Mother Lets Kid Steal Blind Persons Cane r/entitledparents

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Today on reading reddit r/entitledparents we have a Karen mother who accuses someone of faking being blind and demands they give their cane to her child.. then they steal it. Also another mom loses her kid, and a lady eats all the cake.
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CinnamonToastKen 2 oy oldin
Like the video if love Karens getting hit with Karma
josh Christopher
josh Christopher 2 oy oldin
Do u got a stay toasty hat?
LANSIE 2 oy oldin
Love these vids. Need more
Eddy Kerb
Eddy Kerb 2 oy oldin
U suk without Buff
sherolled 27
sherolled 27 2 oy oldin
Karens and Kevins drive me nuts.
Vixen Fox Sly
Vixen Fox Sly 2 oy oldin
Karma to the karnes is funny
Joe Knoedler
Joe Knoedler 10 kun oldin
Some of these seem rather fake tbh.
Baggy Trousers
Baggy Trousers 10 kun oldin
Certainly helps raise the old blood pressure.
Miss. Danni Tiger
Miss. Danni Tiger 25 kun oldin
0:37 wow what a title 4:00 6:10 7:22 11:07 13:50
LiquidBlack Sleepsick
LiquidBlack Sleepsick 27 kun oldin
Idk if it's my sleeping meds but you sound like all the Bob's burgers characters if i play video while drawing
Dark Wolf
Dark Wolf Oy oldin
Karma came to bite her in the ass 🤣🤣.
zach w
zach w Oy oldin
Kids dont get the beatings they deserve these day's
Samantha G The Natsarim
Samantha G The Natsarim Oy oldin
Idk why but when that monster kid took the blind woman's cane that made me cry.😢 I guess bc I'm handicapped myself I feel her pain. I'm SO HAPPY that brat and EM got what they deserved ! Way to go awesome Guy !🤗❤🤗
Darci's Idea
Darci's Idea Oy oldin
Sarah Brittain
Sarah Brittain Oy oldin
Last one made me cry, NGL ❤
Boopydoot Oy oldin
how'd the blind person write the reddit post?
Ginny VanOh
Ginny VanOh Oy oldin
I work at a library and a few years ago a mom left her newborn twins with a random lady after asking staff and other patrons to watch them. It was over an hour before mom came back. The pissening part was our assistant director would not let us call police or DFACS. The babies were screaming and it was so weird. Years later those twins grew up to be holy terrors and mom can't control them.
Devil jin 77 X
Devil jin 77 X Oy oldin
U remind me of my favorite uncle
jjodoin05 Oy oldin
Is that English?
crealkillr Oy oldin
Advice for anyone that is disabled and someone steals your stuff: YELL FOR HELP. The stupidest thing i can think of is to let someone steal your cane (which you need to move) and the first thing you say is "i really need that". Raise hell and get some witnesses. If you dont want people to pity you, fine. But is it really gonna be okay to sit inside a store, stuck to that spot because you cannot see, and let someone steal your $100? Blind lady: "i didnt know how to handle that" Me: Have you never been in public? The world isnt perfect, and this isnt uncommon (horrible i know). The employees are there to help you. The police is there to help you. "Awsome" guys and girls are there to help you. If you sit on the ground and cry softly, no one can do anything (especially if the culprits leave). Grow some common sense and figure it out. At the very least, if this should happen again. Also... How or who typed this out for you on reddit?
speaks Japanese
speaks Japanese 2 oy oldin
How can u go on reddit and type a story if u blind
Sarah-Jane Graham
Sarah-Jane Graham 2 oy oldin
You need to tell bedtime stories.
Lorelei Catherine
Lorelei Catherine 2 oy oldin
I have three kids, all were breastfed for at the least one and a half years and at the most 3 and a half years, if I had a nickel for every time I had a problem with someone for breastfeeding in public COVERED I’d be rich right now. There are also a fair share of people who stand up for us BF moms too though and that’s always really nice to see.
Sindy J
Sindy J 2 oy oldin
The story about Awesome Guy helping the blind woman made my ♡ happy.
