Vegan KAREN Attacks Other Vegans - 6 Vegans Vs 1 Meat Eater - Jubilee React Couch

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React Couch is gonna figure out who the Fake Vegan in Jubilee 6 Vegans vs 1 Meat Eater! Vegan Karen Attacks!! This is also a pretty good idea of the hardest part of being a vegan. The other vegans.
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CinnamonToastKen 3 oy oldin
Hope you enjoyed this video! Let us know if there are more Jubilee videos we should look at!
derek murphy
derek murphy 6 kun oldin
Also, on behalf of all men (maybe women too) I hate the little green bitch
Tiff Prendergast
Tiff Prendergast Oy oldin
look up raw food vegan
Tiff Prendergast
Tiff Prendergast Oy oldin
Lee Eneas same
I’m Shane
I’m Shane Oy oldin
Docofthedead 🤔
Docofthedead Oy oldin
@I’m Shane so is that considered ;"gate keeping"??
Revoked 17 soat oldin
Most vegans do eat honey. Taking the honey helps the bees rather than harms them.
The Landshark
The Landshark Kun oldin
Cannot stand Erin lmao
The Landshark
The Landshark Kun oldin
There is an imposter among us
Void Vixen
Void Vixen 4 kun oldin
No one is more judgemental or hateful to vegans than other vegans. TRUST. 😂 If you choose to try and limit or cut out animal products entirely just do your best and stay away from vegan Facebook groups - full of vegan Karens
CTYman 1
CTYman 1 5 kun oldin
Yo it's vegan amung us
Awkward Cat
Awkward Cat 6 kun oldin
Jaylen has the 👉👈 uwu vibes
Frankie 6 kun oldin
Girl in green. You're the issue with society today. Not your diet choice. Your personality and who you are to the core is annoying as shit. The type to spit in someone's face and bust out windows and then cry brutality when someone stops you. She is the antichrist.
derek murphy
derek murphy 6 kun oldin
I wanted someone to tell her to shut up and for her to go Karen vegan hulk
Tyler Jordan
Tyler Jordan 7 kun oldin
Why not just get a bean burrito from Taco Bell instead of violating the taco lmao
Parker Gonzales
Parker Gonzales 7 kun oldin
Wait where do vegans think water comes from.... its taken from rivers that fish live in and purified.
Parker Gonzales
Parker Gonzales 7 kun oldin
She skipped the black people like straight up.
silentbutterfly 7 kun oldin
Is there a vegan hair dye? Someone should ask her
Isabella Sandore
Isabella Sandore 9 kun oldin
Honeys a by product of bees which is why some vegans don’t eat it. But locally sourced honey can actually help the enviroment around you :)
PinkBombshellcasing 10 kun oldin
Jumping on the disliking ‘green overalls’ bandwagon. She’s an awful person. She kept cutting off everyone then attacking the Asian dude. If you’re friends with her, tell her to stop... life.
Ramsey smick
Ramsey smick 10 kun oldin
There's an imposter among us.
Rebecca O'Sullivan
Rebecca O'Sullivan 10 kun oldin
I had to Google if sour patch kids are vegan. Apparently they are. No idea how they are gooey without gelatin, but I guess they are.
WeShouldHaveNukedJapanAThirdTime 11 kun oldin
This is the most confusing game of among us I've seen
Kiwi kumi
Kiwi kumi 11 kun oldin
There's an imposter vegan amung us.
VioletKalico 11 kun oldin
rip she the worst
Ash Carson
Ash Carson 11 kun oldin
I wanted to be vegan until I learned of Erin's existence.
jmdmcarr 11 kun oldin
That girl in the green is really hurting the cause, not to mention she's just a mean girl. No one will even consider going vegan if this is how the vegan community treats those who are trying to make the change.
Rebecca O'Sullivan
Rebecca O'Sullivan 10 kun oldin
Yeah, most vegans are pretty judgemental. Never met one who didn't want to talk about it constantly.
styh06 12 kun oldin
I legit feel for that Brandon guy the why was that girl on his jock so hard..
Cassie Jayy
Cassie Jayy 12 kun oldin
I wish people would have start cutting her off
Cassie Jayy
Cassie Jayy 12 kun oldin
That chick is the WORST kinda of vegan. She makes us ashamed.
