Pink Obsessed Cat Lady Goes Too Far

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29 kun oldin

Reacting to Totally Obsessed where a crazy cat lady obsessed with pink dyes her cat. She dreams in Pink. Totally Obsessed with all things being Pink.
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FlowerGirlPower 18 soat oldin
Why are commenters attacking this lady for aNiMaL cRuElTy when they can go advocate to get UZpostr Ssoyoung removed for doing things 10 TIMES WORSE.
Nix'Kai 20 soat oldin
call in Officer Paw Patrol. get him to review this
The Cool Cat Emerald
The Cool Cat Emerald 21 soat oldin
Why the cat out of all things the cat why she didn't even use safe pet color die why
Jennifer Daniel
Jennifer Daniel Kun oldin
The whole pink cell idea, does NOT work. Actually does the opposite. A sheriff where I live painted the cells hot pink and it ended in lawsuits.
STOP COPPA Kun oldin
I wonder what her favourite colour is
kalob hunt
kalob hunt 2 kun oldin
Her hair and eyebrows ain’t pink.
Beth Obreiter
Beth Obreiter 2 kun oldin
Hay Kan so what color is your mouse??
Jezicca Lorne
Jezicca Lorne 2 kun oldin
Excuse me sir with your rather pink looking computer mouse lmao
Chandler Fosmire
Chandler Fosmire 3 kun oldin
Pink sus of being mentally different
hannahjstuart 💕
hannahjstuart 💕 3 kun oldin
Pink kinda sus
Christina F
Christina F 4 kun oldin
It hurts my eyes too😵😵
Christina F
Christina F 4 kun oldin
It is not healthy to dye animals fur! "When he is pink it makes me so happy" (insert eye roll). What about the cat crazy bi**h!!!
Oh 5 kun oldin
I feel hurting in my eye
MK_the_Maniac 5 kun oldin
Not only is it pink. It’s one shade of pink. That’s what makes it painful to look at
James Ciavarella
James Ciavarella 5 kun oldin
pink kinda sus tho
Goodolmal Ginger
Goodolmal Ginger 5 kun oldin
Do more Principal story’s
Meme Approved
Meme Approved 5 kun oldin
I can imagine her leaving a lobby in among us for a different one cuz someone else was pink 😂
KatNip 32314
KatNip 32314 5 kun oldin
I didn't think it was safe for cats to consume food dye and kool aid.
dweeb 6 kun oldin
And I thought people whose favorite color was purple had issues.
Raymond Hugo Snyman
Raymond Hugo Snyman 7 kun oldin
Balloon dude was from "Taboo", I think they were called Looners
Trash Dog
Trash Dog 7 kun oldin
Barbie snapped.
Avery Fleming
Avery Fleming 7 kun oldin
the pink is honestly fine.... its the rest of the house that is totally obnoxious... its just tiki torches and flower necklaces everyehere
GaiaArcade 8 kun oldin is my fave color and I hate pink 😂
Skyla Kane
Skyla Kane 8 kun oldin
Don’t be so disrespectful to women It seems very childish
SleepaRomax 9 kun oldin
Pink is lookin kinda sus. Vote her out.
Julia Rickett
Julia Rickett 9 kun oldin
Ugh Peptobismal lady. That would nauseate any normal person. I like pink but now I want to throw up. And I haven’t had that hairstyle since I was two
Emily Sheridan
Emily Sheridan 10 kun oldin
what was it? kitty Que Cera? like the song our primary school sung. yeet
Ezz Lockett
Ezz Lockett 11 kun oldin
Pink makes me hella mad, they'd better hope they got a straight jacket XD gimme blue and we cool
Red Chilli
Red Chilli 11 kun oldin
Her brain could be pinked by Aliens.
miro235 11 kun oldin
Only pink thing i have at the moment is my eye🙈
Aerographer 11 kun oldin
Right when he said "she gets severe mood swings" I got an ad for tampons that said "it's her time of the month" lol
Sarah Salway
Sarah Salway 11 kun oldin
her house looks like an add for pepto bismol
here we go now
here we go now 12 kun oldin
How dare this woman not wear one pair of fluorescent pink crocs This is a cardinal sin for pink lovers
Stax_Chan 12 kun oldin
RiP Fred
Tooru Oikawa
Tooru Oikawa 13 kun oldin
my eyes hurt
MooChains 1337
MooChains 1337 13 kun oldin
Ok, if she's obsessed with pink.... Why isn't her hair and eye make-up pink? Also take that precious cat away from her! 😖😖
Smiling Man
Smiling Man 13 kun oldin
When a persons obsession extends to animals thats when you need a mental evaluation and be banned from owning animals ever again. Edit: Yeah this lady MUST be put in a mental institute.
