This Woman Can't Stop Eating Her Walls

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This woman is literally eating herself out of house and home. She just can't stop eating her own house! Drywall and chalk cant be that good.
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Woman Eats 100 Square Meters Of Dry Wall In 7 Years | My Strange Addiction
Nicole is addicted to eating dry wall. She started when her mother passed away, and since then she has already eaten more than 93 square meters of dry wall.
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CinnamonToastKen Oy oldin
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litamar 21 kun oldin
Bumpkinlord Oy oldin
Just imagine she gets pull over by the police and they think it’s sweet coke
Potato Girl
Potato Girl Oy oldin
I don't know how I missed it the first time but that shining reference. "Here's *Mommy!!!* "💥🤣😘👌
Galaxy Oy oldin
You know what you need man? Is a Dr. Phil fathead up on the wall my guy.
wafae senhaj
wafae senhaj Oy oldin
Love your reacting videos you guys are so funny 💙
Julia Kazmierski
Julia Kazmierski 2 kun oldin
Her mouth is probably as dry as drywall.. ugh that's the worst
Julia Kazmierski
Julia Kazmierski 2 kun oldin
Wow the human body is resilient
DaKu wolfie
DaKu wolfie 3 kun oldin
A meter is 3 feet you guys lmfao u didn’t learn this in 6th grade?? I did
x0xAqueousx0x 5 kun oldin
Watching her chew drywall is putting my anxiety level at a hard 9 🙃
galaxy drifter
galaxy drifter 7 kun oldin
The reason we doctors have the same ugly hair cut is because we devote our lives to stupid people lol... Seriously, we don't care what our looks like. You guys are funny
galaxy drifter
galaxy drifter 7 kun oldin
I get trump hates this woman lololol
Robinz 7 kun oldin
Self-renovation? nah i was just getting some midnight snacks
Dixie_ River
Dixie_ River 8 kun oldin
All I can think about during this is her busting through a wall, yelling "OH YA!!" 😂
Seance 11 kun oldin
Are we not going to ask how she started eating the CHALK
Jon Vecellio
Jon Vecellio 13 kun oldin
So...if the drywall has black mold on it, is that like a condiment for her?? Like mushrooms on a pizza??
Meg Daun
Meg Daun 11 kun oldin
I gagged at that thought haha
Rhianon Radtkey
Rhianon Radtkey 13 kun oldin
So...does it come with a side of paint chips?
wiksten93 21 kun oldin
"Mom why is there a hole in the wall?" "We.... got bugs?..." "Oh no how do we get rid of them!?" "..... We don't"
Coltrain 47
Coltrain 47 23 kun oldin
This lady literally found every reason in the book to block the fact that drywall wasn’t the cause of stomach pains
evil joe
evil joe 24 kun oldin
Drywall is just spicy chalk
karanterus 26 kun oldin
Weird thing's I've eaten both by accident and on purpose Sand (Accident) chalk (Purpose and only 1 time I was curious what it tasted like cos I like the smell of chalk) dirt (Accident) brick (I once dug a hole in my brick wall by accident and ate the dust cos I was curious I'll never do it again XD)
Jade Haa
Jade Haa 26 kun oldin
LMAO I was hoping the uncle was gonna take a piece and tell her it's too and take a bite 🤭😂😂😂
Cynthia Perez
Cynthia Perez 26 kun oldin
🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 I cant with you guys lmfaoooo.... 💨💨💨💨
Geoffrey Jeffers
Geoffrey Jeffers 26 kun oldin
im thinking that this kinda thing is a type of delusion
Simp Squad
Simp Squad 29 kun oldin
She should be on a commerical selling drywall lol
Esme P.
Esme P. 29 kun oldin
She's going to eat you out of a house and a home.
Kaisa Sinivaara
Kaisa Sinivaara Oy oldin
She ate the wall between kitchen and living room to make an open concept
Madame Mayhem
Madame Mayhem Oy oldin
Listen, I know Pica is a serious illness. But it just amazes me how dumb the people are to begin with, acting like they don’t know what they’re doing to their bodies. You would think these people would try to get help.
RetroSongHits Oy oldin
She probably has a medical condition known as "pica" where a person craves eating unusual things such as dirt, paper, ice, etc. The reason being that your body is deficient in certain minerals so eating the substances you're eating is fulfilling those mineral deficiencies.
CJBolan Oy oldin
So what would Trump's border wall taste like XD?
