The God Warrior Fights To Protect Family From The Dark Side

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React Couch watching Trading Spouses or Wife Swap where The God Warrior fights to protect her family from the dark side. This lady throws out everyone unless they're christian and love jesus.
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CinnamonToastKen 2 oy oldin
Like the video if you're a Couch Warrior
Aaron Stroud
Aaron Stroud 22 kun oldin
already have🤣🤣
Katelyn Marie
Katelyn Marie 26 kun oldin
The daughter ended up dying in a car accident a couple of years after this was aired. She wasn’t wearing a seatbelt and was thrown from the vehicle when she had crashed into a guardrail. My heart is with her daughter. I hope they doing well now.
BeatRoot 29 kun oldin
But your on chair not couch
Billy Billow
Billy Billow Oy oldin
CinnamonToastKen ima bed warrior
Vesper Lynd
Vesper Lynd Oy oldin
Could y’all please get your facts right . This was Trading Spouses not Wife Swap!
Thewildlife15 3 soat oldin
Lol she's reminds me of fine of those COD zombies😂
colleen marie
colleen marie 4 soat oldin
My laughter comes from their confusion of astrology and astronomy
Stephanie Hall
Stephanie Hall 9 soat oldin
am i the only one who feels like that lady has t- rex arms???? i feel like she is really a t -rex trapped in a womans body... t- rex's are always angry... like her...
First name Last name
First name Last name 18 soat oldin
6:38 when Frodo put the ring back in his shirt in front of Bilbo
David H.
David H. 19 soat oldin
I have seen this episode when it aired on tv way back then, and I can say for certain she is patient 0 for the modern outbreak of 'karen-ism'...yes folks the infamous origins of the 'karen' started with the (thankfully now rare) 'religious zealot karen' the elusive 6th type of karen...but is this 'Margaret' truly patient 0? Throughout history there have been many 'religious zealot' karens as many are known to have betrayed their friends and families during the Salem witch trial period, and looking even farther back we see a trend with the 'christian-ised' crusades claiming to look for religious artifacts when in reality they were just destroying anyone who refused to convert to the christian faith, and even within the christian ranks themselves during renaissance times when the religious upper echelons declared science bad for your soul and went to excommunicating those within their own ranks who didn't fully believe that. Reflecting on all this, how then do we deal with this modern outbreak of distancing :), yep that is the real reason for it people...distance yourself from the toxicity of the karen and we can all survive this real pandemic. Final note: If her behavior is what christians call religious tolerance...I would hate to see religious intolerance.
Emmalee Parr
Emmalee Parr 20 soat oldin
Imagine being this toxic- If I were her child, I don't know what I'd have done.
Poke_d 22 soat oldin
4:55 oh no she coming
MFathan Kun oldin
Imagine this woman meets us metalheads LOL🤘🤘
IBLV2DOU 2 kun oldin
Whoa! She is scary and seems a little on the edge. Wonder what her family life is like on normal days?!
C T 2 kun oldin
How can anyone treat their children like that? How awful.
Erica Rhodes
Erica Rhodes 2 kun oldin
Glad I'm a quiet atheist
galaxy drifter
galaxy drifter 3 kun oldin
Remember folks that religion kills and dumbs you down history proves this lol
TinyTrex Arms93
TinyTrex Arms93 3 kun oldin
I cant brrreeeeaaathhhhaaaaaa!
Desi 3 kun oldin
people seriously need to get with the times and accept people and love them for who they are just cause u don't agree don't mean you have to do that crap. so immature
Kayla Gilmore
Kayla Gilmore 3 kun oldin
hahaha i wouldve told her to shut up a long time ago tho , props to the family for taking that bs
SeriousName 4 kun oldin
Kind of sick to film mental illness like a circus attraction, but hey, that's all TV is nowadays...
Emily Mayze-Strong
Emily Mayze-Strong 4 kun oldin
This is why I am anti-religion, never met a decent religious people like ever, so keep that shit far away from me 🤟🏼👌🏼
Kyoki Geno
Kyoki Geno 4 kun oldin
Solstice sounds nice
Andres Hernandez
Andres Hernandez 5 kun oldin
This lady vs Bernice from South Beach Tow is like Ultra Instinct Goku vs Jiren.
Evan Lockard
Evan Lockard 5 kun oldin
Idk what type of Protestant this is but she’s treating prayers like their ki like she’s trynna spirit bomb some pagans. She’s nuts
Mermaid Martini
Mermaid Martini 5 kun oldin
She is the best example of a fake/worst Christian....those kids deserve a war medal for putting up with that thing that calls itself a mother!! Waiting for the kids to end up on dr phil!! 😳😳😳😖😖😖
Mad as Max
Mad as Max 5 kun oldin
Paganism, is actually a nicer religion than Christianity will ever be. Only Buddhism, is a nicer religion!
Mad as Max
Mad as Max 5 kun oldin
Religious zealously is the worst and its, normally women who take it to far!
