Ultimate Karen Fights Everyone At Birthday Party Three Times

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React Couch watching TLC Birthday Party Turns Into A Massive Fight! | Gypsy Sisters where mom acts like the ultimate karen and fights everyone at a birthday party and comes back 3 times for more!
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Nettie and her daughter Dallas get in a massive argument at 14 year old Sissy's birthday party. They end up screaming at each other and fighting out on the street.
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CinnamonToastKen 2 oy oldin
Check out @manscaped for 20% OFF + Free Shipping with code CTK at Manscaped.com! bit.ly/36lNdzv
shauna silver
shauna silver Oy oldin
you guys have to react to the Gypsy sisters episode where Betty and Kayla get in a fist fight lol if you know..you know :P
ʚPinkஐSugarɞ 2 oy oldin
Just Jade
Just Jade 2 oy oldin
This family is on Gypsy Sisters you’ve got to watch it 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jimmy's game play's and review's
Jimmy's game play's and review's 2 oy oldin
The mom yelling sounds like William burkin from re2
J-Me*Tallulah 2 oy oldin
Also keep watching all the girls get got in the big white truck they are all about half a block away from each other and omg they are always petty but they have a 8th grade education maybe....? I just don’t get it how they could keep the kiosk guy who talks to you even after you walked by 1 time and his cousin who’s always got a flat hot hair straighteners in both hands then they literally will-it some kind of Dark baggy eye Sample cream in your hand every time and I have definitely absolutely made our group say no thank you guys! In unison but then they get ya,especially when you are alone!!!
SamHG 2 kun oldin
I just can't concentrate in this video, every time ken's full shirt appears, all I can think of is sadness
Latasha Willis
Latasha Willis 11 kun oldin
The guy with the pink shirt looks lime Mike ( The Situation) on Jersey Shore...lol
Malin Johansson
Malin Johansson 11 kun oldin
Stone cold is mellies sister so she wants to claw her own sisters eyes out. Also Funny the derp is so not okay in other social groups but they dont Care about stuff like that 😂
Pedro Martell
Pedro Martell 11 kun oldin
Nokie and pookie lmao
JustapassingTHOT: formerlyknownasTheAFKAAAF
JustapassingTHOT: formerlyknownasTheAFKAAAF 12 kun oldin
"I feel like clawin' your eyes out" kawaiinyannhands that's how you know she means it.
Cassie Jayy
Cassie Jayy 12 kun oldin
What was that weird tongue flick? Was that the meth?
Jimmy's game play's and review's
Jimmy's game play's and review's 12 kun oldin
My friends Jewish mom acts like this when shes mad
Julia Rickett
Julia Rickett 13 kun oldin
Bling? That’s not bling, that’s tacky
Olle Löfvendahl
Olle Löfvendahl 14 kun oldin
My brother to the right be loooking like Anis don demina.
Nwhatnot 14 kun oldin
“I thought she grabbed somebody too but I guess they disappeared.” 😂😂😂
Alter Ego
Alter Ego 15 kun oldin
“What am I doing that’s so UNMATURE!”
alprazolam1mgs 15 kun oldin
You know you've got a classy girl when they ha e tattoo wings on their back
Amanda Kay
Amanda Kay 16 kun oldin
Just a huge burp lol
lord simpus
lord simpus 18 kun oldin
i love how she says UNmature
Charlotte Leyland
Charlotte Leyland 22 kun oldin
Is no one going to talk about the fact that Ken’s top had a traumatizing anime moment as a cute dragon ball reference? I have never wanted to coo and cry at the same time...
Cece Rose
Cece Rose 23 kun oldin
In Tagalog pooky means vagina. I'm serious. Look it up.
Discxnnect 1226
Discxnnect 1226 24 kun oldin
11:18 "Imagine having a mom like this" 👀
Davis Family
Davis Family 24 kun oldin
Just listening to you two crack up is making me laugh 😂😂😂
L M 24 kun oldin
You guys should've done the video where they actually went and fought nettie and Kayla they got down. For a second even the children was trying to fist fight all because one child called another some thing on social media.
Lelynn Miller
Lelynn Miller 26 kun oldin
friend tells her; "go tell your Mother that u luv her." Mom comes in; [EXPLODES on EVERYBODY] friend, left feelin like; .....🤫 .... never mind..... 😳
Namerson Uncle
Namerson Uncle 27 kun oldin
Nag ah nag nag nag nag nag nag nag nag Nag ah nag nag nag nag nag nag nag nag B*****tch, b*tch, B*****tch, b*tch
Dei 27 kun oldin
mom just has to have the last word and somehow hears somone talking about her telepathically
Dei 27 kun oldin
that mom will find fault in a thank you
Random Tired guy
Random Tired guy 28 kun oldin
1:07 the guy on the right looks like Frank from house party
Trevor Hensley
Trevor Hensley 23 kun oldin
How's it goin', dood?