GlitchingInk Arts
GlitchingInk Arts 13 kun oldin
Her bedroom reminds me of pepto bismol 🤣
Born in MASS Tea Party
Born in MASS Tea Party 13 kun oldin
RIP Fred Willard. Really enjoyed your zanny acting in all your movies
An Naeem Bin An Nahari
An Naeem Bin An Nahari 13 kun oldin
Someone please tell that stupid pink obsessed fool to get her hands off the cat
Kittie 14 kun oldin
Unfortunately the cat, Miss Kisses, died October 19th of congested heart failure. According to the pink lady, she dyed her fur with beet juice.
a a
a a 14 kun oldin
What happened in 1985 is that the pink nation attacked.
Sheena Folsom
Sheena Folsom 14 kun oldin
Somebody needs to give her the D.
Sara Torrice
Sara Torrice 15 kun oldin
"I dont love pink" isn't his computer mouse pink......or is the pink making me go insane too
Kelly Kamel
Kelly Kamel 15 kun oldin
5:50 I love this skit 😏🤣
Jenny VanderPas
Jenny VanderPas 15 kun oldin
She looks a lot older than 41!!! It must be the pink!
bluewolf0617 16 kun oldin
I feel like she wants to be Barbie but if she said it, the Barbie lady would kick her ass. Plus I think she’s jealous of the nice green lady in New York. Maybe because green lady can just have a pet plant.
Rebeca Donovan
Rebeca Donovan 16 kun oldin
This reminds me of my bff in middle school who had a pink and zebra stripe bedroom with a chair that was shaped like a heel.
DeLight Headed
DeLight Headed 16 kun oldin
"maybe she's just a hoarder" She also started in 1985. Typically hoarding starts from trauma. Maybe a bad divorce?
Rugal .B
Rugal .B 16 kun oldin
She's kinda sus
Joe Knoedler
Joe Knoedler 16 kun oldin
Yo. I was in jail for a long time as a kid. The pink rooms drove me absolutely mad. They moved me to a brown room and I was so much happier. Then I got moved back to a pink room and I had a mental breakdown. It absolutely does not make you calm, it makes you insane
ZombieApples 16 kun oldin
She doesn't have to have pink hair but her cat does? 🙄
demontrent10653 17 kun oldin
😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻 😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹
Najaya Reed
Najaya Reed 18 kun oldin
She is a hoarder.
Najaya Reed
Najaya Reed 18 kun oldin
(Simp) pink makes me weak...
PCMartinsson 18 kun oldin
Maybe the death sentence isn't that bad after all...
D.W. Reiner
D.W. Reiner 18 kun oldin
RIP Fred Willard. Also someone please save that cat.
Valkyrie Sins
Valkyrie Sins 18 kun oldin
As a goth with green hair this video hurt my eyes and soul!
itay ost
itay ost 19 kun oldin
ladies and gentelmen i want to be color blind becouse of this episode ranch!!!!!!!
Mel Sevigny
Mel Sevigny 19 kun oldin
Damn that pink is nauseating. I like earth tones.
Kira Yuki
Kira Yuki 19 kun oldin
If i went to that prison i would have a mental breakdown
Adrianna Shaw
Adrianna Shaw 19 kun oldin
That cat ain’t prissy it’s friggin pissed
Erin Morrissette
Erin Morrissette 19 kun oldin
My dream apartment will be filled with pink. But never to this extent. Pink lights, pink tapestries, pink cookware, pink sheets and xurtains but jeez not this.
Aiden 20 kun oldin
I wonder how many dudes have hit her with a pick up line like "can I see your inner pink?"
Dancetale Frisk
Dancetale Frisk 20 kun oldin
If she likes pink so much why didn't she wear pink make up but I can never look at pink the same again because of this woman. Yet, you do you if you like pink ._."
