Toxic Guys Hate Girl Gamers

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Watching What Would You Do where gamer girl gets harasser by two toxic teen nerds. They think boys are better than girls and all that stuff. Boys vs girls They almost get jumped in the store as well.
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CinnamonToastKen Oy oldin
Its my all my videos with ads on!
Griselda Puppy
Griselda Puppy 17 kun oldin
Happy birthday! I've been watching all of your videos, love em & thank u & Buff for making em! But sorry it's a no-can-do on the watching with ads 🤷🏼‍♀
karla Knapper
karla Knapper 23 kun oldin
I did for real, you're welcome 😊
ColinnF 24 kun oldin
HAPPY BIRTHDAYY KENNN!!! We love youuuu 🥰🥰
Kalli Thomas
Kalli Thomas 25 kun oldin
Happy birthday! 🎂 nice ending pic btw 😊👌
itsmoonpiee 26 kun oldin
Happy belated birthday
kayreb 2 kun oldin
the dumb thing is... as ridiculous as this scenario seems, this stuff still happens to most female gamers. Happens to me often enough and i’ve been told i’m the reason my team is losing in a game (when three of my teammates spent the whole game yelling sexual nastiness in my ears). This stuff seems so ridiculous yet it actually happens a lot still... it’s so stupid, like i just wanna enjoy my free time like anyone else and that’s not okay? okay then
Madison Holman
Madison Holman 4 kun oldin
Being a a gamer girl still has downsides. Playing Warzone I can't count how many times I've been told that I was gonna get raped or I should go make a sandwich etc. There's so much more. But oh well🤷
taylor milano
taylor milano 4 kun oldin
When he said “it’s so gross” i was so happy. This gives me hope that not every guy is a piece of shit
Anna lopez
Anna lopez 5 kun oldin
We still have a games Xchange here where I live 🤣☠️
GENERAAL eliot 8 kun oldin
Way would I care
Jessi B.
Jessi B. 9 kun oldin
I used to work at GameStop in the early 2000s. Most of my interactions were either getting hit on or being asked to get a male associate. It was awful.
Vickie Stephens
Vickie Stephens 9 kun oldin
Buffpro....u stooopid. She come in fingers snapping. 😃😂🤣😁
ThePilgrim 18
ThePilgrim 18 11 kun oldin
Pokimane white knights be executing these dudes
Racheal Bennett
Racheal Bennett 12 kun oldin
As a female gamer since the 90s, tell em Ken! The games industry, run by men, made games their friends wanted to play and their assumption that boys wanted to play games and girls didn’t was self fulfilling for a long time.
here we go now
here we go now 12 kun oldin
The OG gamer girl is Gaz from invader zim. Change my mind
Jessica -aka JessaNae
Jessica -aka JessaNae 12 kun oldin
*hmmm... Id liked to get ahold of this kid... or I guess an actual kid that thinks girl gamers suck... I'm an old head and a gamer.... I will smash you bro!!! I'll show that kid how to be a sweat!! LMBO!!*
Litchy 12 kun oldin
games made for girls are stuff like barbie games etc, they do make better games aimed at women, Pacman for example, it was specifically made to cater to girls interest in eating, no clue where the guy who made it got the idea, eating is a female thing, but that's why he made the game anyway. just saying developers did try include women from the start, guys just gravitated to them more thus are catered to more now.
Raven Peter
Raven Peter 13 kun oldin
When you said "kids are going to town" my dirty minded thought of something else
Potty Mouthed Planter
Potty Mouthed Planter 13 kun oldin
Fuckin damn it I gotta work in the’t stop binge watching this gold
Ruby M
Ruby M 13 kun oldin
the first guy taught at my high school lmao
Pedro Martell
Pedro Martell 13 kun oldin
Real gamers don’t give a shit if ur girl or boy as long as u can play the game lmao
DragonBat362 14 kun oldin
(4:08): Luigi has been summoned.
Preston McCartney
Preston McCartney 14 kun oldin
Equal rights equal fights😂
AA 111
AA 111 14 kun oldin
there is gamer girls but they are mostly play only multiplayer games or cute and girly games even there setup are mostly pink soooo...
