Rose Destroys Big Ed | 90 Day Fiancé - React Couch

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React Couch checking out Rose GOES OFF on Big Ed | 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days on TlC
Thank goodness. The destruction is real. Good for both Big Ed and Rose I hope they find happiness.
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Melissa Pantelidis
Melissa Pantelidis 5 kun oldin
For someone who doesn't speak English as a first language, she destroyed him.
Elias Husain
Elias Husain 11 kun oldin
I'm glad ed didnt have those kids. Imagine your sister being 10 years older than your mom. just imagine that for a second
Kyle Patrick Camasosa
Kyle Patrick Camasosa 16 kun oldin
Pedro Martell
Pedro Martell 20 kun oldin
Baby = papers just saying
N MM 22 kun oldin
She served him!
Theaches 26 kun oldin
I mean, as bad as this is, imagine is Ed 'fulfilled' Roses dream and impregnated her before they realized how terrible they are for each other. Eds behavior prevented the tragedy of starting a family off a foundation of lies and deceit, why is Rose even wanting a baby from this man??
Dei 27 kun oldin
I love how you guys went from "ed, my man!" to "ed, shut up!"
Kamila Zasada
Kamila Zasada Oy oldin
Marth R
Marth R Oy oldin
y'know, he probably wanted an Asian wife thinking she'd be meek and just go along with whatever as long as he flaunted enough but I'm so glad to see her put him in his place
KD BEE Oy oldin
The 80's weren't kind to you, were they Ed...
betheroo Oy oldin
Rose just went and found another man who actually has money...and a neck.
leemers Oy oldin
Big Ed hundred %
KM Patriot
KM Patriot Oy oldin
Abigail Inness
Abigail Inness Oy oldin
Me watching through the ed saga on here "oh you guys bout to find out bout Big Ed yo"
SaltRiver Pirate
SaltRiver Pirate Oy oldin
Catch up guys. She said SHE told ED SHE wanted a baby many times. She didn't claim Ed told her that. I think it would be reasonable to assume Ed just ignored it.
E K Oy oldin
I literally can predict his responses to everything- I just don’t use a filter
E K Oy oldin
What to say when u need time to come up w a lie - “what do u mean”
Peasant Oy oldin
Ed is an absolutely disgusting human being.
Nancy Rayner
Nancy Rayner Oy oldin
Ed could wash the sheets in Mayo.
I have a skin condition where I need a thousand thread count on my sheets...called being a pussy
Cathy Harvey
Cathy Harvey 2 oy oldin
Does he sell turtle necks, just wondering
Dark Wolf
Dark Wolf 2 oy oldin
Ken and Buffpro went a whole 180 with Big Ed.
Lau Bean
Lau Bean 2 oy oldin
When Ed said ‘atopic dermatitis’ i was like ‘ you have eczema’. I mean unless his eczema was really bad i don’t think you need 1000 thread count. Lol
Amanda Wade
Amanda Wade 2 oy oldin
Oh Ed's got a condition alright, but it's in his brain not his skin.
AdelMyBell 2 oy oldin
I clean hotel rooms, I usually watch food network to get ideas for dinner, when I’ve seen that show recently, I watch TLC(or news/weather) bet that’s gets old quick) I’ve been catching this show lately but I’d never seen this show until the last few weeks. Bee watching you guys for a while... now I’m watching all your videos to catch up... could just watch it on demand but this is better. Ps I check to see if the tv works properly in every room so I just listen to it while I clean...
Emerald Forests
Emerald Forests 2 oy oldin
Big Ed looks like someone whacked his head with a hamer and his head disappeard in his body🤷🏼‍♀️
Manuel Dasilva
Manuel Dasilva 2 oy oldin
He's probably mad because he claimed he had a neck
Jomama 2 oy oldin
Ed is trash.
Becca Medina
Becca Medina 2 oy oldin
Rose was very upfront about wanting 2 more kids. She wants to get marry and have 2 kids. She’s looking for her king but she ended up with the court jester.
Monica Chappell
Monica Chappell 2 oy oldin
Have you guys reacted to Danielle and Mohammed from 90 day?
Brianna Nichole Wojciechowicz
Brianna Nichole Wojciechowicz 2 oy oldin
Aint no mayonnaise when she gone
abby_elizabeth 2 oy oldin
Why is no one talking about how actually GORGEOUS Rose is!!!!
the royalty of gaming
the royalty of gaming 2 oy oldin
At the beginning: Why does everyone hate Ed? Episodes later: SCREW YOU ED
armpitfuzz 2 oy oldin
He needs to move back with his mother... She raised a brat NOT a man. SO very glad Rose has standards.