Mad as Max
Mad as Max 5 kun oldin
So, there is only male toxicity?
Elaine Thomas
Elaine Thomas 5 kun oldin
You guys had me laughing out loud for realzies watching alone instead of going to sleep for the night. I remember this original episode, but your commentary made it even better than I remembered.
Tony Camaratta
Tony Camaratta 5 kun oldin
The family has to be crazy to stay with that judgemental clown
Jon Vecellio
Jon Vecellio 5 kun oldin
This woman doesn't have a family, she has hostages.
Rainbow Critter
Rainbow Critter 6 kun oldin
Her redemption story is so sad but bless our lgbtq+ community for being so kind to her.
raphaela ratzlaff
raphaela ratzlaff 6 kun oldin
Curiosity.where was she sent
XxFyrez GamerxX
XxFyrez GamerxX 6 kun oldin
I wonder what would she would do if one of her kids started making demonic noises as a joke
Peyton Scott
Peyton Scott 6 kun oldin
That lady should have been in outlast 2
Brendan Wood
Brendan Wood 6 kun oldin
She was obviously reporting on her battle station.
Emilie 'TheCrazyCatLady'
Emilie 'TheCrazyCatLady' 6 kun oldin
U guys are hilarious! :D That lady is craaaaaaaazy!
phantom fox
phantom fox 7 kun oldin
Just as bad as a radical jehadist
Es Trella's Vidyas
Es Trella's Vidyas 7 kun oldin
Dragtistic Arrow
Dragtistic Arrow 7 kun oldin
So this is where you can find a karen in their natural habitat
Miriam Chapen
Miriam Chapen 7 kun oldin
The seed thing is prosperity gospel preaching. Planting seeds means giving money
Miriam Chapen
Miriam Chapen 7 kun oldin
I could seriously could watch this lady melt down all day... she is totally nuts
Actors and Stages
Actors and Stages 7 kun oldin
I know this is old but She went to the Ranch- She didn’t go to a new country SHE WENT TO THE RANCH
King of Sinners Archive
King of Sinners Archive 8 kun oldin
She’s a strict Jedi and she sense the dark side 😂😂😂😂
Dakota Andrews
Dakota Andrews 9 kun oldin
That DMC1 clip is great lmao. At least Dante had something worth screaming about.
tomatron 9 kun oldin
When she was yelling I could see a tooth fall out
Skull Raid37
Skull Raid37 10 kun oldin
That lady was drunk and was crazy like some different type of crack
magicfireflame 11 kun oldin
So glad the majority of my religious family isn't like this... the one who is, I cut ties with as soon as I could.
Pedro Martell
Pedro Martell 11 kun oldin
12:23 she looks like a wwe actor I just can’t put my finger on it
Pedro Martell
Pedro Martell 11 kun oldin
They always act crazy and say they gona pray lmao that shit don’t help
Pedro Martell
Pedro Martell 11 kun oldin
This is why I hated church as a kid lol all this crZy fanatics are insane
GRAHAMSTATION 76 12 kun oldin
Shes a dragon born
Sister Madrigal Morning
Sister Madrigal Morning 12 kun oldin
She obviously has an untreated anxiety disorder. (And is probably one of those who doesn't believe in taking meds for it even if she knew she had it.)
morgan golden
morgan golden 12 kun oldin
iT wAs sooo DArk😂😂😂
HoneyLemonadearts 12 kun oldin
5 seconds in and I'm terrified
Cassandra Burke
Cassandra Burke 12 kun oldin
Pagans usually have altars or rooms that we use to enlighten ourselves. Pagans believe in self healing and strengthening our knowledge in every plane.
Alastor 8 kun oldin
Yall are weird but so is everyone. You do you I guess.
Landen Fleming
Landen Fleming 12 kun oldin
ouch man, that woman REALLY saw some stuff if she got that angry
Legion needs a buff
Legion needs a buff 13 kun oldin
The entire time she was screaming is me seeing a doomfist in overwatch
Elianae 13 kun oldin
This is the closest thing i've seen irl to Lemongrab from adventure time :|
Shirako Takamoto
Shirako Takamoto 13 kun oldin
Her teeth look like they are throwing up gang signs...
Carter Hart’s wife
Carter Hart’s wife 13 kun oldin
Was this filmed a million years ago with a camera potato
Big Smoke
Big Smoke 13 kun oldin
İ have only one question why would you marry her
Kathy Ray
Kathy Ray 13 kun oldin
She went to a shed that is called a sha shed. The laughter between u to makes me laugh even harder please keep up these videos.
Elc22 14 kun oldin
This is why mental health needs to be taken more seriously... Sigh...
