Paul Runs Away From His Family

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React Couch is watching Paul Running from His Problems and Family on 90 Day Fiance. Paul and Karine have moved to America. His mom wont let them move in because he wont leave. What better time to start running!
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CinnamonToastKen 3 oy oldin
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Laura M
Laura M 2 oy oldin
The woman has gone missing ?! Has anyone else seen this on the news ?!
Erica Moore
Erica Moore 2 oy oldin
I would have taken them out for dinner and make sure the baby had everything he needed. Anything for the baby. I would try to take the baby w me.
Erica Moore
Erica Moore 2 oy oldin
My first Grand child will be born in July.. My sons is in his 4th yr of college on a scholarship. not happy w his decision. I would let him gf and the baby stay. I would be worried about the baby
Ithoughtyousaidweastwhat 2 oy oldin
Felix Leshey in o
MAGA 4EVA 3 oy oldin
Everyone likes to roastED. He's like a little oompa loompa
Heavy Metal Kitten Amanda
Heavy Metal Kitten Amanda 22 daqiqa oldin
Paul can’t find a job because he’s got a big criminal record
Julia McCoog
Julia McCoog 2 soat oldin
Paul should have karine and the baby stay w the mom and man up and find a job
Julia McCoog
Julia McCoog 2 soat oldin
I acted like him when I was a drug addict. I have a guy feeling there's a reason karine is so resentful
Michelle Dunn
Michelle Dunn Kun oldin
Um. Isn’t jay walking a crime to? Get out in the middle of the street? Idiot!
visitjessiechan Kun oldin
karine is the stupid idiot who wanted to have a baby so they will stop arguing, so it's not just paul's fault they had the baby despite not getting along and not being ready... he's a loser and she needed to not have babies with a loser!
Jack Jackson
Jack Jackson Kun oldin
"Thats illegal!" *gets out of the car and illegally jay walks*
Angel de las Muertes
Angel de las Muertes 2 kun oldin
I can't stand any guy who acts like paul does....
Amanda Starr Morgan
Amanda Starr Morgan 3 kun oldin
Paul's mother pulled a big nasty hair ball from her hair brush and wrapped it in a paper towel. It definitely wasn't fresh cut hair secured with a hair tie and blessed under the blood moon. That was some crazy old stuff she did!!!
kalob hunt
kalob hunt 4 kun oldin
Paul is a little bitch.
Desi 4 kun oldin
You really deserve more subs i love watching your videos so wholesome
Katherine Kinsey
Katherine Kinsey 5 kun oldin
The only thing more hilarious than the episode itself were your reactions. But you missed the best part: Paul trying to impress Karine with American tap water lol!!!
Vanessa G
Vanessa G 5 kun oldin
Paul: “That’s illegal.” Also Paul: *Jaywalks*
やぶ 8 kun oldin
I lived on my own but at 29 moved back to my parents home and live in their attic :3 I moved back to help them financially and pay my own monthly rent to them for a living but my main reason is to support them financially, the monthly rent is an addon for their support and they are very appreciative, I will never move out until I have them no longer because they truly need me in every way, from emotional to financial support and I refuse to live for free at their home. I am happy to see them happy, so when people ask me if I live on my own, I say nope! At parents, in their attic, age 30+ now and happy! People of course judge, but that's me baiting for it because I think it is silly how quickly judgemental people are. On top of that, it was time I moved back to have more of life myself. As someone with severe mental health issues, I am not allowed to bike, drive, heck, or even walk on my own for long hours. I blackout, so moving back was also part of my own safety. People should not judge so quick people living at the family house but ask for reasons and I do not think it is rude to ask.
Rebecca O'Sullivan
Rebecca O'Sullivan 10 kun oldin
Her mother is breaking my heart. Watching her daughter and grandchild go away to a different country and culture, with a man she doesn't trust.