Monika Lain-Shaw
Monika Lain-Shaw 12 kun oldin
The reason vegans don't eat honey is because we take the healthy honey that bees produce and give them far less healthy sugar water in place of it. A vegan diet means no meat, dairy, eggs, and a vegan lifestyle means all of that but also no leather, suede, silk, honey etc. I'd be glad to answer any other sincere questions.
TivO 12 kun oldin
“Steaks saved my life.. I was on the brink of being vegan” golden 💀💀
potatotheif 12 kun oldin
This is like Among Us...
Nick the Last
Nick the Last 12 kun oldin
Vegans There is 1 impostor among us
Madison Riley's Spam/Channel
Madison Riley's Spam/Channel 13 kun oldin
Btw sour patch kids are vegan
Shelby waite
Shelby waite 13 kun oldin
That girl erin was literally rude and disrespectful like I was disgusted with her attitude like if I was there I would've told her to chill or we going outside to have a real conversation cuz thats bs🙄😩🤨
TrumpBug 13 kun oldin
They were playing among us in real life this entire time.
Zachary Vankeuren
Zachary Vankeuren 13 kun oldin
Y’all gotta react to “That Vegan Teacher” lol
Ash Haugen
Ash Haugen 13 kun oldin
Raw vegan is someone who follows a vegan diet but they don’t fully cook the food they eat, they can make smoothies and such.
Mudkip Lex
Mudkip Lex 14 kun oldin
if i were vegan and i met Eren i'd just stop being a vegan cuz of that lmao
Hailey Thomas
Hailey Thomas 15 kun oldin
"Your fart smells like beef jerky!"
cawesome 15 kun oldin
I have a vegan friend and she eats honey. I’m pretty sure she does...😂
Michael McGovern
Michael McGovern 15 kun oldin
Honey is vegan
Kiana K.
Kiana K. 15 kun oldin
They kicked her out bc of the makeup and that's just ridiculous 😂 sure, there's no vegan makeup or nail polish, nowhere... Smh
Zionknight 16 kun oldin
That Erin is a vegan Nazi. She probably think's "Colored" people can't be vegan, because the white woman is the epitome of virtue.
Amber McCoy
Amber McCoy 16 kun oldin
You should check out world strictest parents!
Dehlilia_ 8thHouseMoonRabbit
Dehlilia_ 8thHouseMoonRabbit 17 kun oldin
Lol! 🗣️Alexa play 'Lost One' Lauren Hill, for my man Brandon.
Skully 5544
Skully 5544 17 kun oldin
sour patch kids are vegan KAREN
Diamond Cinda
Diamond Cinda 17 kun oldin
Sour patch kids ARE vegan.
Laurie Elizabeth
Laurie Elizabeth 18 kun oldin
Can’t stand that girl in green you can go to fast food places and get vegan options that’s why they are there ? 🤷🏻‍♀️ you can be vegan just for health reasons the girl needs to simmer down she’s on the way to becoming a Karen 🤷🏻‍♀️ being a vegan isn’t a competition with other vegans my days 😂 I was vegan for 2 years ages ago and it was hard it’s so much easy for vegans these days she needs to stop being such a know it all bitch
Joe Knoedler
Joe Knoedler 18 kun oldin
Wouldn’t it have been funny if Erin was the fake? Honestly go into one of these things and act like her and you’ll probably win.
Thrash McNash
Thrash McNash 18 kun oldin
Legend has it she is practicing voting for Biden right now.
who Knows
who Knows 18 kun oldin
Sour patch kids, according to google, are vegan..😭💀
Stronger By Nature
Stronger By Nature 18 kun oldin
when vegans say honey isn't vegan they're actually being ingorant as hell. bees are dying out, buying honey supports bee farmers which in turn helps to maintain the bee population and helps the bee farming industry figure out ways to fight hive viruses that are killing off the bee population. once the bee population dies, the human population is in trouble and vegans sure as hell will find it far harder to be vegan because, unless artificial polination technology really takes a massive boost in the near future, we have no fruit, no veggies and humans will have to radically change their diet to be largely meat based. vegans should be buying honey and supporting the bee industry if they are as knowledgeable about environmental issues as they claim to be.
