We Learn To Cook The PERFECT Minute Steak from Matty Matheson

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We're Watching Matty Matheson and learning to cook the PERFECT Minute Steak. Hes got a cookbook too! I'm pretty sure hes going to take over the cooking world one day.
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CinnamonToastKen 3 oy oldin
If you enjoyed the wholesome content leave a like on the video! Or we'll eat you!
escape night
escape night Oy oldin
That's not very wholesome
Marky Mac
Marky Mac 3 oy oldin
Oh no HP = Health Points OR Hit Points = real life problems to a question we will never know
nabsky 3 oy oldin
*lenny face*
Hollow KNIGHT 3 oy oldin
Bro I just realized with the new setup you guys got you can play with the strings on your shorts without us thinking your playing with your dangalang or your boys!
Kim Love
Kim Love 3 oy oldin
I love y'all too! I'm going to frothtown!
Daniel Chalhoub
Daniel Chalhoub 3 kun oldin
buff was on fire when they shot this video
Charlie Alexander
Charlie Alexander 7 kun oldin
8:48 you laugh but that is an exact measurement of two tablespoons of butter lol
Sarah Donnelly
Sarah Donnelly 8 kun oldin
First of all, this made me hungry 🤤🤤 Second, my husband makes steaks with so much seasoning that they don't need sauce. Like they are literally the best ❤
delon dude
delon dude 9 kun oldin
Your rest the steak because it continues to cook after it comes off the skillet from residual heat
Katie 10 kun oldin
At least I'm not the only one who misunderstood "Drip it off"... I was sitting over here thinking that sounded messy and unsanitary and thought I finally figured out what diververse searing was for a second.
Looque_c 12 kun oldin
why did i just watch the other one he talked about the store with the coats in
Laura Kurtz
Laura Kurtz 13 kun oldin
Drip Dane ... Drip (But yes, it did sound like something else lol)🤣
Victoria Patnode
Victoria Patnode 17 kun oldin
Matty is my FAVORITE chef. He's hysterical and his food is honestly great.
Antonia Muñoz Mayorga
Antonia Muñoz Mayorga 22 kun oldin
I always watch this video when I feel down, not just because the original video edits are funny, but Ken's editor is a genius, never fails to make me laugh
Josh Lalor
Josh Lalor 27 kun oldin
What are the odds the book comes out the day I watch this 😂😂
Blackoreanfemale Oy oldin
I cant stand this guys technique... ketchup? He drain the delicious juices from my steak for my mashed potatoes
Blackoreanfemale Oy oldin
Cooked chicken can give you salmonella
Proxy Oy oldin
i make the steak you need no sauce for i got you
Roman Felinger
Roman Felinger Oy oldin
Matty is great :D
Fuckadoodle Muthertucker
Fuckadoodle Muthertucker Oy oldin
I'm sorry I'm trying to watch this video but his voice is giving me anxiety ugh 😑
Justin Shepard
Justin Shepard Oy oldin
Thank u so much for turning me onto this guy. He is legit
ernest gibson
ernest gibson Oy oldin
Dude yall should have a video of the Kenneth cake. It sounds amazing
Selena Smith
Selena Smith Oy oldin
I cant stand onions. They have to be cooked to the point where i cant even taste or feel them in my mouth. And i just started eating them cooked, barely. That and bell peppers. FACK bell peppers, i cant eat those no matter what. I havent had any in so many years and i still wont have any
Bradley VanDusen
Bradley VanDusen Oy oldin
Cheesecake, all the way
oliver gebo
oliver gebo Oy oldin
Two table spoons?!?!?! That’s closer to five🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jake O'Hare
Jake O'Hare Oy oldin
The best pie is pizza pie
Jake O'Hare
Jake O'Hare Oy oldin
Also met Matty at his festival in Toronto great dude
Brandon Upchurch
Brandon Upchurch Oy oldin
I would love to see you two cook up some steaks for your next video 🥩🥩🥩
Sarah Duropan
Sarah Duropan Oy oldin
My man is lucky that we are separated by the screen. If he chewed like that in front of me I would likely slap the cow right out of his mouth!
caleb curtis
caleb curtis Oy oldin
Would sub for cake but I'm already subbed
Skaters Try to cook
Skaters Try to cook Oy oldin
H- have u guys never looked at the measuring on the butter sticks
Myssuh Morgan
Myssuh Morgan Oy oldin
Am I the only one old enough to remember Chris Farley??? Or how this guy is like the reincarnation of him???
PieceOfToast Oy oldin
Nobody eats onion rings for the onions lol
Charlie Apples
Charlie Apples Oy oldin
I’ve been a vegetarian for 14 years but I appreciate anyone with this much enthusiasm for food
Spoiled Splenden
Spoiled Splenden Oy oldin
I need another one of these. All I do now is binge Matty Matheson's videos and podcast "Powerful Truth Angels" which is as ridiculous as it sounds.
