Seananners Has Come Back To YouTube After 2 Years

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After being gone for 2 years, Seananners (Adam Montoya) has finally returned to UZpost to give me hope in 2020. Seananners is an OG gaming channel from the Machinima days. Popular for Call of Duty commentary and Multiplayer games with friends (Trouble In Terrorist Town, Hidden, Prop Hunt). One of my favorite clips on UZpost comes from Seananners when they played Hidden and GassyMexican acted as Morgan Freeman trying to kill them. Hope he's back for good!
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BakedBanana 10 kun oldin
AbstractBlueSky 25 kun oldin
Amen Ken. Amen.
seth dillon
seth dillon 25 kun oldin
Did nothing wrong? He abandoned us:( jk glad he’s back though it brings back a lot of memories he’s the reason I got a pc just to play gmod
ErusPhoebus 26 kun oldin
ken you need to play among us with him :D
Jc Alfon
Jc Alfon 27 kun oldin
Maybe we can get Ken, Adam , Felix and jack to play among us together!
King Ragnar
King Ragnar 27 kun oldin
When he was gone i never unsubscribe him i had hope that seananners one day will be back and he did
Spencer J Lowrey
Spencer J Lowrey Oy oldin
I missed him.
Aasegiizhig Indizhinikaaz
Aasegiizhig Indizhinikaaz Oy oldin
FormingCash 905
FormingCash 905 Oy oldin
Omg, I was so scared that this would be clickbait but I can’t express how happy I am to see him return. Something positive about 2020 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Cyra Wolfire
Cyra Wolfire Oy oldin
I have missed Adam soooooo much! I’m so happy he’s back! 💗
Brittney Bowers
Brittney Bowers Oy oldin
I missed Seananners!
Tristan Page
Tristan Page Oy oldin
When he came back I actually shed a few tears
hailargentina Oy oldin
mr sark, gassy, nanners, chilled and some of the other guys are going to be playing among us this friday. check out themrsark on twitch.
Sevilay Muslera
Sevilay Muslera Oy oldin
When he said minx me pewdiepie I got flashbacks of TTT
AffableAussie Oy oldin
So much nostalgia remembering you, felix, minx playing prop hunt, GM: Murder and cry laughing at nearly every episode
professionalnewbie Oy oldin
Kind of disappointed that you mentioned all of his new life skills outside his newfound ability to construct solar systems...
Shadow Wulf Gaming
Shadow Wulf Gaming Oy oldin
You guys were my childhood, and I'm so happy to see you guys again soon
Retro Man02
Retro Man02 Oy oldin
Can we just start calling Adam the Messiah
arquiair Oy oldin
seananners is the worlds most lovable prick yall know im right and i know yall hate that you love this too
Hayden Frank
Hayden Frank Oy oldin
the best part of my 2020
Ryan Blonshine
Ryan Blonshine Oy oldin
This dude brought up minx 😭😭😂 never in my life I’ll watch minx
Mya Nerd
Mya Nerd Oy oldin
My favorite was the prop hunt, and cry holds the door shut. The “come out here young lady” video
Crackedaholic iOS
Crackedaholic iOS Oy oldin
The banana man will be the one to save us, trust in the nana man
RustyPATH Oy oldin
If it wasent for this video i would not have know he is back!!!!
The Gaming Kirby
The Gaming Kirby Oy oldin
What I hope for from fans is that people can appreciate what he can produce. I don't like people who demand to see a certain content for a long time and I hope his fans (which is literally everyone) can just appreciate what he can give.
zombyeslayer99 Oy oldin
Ken doesnt gen the attention he deserves. Hes been here a long time. I'm not a full on fan but I recognize ken as on of the greats.
Fallen Gaming
Fallen Gaming Oy oldin
Iv been subbed to nanners sense i set up my first UZpost account years ago. It sucked he left but life can hit hard so i understand. That being said i never gave up hope that the he would return low and behold the nannerman is amongst us once again! Im stoked to see more vids and even streams if he does them. Welcome back SeaNanners
Michael ___
Michael ___ Oy oldin
great point about apology
Joe dirt
Joe dirt Oy oldin
Idk man 2008 was probably worse
MaritimeSteak 85
MaritimeSteak 85 Oy oldin
Seananners is amazing
Daddy Qualia
Daddy Qualia Oy oldin
Oh my lawd, I remember the old crew playing Trouble in Terrorist Town
Hagelslag Oy oldin
His laugh was so damn contagious and I like his voice.