Rebecca O'Sullivan
Rebecca O'Sullivan 10 kun oldin
And her father saying, "don't argue with him" because he knows life with be easier if she keeps her head down. It breaks my heart.
Indica Blue
Indica Blue 11 kun oldin
I loved the reactions
James Alan
James Alan 11 kun oldin
Pro tip: getting super drunk/high before hand is the best way to enjoy this show
Christopher BOVO
Christopher BOVO 12 kun oldin
Shouldn’t he go without her first let her spend a lil more time w her mom get a job and then come back for her in like 3 or 4 months ?
Drift Scale
Drift Scale 13 kun oldin
This dude is less tolerable than the lady that drinks her own piss
Rainbow Critter
Rainbow Critter 15 kun oldin
"How are you?" "I cry everyday..." Dude's mom should disown him and take her and the baby in instead.
Ronnie J
Ronnie J 17 kun oldin
Omg I love you guys 😂
Queso Dilla
Queso Dilla 18 kun oldin
I felt for Karine when she hoped for more help. She had her family to help with the baby, but now she is completely alone. I'm sure she doesn't completely trust Paul with watching the baby.
TreaVahn Hubbard
TreaVahn Hubbard 19 kun oldin
Paul should’ve came and got his shit together first then send for his family
AnimeMitsuki 20 kun oldin
This is like the fourth time I watched this video in 10 days, I can't get enough of the shade you guys throw on Paul.
Grace Karadza
Grace Karadza 20 kun oldin
paul needs medication
Crazy Uncle Steve
Crazy Uncle Steve 22 kun oldin
he's from kentucky? kentucky doesn't want him send him with ohio
Chase 23 kun oldin
That secret container is for has dirty magazines
Kamila Zasada
Kamila Zasada 23 kun oldin
Love you guys💗💗😃😃
Kamila Zasada
Kamila Zasada 23 kun oldin
This guy is a creep🤢🤢🤢👽👽😈
Brandi Browning
Brandi Browning 23 kun oldin
Unfortunately, there is a lot of Paul's out here.
Señor Cornbread
Señor Cornbread 24 kun oldin
If this guy can get laid, so can I!
Kaitlin Brooke
Kaitlin Brooke 25 kun oldin
I was questioning Paul’s mom at first, with the whole “here son take my hair” thing. But now I think I’m her number one fan.
Bailey 27 kun oldin
I hope her idea of America in the 'movies'... is Riding In Cars With Boys lmao. Because with Paul as a husband, thats exactly where she's headed. Yikes 😬.
Dean Emanuel
Dean Emanuel 27 kun oldin
He wasn't even worried about the baby he was worried about breaking a law great father yow
CajunPride 29 kun oldin
I think Paul don't want to get a job cause he's to jealous and obsessive to leave her home that long while he wrks..
Joelus Maximus
Joelus Maximus 29 kun oldin
man his mums eyebrows are like 2ft apart
vk0 8
vk0 8 Oy oldin
I'm new to fatherhood but I think if my daughter were to bring a child like Paul home, the appropriate response is stuffing him in a garbage can.
Jamie Jai
Jamie Jai Oy oldin
"This is why you can't live with me!" Mom is savage af!!! 🤣🤣🤣💀💀💀
Tonya Thomas
Tonya Thomas Oy oldin
I'm officially imbarrassed to say I'm from ky. All because of this momma's boy idiot 😭.
Marz8999 Oy oldin
LpOaSuElR. This guy is useless as a torn condom. Momma thinking-Paul you aint shit you little cry baby bitch.
Gary Baldwin
Gary Baldwin Oy oldin
I've been a long time fan of the show, and really like the content, but what is up with all the Biden commercials? And it never lets me skip them either. It's really about to turn me away from watching your vids. Don't know if it's something you can look into, but i had to say something
Nadine Nirnberger
Nadine Nirnberger Oy oldin
Mel~ Oy oldin
Honestly if I were the mom, as soon as Paul left the car id turn the car around and be like "so wanna stay at my place? We can leave him there. No problem"
KATHERINEMARIA 225493 Oy oldin
This mom is on fire.. Her son is a freakin idiot.
