The Ugliest Wedding Dresses Ever On Tv

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These are they ugliest wedding dresses I've ever seen on TV. Reacting to Worst Wedding Dresses Ever | Gypsy Brides US from TLC. These girls get the best worst wedding dresses I've ever seen. But they love them so I guess its cool.
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A compilation of the worst gypsy wedding dresses from Gypsy Brides.
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CinnamonToastKen Oy oldin
Like the video! It helps a lot! What did you think of the dresses?
Savana K
Savana K 11 kun oldin
How can they afford all the dresses
Cassandra Bowman
Cassandra Bowman Oy oldin
i would love to see you guys react to the episode where the family actualy goes to a work ranch.
Willow v
Willow v Oy oldin
@Clare Gorman bless her heart.. she knows where the money is at lmao
Clare Gorman
Clare Gorman Oy oldin
@Willow v I bet she is laughing all the way to the bank I think she's supposed to be a gypsy too
Kara Biel
Kara Biel Oy oldin
@Little_Lion_Heart Perfectly said, I really really appreciate n am grateful to see comments of positivity/kindness, just know I'm grateful for people like yourself esp when they reply to me or something I've said, believe it or not I usually get someone making unnecessary snide remarks or some young/immature person spouting nonsense.☆
Ori Tori
Ori Tori 4 kun oldin
I thought she said "he'll want my dress off!"
Caroline Duncan
Caroline Duncan 5 kun oldin
Still waiting to wear an ugly dress for buff
2 year old Easter candy
2 year old Easter candy 6 kun oldin
6:54 holy smokes my bridesmaids are wearing THOSE LMAO
Lord The_animal_lover
Lord The_animal_lover 7 kun oldin
How old are they because the bride looks like she’s pushing 50
Ashley Pizzolato
Ashley Pizzolato 10 kun oldin
dane is literally everything i want in a man 😂😂 he’s cracking me tf up over here lmfao 😭💀
Acid Monroe
Acid Monroe 12 kun oldin
Ken be recognising the most random shit.
Pedro Martell
Pedro Martell 13 kun oldin
No way that girl is 16 lol she’s looks 45
Pedro Martell
Pedro Martell 13 kun oldin
Why would u put lights on a wedding dress lol
Elc22 14 kun oldin
22 foxes died for that gaudy dress... What a complete waste...
Fen Carroll
Fen Carroll 14 kun oldin
My family will never understand how fun it is to Laugh at this show! Thanks! 🤣🤣🤣
Morgan Smith
Morgan Smith 14 kun oldin
They have 100% nailed the run down of the show and what’s its about
María José Bravo Macías
María José Bravo Macías 14 kun oldin
I would NEVER watch that trash tv show... But seeing you guys react to it is hilarious 🤣🤣🤣 Ps. Love u Ken ❤️😌
Yvette Marie Frausto-Gomez
Yvette Marie Frausto-Gomez 17 kun oldin
Annie are you ok, are you ok Annie ! Oh man, you guys are hilarious !
Small Boy
Small Boy 18 kun oldin
Is it me or do these girls even like the dress, bc they all look shook
Pinhead Larry
Pinhead Larry 19 kun oldin
She looks like an early 2000s emo but I love it
Sinan Hachimi
Sinan Hachimi 20 kun oldin
I love your vids man
Raven Session
Raven Session 23 kun oldin
lol they are functional drunks 🤣
Anna Collins
Anna Collins 23 kun oldin
I think the 2nd girl is the one who married her cousin.
Keith Santana
Keith Santana 25 kun oldin
Are you sure this isn't the Teletubbies?
Keith Santana
Keith Santana 25 kun oldin
That dress is more like Anti-Venom.
TypicalAnimelover 25 kun oldin
With that crown she looks like the female pope
Ms.Victoria Allen
Ms.Victoria Allen 26 kun oldin
I thought ken said air bison lol
Ms.Victoria Allen
Ms.Victoria Allen 26 kun oldin
Von Sakharet
Von Sakharet 26 kun oldin
I want to be one the homies just to wear what ever buffpro just said
ravenguest 26 kun oldin
20 foxes died for this mess :( x
Elise Nieuwe
Elise Nieuwe 27 kun oldin
Wow, this title isn't even clickbait o_O
Erin Mason
Erin Mason 27 kun oldin
The second girl either smokes meth for breakfast, has never touched a toothbrush in her life, or some messed up amalgamation of both. Those TEETH.
m e l a n i e
m e l a n i e 27 kun oldin
"she looks like a princess" bish she look like the pope with that crown
Cassie Jayy
Cassie Jayy 27 kun oldin
I watched that clip of the chick burping like 29 times lmaooooo I’m laughing so hard
Audrey shearer
Audrey shearer 28 kun oldin
It shouldn’t be how did you do that “ wtf did you do that “
Min-ib Maat Akantheia
Min-ib Maat Akantheia 29 kun oldin
How many foxes??? Saveafox has entered the chat
Da Vinci
Da Vinci Oy oldin
Buff feels like he is part gypsy, not because he likes bling. It's because he is ready to marry his 2nd cousin.
