The Worst Couple I've Ever Seen

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This young couple is one of the worst couples I've ever seen. They prove love is blind and dumb. Watching My Teenage Wedding, a Canadian reality tv show where young couples get married and ruin their lives.
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It’s Lacey and Brandon against the world! Neither family thinks the 19-year-old couple is ready to get married. Get a real job is more like it, and something other than MMA fighter or aspiring fashion model. But when her brother insists on strippers at the bachelor party, Lacey threatens to cancel the wedding… on Facebook! Things get worse the next day when a hungover Brandon misplaces the ring and the maid of honor forgets her dress at home.
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CinnamonToastKen 12 kun oldin
What's your favorite reality tv show? Also, check out this great video!
Videos 22 soat oldin
how about gordon ramsay's kitchen nightmares
Vtron Kun oldin
Total Drama, The animated series.
Susan Siedler
Susan Siedler 4 kun oldin
@laura Allen 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼Yeesss!!! I am legit addicted to this...of course at 17, I seriously looked into training as a mortician dealing with the body prep/preparing for viewing...🤷🏻‍♀️.. so, ya know...there is always that. Lol 😝 😁🤓
Susan Siedler
Susan Siedler 4 kun oldin
Ya know, this is a great video to show why I enjoy you & your chosen way to make content. Because you READ people AND ARE SO RIGHT! I do this, and I completely WISH I could be proven wrong! 🙏🙏 I am begging PROVE me wrong when it comes to situations like these clips show us. Sadly, nope. But you put the jumping it! Forever a subscriber- Keep up that fantastic sense of humor & making us laugh.🤓 🤜🏼🤛🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🤣😂😘
GregoryPaulSmithGPS 6 kun oldin
My favorite is probably the one that started it all, the first season of MTV's 'The Real World'! 💙👍💚
Malin Johansson
Malin Johansson 2 soat oldin
Whats the rush? Amen Ken, amen
Caeli _metalfab
Caeli _metalfab 4 soat oldin
I cant even tell you how many times I've been wasted in a bowling alley. Maybe its a Canadian thing
Allison Burnett
Allison Burnett 4 soat oldin
I thought he was her dad at first im--- 🤣😭😭
Megan Jones
Megan Jones 15 soat oldin
No joke, that dude looks like one of my old managers
Ariel X
Ariel X 16 soat oldin
Ken losing it at him mentioning his fighting career... 🤣🤣🤣🤣 It takes A LOT of dedication and conditioning to be a fighter. Is he aware of this? Is anyone gonna tell him? 🧐 no? Okay.
Nateworthy530 X
Nateworthy530 X 20 soat oldin
Highering a photographer doesn't make you a model.
The Lost Psychosis
The Lost Psychosis 21 soat oldin
I'm over weight and a smoker and I'm not even that outta breath after a workout xD
Videos 22 soat oldin
i've only become aware of you guys within the last few months and i find you hilarious. i crack up when watching your videos especially when you both are also in a laughing fit of your own. one thing i've noticed about your videos, is that i never hear you guys cuss. i didn't notice it at first but when you're reading comments, you substitute a different word if the comment has a cuss word in it. i find that refreshing and commendable.
Aqua Kun oldin
Jobs are are stressfull...also him: had a baby
Catherine Kun oldin
Ken, when you laugh, sometimes you remind me of the laughter that plays at the end of the thriller video and I think that's awesome.
lonelysith66 Kun oldin
“There was a war going to when they were young!” Exactly! 😒
thequiet opinion
thequiet opinion Kun oldin
Oof. I had a hard time watching this one.
Kelsey Drummond
Kelsey Drummond Kun oldin
She's a model for what? Sears?
Nate Smith
Nate Smith Kun oldin
Its like they are college frat people and they are not even college students.
Cryptid Fenic
Cryptid Fenic Kun oldin
There's an article on them on a trash-talking website that calls lacey the biggest sloot in winnipeg and the comments are all attacking them for either being a homewrecker or for him being native so you can imagine all the insults. It's kinda sad honestly.
Sweet Geezus
Sweet Geezus Kun oldin
Lol can't stop thinking what if someone needs to use the toilet next to the jacuzzi
Gr4c3 F4c3
Gr4c3 F4c3 Kun oldin
I think it can be really hard to find a job, even when searching and applying everyday. Idk if it’s where I live but there is a lot of competition and it’s taken me months/years to get some of the jobs I had.