Sasha Smith
Sasha Smith Oy oldin
Ken u lost a million points with me the onion thing is soooooooo my stalker ex. If it had onion in it he would spit it out and then tear the house apart. I literally have a 4 yr total DVO against him.
escape night
escape night Oy oldin
Is that unus combined with the body of anus + some buff
Sawyer Bostick
Sawyer Bostick Oy oldin
he looks like is Jack Black and Guy Fieri had a baby
Emil Bubev
Emil Bubev Oy oldin
Thanks for showing me this guy, frickin' spirit animal, I love him!
Kay namauu
Kay namauu Oy oldin
omg buff's with the peaconpie squad a man after my heart
bnenomore Oy oldin
I love Matty!
Chy9Chy Oy oldin
If I watch all of yalls videos when they come out and then again later with my gf then months later when I forgot about them, how much does the I love you mean? 17:17
Mary Elizabeth
Mary Elizabeth Oy oldin
My Russian friends showed me a great way to fry steaks. Get the pan really hot and then put in a little water, then the steak. Once the steam stops put in a little more water. You would swear you had used a grill.
Mary Elizabeth
Mary Elizabeth Oy oldin
After I watch a few of these shows, I go to ‘My Favourite Martian’. They seem to go together. .??????
Dark Wolf
Dark Wolf 2 oy oldin
Now I'm craving steak.
John Wick
John Wick 2 oy oldin
Why would you turn a table into a spoon
That Guy From Somewhere
That Guy From Somewhere 2 oy oldin
My dad loves Heinz 57, but I feel the same as you guys
Ryan Wiggins
Ryan Wiggins 2 oy oldin
My wife could eat a onion like an apple
Forever Unicorn85
Forever Unicorn85 2 oy oldin
Dude when him and Brad Lenone (from Bon Appetit) went Noodling I died they are so funny together!
Forever Unicorn85
Forever Unicorn85 2 oy oldin
If you are using sauce or ketchup on a steak it is not cooked right. I only use sauce if my steak has no seasoning or is over cooked because it is dry and I need the sauce to eat that crap. IMO med-rare is the best flavor!
Shawn Mizzles
Shawn Mizzles 2 oy oldin
Why does he remind me of a Great Value Jack Black?
DrCuriensapprentice 2 oy oldin
He sounds a bit like Chris Chan
Gary Baldwin
Gary Baldwin 2 oy oldin
Buff Pro talking about Jnco Jeans takes me back.....most comfortable pants/shorts ever
완전 채식Siu
완전 채식Siu 2 oy oldin
Are you a cake or pie guy... Me: Yes please!!
Isabelle Reny
Isabelle Reny 2 oy oldin
KEN, are you telling me you like CELERY and you don't LIKE COOKED ONION SSSSSSSSTOP .
Mamma IBD420 Support
Mamma IBD420 Support 2 oy oldin
Is onion a vegetable.................."bruh" 🙄............................here's a like keep it up ❤🥰
Jacob Devine
Jacob Devine 2 oy oldin
I met Matty once, super nice guy very outgoing
Max Brown
Max Brown 2 oy oldin
You guys NEED to do this with the video of MATTY fishing for CATFISH
Games 2 oy oldin
Banana steak interest intensifies!!!
My_Petrol_Romance 2 oy oldin
“Hi, I’m Samito Skin and this is Buff Pro...” Found my new gamer tag...
Tony Price
Tony Price 2 oy oldin
This dude makes me think of jack black if he became a chef.
Kody Cadwellstein
Kody Cadwellstein 2 oy oldin
I wouldnt want this guy to cook for me because I don't want to have to thank someone with a voice like that
Kimmi Priestley
Kimmi Priestley 2 oy oldin
I love onions! Such an underrated root vegetable xxx
XX Animations
XX Animations 2 oy oldin
Bro kens laugh got me rolling 💀💀
Kita Jane Helton
Kita Jane Helton 2 oy oldin
Please cut your mustache to match the toast ken! 💕🤪💯💯🔥😭🔥 I just started watching y’all I just love y’all lolol 🧐
The 7th Elo - SIN
The 7th Elo - SIN 2 oy oldin
Congrats on Dane losing weight. He looks slimmer
N D 2 oy oldin
Ken bro I would love to see you BBQ or cook anything. This man actually is a certified chef in Canada. Please watch his Canadian shows.
Shadow Dreamer
Shadow Dreamer 2 oy oldin
Of course the steak has to rest! It just got done lifting weight in the oil and butter sauna!!!!!
