Mother Of Bride Crashes In To Ruin Daughters Wedding | Gypsy Brides - React Couch

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React Couch watcing TLC Mother Of Bride Barges In Mid-Ceremony To Try And Ruin Wedding! | Gypsy Brides US where a mom crashes in to stop everything.
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Joe Knoedler
Joe Knoedler 15 kun oldin
Why is everyone in white? I thought only the bride is supposed to wear white
Joe Knoedler
Joe Knoedler 15 kun oldin
Facing jail doesn’t mean you’re going to jail for sure. Just means you’ve been arrested and have court dates. If you got into a fight or stole something, you can bail out, and not be in jail for up to a year. There are several court dates before they sentence you. And they’re usually about a month apart
라이쿠 / Riyku
라이쿠 / Riyku 18 kun oldin
You guys are adorable and I love watching your reactions. You guys always have big smiles on your faces and tbh it's really nice to see with how the world is these days. ♡ so thank you!
Chip Pilgrim
Chip Pilgrim 19 kun oldin
I dipped after I realized where I was dropping her off dude, I thought we were going to McDonalds not a hillbilly Jersey Shore church
TiGah Rose
TiGah Rose 19 kun oldin
How come at Gypsy weddings/parties there is either over 200 hundred people or only like 4?
Maxie Sherrow
Maxie Sherrow 21 kun oldin
Buff is rocking the Inigo Montoya vibes! Luv it
Isabel Pacheco
Isabel Pacheco 22 kun oldin
Mom looks like ET in a black wig.
Kathy Ray
Kathy Ray 25 kun oldin
I thing buff looks awesome either way. His laugh just makes me laugh harder. They both are 🤣 so funny.
Adventurer studios
Adventurer studios 27 kun oldin
Why is this guy Italian moffia
Krispy Kiwi
Krispy Kiwi 29 kun oldin
Then: “I can’t forget about it” Me: “Forget about what?”
Real Victoria
Real Victoria Oy oldin
You should watch Canada's worst driver. Specifically crystal
Jean Carbonneau
Jean Carbonneau Oy oldin
How do these people have the money to pay for their clothes?
Fanrogh Oy oldin
Gotta have your name on your jacket so you dont mistakenly take the wrong one , like a kid in kindergarten xD
Sparrow_Nightwing Oy oldin
Funny thing is? That protective “mama’s” husband is a jailbird HIMSELF
S Batts
S Batts Oy oldin
Hes gotta lock her down before he's locked up. 🤣
Robert Torres
Robert Torres Oy oldin
There's another video involving the same family. Look up "fight breaks out at 3yr old party"
bunk Chivec
bunk Chivec Oy oldin
Buff looks like Hagrid
Marissa Bones
Marissa Bones Oy oldin
I'm on a binge
Cody Hedges
Cody Hedges Oy oldin
Down syndrome patients deserve to have rhinestones in their eyes too. Edit: nah his car is just so awesome he's gotta park it in the middle of two spots. If people see his awesome car they'll wanna destroy it right!!!! RIGHT!!!???
Laura Danyal
Laura Danyal Oy oldin
the bride looks like Zippy.
Misty Sharrar
Misty Sharrar Oy oldin
Buff. Stop it. Stop getting sexyer
Danielle Jaramillo
Danielle Jaramillo Oy oldin
Three words. Cringe, cringe cringe.
AngelKayla 2021
AngelKayla 2021 Oy oldin
I'm pretty sure though this show is fake like almost all there shows are on TLC
Haylee Bragg
Haylee Bragg Oy oldin
First mom I've seen who didn't want to marry her daughter off to anyone breathing.
Rebecca Lynn
Rebecca Lynn Oy oldin
Okay but serious question buff what is your hair care routine to achieve such majestic beautiful hair? 😂 ... no but seriously😳
Beloved Gifts
Beloved Gifts Oy oldin
His eyebrows were on point! 🔥🔥 Lol I thought the t shirt vest was a backpack lol this is too much
TaterTot Oy oldin
Daaamn that mom thought she was really gonna ruin the wedding😂😂
W.K. Bell
W.K. Bell Oy oldin
The females have to dress in bright, over the top outfits, because the guys are so f*cked up. It's not ladylike to wave your arms in the air yelling, 'i'm over here, cousin! Let's get it on like Donkey Kong!"
Jasmine O
Jasmine O Oy oldin
And I still can’t get a call back
Malia Robinson
Malia Robinson Oy oldin
I remember this! It happened in my hometown. A few months later they were both arrested for stealing money from another couple at their wedding!
