This Girl Will Do Anything For Attention!

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She loves attention and will do anything for it. Fake tan, hair, nails, life, and more. Fake it till you make it.
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React Couch watching The Princess Of Plastic Who Loves The Essex Style | Snog, Marry, Avoid?
Sophie needs two sets of hair extensions and a form bum implant to get ready for her day and night look!
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CinnamonToastKen 2 oy oldin
Like the video if you'd snog Buff.
Casper Ghost
Casper Ghost Oy oldin
I think OTT = Over The Top
Rowan Brown
Rowan Brown Oy oldin
Benjamin Roberts
Benjamin Roberts Oy oldin
Who's buff
Homosexual Samaritan
Homosexual Samaritan Oy oldin
Definitely Snog, 100%, there’s no way I’d pass up that opportunity.
Lindsey Shecut
Lindsey Shecut Oy oldin
OTT- Over the top
mcsmokey phatrip
mcsmokey phatrip 9 soat oldin
9:33 i was legitimately thinking of looking up her name fo later... Am i right ma dudes?
SSN Pixie
SSN Pixie 21 soat oldin
lol three heads from narnia made me laugh so loud, i nearly woke the house up (7.38am) in other news buffpro likes English people ... interesting *waggles eyebrows in British*
Bronzebeard Kun oldin
I thought she said "It's a firm bum" lmfao
Angelina Ramponi
Angelina Ramponi Kun oldin
What did she say? Narnia! I love you buff, you make the show.
Kelly Hudson
Kelly Hudson 3 kun oldin
I'm from texas and I somehow understood her
Larry Smithart
Larry Smithart 6 kun oldin
How Karen's are made
William Propst
William Propst 6 kun oldin
She looks a lot older than 19
Big_Poppa 7 kun oldin
Camera adds 44DD’s to everything.
cowalarmclock 7 kun oldin
She said I like the TOWIE look (The Only Way Is Essex). I forgot how much I enjoyed Snog Marry Avoid. This is a fun series.
Morgana Grave
Morgana Grave 7 kun oldin
Being English I wish you could understand its a lot funnier when you do
Morgana Grave
Morgana Grave 7 kun oldin
OTT means Over The Top
Katie Skellington
Katie Skellington 7 kun oldin
The interviewer should've known better than to ask her something that required an original thought.
Katie Skellington
Katie Skellington 7 kun oldin
The interviewer should've known better than to ask her something that required an original thought.
Erick Villegas
Erick Villegas 9 kun oldin
So she’s a English Gyaru
RexxEsGedden 9 kun oldin
Any other English people happy to be english for once? Does that mean Ken and Buff won't ever know what im saying. Then again, I sometimes find it hard to understand them both o.O
Mad as Max
Mad as Max 9 kun oldin
I dont understand why women who are naturally beautiful, stuff half a ton of makeup on!
Mad as Max
Mad as Max 9 kun oldin
They're lying not lion!
Mad as Max
Mad as Max 9 kun oldin
TOWIE is short for The Only Way Is Essex a shit reality t.v programme!
Mad as Max
Mad as Max 9 kun oldin
She's just a, Geordie Shore wannabe dog!
Big No. 8
Big No. 8 10 kun oldin
She's attractive but... The gear and the face paint ruins her! 😬 Girls are weird asf and "Reem"... Is a word from Essex in the South of England, it means cool, dope, lovely, fashionable etc etc 😂.
ken dalton
ken dalton 10 kun oldin
Hey from Ireland again guys.! I'm gonna tell u what all these terms are.. They are from a dumb UK show called "the only way is Essex" (Towie)... That why she said "she likes that "towie" look.. Its a shit show for mostly young girls that my girl friend was into so I had to sit through quite a few shows 😔haha.. The accents pretty tough even for us guys so I'm surprised yous did as well understanding.. I was laughing along with yous all the way 😂😂👌 take care lads🍻 Maybe yous might like to look into that show! Or an even worst one that be epic to see u comment on is called MTVs "geordie shore" nits a Jersey shore rip off but its more of car crash an way more trashy. Yous will love it.. Please trust me an check it out guys. And it be epic if yous gave Irish Kenny a shout of for leading you to 11 seasons of commentary gold! I shit u not 😉 Ill be waitin by patiently, Coz if u read this an looked it up I reckon u will definitely make a vid about it lol all the best lads! ✌️🍀
Katz 10 kun oldin
This makeover was terrible. They could of toned her down and still gave her color and a youthful look. And her makeup! 🤦🏻 if you go with a natural looking eye, you can still be bold with your lips and still stay classy. They need to fire the stylist.
JessElle 11 kun oldin
See this exactly what us black folks r talking about
Big No. 8
Big No. 8 9 kun oldin
@JessElle Ayte.