Robin Harrell
Robin Harrell Oy oldin
Buff reminds me of a super sweet Teddy bear, I just love him 🤗💙
Laurenn Brennan
Laurenn Brennan Oy oldin
Did his family a damn favour.
Serendipity Drake
Serendipity Drake Oy oldin
You can tell Buff was holding back a little when she was saying goodbye to her parents. Big Shiney eyes!!
Jordan Atlin
Jordan Atlin Oy oldin
these guys 😆
ani Oy oldin
his mum had the most growth out of every person that’s been on this show lmao
what no
what no Oy oldin
Low-key crushing on Buff
DaniMariNevi Oy oldin
“I’ve got a job to not find”
Caroline Navarro
Caroline Navarro Oy oldin
Aaaaand we have a runner! What an absolute man-child.
Myserieden Oy oldin
Couldn't even laugh with you guys on this one. This guy is such a piece of shit. Holy crap.
Samantha Beaulieu
Samantha Beaulieu Oy oldin
paul is bipolar anyone remember him and his arson charge?
Natalie Kimbrell
Natalie Kimbrell Oy oldin
I know I am probably literally the 1000 person to say this. But Ken is so fine 😔 shout out to bro for both having sexy personalities👏👌
Cody Hedges
Cody Hedges Oy oldin
It's only one thirty😂😂😂 Dude you got a family now you dumb shit!!! Edit: 6:00 he could, that's the problem!!! What an apathetic bitch!!!
Se Se
Se Se Oy oldin
His mom roasted tf outta him 🤣 Well done, Mom.
Mslalastephanie Oy oldin
When the mom tells him to shut up 😂
Lady B
Lady B Oy oldin
If I was Paul's mom, I'd let the baby and the wife stay
0:58 gave me anxiety
Donna Flowers
Donna Flowers Oy oldin
Lmfao!!!!! Do nichole and azan
Tasha Vladimiroff
Tasha Vladimiroff Oy oldin
Paul looks like a serial killer
Moonraker Oy oldin
I can't wait to meet the woman of my dreams, have a baby, refuse to get a job, refuse to learn her native language whilst living in her country...setting goals for love.
Jessica Blair
Jessica Blair Oy oldin
If you have no job no money and nowhere to live your deffnantly not ready to get married.
Tiff Prendergast
Tiff Prendergast Oy oldin
Get a job
Tiff Prendergast
Tiff Prendergast Oy oldin
Wishing my mama would let me move out by myself
UltraVulture Oy oldin
Wait so her mom doesn't want them to leave and his mom doesn't want them to move's a no brainier just stay in Brazil 🤷
E K Oy oldin
I wouldn’t trust Paul w my tamagotchi
Gene Sanford
Gene Sanford Oy oldin
i cant believe that family let the girl marry such a lazy ,worthless ,man with no pride. BOOOOO ! ! !
Chrissy Hart
Chrissy Hart Oy oldin
I’m homeless let me tell you it is hard to ask for help when you know the answer will be a no
The Wolf Den
The Wolf Den Oy oldin
lololol.ive never hated someone so much their a TV screen..Haha paul triggers me to a unbearable extent
Barry Michlowitz
Barry Michlowitz Oy oldin
In my opinion, Paul was cold to his mother in the airport because she wouldn't permit Paul, his wife and baby live with her. She deprived him of his entitlement (hahaha).
Poppy Cakes
Poppy Cakes Oy oldin
MOM: "I can take Karine, I can take the baby, but I can't take YOU!" before Paul freaks out about baby seat and bolts!