Oskari Jokinen
Oskari Jokinen 2 oy oldin
Team rose
zoidums McConnell
zoidums McConnell 2 oy oldin
Rose probably sold those sheets when they arrive lol
Van Storm
Van Storm 2 oy oldin
1000 threads? Boy you a BIG BABY NOT BIG ED
Van Storm
Van Storm 2 oy oldin
Going through a break up right now and youre the only ones who can make me laugh right now. So thank you.♥️💔♥️
Aryan Angel
Aryan Angel 3 oy oldin
If someone that looks like Ed is being unfaithful to their partner that means none of us are safe from a cheating partner.
Zack Gee
Zack Gee 3 oy oldin
His face most the time looks like he knows you farted but doesn't want to make you feel bad about it. So hes just standing in your fart cloud with that same face.
lakesideinc 3 oy oldin
but last week when I measured myself I was 6'1' ... maybe it from jet lag
Ece Burns Blue
Ece Burns Blue 3 oy oldin
11:23 Ed probably thought that hat was trendy or cute. Little did he know it's an accurate representation of him as a person.
hisoka morow
hisoka morow 3 oy oldin
I feel very sorry for her because she was used and she was lied too. Ed is a bad person. PERIOD.
The A.G. Productions
The A.G. Productions 3 oy oldin
I literally have the same condition as Ed, and I've never heard of the thread-count thing ever. Sure, fabrics are important not to irritate my skin, but the most you can really get is a nasty rash.
Gabrielle June Ng
Gabrielle June Ng 3 oy oldin
Walter Irizarry
Walter Irizarry 3 oy oldin
Ed is just the worst in every way and Rose is his complete opposite. He hit the damn lottery and basically cut his arms off so he couldn't take the money. Everything about him is deceitful and selfish. Rose is honest and beautiful. She dodged a bullet the size of Ed's king of the oompah loompah sized ass.
Ayesha Hussein
Ayesha Hussein 3 oy oldin
team rose
Amalia Toroy
Amalia Toroy 4 oy oldin
No neck little Ed behavior is as ugly as his personality..
Heather Jones
Heather Jones 4 oy oldin
LUV the smiling Dr Phil hovering in the middle there, lol
Audrey Spencer
Audrey Spencer 4 oy oldin
Next scene we see rose throw a bucket of water on to Ed and he melts into a puddle of mayonnaise
Red Dragon
Red Dragon 4 oy oldin
I genuinely wanna know who did he even cheat on his wife with. The fact he had an affair blows my mind.. who would even...
Lena Stensgaard
Lena Stensgaard 4 oy oldin
I have watched this video several times together with most other videos showing Rose being real with Ed. I can't get enough of watching her shooting him down!! 😂
Kathryn Greer
Kathryn Greer 4 oy oldin
Compatible, what he had a vasectomy! What's to get to know, you don't want children! Hats off to Rose for being intimate with Big Ed, I think I just threw up in my mouth!
Violet Cherry
Violet Cherry 4 oy oldin
Kinda distracted by dr phill behind you guys...
ImYourNemesis 4 oy oldin
Day Dr Phil is scary
Priscilla Frederick
Priscilla Frederick 4 oy oldin
Rose is that aouse or rat.. mouse I thinkkk.. omg definitely a rat. .😂😂 how rose gave it to Ed.. finally she don't need him..he thought he had control..he was so rude to herrrr..😡
Carola Carola
Carola Carola 4 oy oldin
Are you high? What ya laughing at so much? They havin a serious conversation
Kitsune Fyora
Kitsune Fyora 4 oy oldin
Ed: I'm soaking wet, I wanna go home Me if I was in that position: then go home. I'll stay out a little while longer
Jose Diaz
Jose Diaz 4 oy oldin
Your laughter guys is way over the top!Tone it down 1 or 2 notches so we can enjoy the clips.
DrCarters GirlDBD
DrCarters GirlDBD 4 oy oldin
"mayonnaise started leaking!" I'm done LMFAOOO 😂😂😂
Elisabug Rodd
Elisabug Rodd 4 oy oldin
atopic dermatitis!😂 just say psoriasis!
Rogelio Vela "Roger"
Rogelio Vela "Roger" 4 oy oldin
6:06 next thing, big ed sweats sandwiches (joking) lol
Trooper Jewells
Trooper Jewells 4 oy oldin
Rose is the spirit animal I wish I had.
Sarah Jane Uldricks
Sarah Jane Uldricks 4 oy oldin
All that tiddy sweat of his, he looks like he's lactating.