Barbara Lonero
Barbara Lonero 28 kun oldin
Why is it when these people get together and party they're all miserable and all they want to do is fight some party I think I'd stay home
Barbara Lonero
Barbara Lonero 28 kun oldin
If I had a family like this or relatives like this I would definitely run away from home
nikki willis
nikki willis 29 kun oldin
...where the hell are literally all the fathers...
Lynne Allan
Lynne Allan Oy oldin
buffton is adorable!
Dark Wolf
Dark Wolf Oy oldin
Ken and buff are so funny.
RavensRayne78 Oy oldin
have you done reaction to the gypsies wedding brawl?
S Batts
S Batts Oy oldin
Man, that girl can't get away from her mom for 2 seconds to talk shit. She thinks she's in the clear & starts running her mouth again then *Out pops momma from the shadows* "NOOOOOOO!!" 🤣 I picture them running further and further, they hop in car thinking they're in the clear then *BAM! Momma pops out the back seat* "WTF DID YOU SAY!?" 😆 I cant.
TheRiddleGamer Oy oldin
Wait that looks like my street in small City
Eric Celestino
Eric Celestino Oy oldin
Mom's like the T-800 and Voldemort had a baby
Velveteen Bunny
Velveteen Bunny Oy oldin
They done bought out the Dollar Jewelry store! Lol
Moesaurus Oy oldin
I love this series but could you consider bringing the audio levels closer? The tv clips are always much lower than you guys, so whenever you laugh or talk louder it hurts a little
Nadia Coffey
Nadia Coffey Oy oldin
This is what happens when you marry your cousin.
Mason Fuck cancer
Mason Fuck cancer Oy oldin
im sixteen and the only thing thats on my mind is the new mario 3d all stars
Lauren Clayton
Lauren Clayton Oy oldin
Girl from comments : "corona got me watching all soarts " Ken :laughs Buff : ..... loading laugh *robot noise *
Julie Aucoon
Julie Aucoon Oy oldin
What you mean is they all act the same. Ridiculous.
rainbow écrevisse
rainbow écrevisse Oy oldin
Gypsy brides is definitely the best of react couc
ErabearM2 Oy oldin
And that's why I stopped going to bars
Lady B
Lady B Oy oldin
How embarrassing for their community. They are all immature
Nigel Woodley
Nigel Woodley Oy oldin
Looks like spoons for earnings on Moms with all that bling, duel purpose jewellery lol
Diane Curry
Diane Curry Oy oldin
Why do u call it karen freak outs? U 2 would shut up that's all it is u 2 acting worse than any karen. All u can hear or see is u laughing and acting stupid. Not worth watching
K V Oy oldin
Lele Pons origin story
Kdog Oy oldin
All that bling reminds me of Mr T from the ATeam
Michael Castillo
Michael Castillo Oy oldin
What a shitshow.
Tontonsan Oy oldin
Ken, I never thought a T-shirt could make me sad, until I saw yours in this T_T
margaret hurrell
margaret hurrell Oy oldin
These women are takie as hell. Hilarious 🤣 hate the over sized clunky necklaces. To each there own l guess.
Slippery Sloth
Slippery Sloth Oy oldin
Ken said like the glass break in wrestler music lol you mean stone cold Steve Austin
Ghost uwu
Ghost uwu Oy oldin
I feel these aren't Karen's just awful parents and well we have them here they are called travellers they usely have awful behaviour
Trolli Girl
Trolli Girl Oy oldin
Michelle H
Michelle H Oy oldin
OMG!!! Y'all have me on the floor. Thank goodness you guys are doing a video because if you guys were there, we definitely would have seen a 20 person fight in the parking lot. Your snaps are contagious and they are going to get people MAD!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!
Tiff Roybal
Tiff Roybal Oy oldin
Gypsy Drama at it’s best.
sophia hill
sophia hill Oy oldin
Whenever Ken wheres that shirt I get Vietnam-like flashbacks... honestly traumatised.
John Egan
John Egan Oy oldin
If that mother is married! I feel sorry for the husband
Andrew Griffith
Andrew Griffith Oy oldin
Nucky? Nucky Thompson?!
Heck Boy
Heck Boy Oy oldin
So is Gypsy a racial slur now?
MasoniCBooM Oy oldin
That fusion shirt is not funny, I want it.