Moozler Oy oldin
The bride in this episode gives me major Trisha Paytas vibes, just me? Could be a sister from another mister for real
BeyondTriheart Oy oldin
Percentage of comments about video: 2% Percentage of comments about buffs majestic hair: over 9000
Isabel Ortiz
Isabel Ortiz Oy oldin
not to bash anyone, but he spent more on that horrible tux than on her f ing engagement ring.......did you see it? it was like maybe an eighth a carat
Krista Siebler
Krista Siebler Oy oldin
You should look up strange addictions where this lady and her husband are addicted to coffee enemas it’s crazy
J- Paul
J- Paul Oy oldin
The title alone deserves a like
Ranch Oy oldin
That makeup artist did her dirty 😭
SoulGazer Shayn
SoulGazer Shayn Oy oldin
Man, Buff's laugh is so contagious I wish I was his roommate or something. Also, he's got better hair than my sister, and she's obsessed with her hair.
Sʜʀᴇᴋs Cᴏᴜsɪɴ
Sʜʀᴇᴋs Cᴏᴜsɪɴ Oy oldin
I did this just to make it 900 comments😁👍
Biblio Wolf
Biblio Wolf Oy oldin
A couple notes for anyone interested in the backstory: - Bride Jett was a single/divorced mom of 2 girls (sounded like she left an arranged marriage to a jackass after 10 years) & Groom Bubba is portrayed in this & another episode around a birthday as being devoted to the bride & her daughters - Bubba goes to jail for 60 days after the wedding bc he screwed his MILs bf over in a business deal. - Birthday episode grandma shows up & tries to cause fights bc her 3 year old granddaughter gets a princess esque birthday party & her parents refuse to dress a 3 year old like a hooker (besides questionable eyelashes)
Gaelen J. Francis
Gaelen J. Francis Oy oldin
I lost it when he said "I speak trailer park"😂😂😂
Lucia Flores
Lucia Flores Oy oldin
buff is so dang cute!! love your Juanes hair!!
Leo Faught
Leo Faught Oy oldin
One time I had a substitute when I was in 3rd grade and we went to lunch and when we came back we noticed that she had toilet paper stuck to her butt!😂😂 Sounds like that with the dress?
Dark Wolf
Dark Wolf 2 oy oldin
I really love this.
Cathy Harvey
Cathy Harvey 2 oy oldin
Her train needs it's own zip code
Susan Jordan
Susan Jordan 2 oy oldin
Mom is sleeping with the fishes.
Amy Jo
Amy Jo 2 oy oldin
The wedding entertainment was fantastic.
Amy Jo
Amy Jo 2 oy oldin
What's all over her face?
Bronwyn B
Bronwyn B 2 oy oldin
Seriously that dude is dumb as wood...We have forgotten like that's possible its a car crash and you just can't stop watching ....
Shaggy SmilesSRL
Shaggy SmilesSRL 2 oy oldin
"That's the baddest tux I've ever seen" you got that right buddy lmao
indiawarren2012 2 oy oldin
I wish there was a laugh button instead of a like because that’s all I’ve dine since binge watching your series 😂😂
W4rp3dW1z 2 oy oldin
Kitchen frickin Nightmares, guys!!
blessed_mama7 2 oy oldin
Buff's laugh and hair make him a thousand times more handsome than he is 😍
blessed_mama7 2 oy oldin
Baddest tux...they meant worst tux.
Bella Marie Drew
Bella Marie Drew 2 oy oldin
Ya'll Annie isn't 28 lmfao
c in the H
c in the H 2 oy oldin
some people don't forgive or forget about it eh
Sue Winchester
Sue Winchester 2 oy oldin
Movies she can fit in the car and through doorways there's dresses that they get that they can't even fit through doorways and then the cars and sometimes not even into the churches
pasta kayli
pasta kayli 2 oy oldin
I never comment on videos because there is always so many comments.
Jade Janson
Jade Janson 2 oy oldin
''Forget about it huh '' Me: Danny is that you (Grease)
Rebecca Pechon
Rebecca Pechon 2 oy oldin
I speak trailer park too 😂
Rebecca Pechon
Rebecca Pechon 2 oy oldin
I left the last video with ken stretching and came in on this one with him exiting the stretch! Worth it
Asa Reid
Asa Reid 2 oy oldin
"It's on like Donkey Kong." - Si Robertson. He said it first.
Tina Fackler
Tina Fackler 2 oy oldin
Don't worry about it... Badda Bing badda boo.. Lol 🤣
Adriane Orzechowski
Adriane Orzechowski 2 oy oldin
Bruh I cannnnnottttt with these gypsy videos. They have my sides hurting
Thorgeir 2 oy oldin
Was that a fart at 3:18? xD
Layce Baker Magana
Layce Baker Magana 2 oy oldin
Chaka Khan!!! OMG hilarious
Kinsey Designs
Kinsey Designs 2 oy oldin
Buff Pro lookin like Indigo Montoya from Princess Bride while watching Gypsy Brides lol!
