Oddly Satisfying Video I Watch Instead Of Sleeping

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These Oddly Satisfying Videos on UZpost are super overdone. But what kind of UZpostr would I be if I didn't copy it. These are Oddly Satisfying Video's I watch instead of sleeping. Lord help me sleep.
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React Couch and Dr Phil - uzpost.info/vision/video/etqvk7eig2d9mmQ.html
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5 Min Life Hacks - uzpost.info/vision/video/ia2etK2am3WxoYE.html

Raelas Blackdawn
Raelas Blackdawn 11 kun oldin
Hey, it's my birthday video!
Raelas Blackdawn
Raelas Blackdawn 11 kun oldin
It's pretty satisfying.
Kainn Leppard
Kainn Leppard 14 kun oldin
Only 705 comments? The heck? I’m not even early! 😂
map3171991 14 kun oldin
Sounds like cinnamon is hating
Joe Knoedler
Joe Knoedler 15 kun oldin
My irrational fear is cockroaches and bees.
nixie_is_tired 17 kun oldin
the fact that ken used the same thumbnail format as sssniperwolf I-
nixie_is_tired 17 kun oldin
Due to the fact that this comment will be on the internet forever I will say that the only reason ik what her thumbnails look like is bc I look through the trending page
Sassy Devil
Sassy Devil 19 kun oldin
That tree would be great for Halloween! 🎃👻🍬 Yes, I remember those chalky candy cigarettes and I'm not sure about the cigars you mentioned, but I definitely remember bubblegum cigars! I never took up smoking, though. 🙂
fallout 100
fallout 100 23 kun oldin
Adam M. Dreher
Adam M. Dreher 24 kun oldin
My grandma had an aloe plant.
Adam M. Dreher
Adam M. Dreher 24 kun oldin
Those transfer gauges are pretty handy, I never thought of them as satisfying.
Michael Bugner
Michael Bugner 26 kun oldin
You played subnautica? It made me afraid of the ocean.
Danz McNabb
Danz McNabb 26 kun oldin
I still put aloe on my burns lol.
POTATO 26 kun oldin
So me and Ken have something in common....🤭 We both have thalassophobia...😂😂😂
Meow McMeowing
Meow McMeowing 27 kun oldin
That dog is a papillon, they are worth every penny
Kathy Bailey
Kathy Bailey 28 kun oldin
What happened to the other guy
It's weird seeing Ken on his own these days
Kiki V
Kiki V Oy oldin
That last video, I was just like, "IT'S CHTHULU!!!!!"
Taperedfaerie Oy oldin
so this again lol
mcsmokey phatrip
mcsmokey phatrip Oy oldin
That can with condensation on it made me ssssoooooo thirsty. I dont even know why
TartarusOfHades Oy oldin
It was a clothes iron, not a stove, but yes
Moody San
Moody San Oy oldin
Honestly the horse grooming wasn’t satisfying because they never finished. If only feeel satisfied if they brushed until no hair came out
Rebecca Taylor
Rebecca Taylor Oy oldin
I love Cobra Kai!!!
Pink-Perfection Oy oldin
I used the tool being used on the horse on my corgi when he was around; it worked really well and he really enjoyed it! You can get those from livestock supply stores, they're called "shedding blades". (RIP Einstein, best corgi ever)
Unblinded Dimond
Unblinded Dimond Oy oldin
Play some fortnite
Marie Hoffmann
Marie Hoffmann Oy oldin
My lazy ass watching this at 2am
Dawn E. Shelley
Dawn E. Shelley Oy oldin
They sell that tool at wal mart cheap
Butterflysnme2 Oy oldin
I *am* that Grandma now!
Jennifer Arteaga
Jennifer Arteaga Oy oldin
3:58 ur grandma, lol \(>o
Ashley Kraemer
Ashley Kraemer Oy oldin
I had that granma
Fukai Kokoro
Fukai Kokoro Oy oldin
Your voice is oddly satisfying
Terah Slack
Terah Slack Oy oldin
I have an aloe plant for that very reason Ken I feel VERY attacked 😂
Mr Sharky
Mr Sharky Oy oldin
Scared of sharks ;n; *le cri*
ASTR1D GAM3S Oy oldin
My audiobook started playing for “The Raven Boys, Blue Lilly Blue,” while this video played and I thought you added it in as a meme or some shit. 😂
Mizery Oy oldin
I enjoyed Ken laughing at his own joke at the end 😂
Fuzzpaw Oy oldin
I was just watching your danganronpa videos- and I saw this-
Jason Beard
Jason Beard Oy oldin
That's the ONLY downside to Corgi's. Awesome dogs, otherwise.