0Lottee0 4 oy oldin
Ed: i HaVE a sKin COnDitiON My friend with severe psoriasis: *falls asleep on the floor passed out with my cats*
Sarah Ann
Sarah Ann 4 oy oldin
Drew Dubious
Drew Dubious 4 oy oldin
Ed really thought he was getting a stupid little submissive foreign gal lol
Sharon Lauray
Sharon Lauray 4 oy oldin
You guys are so funny! Thanks for the laughs
Ariana Gandhi
Ariana Gandhi 4 oy oldin
Ed is never gonna financially recover from this
Alina 4 oy oldin
The beginning felt like the Maury show when she came in😂
pepeco1973 SNACKS
pepeco1973 SNACKS 4 oy oldin
Ed in a lebron james head band and a turtle neck and he'll be fine.
Big Steve Akam
Big Steve Akam 4 oy oldin
knowing she's that desperate she would even consider a troll like that makes me wish I was rich and single, I would worship the ground she walks on.
Carol Nahigian
Carol Nahigian 4 oy oldin
Carol Nahigian
Carol Nahigian 4 oy oldin
He waited..BECAUSE HE WANTED TO MAKE SURE he could USE her\
Tamster 4 oy oldin
"A portion" donated..??? That could mean 10 pesos
Tamster 4 oy oldin
Rose asks: Why did you lie this whole time?? Ed: Suddenly doesn't understand English
Morgan Elzey
Morgan Elzey 4 oy oldin
ed when he cheated on his 1St wife: 😲 ANOTHER WOMAN WANTS TO HAVE NASTY WITH ME.. ewfgu udew.. YYEEESSSS!!!!!!!
Kayla Hensler
Kayla Hensler 4 oy oldin
Team Rose all the way
FrenchToasties123 4 oy oldin
Big Ed doesn't deserve to stand in the same place as Dr. Phil. The Ranch wouldn't accept him.
Loosely Gaming
Loosely Gaming 4 oy oldin
rose is awesome
Steve Whyte
Steve Whyte 4 oy oldin
I wish he had been caught in a lockdown and had to stay with the chicken and the rat for 3 months, I'd pay to see his face, in fact it would have made lockdown far easier knowing that Ed was stuck there, I would have smiled myself to sleep every night lol !
daniel turner
daniel turner 4 oy oldin
Cybermen - you are not compatible
Lrr_Of_Omikron 4 oy oldin
Ken: "this show is making me feel feelings for the first time" Me: "my dad told me the same thing the day I moved out"
Ashber 4 oy oldin
Omg!!! You had to put the final scene of Rose telling Ed he is a horrible person!!!! That scene was golden!!
Jose Hidalgo
Jose Hidalgo 4 oy oldin
He will be selling neck less shirt
Jessica Brumfield
Jessica Brumfield 4 oy oldin
The whole season is a garbage fire, so bad but you can't look away
Jose L
Jose L 4 oy oldin
I lowkey want Big ed to e on Dr. Phil, more content
nancy mchugh
nancy mchugh 5 oy oldin
If Big Ed were the last man on earth there would be mass extinction. Ewwww noooo
Tom Cruise’s Middle Front Tooth
Tom Cruise’s Middle Front Tooth 5 oy oldin
My immediate thoughts seeing Rose the first time: “OOH SHE COLD. SHE SO COLD”
Lemon 5 oy oldin
Ed's one of those annoying people who pretend they're the main protagonist in an anime or tv show..
Brandon Arreguin
Brandon Arreguin 5 oy oldin
Big Ed treated her so bad she turned lesbian💀
Rosie Christo
Rosie Christo 5 oy oldin
Again, Rosie is my spirit animal and the woman I aspire to be! She don't take no shit!
Tony Sicchitano
Tony Sicchitano 5 oy oldin
I want to see big ed go on the Dr Phil show
Kay 5 oy oldin
ED: "I wanna go" Rose: "No, I want to go." Really really want to leave your sorry complaining ass." "Bye!"
Kay 5 oy oldin
He is a troll and she is a gorgeous young lady. Why was he not bowing to the ground and kissing her feet for even wanting to have children with him?
N Stauning
N Stauning 5 oy oldin
Come on folks. She is a golddigger.... nothing more. They are both shady
Jacqueline Munoz
Jacqueline Munoz 5 oy oldin
Love you guys you are so hilarious🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂
Queen Morrigaen
Queen Morrigaen 5 oy oldin
He figures shes and idiot and that if she is desperate enough to get to America that she’ll be with him, that he can treat her as an object for purchase. That he can do whatever he wants to her. He is -awful-
natelobo93 5 oy oldin
Of course she wants a damn baby so she can stay in the states lmfao
rita 5 oy oldin
you clearly didn’t watch any of the videos
Ashlin Nelson
Ashlin Nelson 5 oy oldin
if you think ed was bad you should see the couples from the first season. Karine and Paul had so many issues it was too much...
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