Stranger Proposes to 17 Year Old at Her Birthday | React Couch TLC

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We watch Complete Stranger Proposes To 17 Year Old At Her Birthday Party! | Gypsy Brides US TLC on React Couch!
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Selena's big fat gypsy birthday bash takes an unexpected turn for the worse as her mother presents her with an unwanted surprise.
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Aqua 7 soat oldin
My mother n her best friend are gypsys n neither one of them act like this lol
Jon Vecellio
Jon Vecellio 17 soat oldin
Why does every guy these Gypsy mothers pick for their daughters look like a Great Value version of Scumbag Steve??
Linka Binka
Linka Binka Kun oldin
The girl is amazing. Shs give a f**k about her education
jean chavez
jean chavez Kun oldin
This girl has her shot together and her mom is trying to sell her off ! The girl is going to be self reliant and a addition to her community where ever she ends up at !!!🥰🙏🏼❤️
Robinz 2 kun oldin
You guys are talking like that conversation about her mom being crazy is fake but ive had conversations exactly like that with one of my old roommates. Im not saying that the conversation here is real, just that there is definitely a possibility it is.
Mad as Max
Mad as Max 6 kun oldin
Another, so called queen from the ghetto!
The God
The God 7 kun oldin
I had to pause the vid as well when he put his knee down.
Zach Gilbow
Zach Gilbow 7 kun oldin
Ken looks so much like Q from impractical jokers that it’s scary
Bailey H
Bailey H 8 kun oldin
That's so sad
Coltwins 98
Coltwins 98 8 kun oldin
Take that mom to the ranch goddawgit
Christian Warner
Christian Warner 9 kun oldin
I see Happy the cat.
Zainab ali
Zainab ali 9 kun oldin
Mum: looks like she’s on crack Gypsie man: looks like he’s taken drugs/crack Daughter: sober Now that I have come to this relisation that her mum is a crack head i have concluded that the daughter was right for sticking up for her education and for beliving in that... she kindly rejected the guy at that point the mum should have backed off
Ashlie McCutcheon
Ashlie McCutcheon 10 kun oldin
Your voice sounds like Ask Swifty
Meow🐈 11 kun oldin
Where's the dad in all these mess?
Gabe Ziese
Gabe Ziese 12 kun oldin
Ken looks like patty mayo
Moneka Ramos
Moneka Ramos 11 kun oldin
Lmao he Lowkey does
Andrew Le
Andrew Le 12 kun oldin
So, like scheduling a meet up so your female dog in heat can mate with another dog?
Ebony Causon
Ebony Causon 13 kun oldin
I’m so super proud of this girl for knowing her worth and standing up to her toxic af mother
SaltRiver Pirate
SaltRiver Pirate 16 kun oldin
Guessing she is turning 18 and this is her 17th birthday party. Most of us don't get one the day we are born so, one fewer birthday parties than years old...
Kris Shanahan
Kris Shanahan 16 kun oldin
Cinnamon- dude, dont follow the sheeple! Lose the top knot!! Please!!
Kris Shanahan
Kris Shanahan 16 kun oldin
Love these guys!
SUMMIT 17 kun oldin
13:37 on buff, P00n
Najaya Reed
Najaya Reed 19 kun oldin
No simp September...💏
Abaddon the Cat and Sevilla the Dog
Abaddon the Cat and Sevilla the Dog 19 kun oldin
To those fighting about gypsies and there level of education. Remember the Amish believe in formal education... up to the 8th grade. A lot of these kinds of cultures believe in jobs that involve building thing, crafting, etc. The belief is that the family unit should be strong enough to also educate and provide necessary knowledge to be a productive member to their community. Naturally there are exceptions to every culture.
Eve the Raviolo
Eve the Raviolo 22 kun oldin
I love her attitude. She stands up for herself and aint taking none of that shit. Amazing.