Nyax #50 Lopez
Nyax #50 Lopez Oy oldin
Bro Candy stick XDD
Why does the seam on the pants going that way lol
Richard Head
Richard Head Oy oldin
15:28 😂😂😂😂
patrick maloney
patrick maloney Oy oldin
I'm sure ken knows already but the reason the grim reaper uses a scythe is because he reaps (aka harvests) your soul it called reaping when you cut down wheat too 😂
The Wolf Den
The Wolf Den Oy oldin
The goal in the rim? You don't play sports to you buddy
Dave! Yognau(gh)t
Dave! Yognau(gh)t Oy oldin
Hahaha. I love that description. Every part is true.
typicallyduckie Oy oldin
replacing those empty water bottles with a reusable one would be satisfying
Apple pie
Apple pie Oy oldin
The person is using a shedding blade on the horse. Also search up "SleekEZ" they are great grooming tools that come in 3 different sizes for cats (small) dogs (medium) and horses (large)
Rouge The Dragon
Rouge The Dragon Oy oldin
My mom has Aloe Vera plants
John Milks
John Milks Oy oldin
I always sew my pants
Simon Says
Simon Says Oy oldin
100 percent with you on the creepy deep water one, NOPE!
Brazen Hussy
Brazen Hussy Oy oldin
It’s an aha water in peach honey flavoe
Bratikins Oy oldin
There's 2 sets of stairs so while someone is utilizing the lift, other people can still continue to use the stairs so no wait time :D
Marissa Bones
Marissa Bones Oy oldin
Love the headphones
Bri P
Bri P Oy oldin
Fairly sure the image of Death with a sickle or scythe was due to the reaping of souls that are due, much like a sickle or scythe was used to reap the crop or clear a field. When they weren't needed to fend off invading predators or to arm a militia I suppose. Not sure how easy they would actually be usable in any kind of fight over other farmer tools, however. Especially since usually just the inner curve was the sharp part and not the whole blade of the tool.
Janice B
Janice B Oy oldin
You can still get the candy cigarettes at Dollar Tree. They just don't have the red coloring on the ends anymore. Stop judging me. 😅
Cody Hedges
Cody Hedges Oy oldin
Comment 667 here ruining things. It would be satisfying if the satisfying video had 666 comments. No, you if eat a pineapple inside out once you cut the core out, you will cut your mouth up like crazy. You get all these like micro cuts you don't notice until you see blood on the pineapple. It fuckin suuuuucckks.
Avery Kelly
Avery Kelly Oy oldin
Okay I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought of men in black 🤣 And I’m glad I’m not the only one kinda creeped out by the dark waters and what could be in it
Ash Oy oldin
The pineapple one made me uncomfortable....
Sydnee Craig
Sydnee Craig Oy oldin
Ken you gotta check out the thalasaphobia subreddit
Pippy Pop
Pippy Pop Oy oldin
I like how dissatisfied Ken is with some of the Satisfying things
The_Strange_Music_Man Oy oldin
Hornbach Yuppie Yaya Yuppie Yuppie Yay!!!
Charlie Apples
Charlie Apples Oy oldin
That bush was satisfying enough to make up for all the shitty boring clips that fail to deliver
Pezz42 Oy oldin
My grandma literally had Aloe growing in her kitchen window, 2 feet from the stove for kitchen emergencies lol
Christina Magee
Christina Magee Oy oldin
Dude clean yo desk off before you film ya goose!!! I can’t stop staring at the empty water bottles lol
Hailey Steele
Hailey Steele Oy oldin
I can't thank you enough. I have seen the jeans being sewn up on snapchat this morning but it cut off the end. I was wondering if I would ever get satisfaction from not seeing the end of it. From you showing it I have been doubly satisfied. Thank you Ken-san
Tyler Christensen
Tyler Christensen Oy oldin
I see son goku there
Krissy Hyrule
Krissy Hyrule Oy oldin
Ironically, this video was so relaxing that it helped me go to sleep when I was anxious.
Jess Ballard
Jess Ballard Oy oldin
Eat them feets
Whiskey Oy oldin
it's an Aha! Peach and Honey seltzer water. it tastes how shampoo smells
Valerio Costilla
Valerio Costilla Oy oldin
Is it just me or is Ken always daddy af? No matter what he talks about. Probs just me.