C T 2 kun oldin
Wow, the cynicism is palpable. Video aside, this UZpostr is toxic.
KINGPOTPIE 2 kun oldin
Demonix Realms
Demonix Realms 2 kun oldin
Damn Ken has no chill in this vid xD
Ballistic Badger
Ballistic Badger 2 kun oldin
She is kinda hot though.... Solid 7.5 out of 10 in my opinion at least....
Tasha James
Tasha James 3 kun oldin
I love Ken being savage ❤️ more of this please!!
Bohdan D
Bohdan D 3 kun oldin
"A lot of people just don't understand how hard it is to get a job". It's not, to get a really well paid job is hard, but you didn't study in school, so it's on you to blame, start from something small and work your way up. Lazy little s***
Marie xxx
Marie xxx 3 kun oldin
Almost looked like Brandon ate Lacey there during that kiss. Gave me shivers it was so gross xD
Shay Bonsall
Shay Bonsall 3 kun oldin
You called it he puked
Erica Garcia
Erica Garcia 3 kun oldin
"she's a model so she's basically employed" Ken??? Wasn't Mary technically a model?????? You better hope she doesn't find this video lol
Mighty Moon
Mighty Moon 3 kun oldin
How can it be “love at first site” when they knew each other since elementary and she didn’t start wanting to date him until they were both 17?
Cheesy Chan
Cheesy Chan 4 kun oldin
How drunk was she to think he was hot? Like, I don't want to sound too awful, but he's not the kind of person you'd take a second look at, and his personality is trash.
Deborah Mahloch
Deborah Mahloch 4 kun oldin
I was 19, my husband was 20 when we got married, and got married at a hotel. Still together, 7 1/2 years and 2 kids. We've worked hard to get where we are.
J M 4 kun oldin
someone give that fella a baby ruth
Emily p
Emily p 4 kun oldin
Oh Canada 🇨🇦
kalob hunt
kalob hunt 5 kun oldin
What a bitch when he was laying on that floor with that bucket that guy should have said gtfo.
kalob hunt
kalob hunt 5 kun oldin
There is nothing stronger for a relationship than staying with the significant others parents. No stress at all.
Emmy R
Emmy R 5 kun oldin
My boyfriend and I are both 21 and have been dating for 6 1/2 years. We have been asked so many times “ Why aren’t you guys married yet?” Well, we just aren’t ready for that yet. Plus, if you really love the person you are with, you have your whole lives to get married. That’s what we always respond with. What’s the rush?
budget tech review
budget tech review 5 kun oldin
I like your videos :)
Araragi - Kun
Araragi - Kun 5 kun oldin
Sarah Duropan
Sarah Duropan 5 kun oldin
Did our boy actually wear a clip on tie to his wedding???
Sarah Duropan
Sarah Duropan 5 kun oldin
The jacuzzi made me laugh my ass off! My senior prom was in the Liberace Mansion. And my prom pictures were done in front of his jacuzzi! I still can't fathom how they decided that the jacuzzi was THE PERFECT SPOT for prom pics. Why not Liberace's grand piano? Apparently Jacuzzis are classy AF!
Austin Drumm
Austin Drumm 5 kun oldin
Easy job, manual labor but I get homies to lazy for that lol
Katherine Tom
Katherine Tom 5 kun oldin
Omggg I live in the same city at these people 😭😭
Hanna Elizabeth
Hanna Elizabeth 5 kun oldin
My boyfriend and I have been together since we were 18 and 19. We are now 26 and 27 and we still aren’t married 😂 the plan is next year. But like it’s what you said, if you’re not worried about breaking up you’re not worried about being in a hurry to get married
J D 5 kun oldin
Do you ever play games anymore?
Brujo Doomz
Brujo Doomz 5 kun oldin
Both of their mom should had swallowed them.
Cindy Kitty
Cindy Kitty 5 kun oldin
I will say, I have some friends who got married at 19 and 20. They were in love and had been dating for almost 2 years. Even though they would have their whole lives together anyway, they just really wanted to be married. It meant something to them and their relationship. They've been married a little over 2 years, they have a house, a baby, and are living in Mexico doing missionary work. I think if you're mature for your age, in love and have the means necessary, it doesn't matter if you're 18 or something. I'm just throwing a success story out there amongst this chaos.