JessElle 10 kun oldin
@Big No. 8 half joking
Big No. 8
Big No. 8 10 kun oldin
Where are you from? US?..
melevanpjones 11 kun oldin
OTT: Over The Top 🙃
Minecraft_Pumpkin_Head 12 kun oldin
wow they turned her into a karen
Dante D hunter Sparda
Dante D hunter Sparda 14 kun oldin
This girl is like that one girl that Will was with on the fresh prince of bell air, bout to hand someone all her fake shit and roll out
Kerry Rink
Kerry Rink 17 kun oldin
Is that Gwyneth Paltrow?
Avardenth 17 kun oldin
When every they do British shows they need Mary!
Kevin Blazer
Kevin Blazer 18 kun oldin
They just want they 15 min of fame
Kevin Blazer
Kevin Blazer 18 kun oldin
This girl wilding like the females in America
Pocky Sockies
Pocky Sockies 19 kun oldin
She looks like iCarly when she has no make up on, just me??
Another Emo Artist
Another Emo Artist 19 kun oldin
It’s so sad. She was so confident in her look and then pod just dragged her down.
Dan Paulsen
Dan Paulsen 19 kun oldin
one woman happy with how she looks and her style not pushing anything on anyone else? NOPE some angry women telling her she is allowed to look and what she can do with her body. Yay 2020
Markus Calhoun
Markus Calhoun 20 kun oldin
Someone plz Explain what a OTT is like WTF😂😂😂😂
Rheichelle Antonio
Rheichelle Antonio 20 kun oldin
You guys are so funny😆🤣😂
A.R.G. Productions
A.R.G. Productions 21 kun oldin
She needs to be a bit more OTT? Outto Tune Tyrone? hahaha
Poppy Wright
Poppy Wright 23 kun oldin
Is it just me but I can fully understand the girl but I can never understand the guys who are reacting I’m British btw
Poppy Wright
Poppy Wright 23 kun oldin
OTT=over the top it’s a British thing don’t judge
WolfStigma69 23 kun oldin
ott is definitely “over the top” smh🤣
Brennan Abadie
Brennan Abadie 24 kun oldin
Ott=over the top
Dippy Nikki
Dippy Nikki 24 kun oldin
btw she said "I do like the TOWIE look". TOWIE = The only way is Essex. Thats a TV show in the UK
Jacob Noethens
Jacob Noethens 25 kun oldin
She’s not 19. If she really is she looks like a young looking 30 year old woman.
Vader’s Fist
Vader’s Fist 25 kun oldin
They aren’t lying to you sweetheart lol real men just aren’t attracted to pieces of shit..
RedAPPLEtessa 25 kun oldin
Insert an "Attention" song here __________
Epic Noob
Epic Noob 27 kun oldin
*oH yEaH*
teiyialachey 27 kun oldin
What does snog mean?
DD Dietriech
DD Dietriech 27 kun oldin
She has three skin tones now AND Never got rid of the "Foam Bum." Face is still a RED FLAG. AVOID!
NICKO M 28 kun oldin
mr beast
the saffron show
the saffron show 28 kun oldin
She is sooo pretty ❤️☮️☮️☮️she just needs help with hair Nd makeup ❤️❤️❤️
the saffron show
the saffron show 28 kun oldin
I literally love u two 😂😭😭☮️☮️☮️☮️
Super Dave
Super Dave 29 kun oldin
No guy would kick her out of bed. When she kicks on the afterburner you better watch out!
Wesley Gray
Wesley Gray 29 kun oldin
Does anyone else hear "Unemployed" when they hear someone say they are a model?
MrGundam0083 29 kun oldin
HAAAA BUFF got wicked happy when he heard booty pads lmao
Nic Nonya
Nic Nonya 29 kun oldin
Ken got his low cut shirt on today! damn look at dem breast.
MetahGhost43 29 kun oldin
0:09 a horse sound
Ruben Allan
Ruben Allan 29 kun oldin
Ott=over the top
J M 29 kun oldin
What's her @
Shinobi 28
Shinobi 28 Oy oldin
Less is more The higher, the lower
andres ramirez hernandez
andres ramirez hernandez Oy oldin
How could we forget about the half sister fakery clinton
blueberrybonbon Oy oldin
I love seeing Ken and buff react to true British culture 😂
EclecticBread NCircus
EclecticBread NCircus Oy oldin
I must be getting old. This is the stupidest most obnoxious thing I've gone "AwwwwWWWWWWWW!" at in the same damn place, the norm-reveal. These girls look better without all that crap on. I feel sick how cute she looks compared to before, noSimp.
DJ Regina
DJ Regina Oy oldin
Why did they turn her into a karen
Paranoxx Oy oldin
Discount, 30 year old looking Paris Hilton. I'm sad right now.