Angela Linderman
Angela Linderman Oy oldin
Paul, get a job OMG anything...!!!!😫😤🥴
That Flame
That Flame Oy oldin
Isn’t it amazingly ironic how an extremely beta white dude with no ambition whatsoever. Can happen upon an opportunity with a beautiful female like that. Without having a job his own place or anything other than being a whiny beta. But the alphas that happen to be decent have to struggle. To get anywhere near that type of situation. Especially if they are not what American propaganda deems to be the supposed safe and right ethnicity.
Isabel Ortiz
Isabel Ortiz Oy oldin
she is way too pretty for him
The guy on the thumnbnail looks like the guy on the 1kilogram of steel and 1kilogram of feathers
Mira Schmidt
Mira Schmidt Oy oldin
How could anyone love Paul 😂😂 id puke at the sight of him
Taylor Maid
Taylor Maid Oy oldin
"Are you doing okay?" "[I] cry everyday". ...I'm guessing that's a "No".
Sasha Smith
Sasha Smith Oy oldin
Anyone else wanna smack the shit outta Paul?
Michael Humphrey
Michael Humphrey Oy oldin
The mom and wife can’t stand him!
callagothly Oy oldin
lol everybody hates paul
Mary Reichard
Mary Reichard Oy oldin
If you haven’t already, you need to react to the entire Danielle and Mohamed saga 😂
Harrison Jarrett
Harrison Jarrett Oy oldin
Paul: "pull over mom, this is illegal" Also Paul: smuggles food in his carry on, which is actually illegal
Laura Oy oldin
Why did you have a baby if you couldn’t afford one 😭
SoulGazer Shayn
SoulGazer Shayn Oy oldin
Paul and his mom are like me and my mom lol
Nikki McRorie
Nikki McRorie Oy oldin
Paul's mom is officially my favorite character from the 90 day series
Dark Wolf
Dark Wolf Oy oldin
That baby is so cute.
Nina Marie
Nina Marie Oy oldin
No one: ... Paul's mom: you wouldn't leave. Everyone: ... 😬
Wes s
Wes s Oy oldin
What kind of tv show is this?
bunnyrabbitshavehats Oy oldin
Is this Paul guy autistic? Like what is wrong with him?
Theo Bouwer
Theo Bouwer 2 oy oldin
Man up you ahole💪
Hagelslag 2 oy oldin
I totally get it nobody is on Pauls side. The guy acts like a child and shows zero empathy.
Amber Nightngale
Amber Nightngale 2 oy oldin
Not to be dramatic or anything, but I feel like if she tries to take their kid and leave him, he's gonna kill them. I'm getting som serious ID, true crime vibes from this whole thing.
Madam Lt
Madam Lt 2 oy oldin
I DO NOT blame the mom for not letting them stay with her. There is no way I could even be neighbors with that moron 🤦🏻‍♀️ and also how tf does he see out of those disgusting foggy ass glasses?
Molly Stevenson
Molly Stevenson 2 oy oldin
This relationship is Toxic!!! Paul is controlling and obviously abusive. People like him should stay out of others lives cos all they do is cause pain and sadness. I hope Karine is strong enough to go back to her family.
Sherry Stallins
Sherry Stallins 2 oy oldin
I feel Paul wears the skirt in the family.
Gharrett klawitter
Gharrett klawitter 2 oy oldin
It might be better for him to live in Brazil... it seems to me it’s more convenient for him to learn a new language then to get and keep a job in the USA
Darian Haynes
Darian Haynes 2 oy oldin
The reason why Paul only wanted to use one cart at the airport is because the US is one of the only places in the world to charge $5 to cary your luggage, and he needed that $5 for the supermarket 5 for 5 deal😂
cassandra sotos
cassandra sotos 2 oy oldin
In Brazil it was fine for the baby to ride to the airport not in a car seat bc it wasnt illegal there...BUT NOW IN TGE U.S. ITS A PROBLEM...didnt care about the baby's safety in Brazil after everyone partied before leaving for the airport
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