Draco Safarius
Draco Safarius Oy oldin
Wonder how strong Nanners is after a two year time skip
Honest Crab
Honest Crab Oy oldin
For me, 2020 is the best year so far. Got all my A's in college because of the varus :^)
Patrick Irvine
Patrick Irvine Oy oldin
Don't....Don't give me hope xD
Spartan 118 [HALO 2]
Spartan 118 [HALO 2] Oy oldin
I still remember him. Just waiting to have fresh blood playing the hidden.
bigboi 97
bigboi 97 Oy oldin
I dunno man, my great-grandmother had her dad get shot by the nazis in front of her, so I would say that was her worst year ever
Dawson Dunigan
Dawson Dunigan Oy oldin
I’m not gonna lie I thought I was watching Captain Sparkles this whole video
leapinglizards101 Oy oldin
i LOVE seananners this is AMAZING
desmond kaito
desmond kaito Oy oldin
I wonder if Ken and Pewds still keep up with Minx I loved watching their videos together like TTT and prop hunt
Elias Bajor
Elias Bajor Oy oldin
In comes Nanners
the ghostspider KGS
the ghostspider KGS Oy oldin
Old is gold baby💛
Pan Samuio
Pan Samuio Oy oldin
Well his humor might make him go to Susan’s jail
Average Joe
Average Joe Oy oldin
The nanners is back? He'll yea. Chilled became a lesser nanners since he left. We need nanners back in our life I'm glad he's back!!!
William Cates
William Cates Oy oldin
he says it still reaches out to millions of viewers. Bro thats literally me and 10 other people. We only watch seananners
Jordan Oke
Jordan Oke Oy oldin
As weird as it may sound. I've been falling asleep to Seananners since 2010. So happy he's back!
Googli300 Oy oldin
Let's appreciate for a second Ken's patriotic hat with cat-eared headphones. Power combo.
Rascal Ragdoll182
Rascal Ragdoll182 Oy oldin
I was in the hospital by myself having a health scare and I got a notification that he posted a video and tweeted. I was surprised and so happy when I saw it. Literally a huge highlight of the year for me.
Tamara Kay
Tamara Kay Oy oldin
Sophia Astatine
Sophia Astatine Oy oldin
Two months ago, I wrote a comment on a different video, saying the Nanner man would return to giggle the darkness away. I've not been this happy to be right in a long time.
Roy Oy oldin
Awww man the: "I can smell you" always brings me back and cracks me up like the day I first heard it. Awesome
Neku Oy oldin
oh I remember that guy
Lelandra_The_Mage Oy oldin
tuts my barr-eh
LemmyTheLump Oy oldin
Recorded vids that twitch took over
Aya Voronov
Aya Voronov Oy oldin
I hope he plays Among Us with Gassy again. They were a great group to watch and I still watch Gassy to this day.
jay cervantes
jay cervantes Oy oldin
When I was in high school nobody knew who seananners was till I played a my own compilation of him betraying others for a class presentation (subject was about betrayals in history it could have been real life or a real life scenario from a book or movie I did both in a way) everyone was laughing till word spread around the school. The most famous at the time were just Pewdiepie Markiplier and Jacksepticeye, Nanners became a fourth.
Guadalupe Escamilla
Guadalupe Escamilla Oy oldin
I'm Bettering My Life,
Guadalupe Escamilla
Guadalupe Escamilla Oy oldin
Yeah Dude I;m All for Bettreing MyLife.
Kenny Shoes
Kenny Shoes Oy oldin
You and Pewds had such great content with Adam. Hope to see some more
Mr. Scare Crow
Mr. Scare Crow Oy oldin
Funny you mention Birthdays. It's my little sisters birthday.
Danz McNabb
Danz McNabb Oy oldin
I was so stoked when I saw he'd uploaded~
garrett smith
garrett smith Oy oldin
Late to comment. But such a huge fan of me cheatsy doodle
Road Warrior
Road Warrior Oy oldin
It's Seananners, Sea - a - n - a - n - e - r
Lorena Menares
Lorena Menares Oy oldin
Booooooring! Stop talk about other UZpost. 😑
adam burdt
adam burdt Oy oldin
Yoi know what isn't comimg back? His hakrline
Bret Aspenson
Bret Aspenson Oy oldin
Lets get 420 comments here
maggie dobson
maggie dobson Oy oldin
This literally made me cry
DrBADass01 Oy oldin
I absolutely love the Morgan Freeman video. I missed him so much, I'm so happy hes back.