Kira Yuki
Kira Yuki 14 kun oldin
Yes because a women has never been in a war
Witty 401 Son
Witty 401 Son 16 kun oldin
I feel like they’ve reacted to this🤔
DraKai The Lost Dragon
DraKai The Lost Dragon 17 kun oldin
*sigh*Those ppl that defended the girl didnt do it for the girl but themselves if they wanted to help that girl then they would let her fend for herself and intervene only when the boys use violence, what a self absorbed sense of righteousness ppl have That art definitely convinced me to join reddit(soon I hope)
Dave! Yognau(gh)t
Dave! Yognau(gh)t 17 kun oldin
Hahaha. I like the fact that Ken decided not to do any follow up to the dig on Pewds. He was about to, but he stuck to it XD
Littil Avindar
Littil Avindar 17 kun oldin
Lay the smackdown!
Simp Squad
Simp Squad 17 kun oldin
11:32 lol
Simp Squad
Simp Squad 17 kun oldin
8:28 when i try to be nice to a girl and compliment her lol
Carolyn 17 kun oldin
Ah, fond memories of XBox Live's first 5 years...
Cody Hunt
Cody Hunt 17 kun oldin
Some of the best video games of the modern day have female protagonists. I think you maybe out of the gaming loop brotha. The Last Of Us 1 and 2. Beyond: Two Souls. Detroit: Become Human, Hellblade 1 and 2 looks better than 1. Buying the new Xbox for just that exclusive. Life is Strange 1 and 2 and of course the obvious tomb raider saga.
Julia Rickett
Julia Rickett 18 kun oldin
What? They afraid she better than they are? Snap 😎
Fishy Sycamore
Fishy Sycamore 19 kun oldin
I swear, y'all need to react to Chris Hansen's "To Catch a Predator" series
Adrianna Shaw
Adrianna Shaw 19 kun oldin
I’d slap the mcshit outta em
nemesisnick66 19 kun oldin
girls suck at most games cause they didnt evolve the twitchy hunter esc instincts that most competitive games need sigh if only someone would actually do the research into what makes us all different instead obsessing over the idea that were all equal
Joe Knoedler
Joe Knoedler 19 kun oldin
Anyone who stepped in is clearly a SIMP Everyone knows that girls can’t play games. Unless they have cleavage
SkaPanda420 19 kun oldin
Just because you mentioned neckbeards. I'm turning off all ads.
Jack Baker
Jack Baker 19 kun oldin
simps are probably a big reason as to why most girls don't play with us dudes. also cuz of pretentious assholes like the ones in the video that say girls aren't meant to play such games.
Cassandra Hepp
Cassandra Hepp 20 kun oldin
I grew up playing videogames with my dad. I'm 30 and still enjoy it.
Sierra Alexander
Sierra Alexander 20 kun oldin
Lol I heard the STOMP
Elly Sellers
Elly Sellers 21 kun oldin
The sad thing is that as a “gamer girl” I have faced crap like this all the time. It really does suck, and now I primarily play RPGs to avoid dealing with people online.
The Elf-ish Lass
The Elf-ish Lass 21 kun oldin
Legit thought Lady Ken's butt in the fanart was a gaming chair 😅
Queso Dilla
Queso Dilla 21 kun oldin
Why do they have to be such bad actors? Lol
QueenTargaryen9 21 kun oldin
so, I already love WWYD Im so stoked for this vid
420 Jesus
420 Jesus 21 kun oldin
Girls r not allowed to pley game
Devon Wirth
Devon Wirth 21 kun oldin
Bruh this video is old, did you see that batman arkham asylum cardboard cutout in that background??? Lol
Apple pie
Apple pie 21 kun oldin
Me and my boyfriend play videogames. Whenever I go to his place he lets me play monster hunter world and ark and he helps me and gives me pointers and ideas when I get lost and confused. ❤️
Pan-Buddhist Chick
Pan-Buddhist Chick 21 kun oldin
Ken out here tryin' to thirst trap us in the first 30 secs 💦💥💣
ginger ryals
ginger ryals 22 kun oldin
When Ken says "who watches this show?" And you feel personally attacked. 😭😂
Diane K
Diane K 22 kun oldin
Hey guys its my birthday today !! Hope you had a great birthday too !! Great and very funny video !! Thanks for sharing !! Love you guys !! 💞✌😉😎😷
Red Phoenix Gaming
Red Phoenix Gaming 22 kun oldin
Man this video was so cringe. lol. loved your guy's reactions but man! as a female in the gaming industry (gamer as well as in school for game design) it is always so awful when other girls get harassed online. i used to stream as well and play competitive overwatch but ended up stopping because of harassment (and after overwatch killed my main lol). but it just makes making friends in the gaming community so difficult because typically all dudes are the same and act the same when they meet a girl online. I once had a random person find my facebook and comment on my appearance in a large voice chat making explicit sexual comments to me and it's disgusting! like c'mon, grow up people lol. i'm just glad that now-a-days, girls take a larger presence in the gaming community.
