The Dumbest Couple I've Ever Seen

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We're Reacting to TLC Unexpected "I Wanted To Get My Noodle Wet"
This young couple is pregnant and they may be the dumbest couple I've ever seen. Baby daddy Matthew tell's Hailey's mom that they didn't use protection because he just "wanted to get his noodle wet". He also calls Hailey a hippo. They also, did the deed before they even kissed for the first time. UNEXPECTED!!
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"I Wanted To Get My Noodle Wet" | Unexpected
Matthew and Hailey talk about how their relationship started, and Hailey's mum talks about how she feels about her daughter getting pregnant.
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CinnamonToastKen Oy oldin
If you like wet noodles you may like this video!
Rachel Gilley
Rachel Gilley 15 kun oldin
Will it hurt my head like this did!? I'm scarred and may have PTSD now.
Matt Howland
Matt Howland 21 kun oldin
Neather of these kids has any kind of raising and how y'all gonna set there and act like y'all ain't tryna get y'all noodles wet when y'all was his age. It's obvious they're mentally and emotionally stunted. I feel sorry for them.
garrett wood
garrett wood 29 kun oldin
CinnamonToastKen definitely his future ex wife lol
Wintery Saucer
Wintery Saucer Oy oldin
Jackie Powell
Jackie Powell Oy oldin
Bro, watch more and gets worst. He cheats on this Hailey with another girl, her friend, Haley, gets that Haley pregnant with a boy...their kids are about a year apart. He isn't in either of their lives...bc he is an absolute POS...and the women he got pregnant are doing well without noodle boy.
John N
John N 2 soat oldin
These brilliant people made a baby. I hope they don't forget to take care of it
SpaceTrucker 3 soat oldin
2:18 .... I almost blacked out I was laughing so hard
Maurokaan Kun oldin
`why u sounding like a villager lol 1:08
Mad as Max
Mad as Max 2 kun oldin
The best English she spoke was, when she was putting him down!
Alea 2 kun oldin
I can't handle this, I'm loughing so hard.... Why didn't I find you guyes earlier you are so sympathetic while roasting. It's a nice kind of roasting I like it.
S. Raven Nagel
S. Raven Nagel 2 kun oldin
😳 Wow! Stupidity needs to be painful, so future generations can be saved! I wonder if he survived after this show aired? Something tells me both mom and girlfriend beat his ass for his idiotic self. She is not high on the intelligence level either, but she is better than him.
HarryG- 2 kun oldin
Also gurlllllllll smashin before you kiss is what prostitutes do.......j/s
HarryG- 3 kun oldin
honey you coulda got ya oven wet without having to put up with this dumbass and more then once lol cause i know what pull out bad i feel sorry for u and that baby, u gota jackass for a baby daddy. n if he dont like this msg, get up wit me ill make him like it too :) -edit- i thought she was older, NM i dont wana see her when shes legal, she looks 25 alrdy.
InvestWithIsa 3 kun oldin
bruh I just lost brain cells
Lucas the Lemur
Lucas the Lemur 4 kun oldin
i bet that little boy is gonna leave the second he has to change the baby's diaper
Stephanie Hall
Stephanie Hall 4 kun oldin
lol he got his noodle wet again when he knocked up her best friend also named haleigh.. this boy is somethin lol...
Tony Camaratta
Tony Camaratta 4 kun oldin
I'm 2min 30sec into this and i think i just lost some IQ points watching them lol
Slicing Onions
Slicing Onions 4 kun oldin
It cracked me up so hard watching this with u guys
Prince Thunderflare
Prince Thunderflare 4 kun oldin
He's throwing up enough red flags to communicate in semaphore.
Kane Gibson
Kane Gibson 4 kun oldin
Mum: "What can I get ya, Coke, a snack, My daughters Uterus?"
_not_your_average_weirdo 5 kun oldin
Girl: why’d I have to be white? Boy: she was mean tho!!! Cuz ur WHITE! Girl: but y u gotta call me white girl? Boy: idk?? what am I supposed to call u???... Me: *the BIGGEST facepalm I’ve made in my life and just laughing with the people reacting to them* Also me: *that one meme* BRUH.
starbrite06 5 kun oldin
Why are kids having kids?! 😩
visitjessiechan 5 kun oldin
Her dad should've been more specific about which lips she's not supposed to kiss guys with
Cuz I'm the Mom
Cuz I'm the Mom 5 kun oldin
Oh, super. She sits between them NOW. Lady, I hate to tell you this, but you should've been sitting between them when he whipped out that noodle. And STOP CALLING IT A NOODLE.
lizzy marlow
lizzy marlow 5 kun oldin
whelp, thats noodles out of my diet now.
Velikan CodMW
Velikan CodMW 5 kun oldin
Every wheezing moment 0:40 0:48 1:32
Meli monster
Meli monster 5 kun oldin
I'm 20 and my parents still give me a curfew. Last time I went on a date I had to be back after 3 hours. We couldn't watch a movie and get dinner after ._.