TheDango 20 kun oldin
Omg im a year older than ken?!.......😯
karanterus 20 kun oldin
if I was in that room I would have killed someone just to get out I HATE pink
Gisela Barker
Gisela Barker 21 kun oldin
Looks like someone threw up a ton of pepto
Jeanicia Sparkles
Jeanicia Sparkles 21 kun oldin
Her hair and makeup wasn't pink. Just sayin.
Lynne Moore
Lynne Moore 21 kun oldin
I..... don't know what to say.... I'm jealous for sure. Because I love pink that much 🤣🤣🤣🤣
ivan shmatko
ivan shmatko 22 kun oldin
she wearing black eye shadow tho.....
Smooshies Mommy
Smooshies Mommy 22 kun oldin
As soon as I saw Fred Willard I got sad. He was such a funny & amazing actor it's hard to believe 2020 took him from us. R.I.P.
Marco Castillo
Marco Castillo 22 kun oldin
I wonder what Pink Guy thinks about this.. 🙃
Djull 22 kun oldin
Dying the cat is absolutely not OK... Stupid bitch is pissing me off... She needs a mental institution.
Scrotus 22 kun oldin
Someone dox this bitch so we can get that cat shaved and rehabilitated.
The GGH 22 kun oldin
the fact that she isn’t using pet safe dye, and she’s dying the cat even though he clearly hates it, really pisses me off
Florian Matel
Florian Matel 22 kun oldin
Pink is sus
Violet32makingit 22 kun oldin
The pink hole & black hole joke, hahaha .... they didn’t get it.
Jo Sunshine
Jo Sunshine 22 kun oldin
Wow what a stupid bitch
Dawnster the Monster
Dawnster the Monster 22 kun oldin
That lady reminds of my aunt shirley... CRAZY
Ryan King
Ryan King 23 kun oldin
it upsets me that they didnt talk about the jail cell experiment more. both the first effect and the returning effect after leaving the room.
Emo Forever
Emo Forever 23 kun oldin
If she wants to dye something pink it should be her hair instead of her cat
Sunnishine 2019
Sunnishine 2019 23 kun oldin
She hog ties that cat and dips him normally
Sunnishine 2019
Sunnishine 2019 23 kun oldin
So grateful my only girl is a tomboy! Yikes
Baipo2141 23 kun oldin
I think that this lady and the lady from the episode of "Say Yes to the Dress" are related because of their obsession with pink. Pink pink pink
Emma Nangle
Emma Nangle 23 kun oldin
She reminds me of the old lady on 'there's something about Mary' 😂
Paula A
Paula A 23 kun oldin
I follow this lady on instagram; lately she has been really chill and I think a few years ago she went out with the woman who only wears yellow. Kitten had a dog that she dyed with beet juice so it looks like she has learned from her mistakes
Von Socks
Von Socks 23 kun oldin
Those pink furry boots are her previous cats.
karla Knapper
karla Knapper 23 kun oldin
Yeah, if I were her cat I would run away from home and if someone found me when I was pink that would just strengthen my case on why NOT to be returned.
ItsABriMoment 23 kun oldin
We have pink prison cells in Virginia (my parents worked as sheriffs/deputy’s) in Tidewater Regional I believe. Its super gross looking.
SimplyKryptic 23 kun oldin
Lets dye this lady green and do it every month. See how she likes it.
Jessica hart
Jessica hart 23 kun oldin
How is no one talking about her black eye shadow?
Karen 23 kun oldin
Ya guys kill me. Luv n enjoy ur vids.
Kathleen Green
Kathleen Green 24 kun oldin
I did a school project on the psychology of colours & ‘ship captains bubble gum pink’ is the most aggravating colour. Light blue is soothing. Orange encourages appetite. Purple appeals to children. That’s about all I remember.
insane Sienna
insane Sienna 24 kun oldin
Pink coffins are $1,199.99 when I die I’ll be in a $500 coffin💀
Mr. Original
Mr. Original 24 kun oldin
I remember I suggested to my stepmother about getting any color clothing for my baby sisters but pink, and she got pink anyway almost as if to spite me... I'm mostly over that. THIS, I cannot get over.
Faith Killen
Faith Killen 24 kun oldin
that doesnt hurt the cat
Angelo Federico
Angelo Federico 24 kun oldin
A fuckin pink salesman lmfao
K.B. Shinn
K.B. Shinn 24 kun oldin
mary jane
mary jane 24 kun oldin
she looks ancient for 41
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