 😂 Just like me and my bestie
ray ramirez
ray ramirez 4 oy oldin
I'm a log 2 Ken... me 2
Grimm 4 oy oldin
I was Logistician, same as you Ken lol
crazygurl2392 4 oy oldin
Buffs so hot. 😍
psycho alien
psycho alien 4 oy oldin
Ken we are alot. Alike I am the same exact way and was diagnosed with multiple personallies.
Krystic Melody
Krystic Melody 4 oy oldin
Yesss a fellow debator!!
hmj414 4 oy oldin
dude i got intp as well... i feel like all my answers were based on social anxiety and lack of self confidence lol
nika bushy
nika bushy 4 oy oldin
Idk if I have a crush on buff or if I wanna be buff, maybe it's both?
Preethi Kaur
Preethi Kaur 4 oy oldin
It's like watching naruto and sasuke talking about their life choices
Kitsune Fyora
Kitsune Fyora 4 oy oldin
I tried this before over the years and continue to get INTJ. The more Ken talked about what he goes through in his mind, the more I related
The Spruill
The Spruill 4 oy oldin
Entj rise up lol
Anonymous_Buddha 4 oy oldin
I got ISFJ-T and man was it spot on!
Striker 4 oy oldin
Anyone else came with an architect personality ? INTJ-A here wonder how unique it actually is
Satans Toilet Cleaner
Satans Toilet Cleaner 4 oy oldin
Ngl I’ve taken that test so many times and I’ve gotten INTP every time until recently then I got INTJ and that sounds more like me than INTP lmfao
Dawn break
Dawn break 4 oy oldin
So dane... wanna go to dinner? I mean u keep ignoring the invites from us how do you kno ur not missin out on ur queen 🤷‍♀️... well im not really a queen exactly but will make u feel like a king
Kathy Anne
Kathy Anne 4 oy oldin
Dane's humor was on point here 😄
Amber Smith
Amber Smith 4 oy oldin
I think I’m the only ISFP in the comments. My fellow Adventurers must be busy adventuring.
DLove Sleep
DLove Sleep 4 oy oldin
cool test, cool results. cool dudes
Drågø Søñ
Drågø Søñ 4 oy oldin
Yoo this me and my best friend for sure nice vid guys 100%
Blake 4 oy oldin
The Lants
The Lants 4 oy oldin
I'm the INFJ A Advocate. I've taken multiple of these tests and they all give me the rarest personality type, but trust me when i say that I'm not trying to brag..
Renee Leigh
Renee Leigh 4 oy oldin
Right just vaped, now sittin down to watch and laugh with u guys all night. It's cool u discussed mbti tests. I'm an infj.
Doom Bunny
Doom Bunny 4 oy oldin
INFP Characteristics INFPs make up about 7% of the population. Highly independent They seek out creativity and freedom Cooperative and friendly Able to conceptualize “big-ideas” and theories
Tammy Keyes
Tammy Keyes 4 oy oldin
Tammy Keyes
Tammy Keyes 4 oy oldin
Crystola S
Crystola S 4 oy oldin
Ken, you really gonna move to Australia? Sounds like you wouldn't last 10 seconds .🤣
Josh Yahboo4q
Josh Yahboo4q 4 oy oldin
Lost it at romantic
Josh Yahboo4q
Josh Yahboo4q 4 oy oldin
Some was true
Josh Yahboo4q
Josh Yahboo4q 4 oy oldin
Didn't get through Buffs and i did ot myself and got adventured
KttyKtty PowPow
KttyKtty PowPow 4 oy oldin
Got this Weird Feelin' I was watching a video about my personality split in half...😶😆
Wallace Luna
Wallace Luna 4 oy oldin
We got Logistician Personality baby. Accurate af
max Jaber
max Jaber 4 oy oldin
I'm an Architect
Lenea Boles
Lenea Boles 4 oy oldin
My personality is definitely more like Ken, but i aspire to be like Dane
Malcom Vail
Malcom Vail 4 oy oldin
I checked to take the test online and its 50 bucks
Rykensnow 4 oy oldin
I am a logician as well.
Antonio Lucio Vivaldi
Antonio Lucio Vivaldi 4 oy oldin
Any INFP's here?
DarkSeptiGirl 4 oy oldin
Honestly, not really a “personality” test, it’s more of a “how your brain is wired” kind of test rather than a “Personality” test. I’m an INFP-T though it can be mistaken for an INFJ in certain situations, but definitely an INFP. Funny enough, me and my dad are the only introverts in our family, but he is the only person I really clash with and have an itch to argue with him.
Ian Holbrook
Ian Holbrook 4 oy oldin
Y'all should take a personality test with the backing of neuroscience. The big 5 personality test.
Courtney Brown
Courtney Brown 4 oy oldin
I got the nurturer and dude, it was accurate as HELL. I took it a while back and got a slightly different answer - the teacher. Both are accurate, it just depends on where my headspace is and what’s going on with me/those around me. Overall, I would definitely recommend this test!
Michael Biel
Michael Biel 4 oy oldin
I'm legit half Ken and half Buff, literally down the middle, I'm a 36yr old mom of 3 teens and have been married from the age of 16 n have been with my hubby for 23 years this Sept 29th 20 yr wedding anniversary n I can def say my hubby's the debater all the way n me being half n half is prob a big part of how we're still going strong.
blubell24 4 oy oldin
everyone dreams it is just a matter of is you remember it or not
Monica Newman
Monica Newman 4 oy oldin
I love Myers Briggs, it’s helped me learn how to understand and communicate with others. I’m an ISFJ (the protector) or, C3PO on the star wars poster. My work spouse is R2D2 which always makes me laugh.
Lewie 4 oy oldin
I'm a Mediator INFP-T
Heisticles 4 oy oldin
I KNEW THIS WHOLE TIME KEN WAS AN INTP. EVERYONE SAID HE WAS AN ISTP. I guess Ne recognizes Ne. -a very proud and correct ENTP
FateWriter 4 oy oldin
I'm INFP, I think it's Meditator
Carolyn 4 oy oldin
INTP crowd!! Yeah!
Boss Lax316
Boss Lax316 4 oy oldin
Commander ENTJT LFG
Rachelle Eden
Rachelle Eden 4 oy oldin
neu dae
neu dae 4 oy oldin
Ken is me, but I aspire to be more like Buff lol
Kimberly 4 oy oldin
BUFF....ahhhh your so adorable, your stepping on people to get ahead answer IS epic, when I took this I answered absolutely not, but your answer was so perfect you changed my mind LOL, truth be told.... if you really do want it more than they do...you have a legitimate point! love all your answers, you both are awesome
Gabe Shockley
Gabe Shockley 4 oy oldin
Ken we the same dude
Some guy with a Facemask
Some guy with a Facemask 4 oy oldin
Dude I got the same results as ken lmao 😂
Linda Cook
Linda Cook 4 oy oldin
Smh at my Gemini status like there is no way to answer quizzes like this. I mean it's mood dependent 100% lol
The Token Druid
The Token Druid 4 oy oldin
My personality test result was The Mediator
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