Jacob Noethens
Jacob Noethens Oy oldin
What kind of savage eats her house? I buy sheets of drywall and cut off small 1 foot by 1 foot slabs to put in my lunch box. What an animal, eating her walls.
Renee Knocksyouout
Renee Knocksyouout Oy oldin
Someone has pica
alprazolam1mgs Oy oldin
Well at least the doctors will be able to study the all new and improved SUPER CANCER she will get from all the dry wall. My uncle's grandfather died from cancer he got working in a drywall factory. My uncle is in drywall construction keeping the legacy alive lol but he is VERY serious when it comes to wearing masks while cutting drywall because that shit is cancerous as all hell.
DubCatXero Oy oldin
Does anyone know if they’ve done a video about the guy that eats glass?
lincbond442 Oy oldin
So she goes to the Home Depot to buy snacks.
ItzGoose Oy oldin
woke up and some bitch came in while i was asleep and ate part of my wall cant have shit in detroit
Chris Madej
Chris Madej Oy oldin
When she eats the drywall: why is it *spicy*
MCC Graphics
MCC Graphics Oy oldin
Dang she takes it from her friends house wth???!!
MCC Graphics
MCC Graphics Oy oldin
Ok how does this lady poop eating that stuff ewe
MCC Graphics
MCC Graphics Oy oldin
Just one question... WHY!!??
Mark _
Mark _ Oy oldin
Its not poisonous Just get the lady a couple of 4×8s to naw on 😂😂👌
Papa Pillow
Papa Pillow Oy oldin
so wait eating wall is bad for u?!?!?!
mancman 6969
mancman 6969 Oy oldin
How they gunnar prove she stole his wall if she eat the evidence pmsfl
mancman 6969
mancman 6969 Oy oldin
Guy must be eating brick
mancman 6969
mancman 6969 Oy oldin
How many calories in.... dust?
mancman 6969
mancman 6969 Oy oldin
Fave resterant. .. chalky cheese
mancman 6969
mancman 6969 Oy oldin
Fave movie.... wall E
mancman 6969
mancman 6969 Oy oldin
I think she needs serious help... eating walls... stick to sausages you fool
insane jokress
insane jokress Oy oldin
Isn't it that people who lack calcium in their body suddenly begin to eat rocks, chalk and plasterboard?
R4ND0M G4M3R Oy oldin
Wall, wall, wall, what do we have here?
Jerri _Berry
Jerri _Berry Oy oldin
Y'all should watch the woman who is addicted ti eating toilet paper on "My Strange Addictions".
LJ R Oy oldin
So open an account at Home Depot
Primal_Platnum Oy oldin
She is the demolition crew
Griselda Puppy
Griselda Puppy Oy oldin
Buff ur flippin hilarious, I need to share a beer with you
Samantha Lugo
Samantha Lugo Oy oldin
Eating chalk could be a sign of iron deficiency. Not sure what eating drywall could be. Super odd to see!
Mike R
Mike R Oy oldin
gumdum31 Oy oldin
shut up
MarMar Oy oldin
just go to home depot gurl lol
Logan Oy oldin
watch this lady like invent flavored drywall, like cool ranch, nacho cheese.
Logan Oy oldin
imagine walking into Lowes and seeing this woman snackin on a piece of drywall.
Kody S
Kody S Oy oldin
I’ve worked with drywall a shit ton and I can tell you by experience that it tastes like shit, this woman should be corrected by like Gordon Ramsay or some shit
Kesha Rhame
Kesha Rhame Oy oldin
isn't there asbestos in drywall
Onion Rings
Onion Rings Oy oldin
Friend comes over for dinner, you gonna finish that? Finish what, my plates empty. Yea but you didnt touch your wall.
Ron Beck
Ron Beck Oy oldin
Drywall has fiberglass in it.
Payden Oy oldin
Me: You know how sometimes you get a chalky taste in your mouth? Her: You know how sometimes you get a food taste in your mouth?
Imon ————
Imon ———— Oy oldin
Do your speed at 0,25x at 15:18 😂
Ryan Emery
Ryan Emery Oy oldin
Bob the builder must hate her
Elijah Kelly
Elijah Kelly Oy oldin
She is my cousin I was caught off guard when I saw this episode 😂
mainaimable Oy oldin
Probably still a better way to use drywall, than to build houses out of it.
Miss Green in the Pub with a noodle
Miss Green in the Pub with a noodle Oy oldin
Craving chalky substances is usually a sign of having PICA
Zillion3170 Oy oldin
So this lady will literally eat you out of house and home.