Lisa D
Lisa D Oy oldin
Yes they are all related watch gypsy sisters you will understand lol 😆 all these women are in it and I think this is from gypsy sisters
Jeremy Walsh
Jeremy Walsh Oy oldin
so mature .... reeeee reeeeeee reeeeeeee
Lordsiggeee Oy oldin
This is the show Gypsy Sisters. it has 3 seasons I think. I love this trash tv haha
Laura Oy oldin
I’ve been on a meme couch binge but now I have to stop because my ribs hurt from laughing too much 😭😂
Vincent DiPietro
Vincent DiPietro Oy oldin
Hunchback makes gypsies look so much more lit
Samantha Godard
Samantha Godard Oy oldin
I thought it was Christmas time already cause all I can hear is jingle bells when they make any movement of any kind.
J- Paul
J- Paul Oy oldin
"Who smashed the cake up like that?" This shit got me dying
Nurse_Izzy_Gonzales1989 Oy oldin
The only thing that’s mature with these ladies are there face
Chanel Cupcake
Chanel Cupcake Oy oldin
They all look alike because they're always on these shows
Lady Sarcasm
Lady Sarcasm Oy oldin
So this is what life would be if Lisa from 90days was slimmer 😂 Same person, different size
mad honeybee
mad honeybee Oy oldin
This was just a kids birthday party, so it was mostly verbal, they save the real knocked down & drug out fist to cuffs fights for the Weddings!!! IMHO
mad honeybee
mad honeybee Oy oldin
Married at 16? Wow! Finally, almost an old maid!!!
Joe Parson
Joe Parson Oy oldin
That show should be called alcohol and attitudes. 😎
Scott Stivers
Scott Stivers Oy oldin
she had a big heart on
dark5iveninja Oy oldin
Just so you know the g-word is a slur used against Romanians and you should avoid using it in the future
Lumorniel Sycamore
Lumorniel Sycamore Oy oldin
So I was gaming while listening to this and I didn't exactly pay much attention to what it was about. It sounded to me like they were watching something about entitled children fighting... and then I switched tabs and looked at the video and I was so surprised to see they were all over the age of 10 ...
Dion McElvain
Dion McElvain Oy oldin
I think i could enjoy your reaction videos if it wasn't Jersey Shore, Gypsy girls or whatever this is. This is first time I've seen any of your videos. Can't do this one, will check and see what else you got though. "Actually nobody fighting anybody though...) because its a reality show which actually translates to staged/not real
Susan Robin
Susan Robin Oy oldin
The men in white coats need to bring a straight jacket and take "mom" away!!
Susan Robin
Susan Robin Oy oldin
Living with Nokie for 4 mos
Susan Robin
Susan Robin Oy oldin
Pookie I think....
Joyce Yuroshek
Joyce Yuroshek Oy oldin
Sick people
Mii Kay
Mii Kay Oy oldin
This stuff seems less staged than the other shows. It's more fun to wawtch when you're not 100% yure that it's fake, because then you can shake your head over the problems some people make for themselves
Sam Mcturk
Sam Mcturk Oy oldin
Real men where pink cat ear's! Love you guys.
stephanie duncan
stephanie duncan Oy oldin
I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard in a video before’ 💠🤣
SugarBug Oy oldin
the groom looking like some knock off Magic Mike XD
crystle bullard
crystle bullard Oy oldin
It is the same girl an this is a clip from gypsy sisters
KD BEE Oy oldin
You gotta love Nettie
Barbara Lonero
Barbara Lonero Oy oldin
They're all related they're all gypsies they're all related they're all gypsies yes that is the girl in fights with everybody in every other episode thats that blonde girl sister
Debbie Oakes
Debbie Oakes Oy oldin
There all family. They like to fight. That's about 6 years old.
Maple's World
Maple's World Oy oldin
I bet no one is naming their daughter Karen anymore
Is Ken's shirt what I think it is
Mark Vance
Mark Vance Oy oldin
Total combined IQ of the room-12.
Lauren McIntire
Lauren McIntire Oy oldin
Ken reminds me of Tyler from dude perfect. I like that! 👍
Barney Ray
Barney Ray Oy oldin
Married at 16, that marriage is going to last!!!
Barney Ray
Barney Ray Oy oldin
These bitches are the definition of trash!!!
Furby Princess
Furby Princess Oy oldin
Thank you for calling a long haired skinny woman a freakin Karen
ZombieGoddessxi Oy oldin
That woman reminds me of my mom...
Cathy Harvey
Cathy Harvey 2 oy oldin
This what happens when mom drinks when she's pregnant
Mike Walsh
Mike Walsh 2 oy oldin
Way, way to much talking by the unfunny hosts
werdle92 2 oy oldin
the producers for these shows are really terrible people.
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