Sindy J
Sindy J 2 oy oldin
Mordecai R
Mordecai R 2 oy oldin
As a visually impaired person who now has a guide dog, I'm thankful that I didn't have an entitled mom let her kid steal my whitecane when I had one
Hobi's Tiny Heart Bag
Hobi's Tiny Heart Bag 2 oy oldin
I need him to read me fairy tales until I fall asleep 🥺 his voice is so comforting 😌
Joe Weygandt
Joe Weygandt 2 oy oldin
man, some of these stories are so painfully fake, it's hard to see people actually taking them as true.
YEAS YEAS 2 oy oldin
I love the voices he reads as when he’s the Karen 😂
Lucy 2 oy oldin
A lot of these sound like fake stories. Still entertaining though I guess lol
aziz aldosari
aziz aldosari 2 oy oldin
Every time he reads blind in 14:48 part, I hear him say blond. I might be the only hearing that.
Angie Fairley
Angie Fairley 2 oy oldin
Bro i dont know how some of these people in these stories can be so composed if i worked at a job and someone was annoying me i would try to ban them on the spot (sorry if employees can ban people from stores im not big brain lol)
CEPO P05 2 oy oldin
Yooo is that a see of thieves background 😁👍
Jiwbink w
Jiwbink w 2 oy oldin
GlasGalahad 2 oy oldin
Nothing makes a person feel more isolated, alienated, and worthless when they're told that their- I despise this word, but for the sake of context, forgive me on this one- 'disorder' is nonexistent when in reality, it is a legitimate piece of said person's being. Anyone who steps up to fight that- be it the victim or a kind heart- it's a really powerful, brave, and special act of the highest accolade. You people are awesome. And to anyone struggling through something that other people claim doesn't exist, because they don't understand it? You're heard. You're seen. You're understood. You are ok, and there are people in the world that will always rise against injustices. You are not alone.
Jestloo 2 oy oldin
I love being read stories~
ᑏᐊ ᕗᐃᓴᓐ
ᑏᐊ ᕗᐃᓴᓐ 2 oy oldin
I've heard these stories before, but I loved hearing them again from CinnamonToastKen
Massimo van de Laar
Massimo van de Laar 2 oy oldin
Please do more of this
Heyo Its Téo
Heyo Its Téo 2 oy oldin
I cant belive these people exist
el senior Fluffy Sac
el senior Fluffy Sac 2 oy oldin
That last one brought a sweet tear to my eye
Dee Lyteful
Dee Lyteful 2 oy oldin
This just goes to show that there are some very unhappy and angry people out there. Even if the blind person was faking it, who cares? It’s not like she was asking for donations or hand outs. She was shopping.
Ayda F
Ayda F 2 oy oldin
The REAL tiger king
lu gon
lu gon 2 oy oldin
definitely Sam's i deal with Kens and Karens all day long
Michael Lam-chacon
Michael Lam-chacon 2 oy oldin
Ed dose muckbangs 🤣🤣
Mason Bergerac
Mason Bergerac 2 oy oldin
Last story foesnt make sense. A)The blind lady obviously spends a lot of time on reddit cause she writes like a typical poster. How is she reading and typing? B) who is seriously dumb enough to take a blind persons cane? C) If AG saw the whole thing happen why did he wait until after her climactic scene on the floor to intervene? Cause its a story D) if he did hurt EC EM would have lost her shit and probably called the cops and sued AG. The reason it bothers me is cause I like Reddit stories but a big part of thst is the real life aspect of the story. Anyways
m g
m g 2 oy oldin
Why do people think blind people are lying or pretending? Back in college I had a drama class and one of the students was blind. We would go to lunch or go outside and sit in the grass and people always second guessed her because she didnt wear the sunglasses.
Ethan Hanson
Ethan Hanson 2 oy oldin
Nobody is talking about the sea of Thieves background lol. Shungite Moment
REVAN_247 Alex
REVAN_247 Alex 2 oy oldin
I thought it was Costco not sams
Alex Barker
Alex Barker 2 oy oldin
Does Ken have a podcast?? I could listen to +hours of this
SlyDogs 820
SlyDogs 820 2 oy oldin
I can't say I know what the blind thing means personally somewhat relate when I used to have really bad asthma and kids used to take my inhaler which you know... Kept me alive. I love that last story ❣
RedAPPLEtessa 2 oy oldin
Nice background during the reading, next time I go and grab some tea for the video. :)
E Vogt
E Vogt 2 oy oldin
Something about the open shirt makes me just want to cuddle with the papa bear lol 😟😟😟
Grey Man
Grey Man 2 oy oldin
it's times like this that I wish that you could beat other people's children when they are as horrible as that last one.