Kasey Fitzgerald
Kasey Fitzgerald Oy oldin
I love ALL your videos, BUT your first two solo videos slapped!!! I think you need to keep that cynical unimpressed vibe, it really works for you imo
Bluepoodle Oy oldin
The drink is AHA Sparkling Water. I think its peach flavored. Its alright but I like Bubly better.
alysha merville
alysha merville Oy oldin
Ken's speaking voice and bad dad jokes are the most satisfying thing here.
Lach1503 Oy oldin
Ken in this video gives off big boomer energy
Ashley Clark
Ashley Clark Oy oldin
I assumed only grandparents from the south were like that mine all were but im also from Arkansas
I fell asleep. :D
Please help me get to a Thousand sub.. Please pleasssseeee uhuhuu
Chango Oy oldin
6:32 yes omg I have I know exactly what youre talking about
Chango Oy oldin
1:20 Not gonna lie, kinda sounded like LGR for a sec there
James Bieniek
James Bieniek Oy oldin
I love Pocket Galaxies. I have a few.
alicia avery
alicia avery Oy oldin
I remember the smoke lollies, I always felt like a badass eating those.
armory knight
armory knight Oy oldin
He needs buff cause he sucks sitting there alone.
Liz Simenik
Liz Simenik Oy oldin
The men blowing the glass was satisfying to see. I enjoyed that.
Lamecgod Oy oldin
I like it and your vibe
Kathy Anne
Kathy Anne Oy oldin
I had that great-grandma experience. And as a ginger, that fresh aloe was a life saver for sun poisoning!
Manini r
Manini r Oy oldin
I burnt my bagel because I was watching this
Have A Heart
Have A Heart Oy oldin
YOU HAVE TO DO A COUCH REVIEW ON THE EXTREME CHEAPSKATE COUPLE WHO WANT TO BE BURIED TOGETHER IN THE SAME COFFIN!!! I'D LOVE TO SEE YOU AND BUFF REACT TO THIS!!! 😂 By the way, on the same episode a mother hosts her 20 year olds birthday party in a retirement home for old people. Kid will need therapy for life!l!
AssassinWriter Oy oldin
I watched a neighbor try to hack away at trees and bushes in the woods with a scythe..... it wasn't satisfying at all. H3es also really really weird. Like he told the cross country team that they're not allowed to run up in the mountain. He don't even own the mountain lol
Cayla Figgins
Cayla Figgins Oy oldin
All the empty Ice bottles in the background are giving me life. I'm glad I'm not alone in this.
High as duck
High as duck Oy oldin
that drink is an AHA drink
Either people found a empty inside of the tree and figured to burn it from inside, or it got struck by lightning not long ago, and fire was ignited in the inside.
James Morford
James Morford Oy oldin
stay toasty my friend
5k Subs Without a Video
5k Subs Without a Video Oy oldin
Theory, CinnamonToastKen, thumbnails are just Sssniperwolf thumbnails.
The Curious One
The Curious One Oy oldin
daum man you are not even trying to be slightly enthusiastic about making videos... i know most people put up a show and they really don't care much either but at least try
Nevermore Oy oldin
My mom did the aloe vera thing on me.
Dinesh Thakur
Dinesh Thakur Oy oldin
react to botched
Not Safe For Miranda
Not Safe For Miranda Oy oldin
You should get your dog a shedding blade
Dani MUA
Dani MUA Oy oldin
The drink is Aha peach and honey sparkling water
Kashyap Nandan
Kashyap Nandan Oy oldin
Best yt ever
Raelas Blackdawn
Raelas Blackdawn Oy oldin
This is my birthday video. I love you too, Ken.
snikerdoodle fox
snikerdoodle fox Oy oldin
I hate the thought of sharks in deep water too. I'm with you on that .
JuiceStix Gaming
JuiceStix Gaming Oy oldin
Oddly satisfying videos I watch instead of sleeping. NAH. Oddly entertaining cinnamontoastken videos I watch instead of sleeping
Paige Moor
Paige Moor Oy oldin
So with the video of the guy floating in the dark water, someone actually did a thread on it and enhanced the imaging and there are 100% things swimming beneath him.
Paige Moor
Paige Moor Oy oldin
Apparently I AM the grandma that breaks off a piece of my aloe plant to dab myself with it 😂
Paige Moor
Paige Moor Oy oldin
So satisfying
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