Kiana K.
Kiana K. Oy oldin
Oh. Mein. Gott. Ja. Ich hab vor kurzem erst nochmal alle deine Folgen durchgeschaut und omg, danke, ich freue mich so sehr❤️❤️
Andrez Plascencia
Andrez Plascencia Oy oldin
Seananners, eagle, gassy,epicanthic, and chilledchaos
Timira Williams
Timira Williams Oy oldin
Ngl kinda expected Ken to say “I love you” to Seananners lololol
dartfrog99 Oy oldin
*Me, seeing the clips *Smiles and strokes four year grown beard "Just like the old days"
Ginny And Jackson Jackson
Ginny And Jackson Jackson Oy oldin
You had a video called memes that cured my fortnite addiction how did you not notice that the art director's name on the Girl Scout video was Magnus paknis
Daniel Tan
Daniel Tan Oy oldin
Jar of parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme perfume all over his body
Daniel Tan
Daniel Tan Oy oldin
Alabaster jar.
Miss.Yukishiro Oy oldin
Actually cried when I saw that nanners was back 😭
Hajime Hinata!
Hajime Hinata! Oy oldin
He was my childhood. I missed him so much
A G Oy oldin
oh ken, your dad bod is the shining light in the dismal darkness that is 2020
VampySkully Oy oldin
I've never clicked so fast. I LOVE seananners. his videos always got me through sad days and make me laugh so hard.
AmbblyPuff Oy oldin
Yeah that Morgan Freeman skit always gets me 🤣☠️
Cacti Bush
Cacti Bush Oy oldin
SSoHPKC (O' Doherty) has returned, as well. A great time for content creators to return, imo!
smokingsoilder Oy oldin
Ken talks about SeaNanners.... *sad Dane noises*
Melocookiess ¿
Melocookiess ¿ Oy oldin
Remember this has been 4 years
jxwxls Oy oldin
I remember when he played with Pewds, Minx and Seananners back in the back 😭🥰🦋✨
Noveris Oy oldin
0:03 uummm does 2001 and 2008 not ring a bell?
W OR L Chairman
W OR L Chairman Oy oldin
Nanners got my 14 year old self into PC gaming. He changed it for all of us.
TUmaDO Oy oldin
gang going to be together again??? minx ,ken,pewds and sea?????????????????????????????????????????
Marcus Fox
Marcus Fox Oy oldin
Leafyishere also back, and now? He is no more... PS: HISSSS!
Bubbly Chubbly
Bubbly Chubbly Oy oldin
I wasn't even on YT in 2009, and I still knew who Seananners was.
Zuzu the Destroyer
Zuzu the Destroyer Oy oldin
Worst flipping year.
Tierah Jacobs
Tierah Jacobs Oy oldin
Please put a memecouch or a react couch up for us! We getting weed tomorrow and need to watch you.
Raven Oy oldin
Two years has felt like an eternity.
Chaz Rowe
Chaz Rowe Oy oldin
When is skyblock coming back? lol
Wayne Van Der Berg
Wayne Van Der Berg Oy oldin
Joh. Minx when last
Car Parts
Car Parts Oy oldin
I'll be honest. Never heard of Seananners but thanks for the quick rundown and the Morgan Freeman killer skit.😆
Shalyn 9613
Shalyn 9613 Oy oldin
I screamed with utter glee when I saw that notification from Nanners
m g
m g Oy oldin
I don't know who this is but the Morgan Freeman bit killed me
Holly Oy oldin
Anyone else feel like Ken was kinda hinting that he might dip for a while too? Fine by me as long as he allows Layla and Dane to keep doing react couch! In all seriousness though if he needs a break that’s fine, no one is obligated to keep posting.
anna b
anna b Oy oldin
Saw this and I instantly felt the joy flow back from the previous mickey mouse and Morgan Freeman hunting videos lol
Syasya Oy oldin
Wow. seananners been gone for 2 years??? Wow.
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