Mom Eats 2 Lbs of Rock Everyday For 20 Years

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React Couch reacting to TLC Woman Eats Up To 2 Lbs Of Rock A Day | My Strange Addiction where a mom eats and chews rocks everyday. Her kids and the doctor are worried for her health.
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Mother Teresa started eating rocks more than 20 years ago. She eats up to 2 lbs of rock a day, and she doesn't seem bothered by the consequences of this addiction to her health.
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CinnamonToastKen 2 oy oldin
Like the video if you eat rocks.
Pedro Caballero Clemente
Pedro Caballero Clemente Oy oldin
CinnamonToastKen She needs to lose a stone.....literally!
Victoria Bones
Victoria Bones Oy oldin
Well my nine year old has PICA and high is actually a disorder where people eat unusual things and it's often a co morbidity of mental disibility and my son is severely mentally disabled including autism so yea it's legit and it's heartbreaking
Weeb strangler
Weeb strangler 2 oy oldin
i eat no actually snort white rocks
Dom Shady
Dom Shady 2 oy oldin
Cable B it’s a hats knock life xD
Dom Shady
Dom Shady 2 oy oldin
Have A Heart I would think. How can you eat rocks without the poping sounds
Diana Keating
Diana Keating 4 kun oldin
She's the natural enemy to Pet Rocks around the world.
Jordan Daniels
Jordan Daniels 5 kun oldin
I like all these videos, but I always hesitate before hitting it because the right half of the cast needs to be axed. I would actively avoid this not funny clown in real life like the plague.
pipex82 7 kun oldin
The rock lady sounds like the medium in “Poltergeist” maybe that’s why she sounds creepy.
Solved Jester
Solved Jester 12 kun oldin
So...rock candy?...pop rocks?
Black Lives Matter
Black Lives Matter 13 kun oldin
Shes trynna see what other stones she can get other then kidney stones
7 a m z a NotFound
7 a m z a NotFound 13 kun oldin
I bet this woman is the rock worst nightmare
PaininDash1 14 kun oldin
Chew on some ice chips.
MysticSybil 17 kun oldin
I've broken my teeth on my toothbrush before how does she bite rocks without pulverizing hers doesnt that HURT?!?
MysticSybil 17 kun oldin
Isnt the urge to eat rocks and dirt caused by some sort of severe mineral deficiency..? Homegirl needs to see a doctor
Dean Emanuel
Dean Emanuel 20 kun oldin
Nah she a dwarf like a rock eating dwarf we finally have proof that dwarfs aren't just from fantasy stories
junkjouster 20 kun oldin
i am feeling really fluid right now!
Krenzzler 20 kun oldin
They all sound like the little lady from Poltergeist.
Nilofer Shekhani
Nilofer Shekhani 20 kun oldin
N what about teeth
Kaus Australis
Kaus Australis 23 kun oldin
Lol meanwhile im over here with a broken tooth from corn nuts
Shadow Dreamer
Shadow Dreamer 25 kun oldin
She's literally ate 7 shit tons of rocks!!! 🤣😂🤣 😎🤙
lisa christie
lisa christie 26 kun oldin
That earthey taste otherwise known as dirt,feces,and germs you gotta love it.
Melanie Anderson
Melanie Anderson 27 kun oldin
This lady is a Goron.
Nader TheGuard
Nader TheGuard 27 kun oldin
This women gonna shit out rocks
Seehexe Nursula
Seehexe Nursula 27 kun oldin
How Ken says "I don't wanna be the person who says this. But there aren't that many calories in rocks!" And to be honest...I THOUGHT THE SAMEEEE
Literary Genie
Literary Genie 28 kun oldin
Girl, just eat some stale saltines. They're literally the same thing.
skits-o- Gaming
skits-o- Gaming 29 kun oldin
when she gave birth to her son was it giving birth or having a rock slide ? lol
Kamachi Akahito
Kamachi Akahito Oy oldin
buncha geology puns
Tonya Jackson
Tonya Jackson Oy oldin
I cant watch this because it just hurts my teeth seeing her eat them yikes
Presley Finocchiaro
Presley Finocchiaro Oy oldin
Someone needs to introduce her to jaw breaker's
Jayden Oy oldin
Say what yall want but her diet is rock solid.
DubCatXero Oy oldin
Her teeth! NO 😰💀
Carrie Baphomet
Carrie Baphomet Oy oldin
Mom sounds like the creepy old lady from the Poltergeist.