Ellen McLeod
Ellen McLeod 6 kun oldin
It's very depressing to hear that couples this young are having children without having a plan of action. :'(
Jordan Vandiver
Jordan Vandiver 6 kun oldin
Hey she went to my school lol
Wade 6 kun oldin
Man, I appreciate you having your shirt unbuttoned. We all love the hamburger meat, bro..
Evan Lockard
Evan Lockard 6 kun oldin
When Ken said “I hope the best for them” I thought he was going to say “but I don’t expect it” 😂
Nick762 6 kun oldin
5:41 i had a mouth full of coke and spat it absolutely everywhere
Galactic Toast
Galactic Toast 6 kun oldin
30 seconds into the video "My name's Hailee." "My name's Matthew and we're pregnant."
Hailey Beasley
Hailey Beasley 6 kun oldin
This makes me hate my name even more
HP Schneider
HP Schneider 7 kun oldin
The LED lights give me ADHD
sara white
sara white 7 kun oldin
Im losing brain cells watching this
Queen Visenya
Queen Visenya 8 kun oldin
Hailey A
Hailey A 10 kun oldin
I have the same name as her nooo 😭
NuggetTato 11 kun oldin
I'm 19 years old.....and I don't want kids until I'm 30
Amanda Nicole
Amanda Nicole 11 kun oldin
This guy needs to learn what a condom is for his noodle.
Monie Dew
Monie Dew 11 kun oldin
Chloe Tilbrook
Chloe Tilbrook 11 kun oldin
That dudes a prick ngl😂
Katie Carter
Katie Carter 11 kun oldin
Sooo he got her friend pregnant after she had the baby
Algorithmic 11 kun oldin
Fun fact, you are rewatching this
Deziree Parilla
Deziree Parilla 11 kun oldin
I havent been feeling well for month and been miserable but this video had my cracking up throughout 💀😂
Blue Ape
Blue Ape 12 kun oldin
These guys don’t really laugh that much and especially the guy on the right he knows its not that funny why you fake laughing bruh
Dolly Gunnz
Dolly Gunnz 12 kun oldin
Wow this is why it's important to PARENT your child.
Souta Kyouma
Souta Kyouma 12 kun oldin
2:41 Thats a lot of damage
Sam Parkker
Sam Parkker 12 kun oldin
Does he wish he slept with his sister....? Weird vibes
CaspersGhoul 13 kun oldin
It took me awhile to kiss him "cos I'm so INNOCENT"! "But we had set before that..!" innocent...! 🤦‍♀️ 🤣
RynShay Reactions
RynShay Reactions 13 kun oldin
🧐 the mom giggled 🤭 OMFG 🤬
RynShay Reactions
RynShay Reactions 13 kun oldin
So they fucked and then had a make out session for the first time 😳👀 WTF THIS IS MAKING ME FEEL ALL KIND OF UAAHHHHHHHHHHH 💀
RynShay Reactions
RynShay Reactions 13 kun oldin
Thang thang wtf 😳
RynShay Reactions
RynShay Reactions 13 kun oldin
White girl .. why do you have to call me that ...what else could I call you ... 😳😂😂😂😂👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀
RynShay Reactions
RynShay Reactions 13 kun oldin
MaKayla Decker
MaKayla Decker 13 kun oldin
Can we all agree that this kid looks like Steve Rogers before the super serum treatment?
Project Error
Project Error 13 kun oldin
It been better if he texted back who’s the father
Becca Reid
Becca Reid 13 kun oldin
I think some people are forgetting that these are kids who were treated like adults and expected to make adult decisions. They only seem stupid when you are judging them as adults, but so does every kid their age.
Sam Maugeri
Sam Maugeri 13 kun oldin
“Wait, 65 likes? That should be a dislike!” *feels bad only getting 20 likes on post*
Pedro Martell
Pedro Martell 14 kun oldin
Maybe they though u don’t get pregnant if u don’t kiss first lol kids this days think the darnest things
Samantha Wise
Samantha Wise 14 kun oldin
“It’s hard to get your noodle wet with a piece of plastic in the way” Yeah you know what else is hard to do with a “piece of plastic” in the way? GET PREGNANT!!!!!!
Nyan Cat poptart
Nyan Cat poptart 5 kun oldin
They aren't even plastic, they're rubber. The dude must of tried using a snickers wrapper before and thought it was a condom.
Nicole Tate
Nicole Tate 15 kun oldin
Omg sooooooooo funny, I laughed my arse off!! Please please please follow these two and keep us posted 🤞🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
Joanna J
Joanna J 16 kun oldin
If his name wasn't Matthew it would probably be Kyle 16 kun oldin
I feel sorry for the mom and dad of these two 16 year old kids, there going to raise that baby while the two brainless teenagers go out and screw up again!