Patti Jo Sinerius
Patti Jo Sinerius 22 kun oldin
I think the disco ball had the best time at this party. lol
Patti Jo Sinerius
Patti Jo Sinerius 22 kun oldin
Would YOU want these goobers to MARRY your daughter??
crest castle
crest castle 25 kun oldin
It's creepy and wrong
The Channel Channel
The Channel Channel 25 kun oldin
1/3 of this video is two pals laughing. I'm gonna follow it
Olivia Kimble
Olivia Kimble 25 kun oldin
Y’all funny as hell I love the big guys laugh🤣🤣🤣
emora flaws
emora flaws 26 kun oldin
4:34 lmao Ken's face
Rachel Cupitt
Rachel Cupitt 26 kun oldin
i love that girl. she has her shit TOGETHER 👏
Danelle Sissing
Danelle Sissing 26 kun oldin
mom needs to go to the ranch
Valentin Balme-Rüth
Valentin Balme-Rüth 27 kun oldin
i mean how did the mother think that would go???? hahahahaha
outlaw trucks tv
outlaw trucks tv 27 kun oldin
Ken you remind me of dave2d
Blake Henry
Blake Henry 28 kun oldin
LMAO, how am I just now finding these videos this is hilarious guys keep it up
Ishmal Fatima
Ishmal Fatima 28 kun oldin
99% of the comments r about the girl and her mom 1% r about the actual reaction
Linda Gregory
Linda Gregory 28 kun oldin
Lol. He’s proof cosines shouldn’t get married.
Tanya Lewis
Tanya Lewis 29 kun oldin
I couldn't even truly get mad at how insane this episode was....because those laughs ♥️♥️😍♥️
ilike pie5601
ilike pie5601 Oy oldin
When Ken talks about drinking every time they say gypsy i saw the banner at the bottom but missed the like the video and only saw do it do it now
Strahinja Lazicic
Strahinja Lazicic Oy oldin
Y’all talk too much
Sarah Olivo
Sarah Olivo Oy oldin
I'm addicted to these videos
Moxi Foxi77
Moxi Foxi77 Oy oldin
Classic case of a mom living through her daughter the mom probably crushing on Stephan herself
Captain Valravn
Captain Valravn Oy oldin
Theory: Her mom was saying “18th birthday party” to not make the non-Gypsies question why a 20 something year old man was proposing to her.
Three Tuna
Three Tuna Oy oldin
that dude is absolutely not 23 he is either close to 30 or already over 30
Arcade Kaos
Arcade Kaos Oy oldin
🤘😃👍💥🎮💫Home boy's pink Ball skills are off the hook
Frank Tremblay
Frank Tremblay Oy oldin
Mom and Steven seems like a match for me. Marry him yourself 🙄
Off-Brand Tob Ross
Off-Brand Tob Ross Oy oldin
man be looking like the villain from Luck of the Irish
Creative Sparks
Creative Sparks Oy oldin
So sad because if this was another country she would be forced to marry him
The K-pop Potato Queen
The K-pop Potato Queen Oy oldin
Anyone else questioning if that guy was really 23?
Jibyju Ibrahimovic
Jibyju Ibrahimovic Oy oldin
You guys are so uncultured smh
Janeen Landry
Janeen Landry Oy oldin
I sure hope you find something on Reddit about the Tiger King show, that sh!t is crazy 😜
Sabreena Raue
Sabreena Raue Oy oldin
A seventeen year old is still a minor legally. Do not marry off your children if they don't want to marry at a young age. Also I imagine the guy who's proposing could be a nonce or an abuser. I'm not sure about that though.
Bunzer.of.Wunzerton 223
Bunzer.of.Wunzerton 223 Oy oldin
Why is she wearing a t-shirt getting her hair and make up done. Always wear a button up shirt or tank top.
Steve Reams
Steve Reams Oy oldin
Ya I probably had a few to many
Thiccybrains &salty maru
Thiccybrains &salty maru Oy oldin
These flipping comments are the best.
Azurus Gaming
Azurus Gaming Oy oldin
100% her mom tried selling her off for meth or crack 😂😂
Salvage the wolve, furry
Salvage the wolve, furry Oy oldin
she is 17 or 18 years old and that dude looks 30!!!!
nachoza Oy oldin
That mom is fuckin sick yall
Coleman Whitmire
Coleman Whitmire Oy oldin
I hope she pulled through with going to college
Marissa Bones
Marissa Bones Oy oldin
Love this one
Thecrazedsnowman !
Thecrazedsnowman ! Oy oldin
Angelea Tan
Angelea Tan Oy oldin
Their laughs are so contagious, I have 8 pack abs now LOL
Merab McFarland
Merab McFarland Oy oldin
drive his house and you can live in his car!
Boned ToTheStone
Boned ToTheStone Oy oldin
Did you sell the couch?
Kyler410 Oy oldin
He looks 30
Melinda C
Melinda C Oy oldin
My eyebrows went up off the forehead just like both of yours when mom said she was trying to stop the career. Lol.
lisa bradley
lisa bradley Oy oldin
I want the fear the spoon shirt!