JESC Biotank Supreme
JESC Biotank Supreme 2 oy oldin
Decorater “are you sure you wand RGB everywhere?” Cinnamon toast ken “yes”
nujevad40 2 oy oldin
I'm just assuming that the blind woman is having her husband type her story for her, for a website that cannot enjoy on her own.
Chief Rocka
Chief Rocka 2 oy oldin
I reckon most of these are just made up.
Duchess May
Duchess May 2 oy oldin
Leaving a rare like for more of these!
Happy Hatice
Happy Hatice 2 oy oldin
Loved it!
Rose Brown
Rose Brown 2 oy oldin
The same kind of person who steals a person's wheelchair at TwitchCon - which happened to me last year (2019) - is the kind of person who steals a person's assistive cane. Some people are monsters indeed.
Velvet Aeon
Velvet Aeon 2 oy oldin
You use yer glasses to read.... 🤣😂🤣 Boomp!
Tarra Raby
Tarra Raby 2 oy oldin
Why tf would you ever take someones cane holy crap thats horrible
1am Nick
1am Nick 2 oy oldin
That blind person story was definitely not real or atleast hella exaggerated
mockfanatik 2 oy oldin
Jai alai is pronounced High a lie. It's a sport usually in latin countries. I lived in Florida and it was pretty big there. They throw balls with these big scoops and hit the walls. There is a big Jai alai arena in Tampa.
ivyshaolin 2 oy oldin
miss L for the win
liz h
liz h 2 oy oldin
oooh damn! that dad is a genius! im glad the little girl got to stay with him after the divorce :)
Unfunny Narcissism
Unfunny Narcissism 2 oy oldin
Dude that chest hair lmao
Trent Askata
Trent Askata 2 oy oldin
So... is no one gonna call BS on the blind person story? Like, how are they writing the story? And how did the husband MESSAGE her about groceries? Fully blind my ass
Trent Askata
Trent Askata 2 oy oldin
@Cassandra Carson imagine having no life and just commenting on repeat about how this "blind person" on reddit is POSSIBLY real so you get butthurt for them. Get a fuckin life and some manners you literal shit. Btw you're ugly too
Cassandra Carson
Cassandra Carson 2 oy oldin
Screen reader. Google it, you uncultured swine.
Danielle Bergmann
Danielle Bergmann 2 oy oldin
Another story. I have a friend who is blind. If someone gets mad and says, "What are you BLIND?!" She just responds with, "Yes." It's awkward and amazing 😄
Danielle Bergmann
Danielle Bergmann 2 oy oldin
I used to work Visitor Services at the zoo. That first story may seem unbelievable, but I've legit had guests ask me to babysit their kids before as well. Babysit their kids, personally watch their strollers, hold their child while they do something with their other child, hand me their garbage, etc. One day we had to call the park rangers because a man entered a paid exhibit with his daughter and left his infant in a parked stroller outside, with the sun blaring down on her. They had to explain to him why that's not ok. People are terrible, lol.
J Lastname
J Lastname 2 oy oldin
Sorry but I can't believe the blind story, surely no one in the world is like this 😟
Spooky Animator
Spooky Animator 2 oy oldin
LOVED this! need more!
KawaiiGamerCat 2 oy oldin
These stories made me cry. Last one really got to me...