Jacob Andelman
Jacob Andelman 18 kun oldin
The boy cheated on the girl with her friend and got her friend pregnant
Jacob Andelman
Jacob Andelman 18 kun oldin
When he said he wanted to get his noodle wet I got a spaghetti ad
Gio Yoo
Gio Yoo 18 kun oldin
The girl looks 11
Monsieur V se refait
Monsieur V se refait 18 kun oldin
2:25 lol
Monsieur V se refait
Monsieur V se refait 18 kun oldin
cheers from france guys i laugh so loud watching your videos
Son Goku
Son Goku 18 kun oldin
This is the number of brain cells ken lost 👇
A G 18 kun oldin
A moment of silence for the brain cells lost while watching this video of Unexpected & another for the appreciation for these 2 on the "couch" giving us brief reprieves with their hilarious commentary.
Broken Medic
Broken Medic 19 kun oldin
Did you just assume their gender? The reason they did not kiss first was COVID. Mask up.
scriiibzzz 20 kun oldin
That dude is the living breathing embodiment of the reason i take birth control
Super Dave
Super Dave 20 kun oldin
Kids having kids..... Tragic!!!
Joe Knoedler
Joe Knoedler 20 kun oldin
Sometimes I need to get my noodle wet too.
Cheyenne Johnson
Cheyenne Johnson 21 kun oldin
The pregnancy seems *expected* to me 😐
Imogen .W.
Imogen .W. 21 kun oldin
Machine gun kelly ... i cant
Ivy Loves Life
Ivy Loves Life 21 kun oldin
65 likes? Thats basically a dislike! *me sitting here with a 20 like average like*
Diego Ramos
Diego Ramos 21 kun oldin
That dude on something
Dizzy Fortune
Dizzy Fortune 21 kun oldin
Matthew left her for her best friend
DrCuriensapprentice 21 kun oldin
So when the kid graduates from High school they’ll only be in their mid-30’s?
Rage Mutt
Rage Mutt 21 kun oldin
Its time *For a Triple Abortion*
Read Tv
Read Tv 22 kun oldin
She ain’t lying her mom didn’t need to let her have boys in her room lol
chris lafoon
chris lafoon 22 kun oldin
Right when he says "I wanted to get my noodle wet" a KFC commercial comes on and the first words are "let KFC do the work for ya with our 20$ fill up"
Ama Park
Ama Park 22 kun oldin
This is amazing
Juan Duenas
Juan Duenas 22 kun oldin
How is it not the mothers fault? XD
TheBadInfluence 22 kun oldin
im screaming Ken look at 2:20 XD
Bailey 23 kun oldin
The physical pain ken feels every time he discusses the mother. 🤣🤣🤣
Iveliss Vazquez
Iveliss Vazquez 23 kun oldin
I guess she saw the movie pretty woman and wanted to be like her. 😂
Human Being
Human Being 23 kun oldin uninspiring. 😒
Human Being
Human Being 23 kun oldin
Dad kinda looks like he had a few bongs before he came on the show...💨
Rage Mutt
Rage Mutt 21 kun oldin
Dad kinda looks like his dad had a few bongs before and during his conception 💀
DD Dietriech
DD Dietriech 23 kun oldin
I want whatever weed this kid is smoking.
Maddy XX
Maddy XX 23 kun oldin
Why y’all gotta bring Mgk into this 😭
Diosa Gaming
Diosa Gaming 23 kun oldin
I would have boiled his noodle and gave it to my poodle...
mr blue
mr blue 24 kun oldin
Wet that noodle felt like a ranch moment 🤣
Juswa Duneass
Juswa Duneass 24 kun oldin
Dang, this was uploaded 2 weeks ago
The Rainwriter [Music]
The Rainwriter [Music] 24 kun oldin
"I'm pregnant." "Oh..."
Stephen Tolman
Stephen Tolman 24 kun oldin
Penny wise laugh
Shawn Coney
Shawn Coney 24 kun oldin
These kids.... are just sad... What the actual?
Patriot Duel
Patriot Duel 24 kun oldin
This girl is going to see this and realize how big of a mistake she made.
Thomas S
Thomas S 24 kun oldin
Well Matthew “wet noodle” left Hailey for her best friend also named Hailey and got her pregnant as well then dipped on both children and has nothing to do with them
Hexighost 24 kun oldin
derpy dickhead ended up cheating with the best friend again lol
Michelle Jones
Michelle Jones 24 kun oldin
Ur literally making fun of children🤮 this is actually a few years old and haily is an excellent mom,but come on,they are children.
the saffron show
the saffron show 24 kun oldin
I am so thankful I stumbled upon this tonight thank u fellas ❤️❤️☮️
Audin 1027
Audin 1027 24 kun oldin
The Apple that fell from that family tree was picked up off the ground after it'd been there for a few days. Not sure there's even a tree in that family. Just a stick.
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