Steve Harvey Gives Really Bad Relationship Advice

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Steve Harvey gives a lot of relationship advice and motivational speeches. But some of the advice hes given has been really REALLY bad. Coming from a background of stand up comedy he's said some pretty out there things. He now hosts Family Feud and everything else I see on tv. This is a reaction to a compilation of stuff Steve Harvey has said in moments of the past.
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TheQuirkyUnicorn 2 kun oldin
Steve Harvey didnt cheat on his wives It was other women who made him do it
Lucia Murray
Lucia Murray 4 kun oldin
Yeah okay Steve’s advice is horrible but you know what’s worse? People that actually listen to it.
peachiiitea 5 kun oldin
my ex watches Steve Harvey. I'm surprised my ex wasn't as misogynistic as Steve, but he sure was paranoid of me having guy friends
Robinz 5 kun oldin
i think most of those people are laughing from shock tbh
Cult Of Rakdos
Cult Of Rakdos 5 kun oldin
I was legit writing that you don’t hear this stuff on Family Feud but had to erase it all when I remembered “oh wait.........”
lizzy marlow
lizzy marlow 6 kun oldin
i doubt it ken(about women apprantly wanting his D)
Alexis McCray
Alexis McCray 6 kun oldin
I have lost a little bit of respect for Steve now that I've watched this
Sarah Rysanek
Sarah Rysanek 11 kun oldin
My husband doesn't like sports. Better check his man card 😂
Sheena Folsom
Sheena Folsom 14 kun oldin
I don't care how much money he has or who he is im not listening to Steve Harvey's advice. He sounds incredibly ignorant
Naiomi Northrup
Naiomi Northrup 14 kun oldin
I used to enjoy Steve's humour until seeing this video, awful. I never seen how disrespectful he is to women and people in general.
Joe Knoedler
Joe Knoedler 15 kun oldin
Me: What’s your favorite gay joke??? Steve: Statistics on AIDS, Me: 🤷🏼
Fang hellfire
Fang hellfire 18 kun oldin
Damn I just had a sparkling ice haha
John Bordeaux
John Bordeaux 23 kun oldin
In undergrad I dated this girl, and her two roommates became 2 of my best friends. We aren’t together anymore, but the three of us are all still close. I have zero desire to be with them romantically idk how that’s difficult for ANYBODY to believe. Having female friends as a guy is far from weird and impossible without a romantic motive.
E Vogt
E Vogt 23 kun oldin
damn goku thirsty asf
Adam M. Dreher
Adam M. Dreher 25 kun oldin
Ken's commentary was pretty hilarious in this one.
Gracinda Furbs
Gracinda Furbs 27 kun oldin
I really want to see Steve Harvey vs Dr Phil!
Shmodiiee 28 kun oldin
The fact Ken I losing it through this whole video just like me gives me comfort.
Even From Shit Grows Roses
Even From Shit Grows Roses Oy oldin
Me: Steve's been divorced like 3 times...I think. Steve: (Reverse Uno Card)Well you've got to figure out why you haven't been married once girl. Me:😳
snow white’s sister
snow white’s sister Oy oldin
I wonder how his wife feels about this wtf
Addie Anderson
Addie Anderson Oy oldin
My mom is more into sports
Bintang MeKa
Bintang MeKa Oy oldin
Wow. Even my grandparents are more open minded than him.
Snakelady Oy oldin
Wow, I never realized he was such an asshole.
Dei Oy oldin
omg, why is this man on tv?!
Jina Rowland
Jina Rowland Oy oldin
When did Steve get his degree in psychology? I need a Dr. Phil vs Steve Harvey show.
Ash Carson
Ash Carson Oy oldin
16:07 *How would you know, Steve?*
Ash Carson
Ash Carson Oy oldin
14:52 is genuinely terrifying and disgusting to hear from an influencer.
Ash Carson
Ash Carson Oy oldin
Bill Cosby: *the sequel*
Caitlin Speer
Caitlin Speer Oy oldin
This just gave me the laugh that i truly needed today, so thanks. Hahahahahhahaha
Mad Momo
Mad Momo Oy oldin
wait...your dads hug you guys?
Eve Oy oldin
Never liked Steve Harvey.
ali satti
ali satti Oy oldin
This is why he's been divorced 4 times
Jo'Drakhan The Wonderful
Jo'Drakhan The Wonderful Oy oldin
Steve Harvey vs. Dr. Phil cage match.
