Old Lady Hasn't Cleaned or Taken a Bath in 100 Years

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React Couch is watching Woman's Bedding not Washed for 100 Years | Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners | Only Human where this old lady and possible hoarder doesn't bathe or clean anything because she likes dust. This video is part 1 of 2.
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Apparently committing to an old way of life means not cleaning anything, ever.
The British Isles are world famous for their spectacular stately homes. Brimming with centuries of history, they are legacies of a bygone era. But behind some of their grandest front doors lie years of neglect and decades of dust. In each episode we’ll see what happens when ancestral ways of life encounter obsessive compulsive cleaners.
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CinnamonToastKen 2 oy oldin
Like the video if you never clean your room. This video is part 1 of 2. Check out the next one tomorrow!
Billy Billow
Billy Billow Oy oldin
I just gave a my room a deep cleaning 🧼
Gabriel Posso
Gabriel Posso Oy oldin
I thought she was 100 years old😂
Cathy Harvey
Cathy Harvey 2 oy oldin
My room was taken over by spiders, just saying
Amanda 2 oy oldin
Hey Ken &Buff, had this crazy idea 🤔🤔 maybe that’s where Carole Baskins Missing hubby is....🤔🤔🤔😂😂😂
Lynnsey 2 oy oldin
Cheese PASTIES, its like cheese hotpockets but british.
Sophia Rentzing
Sophia Rentzing 5 soat oldin
Fairy liquid is a gentle dishwashing liquid in the UK. That company also makes very mild soap suitable for young children.
Sophia Rentzing
Sophia Rentzing 5 soat oldin
The series is called Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners, where people clean the dirty houses of regular people, shall we say, but there is an additional series where they do grand houses like this one and I think it's called Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners Country House Rescue. This episode is the Welsh house called Plas Teg.
Kitcat 19 soat oldin
Buff reminds me of my uncle A LOT. The humor, laugh, looks and eyesmile is the same holyshit.
BrendonMilligan 22 soat oldin
Just to let you know she said cheese pasties not cheese pasta
aubrey green
aubrey green Kun oldin
The laughter of muyskerm and buffpro keep me going
SneakyPenguin 2 kun oldin
lol, pasties not pasta, cheese pasties are a crumbly savoury pastry served by itself
Tap2Kpop 2 kun oldin
That one streak of under eyeliner though 😅
Kathy Bailey
Kathy Bailey 2 kun oldin
Buffy's laughter is contagious. I laugh at him even when not funny
mlexi 3 kun oldin
1:30 what has Ken been doing with cows? O_o
Dark Wolf
Dark Wolf 3 kun oldin
Oh my gosh that is so gross🤢🤢
tawny. 4 kun oldin
i know you said it as a joke, but one of my ocd tics makes me think stuff is in my eye so i try to get it out which causes stuff to actually in my eye. i think it's hilarious that you clocked one of my tics hahaha.
tawny. 4 kun oldin
"never been washed. that's how they used to live." uh, wrong. i asked siri when soap was made, she said 4,500 years ago. the people that lived in that house definitely had soap because they were rich. i'm not saying they used it often, but they definitely cleaned. what does she think butlers and maids did?
tawny. 4 kun oldin
oh boy when covid meets this lady it'll be like a lesbian relationship and it will move in immediately.
Matthew B
Matthew B 5 kun oldin
cheese pasties, CHEESE PASTA AHA
Umbrebac Games
Umbrebac Games 5 kun oldin
Only use water I guess
Georgie Constantinou
Georgie Constantinou 5 kun oldin
I watched the full episode of this and I’m in stitches watching you guys react to it 😂😂
jordan mulcaster
jordan mulcaster 6 kun oldin
She said “cheese pasties” they’re like the calzone version of a pie
alfie ralphie
alfie ralphie 7 kun oldin
Yeah its haunted. By her ghost.
thegasgrenade 7 kun oldin
This is literally the house in resident evil 7
Dvorra Hammond
Dvorra Hammond 7 kun oldin
In the actual full episode they eventually break out some cleaners without her knowing I think.
daily gaming
daily gaming 7 kun oldin
I'd hate to be her during quarantine.... she probably got covid now.
Cloudy Wolf
Cloudy Wolf 7 kun oldin
Special polish = Corpse wax.
Alucard, More Awesome Than Chuck Norris!
Alucard, More Awesome Than Chuck Norris! 8 kun oldin
This woman is clearly just very old fashioned. She says to not use products, just use water. Maam, this isn't the 1600s. I don't think she's a zombie, I think she's a witch. She mentioned having cleaning products that she doesn't buy.
Asha F.
Asha F. 3 kun oldin
No lie my first inkling was also that she presents as a witch ; she could easily play a visual character in a screenplay 🤔
potatotheif 9 kun oldin
Has it really been 100 years...? I don’t know, kinda sus...........