CHRONO 2 oy oldin
Bruh... This content!👍🏼🔥
Jake 2 oy oldin
I'm glad you did another one of these! Looking forward to more :)
squishy cutie
squishy cutie 2 oy oldin
That last one made me start to cry a lil ngl. I would've done the same as AG and give the blind dude a big hug
THE REAL FLABEO 2 oy oldin
Literally would have said okay I'll watch your kid then immediately called the police for child abandonment
Benedict Estabillo
Benedict Estabillo 2 oy oldin
melanie langham
melanie langham 2 oy oldin
Sorry Ken pronunciation is hi-li
Low Vision Life
Low Vision Life 2 oy oldin
Woo hoo for that last story! I'm a member of the white can society myself. I still have a lot of vision left relatively speaking, but have huge blind spots and cannot see much more than three meters in front of me. No ability to read. So even though I'm in a more advantaged position visually than the woman in the last story, it's ****still**** very, very challenging for me to navigate around a store, find what I'm looking for, avoid bumping into things unexpectedly close to me, etc. So that lady is a total champ, and has balls the size of Missouri as far as I'm concerned! Thanks to Simon Ken for featuring a story about a visually impaired person!
Timothy Clark
Timothy Clark 2 oy oldin
Crazy story
Harmonious 2 oy oldin
Anyone else miss/remember Ken's MotoVlogs him just driving around talking?
Homero Medina
Homero Medina 2 oy oldin
Damn, there are some inhumane monsters out there.
Dwight Hoffmann
Dwight Hoffmann 2 oy oldin
I'm not going to lie I'd smack the hell out of the kid and the mom that took the cane.
Kelli Swift
Kelli Swift 2 oy oldin
you crack me up!
maria margera
maria margera 2 oy oldin
Ken reading me reddit stories before I go to bed is the absolute best thing
AgonizedAnguish 2 oy oldin
Last story is definitely a fake, how can she write if she’s blind?
devi vasquez
devi vasquez 2 oy oldin
Or her husband wrote it for her
Melissa Hill
Melissa Hill 2 oy oldin
Voice to text and blind setting on phone/computer...
Nikki C
Nikki C 2 oy oldin
Thats so messed up the mom just leaving her daughter with a stranger at a store
Riel 2 oy oldin
That used to happen a lot more, it's scary. Sometimes they wouldn't even tell an employee, just abandon their kid at a store "for a few minutes" even worse when people didn't have cellphones.
Adrianna Shaw
Adrianna Shaw 2 oy oldin
I woulda whooped both their butts
xVacunaVenomx 2 oy oldin
I love your cool tiger shirt and kitty headphones Ken ❤️❤️❤️
Chimpey 2 oy oldin
This made me laugh, this made me cry, this made me fart (just a little), and most importantly... this made me stay toasty. Thank you Ken for some great solo vids!
Eric Na
Eric Na 2 oy oldin
In my mind: That is a cool shirt 1 sec later CinnamonToastKen: "I got my cool tiger shirt on" Me: OMG he's pyschic
James Fitchorn
James Fitchorn 2 oy oldin
Perfect Karen karma.
the great old one
the great old one 2 oy oldin
This was a nice toasty read 😀 thanks ken 🙏👍
Justin 2 oy oldin
He should have filled up the wine bottles with water🤣🤣🤣 Also we all love your solo vids man keep it upp
Engrish 2 oy oldin
i bet shes a single mom lol
Jason Reese
Jason Reese 2 oy oldin
This is nice
Heyzeus Ravalo
Heyzeus Ravalo 2 oy oldin
Not a fan of these story videos. All the stories seem made up
buttons&gadgetsdr1 2 oy oldin
Love these crazy stories and reactions! Keep em coming brother!
Akia Sembly
Akia Sembly 2 oy oldin
It could be a Costco
Dawn break
Dawn break 2 oy oldin
There was a time I wouldn't of believed someone let their child take off with ANYTHING that wasn't theirs while screaming "he deserves it more then you" however now 2020... and seeing what people have been allowed to destroy so long as they claim it is" peaceful protesting" i know these people are out there and "normal " people are actually the exception and not the rule
Dawn break
Dawn break 2 oy oldin
So the mother left the kid with a male for hours?!
S Bridge
S Bridge 2 oy oldin
That first story was heartwarming as heck
Kentaro 2 oy oldin
Pleaaase react to Kitchen Nightmares about Amys Baking Company 🙏
September Kordelewski
September Kordelewski 2 oy oldin
Read fan fiction! It exists
HmongDefeater 2 oy oldin
When I was little I though all water tasted the same
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