OCD Couple Clean Haunted House and Old Lady Attacks

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React Couch is back with part two of OCD couple cleaning the old lady's haunted mansion that hasn't been cleaned in 100 years. The crew is worried they won't make it. Who will get them first, ghosts, or crazy old lady? If they move that toaster again, old lady is going to get them for sure.
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Mansion's Carpets Vacuumed Only Two Times in 29 Years | Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners | Only Human
Eccentric Mansion Owner Clashes with Cleaners | Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners | Only Human |
Cornelia is not a fan of cleaning, which means her carpets are getting particularly dusty.
The British Isles are world famous for their spectacular stately homes. Brimming with centuries of history, they are legacies of a bygone era. But behind some of their grandest front doors lie years of neglect and decades of dust. In each episode, we’ll see what happens when ancestral ways of life encounter obsessive compulsive cleaners.
Cornelia is veeery picky about where her toaster is kept.
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CinnamonToastKen 2 oy oldin
Like the video if you're already dead
Michaela Spanos
Michaela Spanos 5 kun oldin
CinnamonToastKen 1400 pound as in money like England's currency xD
fishead C29
fishead C29 13 kun oldin
She's a necromancer for sure
Olivia Davis
Olivia Davis 14 kun oldin
can u make another video about this?
leigh D
leigh D Oy oldin
Brandon Reid
Brandon Reid Oy oldin
Hahaha 1400 Pound vacuum that's the best thing ever!!
Guy WhoCollectsPokemon
Guy WhoCollectsPokemon 8 soat oldin
Some of these things belong in a museum like some of the ancient Roman statues also including her
Ericka Murray
Ericka Murray Kun oldin
No one can tell me this woman isnt a legit witch. Even her name makes her a witch. And someone get her a hair brush
Ruth Oboros
Ruth Oboros 2 kun oldin
hmmmmmmm ghosts like cheese pasta... then I too must be a ghost.
Austin Edge
Austin Edge 5 kun oldin
If that lady didnt want her house cleaned then why did she agree to be on the show
kalob hunt
kalob hunt 9 kun oldin
Those two people did not clean this entire house alone. You can miss me with that BS.
kalob hunt
kalob hunt 9 kun oldin
I’m pretty sure people with real ocd would not be in this house.
Indica Blue
Indica Blue 10 kun oldin
To be fair, the yard looks really clean. She spends 4 hours a day tending to the lawn.
Katz 11 kun oldin
That huge mats in the back of her head was giving me a headache. I guess she doesn’t have time to comb her hair either. And her home isn’t the only thing that doesn’t smell pretty. 🤢
Courtney Smith
Courtney Smith 11 kun oldin
I think when she said 1400 pound vacuum. She meant money not weight.
Eri Strüm
Eri Strüm 12 kun oldin
She couldn’t handle theDeadmau5
Shio Kurotsuki
Shio Kurotsuki 13 kun oldin
Why didn't they just used hydrogen peroxide to clean?
Alucard, More Awesome Than Chuck Norris!
Alucard, More Awesome Than Chuck Norris! 13 kun oldin
It's official, this lady's brain is out of date. Lock her up!
Neferata of Lahmia
Neferata of Lahmia 14 kun oldin
Even dr phil in the background doesn't want anything to do with it
the sparkly spoonicorn
the sparkly spoonicorn 17 kun oldin
Cheese pasties not cheese pasta my dudes!! Pasties are like delicious British hot pockets filled with molten cheese, meat or veg.
juni q
juni q 18 kun oldin
She must smell so nasty
ZARIFUL ISLAM JOY 18 kun oldin
What if they did use bleach and as a result 2020 happened ?
Saoirse Mayhorn
Saoirse Mayhorn 18 kun oldin
Omg I just realized, she looks like an old female version of Newt from Fantastic Beasts
Tooru Oikawa
Tooru Oikawa 18 kun oldin
they really need professional bio and hazard clean-up, not two people without respirators or protective gear; complaining the whole time
Jess H
Jess H 18 kun oldin
This lady doesn't have time for showers? Her only job is to live there and let people in to see it. What else is she doing? Certainly not cleaning
Gina Primeau
Gina Primeau 19 kun oldin
Who the hell is she referring to people live her ? She’s all alone lol and it’s open to the public ?!?! where is everyone lol omg this is nuts
Pedro Martell
Pedro Martell 19 kun oldin
To be fair is a dope house lol
RynShay Reactions
RynShay Reactions 19 kun oldin
They should of had more people just clean and clean EVERYTHING LIKE 3 rooms wtf
Pricilla Kirk
Pricilla Kirk 20 kun oldin
She’s trying to preserve the lifestyle of how ppl use to live it’s a beautiful beautiful place I would love to live there.