Alyssa Games
Alyssa Games Oy oldin
this is hilarious oh my gosh!!!! 😂😂😂😂
wlaba272 Oy oldin
I have no idea how Steve Harvey still hosts anything after what he did on that Miss show a couple of years before :D
Ariana M
Ariana M Oy oldin
Everything this man said was so ignorant but the sports one was just- yo really? Women arent 'really' interested in sports? Watching all these games and you've never noticed ALL THE WOMEN fans in the stands? They've all spent hundreds of dollars to stand in the bleachers and wonder why their husbands dont pay attention to them at home, I guess.
Imogen Atkins
Imogen Atkins Oy oldin
Bill Cosby vibes 😶
The Mites
The Mites Oy oldin
Yo I didn’t realize he was so misogynistic
Marshal Klaver
Marshal Klaver Oy oldin
I don't hug my dad cause I'm uncomfortable, its just i didn't exactly grow up being taught as that's normal. So i now know that its ok, but i'm still subconsciously weirded out by it.
Cherry Shaun 24
Cherry Shaun 24 Oy oldin
Steve isn't wrong but... men shouldn't do this and at least half of them don't the other half does
Sam Sage
Sam Sage Oy oldin
I feel like this hit home with Ken
Katie Sumpter
Katie Sumpter Oy oldin
My boyfriend is really into game of thrones. When we started dating I showed interest and his friend loaned me the dvds and he explained who people were ect. How can you have a relationship if you dont have anything to share with eachother?
Super Gamer_13
Super Gamer_13 Oy oldin
IN many ways i can't disagree with Harvey
Sabreena Raue
Sabreena Raue Oy oldin
Asexuals and aromatics: What?!
Kat Mustang
Kat Mustang Oy oldin
I can't agree more with you. So glad to see someone calling him out. I've never seen his appeal.
yag mi
yag mi Oy oldin
"why do men cheat?" Me: "I dunno why do women cheat?"
Quinn Oy oldin
Ken cringed so hard his footstool died
Wielded Oy oldin
Why take relationship advice from a guy that's been divorced 3 times is the question xD;
Jaime Koskey
Jaime Koskey Oy oldin
With the cancel culture seething recently how has Steve NOT been cancelled yet???
kate summers
kate summers Oy oldin
damn i used to look up to steve the weatherman but damn
Ripper _Red
Ripper _Red Oy oldin
Thomas Rolfsmeyer
Thomas Rolfsmeyer Oy oldin
Steve is a sarcastic person. I think this was meant to bash him. Yes I believe some of the things he says is outdated and yes I don't agree with a lot of what he says.
L M Oy oldin
What a misogynistic pos Steve Harvey is...
Craig Goodwin
Craig Goodwin Oy oldin
Make some jokes about his current stuff. Seems making jokes about edgy content from different time through the lens of today is a bit low hanging fruit.
Kyle Fitzsimmons
Kyle Fitzsimmons Oy oldin
I'm not sure ...if he's really just trying to be funny... or what... oh wait yea he really is like that.
Lydia Robertson
Lydia Robertson Oy oldin
Some of these answers I kinda get, but he delivered it quite badly.
SanLin0922 Oy oldin
Steve Harvey is one problematic man 👀
nikki Oy oldin
steve seems like the type to cheat on his wife
Cameron Wilson
Cameron Wilson Oy oldin
i feel Harvey and Cosby spent a lot of time together
DaemonetteLeilu19 Oy oldin
Hmm... i hate to admit that the extreme feminists have a point with this guy...
Diana Elise Rose B
Diana Elise Rose B Oy oldin
can you do a video on his preacher type show
Tash Ray
Tash Ray Oy oldin
Steve harvey has no valid advice....hes a tool.
Lemon fluff
Lemon fluff Oy oldin
🤣🤣🤣🤣this guy is ridiculous
Steph Levi
Steph Levi Oy oldin
Yooo I had no idea Steve Harvey was so misogynistic! WTFFFFFF He has no shame.
Uty Hall
Uty Hall Oy oldin
As Neal deGrasse Tyson said no one is atheist, that implies you know all of the Universe your either a Nihilist or Agnostic.
abood harb
abood harb Oy oldin
Steve is just a simple old man telling his own opinion why all this hate
ZoSoArt Oy oldin
I'm just wanna do sumthin to ya... This evening 😏😉
ZoSoArt Oy oldin
Rashae White
Rashae White Oy oldin
It would be awesome if you did a series “ken gives advice”
queen jeski
queen jeski Oy oldin
i think that steve harvey and harvey weinstein have more than a name in common
frankiestar43 Oy oldin
i used to think he was funny but man hes just real ignorant
Lynn White
Lynn White Oy oldin
Can we all throw up on Steve whenever anyone sees him?