Kultz Oy oldin
ngl this made me feel sick😂😭😭
Jeremiah K
Jeremiah K Oy oldin
Why jaw hurts
Jared Bartosz
Jared Bartosz Oy oldin
She has a vary gravely voice
alex toll
alex toll Oy oldin
It's not real lol.
betheroo Oy oldin
"If this guy came up to me on the street and said 'My mom's been eating rocks for 20 years,' I'd believe him!" lol, it just makes sense though ;)
My_Petrol_Romance Oy oldin
14:32 her voice is so...gravelly.
Ana Oy oldin
You know who she sounded like when she said "I listen to what y'all tell me"? Mama Murphy from Fallout 4 lmaooo
Mr Gimm Bacon
Mr Gimm Bacon Oy oldin
Goes to an ice cream parlor: "what flavor can I get you ma'am Lady: "can I get rocky road please, with extra rocks and road. Ice cream employee: "...what?" Lady: -pulls out a literal chunk of road with a bag of rocks-
mr blue
mr blue Oy oldin
She wanted a diamond and thought that was the way to do it 💎💎🤣
Dark Wolf
Dark Wolf Oy oldin
She is a Rock Biter from The Never Ending Story.
Billy Billow
Billy Billow Oy oldin
Healthy alternative Eat pop rocks There technically rocks and they give you a shock. SO IT CAN SHOCK YOU TO STOP 🛑!!!
Laurie Elizabeth
Laurie Elizabeth Oy oldin
“Can’t trust a lady with spider tattoos” .. it’s okay I don’t trust me either 🤔😂😂
Jo Clawson
Jo Clawson Oy oldin
I have broken teeth due a chronic medical condition and watching this makes my teeth hurt. Who in their right mind would eat rocks..... Well, NVM.... She's obviously not in her right mind
Kaitie Crady
Kaitie Crady Oy oldin
Maybe she needs to move to rocky Mount Tennessee
Kaitie Crady
Kaitie Crady Oy oldin
Dog piss a shit on rocks
Kaitie Crady
Kaitie Crady Oy oldin
Gives a whole new meaning to kidney stones. Lol stomach s5ones
Janeen Landry
Janeen Landry Oy oldin
Her plumbers and toilet must hate her
Janeen Landry
Janeen Landry Oy oldin
I’ve heard the expression “if it walks like a duck “ but dang she eats like a duck 🦆😂😂😂
Andrew Evans
Andrew Evans Oy oldin
one of my family's dogs did that. almost had to muzzle her. they said it was either diabetes or pica and then ruled out diabetes. it is a psychological disorder.
3guys 1game
3guys 1game Oy oldin
Anal stones rather than kidney stones
Marissa Bones
Marissa Bones Oy oldin
Just don't go swimming
Cullen Freeman
Cullen Freeman Oy oldin
11:12 - 11:16 I done know Dane was about to laugh cause it sounded like she said butt at the end.
Amanda Edwards
Amanda Edwards Oy oldin
Ken " She's not digesting that rock" Gives a whole new meaning to shitting bricks.
Dan LaBrecque
Dan LaBrecque Oy oldin
"Step into the light Carol Anne!"
RoachDogg Jr
RoachDogg Jr Oy oldin
I'll take a whiskey *on the rocks*
strawberrylemonade Oy oldin
Wait... her plumbing though
Dr. jrey
Dr. jrey Oy oldin
She surely loves earth
Eijiro Kirishima
Eijiro Kirishima Oy oldin
6:56 if chicken little got turned into a human
Dinky Gaming
Dinky Gaming Oy oldin
Jeezus..dnt let her rock up to the beach!!
Pedro Caballero Clemente
Pedro Caballero Clemente Oy oldin
She needs to lose a stone.....literally!
Vex U
Vex U Oy oldin
I don't wanna be that guy or anything..... But I'm that guy 🤣
André Max
André Max Oy oldin
I can't even finish this. This disgust me so much... 🤮
SeriouslySerenity Oy oldin
Now this is just taking earthbending to far.