BoxTroll-Chan 6 kun oldin
BoxTroll-Chan 6 kun oldin
Ken, why can’t I post on your tape worm video?!
Kihyun's Forehead
Kihyun's Forehead 6 kun oldin
to be a model you also need a personality it's not just about your body my Lurch ass looking dude
IIAndreio 6 kun oldin
do more of these please!!!!!
Josh Yahboo4q
Josh Yahboo4q 6 kun oldin
Ken.. you were painfully honest on this one 🤣🤣 love it
Ja son
Ja son 6 kun oldin
Ken taking the pi$$ like the girl is ugly she is pretty hot what is Ken's problem? Ken and his wife are pretty much the same difference in hotness as this girl and her lazy fugly fighter.
Alana BananaCanada
Alana BananaCanada 6 kun oldin
This just proves my theory that southerners and canadians are so similar in their tacky lifestyles.
Alana BananaCanada
Alana BananaCanada 6 kun oldin
It's not that it wasn't a hit show... that's literally all the teenagers that we have here.
Calypso Cals
Calypso Cals 6 kun oldin
Bad day, Ken? Sounding a load more judgemental in this one...
Mad as Max
Mad as Max 6 kun oldin
The girl needs to, put her head in a vice and squeeze her eyes together a bit more! Maybe she, will not get so much shit in them the, next time she chooses a partner!
ASMR&PREGNANCY Emily 6 kun oldin
Omg he will stay with her forever a man who lets the wife do it all lol
Viviane Borkholder
Viviane Borkholder 6 kun oldin
Imo, maturity level is more important than age. My mom was 18 when my parents got married, they've been together for 39 years. Both of my older sisters got married at 18 and 19, and they've both been married for 15+ years. I was married at 21 and my husband and I have been together for 9 years. But I come from a very religious family with a strong focus on personal responsibility, self-discipline, selflessness and hard work. So upbringing has a lot to do with how mature and ready you are for marriage. .....these kids needed a few more years!! 😂
Marc 6 kun oldin
i think their just doing this in national television to justify their life choices.
Andrea Shadley
Andrea Shadley 6 kun oldin
Ken taking the words right out of my mouth in this video.
Juliana A
Juliana A 6 kun oldin
I can see Ken's blood pressure rise the longer the video goes on. 🤣
Sam Hammich
Sam Hammich 6 kun oldin
Of course, they're from Winterpeg, Manisnowba.
Madalyn Mull
Madalyn Mull 6 kun oldin
I am married what some might thing young. Wouldn't change it for the world!
Lit Blindian
Lit Blindian 6 kun oldin
Wow , I just seen someone I went to high school with in this video . Gross lol
Lit Blindian
Lit Blindian 6 kun oldin
So I’m from the city these kids are from lmao they’re getting married at a hotel . The fort gary
N9th 6 kun oldin
There's no reason...unless there's a reason...
Dundie_Winner 6 kun oldin
She's pretty cute I'm not understanding her attraction to this guy who's ugly
Flame Fern
Flame Fern 6 kun oldin
Ken, I can't agree with you more about there being no rush, as a disabled person I'm not allowed to get married legally without losing 600$ a month of our budget so my lover and I just live without the dumb paper. Love is not about some stupid party for a smelted rock and a fiber spread tree bark, just love who you love now and make plans later.
Majeste 749
Majeste 749 6 kun oldin
I loved the vid overall, but can't get over the how much he points out, in a grandpa way, how young married is pointless. I got married at 18 and will soon be married for 3 years. I do think you should think through married of course, but getting married at 19 or 83 doesn't matter, it's the person your marrying that matters. I don't think he should have been so hard about just the fact they're young adults. They're just a bad example lol
Ryan Lambert
Ryan Lambert 6 kun oldin
ken this hurts so much
Cheeba 7 kun oldin
I love these episodes so much better!! Please don't get me wrong, I love the energy of your Buff friend when he's around. But his laugh hurts my head :( I can't watch a full episode when he's there cackling.
Essy Monsters
Essy Monsters 7 kun oldin
Dad Ken came out in this video and I love it😅
Ronin Hiro
Ronin Hiro 7 kun oldin
Wants to be a professional fighter. Does a few kicks and quits. Changes his FB status to professional fighter.