Cakes 2 oy oldin
So I could totally live with buff pro lmao I make bell peppers and onions as my side all the time lol grilled, sauteed, roasted lmaooo we need to be friends buff! I'm also a Baker lmaoo
Greatest Ever
Greatest Ever 2 oy oldin
One day I was eating a steak and steak fries. I got curious and dipped my steak in ketchup. Wasn't that bad 5.5/10
Tegan Thompson
Tegan Thompson 2 oy oldin
Buff is lookin fiiiiiinnee, love the vids. 😀
Devon Ritchie
Devon Ritchie 2 oy oldin
A steak should never have sauce put on it, I have literally kicked people out of my house for putting sauce on one of my steaks, it's an abomination and shouldn't happen
Phylly San Antonio
Phylly San Antonio 2 oy oldin
True. I hate that, too. But, in a restaurant i sometimes have to A1.
Mykah Gaddy
Mykah Gaddy 2 oy oldin
We love you too 🥺
Princess Mousie
Princess Mousie 2 oy oldin
Heinz 57 is WONDERFUL on grilled chicken
Phylly San Antonio
Phylly San Antonio 2 oy oldin
No. Never 57.
Ketsa Official
Ketsa Official 2 oy oldin
Onion haters unite
Shelby Meier
Shelby Meier 2 oy oldin
My boyfriend and I just chill in our smoke shed all day and watch your videos while we dab it out. Keep making videos so we don't run outta stuff to watch, We Love you guys!!
STABO 2 oy oldin
Gordon Ramsay:
Sushi Gamer
Sushi Gamer 2 oy oldin
Make the stake exercise and then put it to sleep😂 makes sense
Emilio Carrillo
Emilio Carrillo 2 oy oldin
I think you're talking about tres leches cake.
Khaimera 2 oy oldin
Yo why does Matty look like jack black and Kyle gass' love child and even sounds like it 😂
Maddie Branthwaite
Maddie Branthwaite 2 oy oldin
People eat steak with sauce?
Carrie Ann
Carrie Ann 2 oy oldin
Aww! Ken loves me because I watch ALL videos! I feel proud! Thanks Ken, love you and Dane too
Jacob Craig
Jacob Craig 2 oy oldin
That dude is a Canadian Shrek. Biting raw onions and stuff.
Emily Dougherty
Emily Dougherty 2 oy oldin
“Biting into raw onion” what are you Shrek?
Zachary Schmidtke
Zachary Schmidtke 2 oy oldin
Ya'll are hilarious!
Tori W
Tori W 2 oy oldin
Ken: how much is a peach... Me: 🤔 a peach?
Jason Zacarias
Jason Zacarias 2 oy oldin
Thats louie Andersons younger stoner brother
Chrisna 18
Chrisna 18 2 oy oldin
13:26 I laughed so hard.
Chrisna 18
Chrisna 18 2 oy oldin
Steak man's hair though.. Whyyy 🙀
JennyWave6 2 oy oldin
So was this where the I love you ending came from
Ken Jones
Ken Jones 2 oy oldin
HP sauce puts A1 and Heinz 57 to shame.
Nia Bagchi
Nia Bagchi 2 oy oldin
Buffpro sits with his hands folded on his desk and looks attentive like the best grade school student. Gold star
Thomas Langston
Thomas Langston 2 oy oldin
17:00 Haters get taters! No steak 4 u! 🤣
Joseph 2 oy oldin
Mattys the best
Purplesilver Haze
Purplesilver Haze 2 oy oldin
DemolitionRanch ends his videos with I love you
louise evans
louise evans 2 oy oldin
broil 3/4 minutes each side done =rare/med rare=> super delicious " [ never fry anything ever, I haven' t for over 56 yrs broil/bake/roast in oven..]
Dubya Balthazar
Dubya Balthazar 2 oy oldin
That guy reminded me of the episode of rick and morty where they watch interdimensional t.v.
Chirag Shetty
Chirag Shetty 2 oy oldin
I was expecting there to be 17 steaks at least.
FantasticAlex 3 oy oldin
You guys should watch Matty’s other show Just a dash, I think you’d enjoy it
blue_is_not_sad 3 oy oldin
when you said i love you i felt very attacked
Aaron 3 oy oldin
haha i love matty
KT J 3 oy oldin
Damn I completely forgot about GADZOOKS! I feel old now ... thanks lol
KT J 3 oy oldin
He reminds me of Jack black ... just with blonde hair And neck tats
stevnated 3 oy oldin
I love Matty Matheson, he's awesome! (I usually watch Meme Couch too, I dunno how I missed this until now) The best is when he barbecues outside next door to the auto mechanic shop, sweat dripping all over the food, lol.
Hello Humans And Beings
Hello Humans And Beings 3 oy oldin
Finally someone with a pitch higher than mine😂!
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