People Pay Thousands For A Lady To Bite Them

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React Couch watches Truly "My First Time: Bite My Butt Massage" where a woman pays money for a bite massage butts included.
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CELEBRITY massage therapist Dr Dot has become famous for her unusual technique - she bites her clients. Dorothy Stein, 48, from New Jersey was nicknamed Dr Dot by musician Frank Zappa in her early days of bite massage, when she used her unique skills to nab free concert tickets and meet her favourite rock stars backstage. Since then, Dr Dot has massaged - and bitten - an impressive roster of stars, including Kanye West, David Bowie, Rhianna, Keith Richards, Gwen Stefani, Eminem and Oasis - who were “massage virgins”.
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CinnamonToastKen 3 oy oldin
Check out @manscaped for 20% OFF + Free Shipping with code CTK at!
D B Oy oldin
Thought this was a discount on getting bitten by this lady for a minute
Ruggedly Handsome
Ruggedly Handsome 3 oy oldin
Here's what EVERYONE here wants to see... Ken and Buff getting a DOUBLE BITE MASSAGE on video! You guys could literally break UZpost records if you can make it happen! C'mon guys, make it happen!
Caloub MonGold
Caloub MonGold 3 oy oldin
They need to put Ken with his hat as their logo. Kenscaped > Manscaped
Misty Webb
Misty Webb 3 oy oldin
We love you too, Ken and Buff. XD
Chip Pilgrim
Chip Pilgrim 11 soat oldin
where is her business located? asking for a friend
Chip Pilgrim
Chip Pilgrim 11 soat oldin
oops wrong website
John Erol Dizon
John Erol Dizon 5 kun oldin
It's just a cannibal on a diet
Wicked Gamingz
Wicked Gamingz 5 kun oldin
taking eating ass to a hole new level
carla stanford
carla stanford 9 kun oldin
What happens if she bite someone butt and they fart
Isis Blackfeather
Isis Blackfeather 10 kun oldin
I love the idea of vampire massages. However, even though my mother asked me for massages for her fibro and to work out the knots that formed in her back, she never asked me to bite herm even though I enjoy biting people. Even more sus, she used this on grown strangers probably men, for backstage sneak peaks and this could be seen as pedophilia and probably led to worse.
WeShouldHaveNukedJapanAThirdTime 16 kun oldin
I've seen this video a few times but I just noticed Ken's shirt.... you evil man
wreckless _
wreckless _ 17 kun oldin
"sometimes i go for the buttocks" then the person getting the massage farts in her face!
AJ1namillion 19 kun oldin
This has kink/fetish written all over it.
TiGah Rose
TiGah Rose 20 kun oldin
Low key Wouldn’t mind getting one of those bite massages
Lelynn Miller
Lelynn Miller 21 kun oldin
we luv u guys too 💓
Zionknight 21 kun oldin
She isn't a real therapist. It's required by law to make sure the practice is safe and sanitary. A human mouth biting bare skin is neither.
Kris Shanahan
Kris Shanahan 21 kun oldin
Why is everyone's merch so expensive? If they were cheaper you would sell more and make more money, you're out pricing yourself
KATZ Berlin
KATZ Berlin 22 kun oldin
Aw man the pimple comment- exactly my thoughts. I gagged.
Evi Ornelas
Evi Ornelas 24 kun oldin
I have found my calling.
Crystal Blunt
Crystal Blunt 24 kun oldin
This video made me so uncomfortable bruh 🤣🤣🤣
Sophia R
Sophia R 24 kun oldin
As a massage therapist listening to them talk about massage is hilarious. The chops 😂 also we do not claim this woman
Jordan Daniels
Jordan Daniels 25 kun oldin
Why can’t Ken do this solo? Buff isn’t funny and definitely CANNOT judge anyone. Buff reminds me of that annoying friend you hang out with because everyone else is busy.
Joey Damroze
Joey Damroze 25 kun oldin
That shirt Ken has is so f*cked it's funny
Payton Larson
Payton Larson 26 kun oldin
the bite lady in thumbnail looks like the lady who thinks she was pregnant for like 3 years
BigMloveskairi 28 kun oldin
Petition for Buff and Ken to get a professional massage together haha
Jacs S
Jacs S Oy oldin
If she was a dude, no one would be laughing - when she goes in for the bite without asking especially on the butts that is sexual assault, straight up
Tati M
Tati M Oy oldin
Chandler Price Guitar
Chandler Price Guitar Oy oldin
Dude your shirt is killing me
Kaitie Crady
Kaitie Crady Oy oldin
Omg it phoebe from friends
Living Being
Living Being Oy oldin
This lady is the big tiddy twitch girl of the massage world.