Jenapher Burnett
Jenapher Burnett Oy oldin
HEEEEEEY! EVERYBODY!!! 👏🏽👏🏽 Take it back now y’all! One hope this time 🤣
ProudlyModified Oy oldin
that guys like 30 like damn dude go home
ケンケン Oy oldin
4:54 NOICE
Oliver jr Palmer
Oliver jr Palmer Oy oldin
Issue is that mom's like these really exist
Cody Hedges
Cody Hedges Oy oldin
The water boy got on his knees! 😂👍😂👍😂👍😂😄👍😂😄 Edit: Mom is gonna get laid if her daughter ain't gonna appreciate the D she's bringing around 😂
Steven Lakin
Steven Lakin Oy oldin
I usually chuckle anytime i see someone on tv with the same name as me but that was the first steven to ever make me cringe
Misty Sharrar
Misty Sharrar Oy oldin
Buff hey. I want your shirt. Lol
Jermaine DeBerry
Jermaine DeBerry Oy oldin
No shade, but she looks like Teenage Gypsy Snooki
Ghost uwu
Ghost uwu Oy oldin
When your mom wants to ruin your life for you.
Karra Elmore
Karra Elmore Oy oldin
The mom has been on the Steve wilkos show accusing her brother's wife of killing her brother. Check it out omg it's crazy.
Timothy Verheyn Jr.
Timothy Verheyn Jr. Oy oldin
So glad, and relieved, she said no. I suspect the handshake was weird because she was expecting a kiss on the hand, not an actual handshake.
Cameron Brantley
Cameron Brantley Oy oldin
14:05 uncensored F Bomb lol 😂
Vexatious Void
Vexatious Void Oy oldin
The difference between Buff and Ken's foreheads is tremendous..
Selina Kylemeow
Selina Kylemeow Oy oldin
The kid that threw the ball into that the future beer pong king 😂
Akia Sembly
Akia Sembly Oy oldin
That baby was looking like "Aw, shit"
Haylee Bragg
Haylee Bragg Oy oldin
Every mom I see on this show makes me feel sick to my stomach.
Jennifer Orta
Jennifer Orta Oy oldin
This is literally abuse omg
Tilly Hunters
Tilly Hunters Oy oldin
Steven looks like the outcome of the male cast of both duck dynasty & Beverly Hillbillies spat into a bucket and mixed it up with cheap dollar store beer
breadcob Oy oldin
marrying steven is like marrying a goat
Lalala Rose
Lalala Rose Oy oldin
I like Selena, she’s got her priorities in order.
Paranoxx Oy oldin
Just what every girl wants for her 18th. Chin strap and a drink guy to ruin your entire future. Yay, Mom!
MOHA MOHA Oy oldin
it brought a smile to my face wait a sec did he get the ball in..... WOW AMAZING
The Menagerie K
The Menagerie K Oy oldin
If you meet a guy with a house and a car... you should skip college. That's what you go to college for, to get a house and a car. He's independently wealthy.
Zombinosh Oy oldin
Guy looks Amish.
Taylor Evans
Taylor Evans Oy oldin
if he has a car home and job then he aint a gypsy
W.K. Bell
W.K. Bell Oy oldin
Is it just me or do these chin-strapped beard guys look like Mormons? That and marrying children. Female gypsies RUN!
W.K. Bell
W.K. Bell Oy oldin
gypsy boys know how to handle their balls. These are the types of moms that hide in the corner of the wedding night bedroom so she can pop out to give her daughter tips on how to please her man.
Jersey Girl Jay
Jersey Girl Jay Oy oldin
If you can tell what kind of person someone is by their dog then I wonder what kind of person I am. I'm the proud fur mommy to a 100lb pitbull that thinks he's 3lb Yorkie who has cat's as his best friends and has a soft spot for Chinchillas
Whiterun Guard
Whiterun Guard Oy oldin
Some people would say it's ok because it's their culture. No. No matter what your culture is, this is completely idiotic and wrong. P.S: And it's illegal at this age and below.
Kainen B
Kainen B Oy oldin
That first guy looked like he was old enough to be her dad
Joni Ahti
Joni Ahti Oy oldin
Hey Ken, i like your video, marry me.
acidrainSoup Oy oldin
This man looks like he works on a beat farm
Isabel Ortiz
Isabel Ortiz Oy oldin
floor gang, lol!
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