Pritz Bee
Pritz Bee Oy oldin
"I think I like the TOWIE look"....TOWIE is short for "The only way is Essex", a show kind of like Jersey Shore full of bimbos and chads....
Roblox_craft guy
Roblox_craft guy Oy oldin
Welp I’m not looking bye I’m clicking off this vid
Kalyn Shafer
Kalyn Shafer Oy oldin
What are these outfits? Pick someone that's not 60 to style these women and a decent make up artist, jeez. I think she just needed toned down, not turned into a 40yr old. Theres nothing wrong with false eyelashes and extensions on a 19 year old just like there isn't on an older woman. I think if they would have let her keep it she would have reacted better.
Caroline Salpeck
Caroline Salpeck Oy oldin
I’m always fascinated with how fixated everyone seems to be on female bodies and what they choose to do with them
Isabella Russo
Isabella Russo Oy oldin
OTT means Over The Top
Nicole J
Nicole J Oy oldin
The friends reactions says it all
H*ck Oy oldin
If she finds joy in dressing that way then like,,,,,, sure whatever but I def feel she like feels pressured to be this way idk
Primal_Platnum Oy oldin
Normal she has karen hair
Sarah Olivo
Sarah Olivo Oy oldin
that show was always so unnecessarily brutal
Maria Vargas
Maria Vargas Oy oldin
Woww ugly clothes! This transformation was bad
Matthew Kadlick
Matthew Kadlick Oy oldin
What a FAKE human being and and she's advertising EVERYTHING no man would ever want. Pathetic.
swingea Oy oldin
As someone who is from essex, i dont see the appeal. What is attractive about the essex chav!? 😂
Paige nicole
Paige nicole Oy oldin
why is it that british people understand everything american people say no matter what their accent is but american’s can’t understand a word we speak? we don’t speak another language, just use your ears 😂🤣
Marissa Leingang
Marissa Leingang Oy oldin
Awwwe today is my birthday I turn 18🥺🥺😊 I forgot you guys did that and it warmed my heart. Thank you
black ops
black ops Oy oldin
This is the most American video I have ever seen.
spaghetti with tomato sauce
spaghetti with tomato sauce Oy oldin
I actually genuinely think she looked better after the "transformation". Like she just got rid of dirt after showering and fresh😂 but yeah it'd be better if they chose a younger style, more colorful clothes.
spaghetti with tomato sauce
spaghetti with tomato sauce Oy oldin
Lol you guys aren't alone, i don't get the british accent either! American english is way more easier and sounds friendlier (I'm not american so this is my unbiased opinion)
emora flaws
emora flaws Oy oldin
2 cute boys on a couch. 😍
Ino ry
Ino ry Oy oldin
many people that are this fake, are basicly really really insecure about themselfs. Kinda sad :D
Crystal Asher
Crystal Asher Oy oldin
Curly blonde hair extensions, light blue skinny jeans, black fitting t shirt an that makeup they gave her
satan Oy oldin
As someone from england i also do not know what they're saying
Imjust Beingmyself
Imjust Beingmyself Oy oldin
This is not the move sis 😭
Taylor Warren
Taylor Warren Oy oldin
Has anyone else noticed that buff’s laugh sometimes sounds like a horse?! 🤣🤣🐴
Alibye Baby
Alibye Baby Oy oldin
I thought she said a form bum. Like it’s forming her bum.
Micah Sedillo
Micah Sedillo Oy oldin
Its just sad how low her self esteem is.
Simeon Tsanev
Simeon Tsanev Oy oldin
I think she looked better after the transformation for sure, but that is just my taste in a way, as well :D
Kaykie Harpur
Kaykie Harpur Oy oldin
Essex is in England, just incase you think Irish judging by the accent ya did :p
Hangman Jacob
Hangman Jacob Oy oldin
me being from manchester and still dont understand her
Greg Muir
Greg Muir Oy oldin
Really she looks a lot better without all the makeup!! Why do women do this??
Althexia Oy oldin
Sorry I'm late. OTT = Over The Top
Ralf Aitchison
Ralf Aitchison Oy oldin
Just found you guys literally two days ago and have watch all you’re videos I love this sheit man you guys are great
Stupid Cat
Stupid Cat Oy oldin
So ....all sillyness aside had a wierd man crush on the dude in the glasses like...i cant put my finger on it but he weirdly hansom...then my wife no homo said he's just a chubby version of the dude from dude perfect
Lauren Oy oldin
She needs a psychologist (no shade), she clearly suffers from BDD.
MonkeyFeed Oy oldin
girls that do that stuff look like crap. they are getting ppl look at them but they arent looking going "how shes hot." they are looking at her and going "wow shes fake and weird."
Simpin' 4 buff cause he's honest af LMAO
hulkamaanio Oy oldin
imagine trying to hold a conversation for more than 10minutes with some1 like this :D
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