Cameron Jones
Cameron Jones 9 kun oldin
"I hate things that make the room smell nice" Get this lady some Four Thieves Vinegar, she'll love it
Gina Primeau
Gina Primeau 13 kun oldin
Admiral Trash Panda
Admiral Trash Panda 13 kun oldin
A neckbeard is the guy equivalent of contouring.
Puppy cat
Puppy cat 14 kun oldin
Would love to see that place end up on an episode of Hotel Hell
Lelynn Miller
Lelynn Miller 15 kun oldin
am i the only 1 that believes that her "special polish" is probably a life long supply, of her very own spit & drool, that she's collected, thru the yrs? 🤔 i just got this feelin, lookin at her, like that's somethin she would probably do.... 🤷🏼‍♀️
Lelynn Miller
Lelynn Miller 15 kun oldin
it woulda been funny, if that lady woulda opened the door, & been like "maaaah.. i'm the Crypt Keeper here.. MAAAH!"
Crunchy Chihuahua
Crunchy Chihuahua 16 kun oldin
The power of febreze compels you!
The cutest thing you ever seen
The cutest thing you ever seen 17 kun oldin
How can a spoon grow hair
Monsieur V se refait
Monsieur V se refait 18 kun oldin
9:15 i already saw this woman on youtube the same video you're watchin' , "i cleaned up the kitchen this mornin" or "it's polish,," camera looks at the floor,, not whashed since 1950, but yeaah,p-p-polish
Bethany Hall
Bethany Hall 18 kun oldin
This lady is a prime example of 'why agree to do the show if you're close-minded to any change?' Edit: These guys have to watch How Clean Is Your House (full episodes on UZpost if you haven't seen it - classic!)
MotherboArd64 20 kun oldin
That fade tho 😬
Zaltana Meyer
Zaltana Meyer 20 kun oldin
Hair bra
Michael Bugner
Michael Bugner 21 kun oldin
That's not hair on that spoon buff. That's mold.
Liv 21 kun oldin
people back in the days of the renaissance thought bathing was actually dangerous, but they still bathed at least once a year. Queen Elizabeth I reportedly bathed once a month. Idk how old that house is, but its definitely not Renaissance age. The fact that there’s actually a bath tub says that the residents probably bathed regularly. And a version of soap was being used even as far back as ancient Greece. So this lady got some history facts wrong.
Maxie Sherrow
Maxie Sherrow 22 kun oldin
I might have notice his neckbeard if not for being so distracted by his "let me speak to your manager" hair
Lili B
Lili B 23 kun oldin
That laugh is way too much out of context thats not ok and makes it difficult to watch any of your videos.
Anton Andersson
Anton Andersson 24 kun oldin
Dang, I'm so sad that the amount of pausing is annoying me to the point of not enjoying your videos at all... It's such a shame, you guys are soo funny :'(
Brian Davis
Brian Davis 24 kun oldin
Bacteria 🦠 lives matter
TakAttackTV 2.0
TakAttackTV 2.0 25 kun oldin
Just a couple of heads up. As a brit I can tell you that it was a cheese pasty that they said was cooked in the microwave, a Pasty being a filled pastry that was invented here as a food for our coalminers to have for lunch during their long shifts, some of which would even include a sectioned off desert in the same pastry (although the more traditional 'main/dessert' pasties are now quite rare, I once had the unusual pleasure of trying one which contained both a Corned Beef section and an Apple Pie typed filled section. Delicious.) Also, not sure if was a joke, but as I believe that it's not a brand available in USA, 'Fairy' liquid is a brand of washing up liquid here in the UK. Another awesome video from you guys. Huge Fan. Always looking forward to more content :)
TheCraigy111 25 kun oldin
All I could think when I saw her was 'IT'S MA'AM'.
Baggins Dragon
Baggins Dragon 25 kun oldin
We found Rob Zombies grandma🤣🤣
Beth Yant
Beth Yant 25 kun oldin
I think I puked a little at the dishes gag
SherBear 25 kun oldin
You know her coohie is haunted and stank
Live Laugh Love Daily
Live Laugh Love Daily 25 kun oldin
I never knew Worzel Gummidge had a sister.... Seriously, I have OCD and this is giving me hives!! What a waste of one of our beautiful historical homes.
Dei 25 kun oldin
what laws alows her to have that house open to public and not be cleaned?! it's a safety hazard
Moxi Foxi77
Moxi Foxi77 25 kun oldin
It's like the dr phil mask is laughing with u
max bajan
max bajan 26 kun oldin
Strongest immune system ever seen
bearr-chanキュート 26 kun oldin
The new grandma of the Addams famillyy😂
Alexandru Adrian Dima
Alexandru Adrian Dima 27 kun oldin
I think coronavirus originates from that house
Stop change my Acc Name
Stop change my Acc Name 27 kun oldin
when cody gets old
Stop change my Acc Name
Stop change my Acc Name 27 kun oldin
is he wearing batik ?