Squizzy 614
Squizzy 614 7 kun oldin
the only thing i can say about is this video is wow smh
Katherine Davidson
Katherine Davidson 7 kun oldin
They are the definition of cringe. The biggest mistake the mom made was paying for them to have a wedding and get married when they don't even have jobs to have their own place to live and to support their baby. If you don't have your 💩 together please don't get married yet 🙄 can you imagine going into a marriage with that much stress and being naive enough to think it's going to work? Not even a little surprised to hear the update on this couple.
Anthony Wade
Anthony Wade 7 kun oldin
Reminds me of everyone from my small town in Canada.
sara white
sara white 7 kun oldin
Who is paying for the wedding though
Ellois1376 7 kun oldin
We all don't all say about like that. I call fake!!!! Also every Tim Horton's is hiring. And yes he can be a bouncer at 19, that's the drinking age.
MysticSybil 7 kun oldin
I cant tell I'd the brother was creeping on his sister or trying to hit on her fiance "You're marrying my sister shes super hot and yknow we look alike dude sooooo" 👀
MysticSybil 7 kun oldin
If only there was some way to like... transfer hair off of his eyebrows onto hers ...or maybe girl could stop overplucking but let's be realistic here that's not happening
Hexighost 7 kun oldin
cant feed or provide for their needs, dont fricken breed, jeez
Hexighost 7 kun oldin
teenage and wedding should never appear in the same sentence . . . is that guy derp, slow, stupid or all three
Nailea V.
Nailea V. 7 kun oldin
O my gosh pls do more of these! I love to watch these, they’re so funny
Son of Angron
Son of Angron 7 kun oldin
6:22 - The first part of Ken’s laugh made me think of the original Predator laughing at Arnie before blowing itself up 😈
Alex Blannnchard
Alex Blannnchard 7 kun oldin
Is Ken and buffpro Canadian???
Jenn Golembeski
Jenn Golembeski 7 kun oldin
My cousin married her high school sweetheart and had a daughter but sadly died from cancer
L .F
L .F 7 kun oldin
Yes ken, I enjoyed watching you laugh your pain away
adrain torres
adrain torres 7 kun oldin
I’m so glad there’s people that stupid other places than America. Been feeling like America has had a lock on morons lately.
Byenia 7 kun oldin're being mean-spirited toward teenagers now, Ken? Nah, not my cup of tea. Skipping it at the 10:31 mark.
Silver Rabbit
Silver Rabbit 7 kun oldin
These two have 'first nations' problems.
Batsonic Abie
Batsonic Abie 7 kun oldin
As someone who spent 5 years with her “high school sweetheart” and thought she’d spend her life with him, this is super cringe. So glad I didn’t settle for him.
Andres Lazcano
Andres Lazcano 6 kun oldin
Shut up you lard bucket lookin ass
Harry Canyon
Harry Canyon 7 kun oldin
Natives, why work when there are government handouts.
Quinn 7 kun oldin
I know a few people that got engaged a year or two after high school, but they like.... are waiting until they’re like 25+ to get married because they’re young. They know they’re gonna be married, but they’re not gonna get married at 20. Like bruh high school sweethearts are a thing, but taking things too fast will ruin a relationship.
Luke Duncanson
Luke Duncanson 7 kun oldin
I’ve never been this sad to see to people be in love with each other.
That'sWhatSheSaid 7 kun oldin
I saw the thumbnail and I kept trying to figure out where I saw her before, and I thought maybe it was the Meme Man head, but then I realized she looks like a Chris (Simpsons artist) drawing
Persephones Charm
Persephones Charm 7 kun oldin
No joke, if you don't have money it's hard to get a job. I promise you.
Sky 7 kun oldin
This is a warning video for his children lol
The Fem DM
The Fem DM 7 kun oldin
I got a job, within a month, in the middle of covid... Doesn't take you 6 months, go work at McDonald's 😅 they're always hiring
Weird 7 kun oldin
you gotta love it when Ken flexes his best dad ever cup in the end of all this.
Mike Sullivan
Mike Sullivan 7 kun oldin
Damn Ken.. straight BULLIED them in this video.
Numb 7 kun oldin
i do not think there is any reason to get married in the modern day at all apart from the reasons you gave. its a waste of money, its real life Risk No Gain,
Mary Harrison
Mary Harrison 7 kun oldin
Wait...wait wait hold on...Her Grandparents got married when they were 13 and 14....Yeah I call some bullshit on that. What Century where they from? Come on
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