Jimin's pinky
Jimin's pinky Oy oldin
It's like the middle of spring at night and that girl's getting married dressed as an eskimo? lmao
Hunter Basham
Hunter Basham Oy oldin
Soooooo basically if it's like the MCU, if any of them got divorced and married someone from another episode would that be a crossover event?
Jean Carbonneau
Jean Carbonneau Oy oldin
That first dress will sweep up all the stuff off the floor when she walks. The second one will be useful if there's a power outage. Both are ridiculous and not sophisticated.
AMSR Aesthetics
AMSR Aesthetics Oy oldin
It’s like 1990s dressing and 2000s style mixed into a friendship group...
Marz8999 Oy oldin
Wow so much aluminum foil. That was hands down the worse dress I seen.
Alex A
Alex A Oy oldin
Gypsies be like ohh nooo gorgers 😭 then set their daughters up with their cousins 👀💀
angeleyes green
angeleyes green Oy oldin
Those bridesmaids outfits just scream someone's about to try to kill Austin Powers
JustSamantha Oy oldin
I just can't believe they actually left that burp in.
Evelyn Sanabria
Evelyn Sanabria Oy oldin
It looks like the second girl belongs in a Christmas parade
Stacey Cordell
Stacey Cordell Oy oldin
I love you guys. I have never watched this show but now I want to because I want to see your review. Where I live there are Irish Traveler Gypsy’s. They also intermarry because they stay within their band of people. The girls are anywhere from usually 14-16 and it’s not uncommon for the men they marry to be in their 40’s or older. Sick
TheAnti-Guru-Art Oy oldin
I think Annie married her brother???
Eralyn Briant
Eralyn Briant Oy oldin
Dang man, these dresses look like crack on crack- (I didn't know what to say, I just- I tried to do something funny-)
TheAnti-Guru-Art Oy oldin
Janeen Landry
Janeen Landry Oy oldin
😂😂😂 they look like the extra gum brigade coming down the street in those bright ass matching jumpsuits the extra gum pimpettes 😂😂😂
Janeen Landry
Janeen Landry Oy oldin
Buff’s laughter makes everything so much better😍 love it every time
Ritza Robelo
Ritza Robelo Oy oldin
Would never spend so much on a dress 👀 or wear fur for that matter ew
Persephone Rose
Persephone Rose Oy oldin
I waited that WHOLE TIME for the “Annie are you okay” jokes and I was NOT disappointed 🤣🤣🤣
Mike Jones
Mike Jones Oy oldin
My dress has hydraulics!! bling!!
Kira Yuki
Kira Yuki Oy oldin
Wedding dresses on crack
Kristina karpf
Kristina karpf Oy oldin
Do they sell tons of moonshine and roadkill casseroles to afford these dresses?
GamerGrandma Oy oldin
ayyyyy don’t attack Spider-Man like that 😂 I love every Spider-Man movie from this century
Toast Oy oldin
I'm playing the resident evil 2 remake and scared out of my mind with Mr X chasing me but listening to Ken and Buff joking around gives me some courage
Me_very_smart Oy oldin
I thought they said 22 fu*k skin's
Marissa Bones
Marissa Bones Oy oldin
Overlord Kartoffelkopf
Overlord Kartoffelkopf Oy oldin
She's got that social distancing dress
Vex U
Vex U Oy oldin
Omg when they zoomed out on Annie she legit looked like the queen of hearts from the Tim Burton movie 😭
Vex U
Vex U Oy oldin
Once they said they killed 22 foxes for that dress.......... Seriously? If you're going to murder innocent animals at least don't use their fur to make an absolutely hideous dress. Like you look ridiculous ma'am 🤦🏻
Lelynn Miller
Lelynn Miller Oy oldin
the girl didn't burp... that was CLEARLY a hiccup.
Lelynn Miller
Lelynn Miller Oy oldin
her heart is black & FULL OF HOLES!! 😮
Lelynn Miller
Lelynn Miller Oy oldin
🤍 the purest of brides 😇 with a black as hell heart 🖤😈 ♥
1984hound Oy oldin
I'm no looker by any means, but that second bride looks rough.