Mandy Dumesny-Blahut
Mandy Dumesny-Blahut Oy oldin
The longer I look the more I’m inclined to try. Lol. RANCH!!!
Sleh Mkhinini
Sleh Mkhinini Oy oldin
I see things here i never imagined that I would see
Kamui Oy oldin
Interesting cup there, Ken.
Happily Sadistic
Happily Sadistic Oy oldin
Ad about manscape... ad about nut rub.. uh.. idk how I should feel about this
Silence Says
Silence Says Oy oldin
9:10 of coarse she has the biggest company. Who tf else is doing this?
Janice Stevenson
Janice Stevenson Oy oldin
Does she charge per bite?
Kyeevening Oy oldin
Sounds like a massage for masochists
Bee•Tea•Dubs Oy oldin
*Resting Bitch Vamp:* I bite people. They pay me. I did it for all the rockstars. My mom asked me to do it a lot when I was young. She called me Daddy so I called her Daddy too. It got weird at school but nothing embarrasses me. *Also Resting Bitch Vamp:* It's a normal bodily function. Women get erect nipples. Men get....😳😬👇👉you know... this. willies🙈🤐But I don't say anything... cause I'm an adult....and embarrassed by **whispers** tents even though I'm *over the hell* Ain't that somethin! ✍🤨🤳💯That's definitely...something.... with your mouth.. & your finger & your innie😬👈& your innie😬👈& your foot & her armpit
Miranda Anderson
Miranda Anderson Oy oldin
" i think half the men will "come" because its a hot girl bitting them"
Tthe survivalist
Tthe survivalist Oy oldin
Whatd I just watch
Riley De Weerd
Riley De Weerd Oy oldin
Tom Shariat
Tom Shariat Oy oldin
like for 1 ken ass bite
Rachael Beck
Rachael Beck Oy oldin
All I could keep thinking about is how this is some peoples kink. also there are other kinds of videos that start the exact same way as this.
CrimsonVampirez Oy oldin
Imagine if the woman biting was a ginger, even more vampiric power XD
emmyfayebeauty Oy oldin
Lmfao roll tide lmfao
aili lindberg
aili lindberg Oy oldin
Ngl im not not into this
NightlyRowen Tree
NightlyRowen Tree Oy oldin
Lol my dad got me that same shirt its so fucked up 😆
T.R. Luxx13
T.R. Luxx13 Oy oldin
Imagine getting this massage then coming home to your significant other and having to explain the bite marks are from the massage not from cheating...actually now I'm imagining someone using the massage as an excuse to cover up for them cheating 🤔
Angst & Giggles
Angst & Giggles Oy oldin
Oh nooo his shirttt 🤣😭
Patty Lovett
Patty Lovett Oy oldin
"That would wipe off the flavor" lol
tjcake Oy oldin
Ken sounded like Jim carry at one point
Brucifer Oy oldin
A bite massage? Isn't that just foreplay?
Noveris Oy oldin
Me Before: this is gonna gross Me after: NEW FETISH UNLOCKED
Panda Jaye
Panda Jaye Oy oldin
buff: OR ELSE!!!! *starts pretending to bite* my mind: “cause ya gotta eat the booty like groceries”
J- Paul
J- Paul Oy oldin
So legit, 100% fda and cdc certified
That Flame
That Flame Oy oldin
The funny part about it is no matter how stupid it’s promoted. And accepted because it’s a woman doing it but. If it was a dude they would be considered a pervert or some type of psycho.
Katelyn Joy
Katelyn Joy Oy oldin
Raunak Mondal
Raunak Mondal Oy oldin
This is sooooooooo weird
Vesta Ash
Vesta Ash Oy oldin
Is this wrestler chick the same girl as the 14 year old girl, who’s mom was trying to find her a husband at their Halloween party, on that Gypsy Wedding show ya’ll reviewed?
escape night
escape night Oy oldin
The way ken does his sponsorships In a dirt of relatable way is really nice
Møøn Bėår
Møøn Bėår Oy oldin
*Its Kens Mug That Gets Me*
Dark Wolf
Dark Wolf 2 oy oldin
Ahhh this is so weird.
D B Oy oldin
Imagine if her customer has pimples on their back 🤢
Nancy N.L.
Nancy N.L. 2 oy oldin
Plot twist: she’s a vampire XD First thing that came to mind
Karanbir Singh
Karanbir Singh 2 oy oldin
I came here for those interesting weird stories but i get bored by their "comedy" and leave before 1 mint
Scott Stivers
Scott Stivers 2 oy oldin
corgi butts drive you nuts?