Victor G
Victor G Oy oldin
You should watch the episode where the lady eats used diapers, if you haven't yet
Couthfan69 Oy oldin
Shes a termite
Fatima Huseynli
Fatima Huseynli Oy oldin
i feel so uncomfortable watching u guys laugh at everything. - _- trauma can do a lot of harm to ppl's mental health. Of course its bad for them and they still keep doing it, it's because they have a damaged psyche Duh they need a therapist
saminavoycheck Oy oldin
My birthday is on the 21st and I can't wait for him to tell me happy birthday. And then I can tell HIM happy birthday!! 💖💖💖
todd scholefield
todd scholefield Oy oldin
I bet her intestinal track is full of fibreglass now
todd scholefield
todd scholefield Oy oldin
This bitch is fucked up
Nilviani A. Santos
Nilviani A. Santos Oy oldin
At this point buy dry wall lol stop eating ur house
Ophelia Lewis
Ophelia Lewis Oy oldin
I'd be upset if my friend was eating my wall. Like...bring a little lunch bag of your own wall
Joj Cena
Joj Cena Oy oldin
She was that one kid on halloween that would trade all of her candy for sweet tarts.
lion prid
lion prid Oy oldin
Worker be like so how you got hole in the wall. Her I eat it. Worker wtf
bryede Oy oldin
Katie Bryan
Katie Bryan Oy oldin
The broken mirror in the bedroom. O_o
Liam Leggitt
Liam Leggitt Oy oldin
Dont know what dry wall is? It's the stuff your wall is made of! Uh mine and every house in my country is made of bricks because we arent stupid.
Weazla Oy oldin
2 seconds in and I've got allstar stuck in my head 00:02
Queen Hydra
Queen Hydra Oy oldin
She ate the drywall and he ate the brick
The Gamer Lexator
The Gamer Lexator Oy oldin
'for some of you that don't know what dry wall is, its the stuff you build your house walls out of' The rest of the world: we build our homes and walls out of bricks... haha dry walling in south africa is mainly used in office spaces to make office cubicles or separate floor space in an open plan office building. haha
Rose Renee
Rose Renee Oy oldin
She can eat drywall with no issues but if I ate candy I somehow popped a bracket out of place.
Sahacing Oy oldin
so whenever my friend visit i serve certain things that i likes just to be safe (e.g chips, ice cream) etc. i don't know about you, but i imagine whenever her friend visit, she just serve drywalls on a plate her friend : "you wouldn't believe what i saw last.... honey, what is this?" she's be like : *click* "hmm?"
tiff Oy oldin
If she likes chalky taste she can go to walmart and they got some cheap protein powder i swear is only ground up chalk.
Pear D Bear
Pear D Bear Oy oldin
This one is fake they said 100 square metres. That's a square football field but larger. No way she's eating near that unless she steals it from Lowe's. Or buys it but there was no mention of buying or stealing hardware stores. Maybe cuz she has been stealing it and doesn't want to say. A square half foot a day? Nah guuuuurl somthing ain't right.
Jacob Nelson
Jacob Nelson Oy oldin
The green drywall is actually really bad because its mold resistant and meant to go around a bathroom. Toxic stuff
missin2 step
missin2 step Oy oldin
why doesn't she just buy a big sheet of it at home depot? cheaper than destroying everyone's home
Kitty Has Fangs
Kitty Has Fangs Oy oldin
If this chick started eating my walls....we aren’t friends anymore. She can pay me for the repairs too!
AshMeow Oy oldin
Ken I want that shirt! Tell me how please lol
Devi Savage
Devi Savage Oy oldin
Or ya know, eat the chalky candies????
CajunPride Oy oldin
News: "Landlord evicted tenant for eating her walls"
Mercedes Settle
Mercedes Settle Oy oldin
This literally came with an ad for home depot
Elizabeth Lambert
Elizabeth Lambert Oy oldin
Joe Louis fist! That is an icon in Detroit. Joe Louis is a big deal in downtown Detroit.
amari mchenry
amari mchenry Oy oldin
Sense filming ended tho so from the doctor office till the end of the video 😂😂
amari mchenry
amari mchenry Oy oldin
So do her shit be chalk sticks 😂😂
Krystal Khan
Krystal Khan Oy oldin
Sometimes I forget that Ken and buff are white
Rose Wang
Rose Wang Oy oldin
No wonder she’s single
Connor Ellis
Connor Ellis Oy oldin
She needs Lays dry wall flavor.
Krystal Khan
Krystal Khan Oy oldin
😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂 nice
Jade Doucette
Jade Doucette Oy oldin
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