Sheena Folsom
Sheena Folsom 14 kun oldin
I bet she taped that money right back up
Sheena Folsom
Sheena Folsom 14 kun oldin
That woman ain't no Christian. Sadly alot of people use religion as a weapon and those are the very people going to hell
Giles Taylor
Giles Taylor 14 kun oldin
This lady is like my science teacher from 8th grade but just add a little more southern twang
Willow Ford
Willow Ford 15 kun oldin
Hate to say it but there's almost always something up with people who are strong Christians
Maruru Moorea
Maruru Moorea 15 kun oldin
Pray for her, seams line she’s full of demons. Godly ppl are full of love and compassion. They don’t treat their family like this. This lady is scary and I grew up in hood
Emily DeYoung
Emily DeYoung 16 kun oldin
As a Christian... I think she’s possessed.
GangGang Shnickerdoodle 84
GangGang Shnickerdoodle 84 16 kun oldin
I can confirm that I’m Christian, and we definitely do t act like this😂 we are sane
DaWhiteWolffie 16 kun oldin
So glad this stuff is fake.
Suné Blommie
Suné Blommie 17 kun oldin
😂 This is your best video by far
Electric Storm
Electric Storm 18 kun oldin
Lol I’d love to prank her by turning her house into a haunted house for a day
Joe Knoedler
Joe Knoedler 18 kun oldin
I’m Christian Identity. A fringe group that is usually hated in the media for being hateful. She’s not even doing *THAT* right..
Thrash McNash
Thrash McNash 18 kun oldin
Which Children of the Corn is this? "SHES NOT A CHRIS-CHUN-UH!!!!"
max johnson
max johnson 18 kun oldin
the pitch of her voice is sharper than that hatchet
Najaya Reed
Najaya Reed 19 kun oldin
Its creepy in slow motion!!!
Emma Renee
Emma Renee 19 kun oldin
There's a difference between religion and insanity.
Simp Squad
Simp Squad 19 kun oldin
They should get a real priest in there to educate her lol
Simp Squad
Simp Squad 19 kun oldin
She had to go mighty morphin time out of the station lol
Simp Squad
Simp Squad 19 kun oldin
She needs some helldoll
N MM 19 kun oldin
She was in wife swap twice....I suggested to watch it!
N MM 19 kun oldin
That’s a meltdown if I ever seen one!
SimpLord 19 kun oldin
Why she kinda remind me of Lemongrab
Gutted Father Lucius
Gutted Father Lucius 20 kun oldin
Ngl, this is the type of person who screams at their children for reading Harry Potter lmao
Maddysin Leigh
Maddysin Leigh 20 kun oldin
Does anyone have an update on her? Did they ever exorcise her demon?
Alastor 8 kun oldin
Her daughter died and that seemed to expell it. She's a better person now.
KillShot Gaming
KillShot Gaming 20 kun oldin
For anyone wondering her daughter died in a car crash and she is now an ally of the lgbtq+ community.
Katarina Bruso
Katarina Bruso 17 kun oldin
That is sad but at the same time I'm glad she's a better person for it and that she learned some hard lessons through that experience I hope the daughter rest in peace.
KillShot Gaming
KillShot Gaming 17 kun oldin
Katarina Bruso the oldest one
Katarina Bruso
Katarina Bruso 20 kun oldin
Which daughter?
Kaliko 21 kun oldin
This is what religion does to you kids, stay away👀
Blue Bird
Blue Bird 21 kun oldin
It is sad that people of different religious beliefs or non religious is subjected to this, she will send them in the other direction.
Blue Bird
Blue Bird 21 kun oldin
It is sad that people of different religious beliefs or non religious is subjected to this, she will send them in the other direction.
Queen of Wings
Queen of Wings 21 kun oldin
Send her to the ranch
zombie jelly
zombie jelly 21 kun oldin
DHHS better have been called. It is illegal for a parent to force religious beliefs on their kids as we have religious freedoms.
Pedro Martell
Pedro Martell 21 kun oldin
Religion brain washes people
Pedro Martell
Pedro Martell 21 kun oldin
That family needs a new mom lmao
Pedro Martell
Pedro Martell 21 kun oldin
Someone has been drinking too much holy water
Pedro Martell
Pedro Martell 21 kun oldin
That woman has the Devi inside her
Pedro Martell
Pedro Martell 21 kun oldin
The religion is still preety funny as well lmao I know u can’t say it but we will say it for you , they can’t ban us for comments :) and if they do I can always just make a new acc
Leanne Hoerter
Leanne Hoerter 21 kun oldin
She came back possessed as a dinosaur
Dawie Goosen
Dawie Goosen 22 kun oldin
Hahahahahh omfg 🤣🤣🤣
Candice Crawford
Candice Crawford 22 kun oldin
Mental healthcare. And Christain/religious rehabilitation.
Jos York
Jos York 22 kun oldin
People may not care but I looked into this lady and she's an LGBTQ rights activist now!
Malin Johansson
Malin Johansson 22 kun oldin
Christian warrior screaming 😴😂thats what i get for watching meme couch in the morning 😂😂
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