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Its time for the new house tour! Thanks for all your support! Family Vlog Time!
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oocombz 11 soat oldin
Holy crap I missed a bunch of stuff!! Congrats on the new place and becoming a father round two!
Jorge Chaves
Jorge Chaves 19 soat oldin
Late notice but gorgeous house !!!
RetroSongHits 9 kun oldin
WOW! You guys live in such a nice area ~ All those beautiful trees like you're in the woods ~ Beautiful house and really happy for all of you. Take care ~
Cris Mallat
Cris Mallat 10 kun oldin
Man I haven't seen a family vlog for a long time, last time Layla was like months old, time flies by fast
Shawn Stube
Shawn Stube 10 kun oldin
Hey Ken, got any leftover kiddos you want to rehome??? Lol, they are precious!!!! ;)
Milkymilkshakes 11 kun oldin
I like how Layla has a slight Australian accent😭😭
hismoonandstars 25
hismoonandstars 25 12 kun oldin
The locking of the bathroom door 🚪 so the kids don't play in toilet 😂😂🤣🤣💀💀💀
Jacquelyn Jensen
Jacquelyn Jensen 12 kun oldin
Raffie’s face most of the video: 👁👄👁
Your Grandma
Your Grandma 13 kun oldin
Your kids are too cute I just can't
josefína 16 kun oldin
i just really want these two to be my parents
Saridim 19 kun oldin
Layla’s closet is as big as my bed room... 😂
Star Sou
Star Sou 21 kun oldin
❤ family vlogs.
Skully 5544
Skully 5544 21 kun oldin
their eyes look like marys eyes
Brenda Trojanoski
Brenda Trojanoski 21 kun oldin
Is that a whole damn newfoundland?!?! Your corgi is so cute and it's nice you guys keep up with brushing them
Sam 21 kun oldin
Ken has the same haircut that Sean does. I'm bewildered with this new information.
big yikes
big yikes 24 kun oldin
wow im so proud of you. ive binged watch your videos of layla and mainly your vlogs but wow time flies fast :)
Danger Gibson
Danger Gibson 24 kun oldin
Hope everything is doing well with the house and the family, sir!
Sandra Crooks
Sandra Crooks 24 kun oldin
I’m new subscriber and have enjoyed watching your show. Tonight as I was scrolling through the older episodes, I came across this one, of you giving a tour of your new home. How wonderful to have such a beautiful home for you and your wife Mary to share. To raise your family in and also work from. By the way you comment on your videos about some of the episodes, and how much I can see you love your children, I know you’re a wonderful Dad! Thank you Ken!! There’s not a whole lot a men who know how to raise children these days! You’re home is beautiful, however, anyone can build a beautiful house. It’s the love inside of it that, the memories made that makes it a home! I hope you’ll see this and it encourages you to keep doing what your doing. I’m 57, raised two amazing daughters as a single mom. Love at times is all I had... it was enough! ♥️
Jorrie Wimmer
Jorrie Wimmer 27 kun oldin
House looks awesome. Kiddos are cute as buttons.
Halle Sklivas
Halle Sklivas 28 kun oldin
Ken and the chaos of his children in the basement is everything I've ever needed lol
Euroccu 29 kun oldin
I’m so happy for you guys, that house is gorgeous
Brad Shilling
Brad Shilling Oy oldin
Nice house. Your stairs are giving me flashbacks to when I decided to run 600' of cable railings.... Needless to say 7000' of stainless steel cable is not cheap nor is it light.
Cullen Freeman
Cullen Freeman Oy oldin
Gonna have the best childhood growing up :)
jiaxuan Oy oldin
this family so comforting and feels so homely 🥺 ken such dad vibes and mary seems so nurturing and sweet and she’s pretty. and kids growing up around animals always seems right
ashutosh singh
ashutosh singh Oy oldin
how do you guys deal with echoes?
KpopBishForever Oy oldin
*Stupid question alert!* Buuut I thought they got married but I never see rings? Did they decide not to? Or they just don’t wear them??
Sydney Jones
Sydney Jones Oy oldin
I love how talkative your daughter is. Shows that y’all must talk to them like people.
Yami X
Yami X Oy oldin
When did Mary birth another child?
Laynaxashlyn Oy oldin
Omg- layla has gotten soo big
KyrieChili Oy oldin
beautiful house for a beautiful family! Thank you Ken and Buffpro for making me laugh during quarantine
ITMeCE Oy oldin
That’s a really nice house Ken. I like some of the sort of gothic stuff you got in there
Marrimae Oy oldin
I am so behind, holy hell. Last I saw Ken, he and Mary announced the pregnancy of their first kid.