Dana Wood
Dana Wood Oy oldin
You think she cry’s pebbles?
leigh D
leigh D Oy oldin
*pieces have lodged in my throat...* wait, whhaa
Crystal Rusmisel
Crystal Rusmisel Oy oldin
My teeth hurt just watching her eat them and my stomach hurts from laughing 😂
tiget2013 Oy oldin
She needs help
tiget2013 Oy oldin
This makes my teeth hurt haha
tiget2013 Oy oldin
All these rock puns.....
R_boX Oy oldin
she must have one hell of an immune system if shes not ded yet
Makenna Driskill
Makenna Driskill Oy oldin
If she likes the earthy taste, why can she just lick raw potatoes 🥔 😂😂😂😂
krayziejones Oy oldin
Ken, I think you need a bigger coffee cup.
Jeremy Sfeir
Jeremy Sfeir Oy oldin
We could say she hit ROCK bottom 😂😂
Lightdreamer1985 Oy oldin
Whatever happened to normal addictions like cocaine... And walking through victoria's secret with a bra on your head?
valeriolama1 Oy oldin
When changing one letter in the title would make a world of difference...
Katie vlogs
Katie vlogs Oy oldin
She dont have hemroids .. She has ASStroids
Xtina.marie1234 Oy oldin
sometimes there aren't enough rocks-Forrest Gump
J W Oy oldin
She sounds like the short psychic lady from poltergeist!!!!
Desirae Hatcher
Desirae Hatcher Oy oldin
Ok but I'm jealous of her teeth strength 😂
{Super Gay}
{Super Gay} Oy oldin
She's the real life Diego Brando out here.
Victoria Bones
Victoria Bones Oy oldin
This is one vid of you guys that actually makes me a bit disappointed :( if you had a little boy that had this condition you wouldn't be laughing. Sorry guys this is sad
Victoria Bones
Victoria Bones Oy oldin
It's called PICA and it's a legit disorder and often is a co morbidity of a mental disability
Dennis Mitchell
Dennis Mitchell Oy oldin
If her proctologist was giving her an examination and found a gold nugget could they stake a claim ? ( Asking for a friend )
Victoria Christina
Victoria Christina Oy oldin
I thought her voice would sound more gravely See what I did there
Deanna Crownover
Deanna Crownover Oy oldin
That's a form of Pica. When people crave minerals from strange sources it means that they're not getting them in their diet.
marry6 Merra
marry6 Merra Oy oldin
My teeth hurt
Shawn Stube
Shawn Stube Oy oldin
That's over a hundred lbs.a year!!!! Glutton is the only word that comes to mind, she'll get H. Plori or flesh eating bacteria eventually
m3g4f4il1 Oy oldin
I wonder if shes craving minerals or a steak!
m3g4f4il1 Oy oldin
Videos like this make me wonder if demonic possession is real lol
Jason Cutsinger
Jason Cutsinger Oy oldin
I could hardly stomach watching this video
krissy crossway
krissy crossway Oy oldin
2:02 just think of like the reverse version of kidney stones. her asshole must be huge by now squeezing those damn things out every time she uses the toilet.
Pedro Martell
Pedro Martell Oy oldin
Every time she goes swimming they say she’s comitting suicide
Bobbi G.
Bobbi G. Oy oldin
🤔 tell me more about the BLOOD IN YOUR STOOL!!!! 😳 my butt hurts
Caleb Oy oldin
how does someone get addicted to rocks and not graduate to crack?
Venus Blade
Venus Blade Oy oldin
She wants to be her inner cow. (Cows have a rock(s) inside them to help digesting food, they are called gastroliths)
Venus Blade
Venus Blade Oy oldin
Also, cows do eat stones when they don’t have proper nutrition
uhm meh
uhm meh Oy oldin
my teeth hurt while watching this
Elissa Oy oldin
I just feel bad for her cooley!
Timothy De La Cruz
Timothy De La Cruz Oy oldin
May as well just use sand paper instead of toilet paper
Erica Mcfly
Erica Mcfly Oy oldin
Didnt dinosaurs eat rocks too. To grind up food that didnt get chewed enough
Kayla Bowman
Kayla Bowman Oy oldin
Maybe this is how Dwayne Johnson got covid-19.
Alissa Turnbull
Alissa Turnbull Oy oldin
I wonder if a geode would taste better than a stone... or like granite or something
K Lynn
K Lynn Oy oldin
I haven’t laughed that hard in a looong time when he said how many calories are in ricks 🤣🤣🤣
Eating SAND, PAINT and MATTRESSES! CRAZY eating addictions 😲
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