SpoolOfThread Oy oldin
I think Steve Harvey is saying these things as a joke because he thinks he is funny even though he isnt funny at all. If he's serious he really needs to be cancelled tbh.
The Greedy Worm
The Greedy Worm Oy oldin
Not that I believe in canceling... but HOW has he not been canceled yet?
MaenNand Oy oldin
we should remember the environment when he was born and raised, that built him to the way he is now. cant blame him for not cooperating in today's morality
Toss a coin to your Witcher
Toss a coin to your Witcher Oy oldin
18:00 this is true. And Ken dont lie to yourself when you wore not married you wore the same.
ANDRADA Oy oldin
Miss universe
F4T4LFUS1ON Oy oldin
Respect for Steve Harvey = -100
F4T4LFUS1ON Oy oldin
the vids just arent the same without buff, he just makes it for me haha
Mason Smith
Mason Smith Oy oldin
He made the joke about being a shut in college student and I look around my room as i see a few bottles just sitting over on my desk lmfao
Raul Olvera
Raul Olvera Oy oldin
Love hunting and fishing don’t give two fucks about football
budderfly1965 Oy oldin
Apparently you are a big ole wussy yourself. Balless, chinless wonder...grow a set.
budderfly1965 Oy oldin
This is bad...your video. Steve is a real man, telling those snarky bitches where to step off. It's so dumb you can't see the stereotypes the women are throwing at him and he is serving it right back to these dipshits.
CasualBarehn Oy oldin
back in the day when you could have crude humor and not be put through the ringer for it.
thepseudonight 619
thepseudonight 619 Oy oldin
I'm just wanna do somethin to you this evening
KidRiver Oy oldin
Context is important Ken. LOL
Doomed Friend
Doomed Friend Oy oldin
the word nag has lost all meaning to me
waheed rahman
waheed rahman Oy oldin
Steve Harvey, I could never make sense of that man.
Alisha Oy oldin
I’d love to see you and Mary react to a video together
Jamie Ritchey
Jamie Ritchey Oy oldin
Aren't these all jokes? Like, y'all can't find the humor in these statements?!? 🤣
Terry Byas
Terry Byas Oy oldin
How in the hell can he talking about cheating, when he cheated on his first wife with the second wife and the second wife with the 3rd wife. So he doesn't need to give anybody advice.
Jenzu Oy oldin
ken actin as if he perfect man when he starin at womens asses while married and has kid lul
R!cothefamousk!dz Rico
R!cothefamousk!dz Rico Oy oldin
JrB Oy oldin
Man card.... Man card...? Man card!!! Man card. I'm sick
JrB Oy oldin
How is he not cancelled 2020 style?
Elliot Stephens
Elliot Stephens Oy oldin
It makes me feel so relieved? Hopeful?! encouraged?! There really isnt a word for it. But as a female who grew up in a VERY conservative and brainwashing family its just genuinely so amazing to see someone so well spoken and respected making a joke out of bullshit sexism like this.
Shana Medah
Shana Medah Oy oldin
Steve : you can fake a seizure Ken : has an actual one
Tobin Roberts
Tobin Roberts Oy oldin
I suspected my fiancee cheating on me because her mobile device is all locked, she won't allow me touch her phone. She always come up with excuses when you ask her to do things, she starts to take longer to respond to my text she ignores calls and when she does text back it's usually one word replies or vague answers something will always come up, when I try to plan something in advance or ask her to do something and no matter how random of a time you asked her she respond back saying oh I can't I have plans or we'll figure something out and she won't respond as if I didn't ask her, Trust me no one needs to tell you your spouse is cheating big time, but you can remotely access to your cheating spouse phone through the help of HACKERSDREAM07@ GMAIL...COM that was introduced to me. I made the right call doing this because of the relief I felt after you may also need this service if you find yourself with an untrustworthy partner
Steven Lakin
Steven Lakin Oy oldin
Shows us YOUR man card feminist toast Ken
Char Retkowski
Char Retkowski Oy oldin
When men "nag" it's either just considered complaining. And then I might be stretching when I place my foot up or onto his bum. Just saying.
Beth Daugherty
Beth Daugherty Oy oldin
"I'm not trying to say anything bad about Steve Harvey, he's already said it himself."
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