Just Mike
Just Mike 27 kun oldin
That's me gram muvfa. I can't believe you'd make fun of this gentle angel. She hasn't taken a 'uman life in nearly a fortnite. Shame of the house of Ken & Buff
SteamboatMegan 27 kun oldin
Please tell me ken is wearing a male romper lmao
STSSUX 89 27 kun oldin
🤯 she bloody said Cheese pasties not pastas. Clearly is an English thing 🤷🏻‍♀️
Dozy3155 27 kun oldin
Living Coll
Living Coll 28 kun oldin
Cheese pasties is what she eats !
icebearrr 28 kun oldin
Pasties not pasta
Chris Lionheart
Chris Lionheart 29 kun oldin
A bunch of losers. This looks more like a movie tv show so I'm calling clickbait
Bimbo Gaming
Bimbo Gaming 29 kun oldin
I have ocd myself, this video made me itch
IIAndreio 29 kun oldin
Zac Effron? Is that you??! Need someone to talk to?
Wesley Gray
Wesley Gray 29 kun oldin
I'm not 100% sure that the Corona didn't spawn right here.
A guy that looks weird
A guy that looks weird Oy oldin
I don't like going to showers but I can't just do nothing for a hundred years I would still go to shower after 4 days cuz my head would itch Sooooooo much I'll commit suicide
Poppy Seed
Poppy Seed Oy oldin
I love it when you guys laugh hysterically but can you do something about the volume because it destroys my ears every time 😱
Justin Manning
Justin Manning Oy oldin
Is that Elliot Giles? 😂
Sal Oy oldin
Never seen any of your guys videos but buffs laugh made me instantly subscribe haha
andrew Oy oldin
Fairy liquid is what we use to wash our dishes with
andrew Oy oldin
9min she seid cheese pasties not pasta😂😂
Stormie Key
Stormie Key Oy oldin
Can we get a video where the kids react when you tell them they'll look like this?😂👍
Feisty Ferret Family Fun
Feisty Ferret Family Fun Oy oldin
You pause way to much I hate watching your videos.
Overly Baked
Overly Baked Oy oldin
Yeah it's set in the UK, these are the people we try to pretend don't exist...
90LauZ Oy oldin
Its not cheese pasta, its cheese pasties! I love how the these 2 miss some of the English bits.
Parker Shipley
Parker Shipley Oy oldin
The doors and hallways were narrow so that if the castle was being attacked, the attackers would have a harder time getting through with speed
Esther-pearl M
Esther-pearl M Oy oldin
I would never even step foot in that house......i would be on edge the whole time.....that place is beyond filthy and so is that woman
Mäľîÿãh Whïťfîęłđ
Mäľîÿãh Whïťfîęłđ Oy oldin
She probably was the first one to get coronavirus
Xinrathion Oy oldin
Countess Macula!!
O_o Oy oldin
This lady is an idiot
H B Oy oldin
8:39 She most likely was told to say that line ( and others) to make her look worse than she is.. for ratings... for all we know the tv network may have gone in before filming to make it dirtier.. maybe not, but...
Buddy Lopes
Buddy Lopes Oy oldin
so is nobody gonna talk to her about covid?
1ssaTrap Oy oldin
"let me clean this" 👻- lemme tell you sum!
Xpired_x Oy oldin
You can’t even watch the video all it is is them two laughing and pausing the video every two seconds
Mathieu Mansire
Mathieu Mansire Oy oldin
why me
why me Oy oldin
Why call them to clean if you dont want them to clean?
Oxorius Oy oldin
9:24 She said cheese pasties not pasta D:
Rival_Lucid Oy oldin
and you don't even tag the original video for us to actually enjoy the video. u just took it with no URL in description.
Rival_Lucid Oy oldin
Girl on TV breathes: CinnamonToastKen: Lets talk for 10 minutes about her breathing and laugh about it and edit zoom in on our faces of our laughs for more hype...
Maaalllzzzyyy Oy oldin
So the British lady developed her OCD after she had kids and cared for their safety and her OCD is bad
foxxy Oy oldin
i dont welcome bacteria, if it doesnt pay rent, its gone
DomDOTgaming Oy oldin
You guys just earned a sub
Justin Fenningsdorf
Justin Fenningsdorf Oy oldin
Gross 😝
Julie Beason
Julie Beason Oy oldin
Griselda the ghastly gourmet lives better than she does
Valkyrie_ Offline
Valkyrie_ Offline Oy oldin
I feel like I'm watching Hansel and Gretel...
A Canadian Axolotl
A Canadian Axolotl Oy oldin
Anyone gonna mention that she even said the house WAS haunted?!?! Like damn I bet if they revealed themselves once they would realise she was one of them
Grace Whitaker
Grace Whitaker Oy oldin
Why are these people cleaning gross and in terrible condition houses...if they have extreme OCD and mysophobia? That doesn’t make sense? Gotta be in for a buck I guess tho
Yimmy Hernandez
Yimmy Hernandez Oy oldin
I have never seen a video as annoying as this one is
Travis. o
Travis. o Oy oldin
She said she only eats CHEESE PASTIES not cheese pasta haha.
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