Thomas Litty
Thomas Litty 25 kun oldin
The pounds means currency
Jacob Noethens
Jacob Noethens 26 kun oldin
The couple doesn’t actually have OCD about cleanliness. If they did they wouldn’t be cleaning that place and breathing in the dust and that sort of thing. That’s torture for people who have germ OCD.
Gentry Smith
Gentry Smith 27 kun oldin
Don't make me call my flying monkeys! Put EVERYTHING back where it was.
Liv 27 kun oldin
For those wondering, £1400 is about $1800
InternalxHD 27 kun oldin
this lady is so dumb, she wants them to clean but wont let them.. what
Merel Saly
Merel Saly 27 kun oldin
I swear, her last meal was probably mac n cheese and as a ghost she cannot break this ritual
Kiana K.
Kiana K. 27 kun oldin
3:30 isn't pounds the currency in England? I believe it's just how expensive it was and not the weight 😂
tazgamer 29 kun oldin
I would love for someone to come in my house, to clean and organize it.
Selena Martinez
Selena Martinez Oy oldin
Maybe I shouldn’t watch this while I have morning sickness 😩 I can somehow smell the house and mayonnaise 🤣🤣
DeltaDrifter2201 Oy oldin
This was scarier than majority of the scary movies I have seen.
Live Laugh Love Daily
Live Laugh Love Daily Oy oldin
Presenting the one place on earth that even Covid won't go near. Right I'm off to take a shower... and then another one!
trump 2020
trump 2020 Oy oldin
This old lady is rude
That one person :3
That one person :3 Oy oldin
I think they should’ve sat down with her and get the old lady to smell a bunch of scents to see which one she likes, then make homemade cleaner with her preferred scent
Georgie Constantinou
Georgie Constantinou Oy oldin
That’s where the ghosts from stardust live
bruh allie
bruh allie Oy oldin
Corona originated from that lady
jassy j
jassy j Oy oldin
Laughing so hard I can't breath
Cindy Stone
Cindy Stone Oy oldin
Best Meme Couch episode of all time? Maybe....
Not_Matt Oy oldin
Bruh why does she look like Emperor Palpatine?
Poppy Seed
Poppy Seed Oy oldin
1400 pounds vacuum cleaner refers to the price, not the weight LMAO 1400£ 😂🤣 I can't deal with Americans you guys are too funny
Ashley N.
Ashley N. Oy oldin
Bruh she could make bank doing ghost tours of that house
Imaginewagons Oy oldin
Why are they vacuuming before dusting. Ughhh
RUSTEEE Oy oldin
I was watching this when a Cracker Barrel add popped up with Mac & Cheese in it.
LongLostSouls Oy oldin
3:33 That's a form of currency
Fluteperson01 Oy oldin
so I did a little bit of research on this house and Cornelia, I found out why she doesn't do frangrance or cleaning Products.... she owns parrots.... it doesnt tell you that because that makes her seem rational, you CAN NOT use anything with fragrance or things like bleach they are extreamly toxic to birds and even them being in the same house can and Has killed birds. example, my mother in law killed my parakeet by lighting a scented candle in another room. now she is kinda essentric, but there is a big reason why she doesn't have cleaners, I don't even use spray cleaners like windex , I use wipes and biodegradable dishsoap.... she probably doesn't know that there is bird friendly cleaners out there..
Esther-pearl M
Esther-pearl M Oy oldin
Im sorry they old lady is creepy and naaaaaatttssyyyyyyyy
reOkOe Oy oldin
'i have OCD and must clean everything!!!' procceds to use the dustcloth as if it's the first time he ever seen one
Nathan Schlagbaum
Nathan Schlagbaum Oy oldin
I think they ment the vacume cost 1400 pounds lol
Crystal Asher
Crystal Asher Oy oldin
She’s ok with them dusting and cleaning 3 out of 17 rooms because she lives in the walls the inner chambers of each room
Oxorius Oy oldin
Why do they keep talking about mac and cheese when she said she eats cheese pasties 😭😭😭
Kaitie Crady
Kaitie Crady Oy oldin
She’s fighting to keep it open financially. She put all her money into buying the place and ran out of it to fix it up for the public. In the end she finally makes it a spot for community events and social gatherings
Edwin Mactal
Edwin Mactal Oy oldin
theyre actual cleaners and have OCD? why arent they even wearing any gloves or masks?
nicolaj Oy oldin
give that mayonaise to big edd
KATHERINEMARIA 225493 Oy oldin
Is there a part 3
SHiBBY927 Oy oldin
OCD Lady: I don't know how to help you. Crypt Keeper: Read a nice book. *Hands her the book of Necronomicon*
Kate KaPOW
Kate KaPOW Oy oldin
This is actually so sad, I imagine if they go back there next month it'll look the same as before
TheKillingKnight Oy oldin
She doesn't have time to shower cuz its been so long it'd take her 5 days to get clean
Jaylen Carter
Jaylen Carter Oy oldin
That lady was probably best friends with George Washington
Devileye Oy oldin
300 year old karen
Torren Scott
Torren Scott Oy oldin
She turns her victims into statues
CLC III Oy oldin
No way this is real. Anyone that saw this would walk in and walk out.
andreas besis
andreas besis Oy oldin
Clickbait title. I was expecting her to lash out on them gnawing their necks.
tyler jones
tyler jones Oy oldin
wales represent my step father is ocd too
Me.cheese cake
Me.cheese cake Oy oldin
That’s not a hoarder that’s a goblin
Julie M.R
Julie M.R Oy oldin
Old lady was the impostor...