Dizzy D
Dizzy D 22 kun oldin
In 2004 I worked at GameCrazy and I actually saw and had to listen to this kind of shit almost daily. I was told at least a few times a week by male customers my own age or older, that the only reason I had a job there was because I was blowing my boss or because I had tits. I Know this kind of stupid bullshit probably happens less today because at some point the "gamer girl" became a coveted thing on the internet. But also, why? First it was "girls don't play" then it was "girls only play to get attention from guys." and now it's almost a fetish. idk who needs to do better here but I hate it all. Women who game shouldn't be shamed or fetishized. We're literally just female identifying people who play video games. What does someone's gender identity have to do with playing a game? and furthermore, what does the junk you possess have to do with anything?
Eric Crespo
Eric Crespo 22 kun oldin
MTV's punk'd
Matatabi 23 kun oldin
“When the players unite as one- we are all, winners.” “It says “game over” how are we winning?” Lmfaooooo 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Brutal Beauty and the Birds
Brutal Beauty and the Birds 23 kun oldin
started out on a atrai ..not saying how many years later- cough im old cough- now a pc gamer, and yeah i can count on 1 hand how many times me being a girl has mattered to anyone. its fine, we are fine. The real issue iv come across is men trying to over explain something/how to do something. lol
karla Knapper
karla Knapper 23 kun oldin
Lol it's sad but I'm better than my boyfriend at a lot of games...
Tyzone 22 kun oldin
RIP boyfriend...
Alyssa Wilson
Alyssa Wilson 23 kun oldin
I love this show!
Kaytlin N
Kaytlin N 23 kun oldin
That man looked like he was bout to say “boiiii better get yo pickle chin head, collard green lookin a** out here boi”
Dawn E. Shelley
Dawn E. Shelley 24 kun oldin
the "acting" is beyond cringey
꧁༒Wolfy Cs༒꧂
꧁༒Wolfy Cs༒꧂ 24 kun oldin
I appreciate my brothers even more now, they always gave me games and encouraged me if I wanted to play something, my brothers built a pc when I was a Kid specially so I could play games and to Lan with them, It was the first PC I ever got, I'm a Gamer Girl and proud of it, been gaming for almost 21 years now
Beth A.
Beth A. 24 kun oldin
I remember playing Sonic & Mortal Combat on Sega 🤣 & Spyro & Tom Clancy games on PS1.
Manou Ann Scholten
Manou Ann Scholten 24 kun oldin
Once My Team mates called me dishwasher through out the whole match😅
Heather Guido
Heather Guido 24 kun oldin
The accuracy that girl gamers woulda probably slapped them boys asap.
Tyzone 22 kun oldin
NCW Studio
NCW Studio 24 kun oldin
Am I the only one that wants to know where Ken's mug is from? 👀
Craig Dammeyer
Craig Dammeyer 25 kun oldin
When Dane brought up world star I was rolling on the floor laughing
Anastasia Robertson
Anastasia Robertson 25 kun oldin
We love you Buff!
Country Thanos
Country Thanos 25 kun oldin
I hope some of the comments understand the guys were faking they're actors lmao
Glorious Sphinx
Glorious Sphinx 25 kun oldin
Do you call gay people that play video games gaymers
Tyzone 22 kun oldin
Catch this like real quick.
Kennedy B-Supreme
Kennedy B-Supreme 25 kun oldin
I would said well purple is a “girl color” but your buddy is wearing it like the pride flag
Kalli Thomas
Kalli Thomas 25 kun oldin
(Dude in the back) it's about. To go. Down! 😁
Kalli Thomas
Kalli Thomas 25 kun oldin
Hiii therree 😅😅
Mandalorian Inst1nction
Mandalorian Inst1nction 25 kun oldin
The Wolf Den
The Wolf Den 25 kun oldin
The Wolf Den
The Wolf Den 25 kun oldin
The Wolf Den
The Wolf Den 25 kun oldin
yyyeeaaa dudebruh...liiiiike ....what was i sayin again???