Anoxeyh 2 oy oldin
Why would I pay for someone to bite me? My dog does that for free xD
Auxcii 2 oy oldin
I need Ken's shirt.
Guy Who Know Things
Guy Who Know Things 2 oy oldin
bite = d1ck in french hmmm
neu dae
neu dae 2 oy oldin
this is 10000000000000000% a fetish thing.
neu dae
neu dae 2 oy oldin
this was...... uncomfortable.
Qúeen Sledge
Qúeen Sledge 2 oy oldin
This lady has zero bounderies😂
Olivia Tannenbaum
Olivia Tannenbaum 2 oy oldin
You guys are real and fun. I love your show!
Joel Ellendt
Joel Ellendt 2 oy oldin
Are we sure they aren’t watching a pornhub video
CookieZombieBro 2 oy oldin
“Only vampires like The Ramones” CinnamonToastKen is a Buffy fan: confirmed
Meowmeow Milkers
Meowmeow Milkers 2 oy oldin
When they say gotta eat the booty like groceries, they took it way too far!🤣🤣🤣
spider gang
spider gang 2 oy oldin
i saw oasis in that mad file thing and i don’t believe for a SECOND that liam & noel GALLAGHER came for a bite massage..💀
joan fortier
joan fortier 2 oy oldin
...and in a Moscow hotel for some strange woman to squat over their face.
Hope Dunlop
Hope Dunlop 2 oy oldin
I wonder how much of the people she has actually bitten that she claimes
stephanie 2 oy oldin
i’m a woman but you bet i used that affiliate link cause their electric razor is the BEST, love manscaped for both me and my boyfriend
Whitney Santos
Whitney Santos 2 oy oldin
Am I watching a porn?. . .
Kurisu 2 oy oldin
I can get more than one lady to bite my ass so idk why this is a thing
Matt 2 oy oldin
I’m extremely uncomfortable and I also want to know that list of celebrities...
Matt 2 oy oldin
I absolutely love the Ramones. .... I didn’t know that I was a vampire.
BrieLovesTea 2 oy oldin
What.......did I 😳😳😳
kt kat
kt kat 2 oy oldin
Pay me and let me bite you 😬
Cymric 2 oy oldin
The massive cringe of this all aside, can we talk about her attitude rolling her eyes and shit? I’d be like bihhhh
Rebecca Pechon
Rebecca Pechon 2 oy oldin
Ken, you are the big ol’ lumberjack lol
John 2 oy oldin
Can anyone talk about how messed up kens shirt is???
Amanda Phillips
Amanda Phillips 2 oy oldin
Lol as a professional massage therapist who went to school I hate things like this it gives us a bad name sorry for the rant
Dave Bear
Dave Bear 2 oy oldin
What's the difference between a lentil and a chick pea? I've never had a lentil on my chest.
Ellie Brown
Ellie Brown 2 oy oldin
Did anyone hear the woman say I hope I'll die.
Shadow Dreamer
Shadow Dreamer 2 oy oldin
I'm pretty sure what this woman does would count as prostitution in most places....
Shadow Dreamer
Shadow Dreamer 2 oy oldin
She's the best bite massager there is! Because it's not hard to be the best when you're the only one that does it!!!!
Luke K
Luke K 2 oy oldin
This is wild
Anti-Heroine 2 oy oldin
Ken's fear is getting pounded by a lumberjack.
Samantha Roberts
Samantha Roberts 2 oy oldin
... there's no way this is LEGAL. 😂😂
corvus kai
corvus kai 2 oy oldin
All I can think about is her working on someone with backne... 🤮
Anti-Heroine 2 oy oldin
Omg what if she bit a juicy one and it just gushed in her mouth like a... Gushers.
STABO 2 oy oldin
*Time to go into my underground bunker*
PieceOfToast 2 oy oldin
This is how diseases spread and weird videos end up on pronhub
Lil Bil
Lil Bil 2 oy oldin
The intro: CinnamonToastZen...around 30 seconds in: back to CinnamonToastKen
Whoa Titties
Whoa Titties 2 oy oldin
Watch the extended version only 18+
Pumpkin Patch Exotics
Pumpkin Patch Exotics 2 oy oldin
Bite lady " be nice to me ... OR ELSE!" Wrestler "alright sounds odd but ok"
Shadowkitty360 2 oy oldin
The power dynamic between client and therapist is already so skewed toward the therapist that it is actually pretty unethical to tell a client to "be nice or else". She could probably call the cops on her just for saying that.
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