GoGirl311 2 oy oldin
Mommas legit, shes wearing a thong but no girdle.... trash at its finest
God of Yami
God of Yami 2 oy oldin
Stevie nicks makes gypsys sound poetic and misunderstood while gypsys make them selves look like a step down from trailer trash
Queen_B93 Reel
Queen_B93 Reel 2 oy oldin
What happened to the mom you asked? She went into hiding for a year and got into a fight with the same daughter about her granddaughter’s first bday!
Mackenzie Gibbs
Mackenzie Gibbs 2 oy oldin
I feel like this girl "I got it going on like donkey Kong" and the "YOU ARE A SPECIMEN!" dude from 90 day fiance would hit it off well 😂
ya girl mare
ya girl mare 2 oy oldin
This ones gold
Samantha Gardener
Samantha Gardener 2 oy oldin
She looks like a lil old woman wtf
Lorelei Catherine
Lorelei Catherine 2 oy oldin
You wanna know how I know this kind of stunt is all for the drama? Because even if you stop the wedding you won’t stop em getting married. You wanna stop that you catch em at the courthouse applying for their marriage license. A wedding ceremony is mostly for show or to have the marriage officially recognized by the church. But it’s not a legally binding ceremony. Every time I watch a movie with a “STOP THE WEDDING!!” Scene I can’t help but blurt out “yo...they already done been got married dawg. They got a joint bank account and everything now.”
zed Ka
zed Ka 2 oy oldin
buff is so handsome, these eyes !
Brittney Scriven
Brittney Scriven 2 oy oldin
Great react guys.
Kyle Ashby
Kyle Ashby 2 oy oldin
It's the best tux I ever seen but it's the only tux I ever seen
nikki v
nikki v 2 oy oldin
Buff is so cute. I jus wanna cuddle with him. 😍🥰🤩
Alisha 2 oy oldin
“I speak trailer park.” 😂
Brooke Nelson
Brooke Nelson 2 oy oldin
How come they all want to ruin each other’s weddings 😂
amari mchenry
amari mchenry 2 oy oldin
If she ready to fight why she got hills on💀💀
anna A
anna A 2 oy oldin
get Karen out of here............
anna A
anna A 2 oy oldin
you two are hilarious
YourSocialnetwork 2 oy oldin
How speak i trailerpark when my mother tongue isnt even english and Ive never been around such people? XD
Cath Aguilar
Cath Aguilar 2 oy oldin
i've just recently started watching you again and this is the first video i came across with buffpro's hairdown! and i gotta say... he looks hella adorable
Jillian Kennedy
Jillian Kennedy 2 oy oldin
"I speak trailerpark" I died 😂😂
Julia Kazmierski
Julia Kazmierski 2 oy oldin
Did all these people go to the Jersey shore school of beauty???
Kitsune Aitsuki
Kitsune Aitsuki 2 oy oldin
How tacky... she wore a wedding dress to her daughter's wedding...
queen_of_swords80 queen_of_swords80
queen_of_swords80 queen_of_swords80 3 oy oldin
Buff is so handsome. Even more so with his hair down hehe
Kimberly Arrington
Kimberly Arrington 3 oy oldin
Omg Buff hair is Beautiful
Jae Ortiz
Jae Ortiz 3 oy oldin
Ranch ❤️
genevieve gentry
genevieve gentry 3 oy oldin
Who else thinks the bride looks like Fiona from Shrek
debra bolton
debra bolton 3 oy oldin
I say it every time I watch your videos. You are hilarious.
nicetomeecha 3 oy oldin
They’re like a mix of trailer trash and jersey shore. I don’t know what’s going on here. 😂
Finny Oak
Finny Oak 3 oy oldin
Dane looking like he fronting "Coheed and Cambria"
Nishas Alott
Nishas Alott 3 oy oldin
Why does the mom look like she is hungry? I'm not trying to be rude.
Grai P
Grai P 3 oy oldin
ive had a really bad week, thanks for the laughs
Hannah 2 oy oldin
I hope it's getting better!
Van Storm
Van Storm 3 oy oldin
I can't stop watching your videos. on video 4 out of how many? ima be here for a while 😂💚 I can't get enough of this crazy shit and y'all make it so damn funny😂😂😂😂😂
Jamie Cagle
Jamie Cagle 3 oy oldin
The bride looks like a chicken in that dress damn
SONShine 3 oy oldin
I LMAO thee entire time🤣😂🤣😂🤷🏽‍♀️
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