Jiggy Smallsz
Jiggy Smallsz Oy oldin
omg im so jell of your house, your dogs, and your wife. lolsz
Lala 2088
Lala 2088 Oy oldin
Great house, beautiful family 👍
Christa Terry
Christa Terry Oy oldin
Your spooder gives me spooder shivers!!! 😬😩
Sakuya Yume
Sakuya Yume 2 oy oldin
Raphi's so chill.
Unironic Irony
Unironic Irony 2 oy oldin
Wheres Biscuit??
★The80'sCryptid★ 2 oy oldin
Dark Wolf
Dark Wolf 2 oy oldin
Awwww they are so cute.
The_Bombatic_ Bre
The_Bombatic_ Bre 2 oy oldin
Ken is such a great dad omg💕💕
Destini Warnke
Destini Warnke 2 oy oldin
It’s crazy to see where they are now. It feels like yesterday when they got Betty in the LA apartment
Tim Anderson
Tim Anderson 2 oy oldin
(Shows house Layout) Everyone who Plays Rainbow six Siege: (grinning)
Melanie Murphy
Melanie Murphy 2 oy oldin
Such a beautiful family, I love how you let them be kids by bouncing on the couch. You both seem like awesome parents & people in general so enjoy every minute, it goes by so fast- before you know it they're off to college.
cassandra sotos
cassandra sotos 2 oy oldin
Love the style of the dinning room and kitchen.
Jonah Grace2
Jonah Grace2 2 oy oldin
Y’all have a lovely home and Family ❤️❤️🥺
Brianna Nichole Wojciechowicz
Brianna Nichole Wojciechowicz 2 oy oldin
Can Layla teach my kid to keep her room clean?
Brandy Morton
Brandy Morton 2 oy oldin
So cute about 415 her Christmas presents on window sill.
Cat Hames
Cat Hames 2 oy oldin
Where are the snakeyss? I miss them so much! (greta aside)
Izzy Miller
Izzy Miller 2 oy oldin
🥺the last time i watched a vlog was when layla was a baby
liza french
liza french 2 oy oldin
i use to hate vlog and react vids, still hate pewds...but due to corona seems i have been consumed by them and how awesome they are... i feel that something might be wrong with me. NOOOOOOOOOOO.OOOOOOOOOO
stanton teo
stanton teo 2 oy oldin
Leila closet size is my room 😭😭
Pedro Martell
Pedro Martell 2 oy oldin
Dope house not gona lie jealous
Banoonie 2 oy oldin
Hi Ken! I wanted to bring to your attention that the auto generated subtitles had a mistake at 2:03. When you said "this giant bookshelf" it generated "his gemini shelf". You are able to easily fix/add captions to your videos so that people who rely on them are able to enjoy the video too.
Morgan Hall
Morgan Hall 3 oy oldin
Layla: *pulls out Jaws game* Ken: It's Baby Shark.
Geo Vega
Geo Vega 3 oy oldin
Ken plays league?!
True Tech Samurai
True Tech Samurai 3 oy oldin
She grew up that quick I feel like a few days wow
Dizzy Booth
Dizzy Booth 3 oy oldin
How the heck is Layla practically an adult
Blackoreanfemale 3 oy oldin
Shhhhhh you are too loud her baby is sleeping! Rude!
Blackoreanfemale 3 oy oldin
Awe... it's beautiful. Your family is gorgeous including buff😍
itz meh
itz meh 3 oy oldin
No one gonna talk out how their bedroom is smaller than their kid’s?
Greta Dockham
Greta Dockham 3 oy oldin
25% of the video is Ken showing the house. The other 75% is him trying to stop the kids from touching things
Abby 3 oy oldin
I miss the family vlogs so much :( layla is sooo big nowww :O wuow
MiyaMiya 3 oy oldin
I just came to check in on ya'll after so many years starting with Ken when he was just dating Mary, then married, then being pregnant with Layla.... Seeing that you guys are really a whole family makes me so happy. I have tears in my eyes man. Beautiful happy kids, and a big house. :')
Sean Reffett
Sean Reffett 3 oy oldin
I’m only 15... and it seems like Layla was born yesterday to me... I’m having a serious crisis. How could time fly so fast?? Ken is such a great dad. I’ve been watching since before he even knew Mary...
Kalianna Woikin
Kalianna Woikin 3 oy oldin
I haven't seen your vids since Layla was born! She's so big now! AND YOU HAVE ANOTHER ONE!
Montana Palmer
Montana Palmer 3 oy oldin
I have a serious question: do you guys like your ninja because I can’t get the hang of making it work
Ryelee Hoag
Ryelee Hoag 3 oy oldin
love seeing Mary and the kids in videos 🖤
Static Glitch
Static Glitch 3 oy oldin
Oh my goodness look how big Layla got!!! SHES SO CUTE
eda 3 oy oldin
I just love these vidi vids
HaruhiAihara 3 oy oldin
I actually laughed at the ninja dad joke hahaha
Beeritt S
Beeritt S 3 oy oldin
Omg so freaking cute!