Her Oy oldin
I like how when you say gypsy brides it sounds like Gypsy broads
Aschen Firre
Aschen Firre Oy oldin
That snowflake dress in no way had 80 bazillion stones or 22 fox pelts. Maybe 4 fox pelts. And 1500 stones. LOL These people call themselves Gypsies. I think Gypsy is a new term for "trailer trash"
Aubri scott
Aubri scott Oy oldin
😅😅😅😅 that's funniest
Tasha Vladimiroff
Tasha Vladimiroff Oy oldin
These teenagers care more about the ugly dress that who they are saying vows to.🤦‍♀️
Rosie Brodie
Rosie Brodie Oy oldin
Can’t even imagine what the last wedding was like if this one is considered to be better than the last
faeefw fsfsFEW
faeefw fsfsFEW Oy oldin
Wtf am I watching?
OffenderSER and creepypastas
OffenderSER and creepypastas Oy oldin
Why kill the foxes their so cute
liza elias
liza elias Oy oldin
The bride stole the choker before even trying the whole dress on i-
Clare Gorman
Clare Gorman Oy oldin
Get the fire extinguisher
Triston Braun
Triston Braun Oy oldin
Are those guys a couple?
Jessy Melendez
Jessy Melendez Oy oldin
The dresses - $40,000 The venue- $2
karen7645 Oy oldin
Lol Annie was the one who married her first cousin
ROSE Oy oldin
The snowflake dress looks not like it belongs in a crappy Christmas parade not a wedding
MisfitPanda Oy oldin
I guess being an inbred makes you think anything shiny & expensive is pretty.
Liam Kelly
Liam Kelly Oy oldin
BuffKen and CinnamonPro
Missie Smith
Missie Smith Oy oldin
They pay several $10ks for these dresses. It's insane. Most of these dresses leave scars that last a lifetime.
cassandra sotos
cassandra sotos Oy oldin
I love Buff...and i love Kenny.
cassandra sotos
cassandra sotos Oy oldin
Y'all need to react to the Original Gypsy Bride the UK.
cassandra sotos
cassandra sotos Oy oldin
Is this Anne's first wedding or like, second wedding? Bc Anne looks a little more Mature than most gypsy brides, looking like a 36yr old gypsy (so probably like 29yrs old) lady
Mark Oy oldin
What couch?
Lynne Allan
Lynne Allan Oy oldin
She married her first cousin the one in the snow flake dress
Cheesy Chan
Cheesy Chan Oy oldin
Ok, this video was a lot of fun, here's an idea; do a video/s on the fashion of award shows.
Sara Pitts
Sara Pitts Oy oldin
They're not drunk, that's called generations of inbreeding from only marrying your cousins.
S.A.M's Art
S.A.M's Art Oy oldin
oh please please please react to the one where the bride wore a dress made of gold and money
Slippery Sloth
Slippery Sloth Oy oldin
That mom is a straight crack head on me looking like the people that pass out in front of my house😭😭
Captain Vlad
Captain Vlad Oy oldin
@10:40 blew my headphones ya NUT!
Tony K
Tony K Oy oldin
She’s marrying her first cousin
Rayku22 Oy oldin
I think i just saw the teletubbies in the middle of the video haha
KyuUwU Oy oldin
The second one looks like she's gonna be the main act of the third Narnia movie.
Beloved Gifts
Beloved Gifts Oy oldin
I ain’t never had dat many.... no even rubies.... lol you guys are gems lol
T C Oy oldin
Who TF is marrying these annoying fake/cheap mannequin rejects? The one looks like she's taken a dump when hey turn her fabric nightmare on
Robin Little Flowers
Robin Little Flowers Oy oldin
I think that second bride married her actual cousin, so inbreeding is scarily accurate. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Hobi's Tiny Heart Bag
Hobi's Tiny Heart Bag Oy oldin
PLEASE review Toby Maguire Spider-man pleeeease
Hobi's Tiny Heart Bag
Hobi's Tiny Heart Bag Oy oldin
On Twitch is okay too pleeeease
Poppy Cakes
Poppy Cakes Oy oldin
One Step BEYOND TACKY Bridal Boutique - top off your blinking blue lights wedding dress with a 20 lb rhinestone snowflake. As one does....
s_a.n_d.i Oy oldin
10:55 I just thought the whole video was frozen
Darkovika Gaming
Darkovika Gaming Oy oldin
Got to the fox fur I want to burn that dress B U R N IT WHO HAS THE OIL CAN
Irate Puffin
Irate Puffin Oy oldin
I don’t think these people understand what class is.
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