Faith Owens
Faith Owens Oy oldin
I feel sorry for this woman. My granny would go outside and pull dandelions for hours when she started getting dementia and as it progressed she would spend longer at a time and go out further from the house. This woman seems to be holding her own pretty well considering all the circumstances.
Marissa Bones
Marissa Bones Oy oldin
I think I might be addicted
NAB 88
NAB 88 Oy oldin
She said cheese 'pasty' its a puff pastry parcel with cheese inside. She lives on Greggs pasties.
Michayla Lawrence
Michayla Lawrence Oy oldin
“I don’t like that they’re cleaning and moving my things” *invites a show with ocd hosts that’s sole purpose is to move and clean the house*
Eve N
Eve N Oy oldin
I'm disappointed. No hazmat suit anywhere.
cindy feng
cindy feng Oy oldin
1400 pound probably means pounds like money
Blitz Oy oldin
*The woman's sick just dip outa there*
Jackj28 Oy oldin
Oh man oh man lol 🤦🏽‍♂️ I saw this one... My Girl and I were beyond freaked out on the old lady and her dirty ass place! The old ladies hands were beyond dirty. If u get a chance to see it? Its something boy lol...
AlphaWolf82 Oy oldin
Ozzy's Mom Age Well and Life in a nice Play 😉👌
Forgotten Oy oldin
i can smell and feel the dust from here.
MrGundam0083 Oy oldin
just by the name had to watch it lol
lady veruca grimes
lady veruca grimes Oy oldin
i couldnt do anything till i washed her first
JaniX Oy oldin
She looks like she's going back to the future as soon as she finds a flux capacitor
Abigail Rose Cottman
Abigail Rose Cottman Oy oldin
there's a difference between ocd and germaphobia...
Kathryn Maxwell
Kathryn Maxwell Oy oldin
For the 1400 pound vacuum cleaner...have they thought about that maybe it was the cost...as a 1400£ vacuum?
Yac Sk
Yac Sk Oy oldin
not sure if ken got bigger or buff got smaller
She must hate all products, including shampoo!
Official Vibe Check Queen
Official Vibe Check Queen Oy oldin
Anyone wanna tell that lady that her house can look old and clean at the same time
Von Socks
Von Socks Oy oldin
Mac n cheese? lol she said she eats cheese pasties, not pasta. It's a pastry dish. Originally from Cornwall.
Momo Oy oldin
She vacuums five times a day? Yeah okay, I vacuum once a day and can’t possibly see the need to do it more then that.
spoopy haunt
spoopy haunt Oy oldin
How is your yard cleaner than the inside of your house and yourself??? She needs a therapist
Tom Waters
Tom Waters Oy oldin
Doesn't have time to bathe but picks clovers and vacuums a rug for a total of 9 hours a day
Francesco Lia
Francesco Lia Oy oldin
During Corona virus: wash frequently your hands This lady: no, I don't think I will
Rhodie Oy oldin
She’s what we call a soap dodger here in UK 🤣🤣🤣
Influennza Pyloric
Influennza Pyloric Oy oldin
I think the old lady invited them to clean, not because she wanted the castle to be clean, but to advertise using the castle as a wedding place. She wanted exposure.
J.K Fitz
J.K Fitz Oy oldin
These would be much better if you could watch more of a few seconds of a video at once. Idk... I get commentary and laughing but it's hard to follow smh
j c
j c Oy oldin
Shes the last knight
Alphakenny One
Alphakenny One Oy oldin
U don’t have time for a bath?! All u have is time! U don’t clean u don’t cook spells don’t take that much time
Iakona Sisler
Iakona Sisler Oy oldin
so obviously the old lady is bad because of how dirty she is but honestly those people are way too clean, like honestly vacuuming a floor 5 times a day inside your house is unhealthy
HieiTheFox Oy oldin
Watching and laughing at Mac n cheese instead of cheese pasties lol
Glasses&Mouthplates Oy oldin
How did Ken manage to get Brodie Lee (Luke Harper) co-hosting this episode?
Katerina Maximus
Katerina Maximus Oy oldin
I swear dr phil's eyes got redder everytime they said deamons in the background something is up with that dr phil mask in the back
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