Jay Pazole
Jay Pazole 25 kun oldin
It's game over!
Discxnnect 1226
Discxnnect 1226 25 kun oldin
The reason they marketed towards boys is because it was more profitable at the time to pick one or the other for kids than leaving the demographic and advertisement neutral.
Beeritt S
Beeritt S 25 kun oldin
One thing that makes me cringe but I also like in games is how they over Sexualize women in games, like they always have to have these perfect bodies with overly sized tits and super skinny waste sizes... and it’s cool and all, but then it just sets this overly unrealistic tone for women to look a certain way! Lol like shit I’m pretty, but not like these fake women in these games lol
Tyzone 22 kun oldin
They also make the men super muscular mega badasses with massive pps who save the day. I mean, we could play as redditors if you want XD.
Andrew Del Pozzi
Andrew Del Pozzi 25 kun oldin
I would love to see an assassin's creed about ezio's sister or a girl in general
Haylee Bragg
Haylee Bragg 25 kun oldin
My husband and I mostly dated by playing computer games, lol.
Josh King
Josh King 25 kun oldin
The girls in the second clip are bitches but the dudes are assholes
kaikun6 26 kun oldin
There's a Game Exchange about 30 mins away from me :L That place is rly cool!
bees 26 kun oldin
we should just say "guys cant cook" "you suck at cooking cus ur a boy"
Tyzone 22 kun oldin
*Gordon ramsay has entered the chat*
Mimi GoesHard
Mimi GoesHard 26 kun oldin
My friend is a gamer girl and she would of either wailed on them or challenged them and whooped them in the game lol
Paola Carmenate
Paola Carmenate 26 kun oldin
As a lady gamer, my most satisfying moment is hearing or reading how much a guy is mad asf for losing and then i magically go on the mic and I’m like, in my lady voice “ I’m a girl too” and they’re like *implodes*. Lmao
Kate D
Kate D 26 kun oldin
Video games are for GUYS because 1980's advertisers, who had to randomly pick which gendered toy aisle video games would go in, SAID SO!
James T
James T 26 kun oldin
Hell I wish my gf would play more when I get on the console. It would be nice to have someone to play with and help me dominate
Taylor P
Taylor P 26 kun oldin
This should have been “WWYD: Find the Simp”
TableFlippersInc 26 kun oldin
@3:41 ken transforms into a young santa claus.
Sassy Devil
Sassy Devil 26 kun oldin
That photo at the end... I don't know if it's sexy or creepy. I mean, you're gorgeous, Ken (and Buff), but you really caught me off guard there!
itsmoonpiee 26 kun oldin
Man, I've been having a really hard the the past few months with medical issues. It's been rough. But recently I found your react series and it may sound dumb but this type of content you guys create makes me laugh and smile so much. So thanks for putting up these entertaining gems and brightening my day. It's helping me keep my mind off of things. Lol this sounds so cheesy but it's true.
Jackalope 26 kun oldin
As much as I like this show, the acting is pretty awful.
The Menagerie K
The Menagerie K 26 kun oldin
My brother says I can't make a sandwich because he's an asshole, not because I'm a girl. This is regular sibling shit.
Charlie Apples
Charlie Apples 26 kun oldin
I literally learned how to talk like a boy so I wouldn’t get kicked from matchmaking on Xbox Live.
Billy Gordon
Billy Gordon 26 kun oldin
is this a re-upload?
deaditequeen 26 kun oldin
I’ve been gaming since Atari had faux wood panels and a single red button. Only in the last 10-15yes have I seen any measurable amount of attitude change and it’s still got a long way to go
Mark Leeper
Mark Leeper 26 kun oldin
Where WAS this store? South Philly? I’m getting a real philly vibe
Paradox Free
Paradox Free 26 kun oldin
*Female protagonist hurts game sales- Laughs in Tomb Raider
jessejames1999 26 kun oldin
Oh interesting, the profit motive is at it again.
Sara Robinson
Sara Robinson 26 kun oldin
Tyzone 22 kun oldin
GaminSlime 26 kun oldin
Why did I think this whole entire time, the recording place was in an entirely different building... then I heard Ken say “kids upstairs”
Wolffrenzy 26 kun oldin
As a gamer girl Ik everyone can play games, it’s quite literally for everyone. What, do you see female singers going around saying: “Guys can’t sing because they aren’t BoRn with the right vocal chords,” or “It’s only for people with feminine voices.”
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