MoonMan Jr
MoonMan Jr 18 kun oldin
Among us 2. Vegan
Read Tv
Read Tv 19 kun oldin
That’s cause they don’t sell real meat at taco bell
Katie Bryan
Katie Bryan 19 kun oldin
I'm vegan and have been silently for 6 years and I absolutely LOATHE these types of people. Stop being so judgey and support peoples choices to be better and healthier!!!!!!!!
Erika Driscoll
Erika Driscoll 19 kun oldin
It's interesting that these vegans are out for blood 😝
Simon Hansen
Simon Hansen 19 kun oldin
Notice how knockoff-Ellen over here only cuts off the non-men. Classifying honey as "not vegan" is the same as classyfying anything growing in the earth as "not vegan. Why? Because bees make honey, they're not made OF honey. The dirt that everything grows in is part animal crap, which nutrients the soils use to enrich the crops that vegans and everybody else eats. in Knockoff-Ellen's logic-lacking mind, nobody can be vegan and survive. Buff is correct: you don't need to see a flytrap to know plants are alive. They grow, they produce and they die. At least two of those are definitions of being alive. Show's trying to fool us. They say 6 vs. 1 but in reality there are two meaters!
Faith Frazier
Faith Frazier 20 kun oldin
Sour patch kids are vegan that so called Mega vegan doesn't know what she's talking about and she needs to shut her mouth
Natsu Dragneel
Natsu Dragneel 20 kun oldin
6:41 I’m not a violent person, but this persons face and personality gives a vibe that makes you want to slap them 😅
Kianna Quick
Kianna Quick 20 kun oldin
I remember telling a vegan teacher she was eating trees babies every time she ate an apple
Sivart B
Sivart B 20 kun oldin
Milking bees. lol
Tristan Dubois
Tristan Dubois 21 kun oldin
Hold up. Are vegans actually saying honey isn't vegan? It comes from the flower. So if my apple touched a bee or any kind of animal, its not vegan? What... whats the logic here im so confused
Kassandra Sanderson
Kassandra Sanderson 21 kun oldin
Erin isn't vegan, you know she killed a furby for that hair
Rainy Day Reviews
Rainy Day Reviews 21 kun oldin
For the record honey production is actually really cruel. When it’s out of season, they find the Queen, remove her and then put the rest of the colony in black bags and set fire to them.
Crustaceous Gastropod
Crustaceous Gastropod 22 kun oldin
SourPatch kids are vegan
KingOfKats 22 kun oldin
yo believe it or not Swedish Fish contain no gelatin
Ay F
Ay F 22 kun oldin
Should have asked her if the places she buys her clothes from make contracts and buy from distributors who only deal with 100% ethical manufacturers and mills who have zero wastes that harm the environment... See if she is indeed the ultimate vegan... >,>
Alexandra G_1994
Alexandra G_1994 22 kun oldin
Shes the girl in the friend group who thinks she's the number one friend, but actually all the other girls secretly get together and tell eachother "what ever you do don't invite Erin" and spend the whole time talking about how much they can't stand her and how happy they are shes not there lol.
Thee Lived
Thee Lived 22 kun oldin
Ey, who be dislikin these videos?? I mean forreal, who watches a couple fellas reactions to funny videos and thinks, "ya know what? I need to go out of my way to 'dislike' this video"! Come on now.
Adventurer studios
Adventurer studios 22 kun oldin
This episode is like There is one imposter among us
Le'Jackal Creations
Le'Jackal Creations 23 kun oldin
I don’t know why you all trying to tell me because I decide what’s real vegan rofl
Green MnM
Green MnM 23 kun oldin
Erin: What did you eat for lunch? Me: *Shows eggplant salad* Erin: That's not vegan. Me: But it's just tomatoes, lime juice, onions, a little bit of soy sauce and eggplant. Erin: It's EGGplant. That's not vegan! Me: 👁👄👁
lily barker
lily barker 24 kun oldin
As tacobell employe a lot of vegans come in and use beans and we have a option called fresco which replaces dairy for pico
BlindArtists 24 kun oldin
Seems like being vegan for them is like the gattica of lifestyles
Julia Rickett
Julia Rickett 24 kun oldin
They should just stamp a V on their foreheads
Liam Czarnecki
Liam Czarnecki 24 kun oldin
Chipotle>Taco bell. Free2Be sunflower cups>reeses.
mandamaire7878 25 kun oldin
Sour patch kids are vegan omg this girl in the green makes me what to scream.