B 00
B 00 3 oy oldin
Congrats, its a beautiful home.
H B 3 oy oldin
Very nice! I love the big back screened porch. 9:05 I could only dream of having a shower as big and nice as that!
K Gordon
K Gordon 3 oy oldin
See this is how you do a family video right
qwerty man
qwerty man 3 oy oldin
oh I missed Lunchbox and all Ken's pet crew, its nice to see them again!
Sonja Ingimundardóttir
Sonja Ingimundardóttir 3 oy oldin
Do they no longer have biscuit ?
Mookan Kandiah
Mookan Kandiah 3 oy oldin
Its really cute to see Layla wearing the bear hat
Judi Crothers
Judi Crothers 4 oy oldin
Hi Ken & Mary, your new house is beautiful. I wish you all luck - wealth, health & happiness!
Jordan King
Jordan King 4 oy oldin
I miss the vlogs soooo much😭😭😭😭
Jesse Orihara
Jesse Orihara 4 oy oldin
Wh-.. Last time I was here Ken had Purple Hair and beard and There children were Babies omg time is Flying by!
ChelBubbles VA
ChelBubbles VA 4 oy oldin
Your family looks so amazing and happy! One thing to ask though. Where is Biscuit?!
allison s.
allison s. 4 oy oldin
Layla!!!!! Sweet girl!!!! 🥺♥️
c d
c d 4 oy oldin
I'm only here to support Ken. I don't like these kind of vids, if I wanted to watch this kind of crap I'd watch the ace family.
c d
c d 4 oy oldin
@Daniel Hartin for one I'm not envious, I don't want kids. His wife is okay but not my type, (I like brunettes its my thing),and yes his home is ok too but Idc to watch videos about it. So this is why I call it crap. Like I said its like watching a ace family video. But in respect the ace family don't even deserve what they have, Ken should have what that family has.
Daniel Hartin
Daniel Hartin 4 oy oldin
@c d You seem quite envious of a man with a beautiful home, beautiful kids and a gorgeous wife. If you don't like his home video that's fine, but referring to it as crap belies deeper issues.
c d
c d 4 oy oldin
@Daniel Hartin my life is great wtf you talking about?
Daniel Hartin
Daniel Hartin 4 oy oldin
Sorry to hear your life didn't turn out well.
Rosa Martinez
Rosa Martinez 4 oy oldin
The way Mary says “your manners darling” to Layla 🥺🥺
siilky johnson
siilky johnson 4 oy oldin
Hahahaha Layla running to jump on the couch was adorable 😂😁😁😁😁
Cheesy Chan
Cheesy Chan 4 oy oldin
Your house is freakin amazing! Congrats, i love it.
T. Dee
T. Dee 4 oy oldin
Boy, you need some wd40!!! ☺️❤
carendestiny 4 oy oldin
My son plays in the toilet as well lmao. Very frustrating! Also I’m over here watching my kids grow up super fast and expecting everyone else’s kids to grow up in slow motion for some reason! I shocked with how big the kids are now.
Autumn Moon
Autumn Moon 4 oy oldin
You have a beautiful family! I wish you all the best!
Em 4 oy oldin
Layla was just an infant??? what happened???? oh yeah I got old lol
Linda Aguilera
Linda Aguilera 4 oy oldin
Your kids are so precious!
Briola Nugent
Briola Nugent 4 oy oldin
I leave and now Layla can talk and the *_NEW ADDITION IS IN BABY FORM_*
Nikki Sparkles
Nikki Sparkles 4 oy oldin
After watching these 2 for years and knowing how amazing they’d be as parents to them announcing their first pregnancy and now they’ve grown even more and have a amazing family home and like Mary I always knew I wanted to be a mum and I’m currently expecting my first baby! It’s just incredible to see how far they’ve come 🥰
Kip BopBip
Kip BopBip 4 oy oldin
watching these volgs makes me want a kid, but then I think and realise I'm still 17
squarepotatoes 4 oy oldin
I'm dying. My heart is so full. Family goals
Monika 4 oy oldin
You all are so adorable!
CupcakeandDuckie 4 oy oldin
Layla and Raph are so big now! 😊
p c
p c 4 oy oldin
i thought he only had 1 kid.
Abbzey 4 oy oldin
I haven't watched them in years apparently because Layla was an infant last time I saw her holy heck
Den 4 oy oldin
I was(still am) subscribed to Mary. And i came to check up on the family, see what is new. And Layla is so big and omg... I will cry
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