Socially Anxious Mouse
Socially Anxious Mouse 25 kun oldin
i’d knock the girl with white hair on her ass
Braizon Kasai
Braizon Kasai 25 kun oldin
There is one imposter among us
Candice Crawford
Candice Crawford 26 kun oldin
Wow. Vegan karen is exactly why vegans get a bad name. I am vegan and sour patch kids ARE VEGAN. Screw that chick. And yes, Taco Bell has tons of vegan food. McDonald’s in America doesn’t even have vegan fries, sadly. In America they add beef to the seasoning. You notice Karen only cut off the black guys.....?
Janeen Landry
Janeen Landry 26 kun oldin
She calls him out on soap meanwhile how many ocean animals did she kill get her hair bleached all the time! I bet she has a vegan cat that will die too soon! 🤦🏽‍♀️
Chris J C
Chris J C 26 kun oldin
I actually am a carnivore. 2 years now only animal products. Its more difficult to do than veganism. No herbs/spices. Flavor is very 1 dimensional. Alot of creativity goes into making food interesting, but that can only take it so far. But the health benefits for me are worth it. Also sour patch kids are vegan and tortillas have never had eggs in them... Erin is a dumb B
Jesus Kings
Jesus Kings 26 kun oldin
Lmao I watched this video a long time ago, and this made me cringe twice as hard as before😂
mach rider 66
mach rider 66 27 kun oldin
Bianca Bloom
Bianca Bloom 28 kun oldin
I’ve seen this video so many times and it always makes me angry. That neon curse to the world just shits all over the vegan message and gets people’s backs up. BUT, watching Ken & Dane react to this has made me happy 😀🌱
FishCake Snail
FishCake Snail 28 kun oldin
my tummy hurts so much from laughing
The midnight train
The midnight train 29 kun oldin
You can eat French fries
Carmen698 29 kun oldin
I had to look up the Sour Patch Kid thing and Overall, the ingredients are from plant-derived sources and Peta has listed as -friendly in multiple of their articles (See Top 20 Accidentally Foods and Are There BONES in Your Candy?!). Therefore, are ! In your face mini Stalin Vegan
BeatRoot 29 kun oldin
Erin must have further curbed her veganism after that
Nightmare Fuel
Nightmare Fuel 29 kun oldin
These vegans are why people hate vegans
Jordyn R
Jordyn R 29 kun oldin
Not once have I ever seen a tortilla recipe use eggs 😂
RAVEN_SPRING_9000 Oy oldin
Dude that won was a goat 😂
RAVEN_SPRING_9000 Oy oldin
That white haired girl was annoying me asf and I’m just watching a video like that’s talent pissing off people you haven’t even met before 😂
MotherofAll Games
MotherofAll Games Oy oldin
Legend is the originator of the vegan virus has never told a soul, but if she is killed all the other vegans will revert to normal.
Zachery Macormac
Zachery Macormac Oy oldin
Reminds me of the vegan police from Scott Pilgrim
allyson loupe
allyson loupe Oy oldin
I’m surprised they didn’t vote the girl in green off just because she was to annoying
leenie espi
leenie espi Oy oldin
I would have voted the girl out 1st b/c she's annoying
Krig Raseri
Krig Raseri Oy oldin
Holy shit they are insufferable.
magicfireflame Oy oldin
Honey may not be considered "vegan" by most, but beekeeping and honey collection has done so much to actually save the bee population, while the harvesting of a vegan fave alternative, agave nectar, has devastated bat populations.
Jean Marie
Jean Marie Oy oldin
That blonde chick is mad annoying
Abgail Naomi
Abgail Naomi Oy oldin
Sour patch kids are vegan
sophia foshee
sophia foshee Oy oldin
Plot twist the lunatic w the pixie cut ate a steak RAW before walking on stage lmao Nah my vote is the guy in the suit.
sophia foshee
sophia foshee Oy oldin
STFU I WAS RIGHT! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I’m the biggest hunter on the PLANET too Pahahahahaha
FullMetal520 Oy oldin
Sour patch kids are vegan! I look it up!
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