Mobile Gaming Ads NEED TO BE STOPPED

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Checking out reddit for terrible mobile gaming ads. Someone please, they're terrible and need to be stopped! Check out these bad ads and more videos!
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Galaxy 2 kun oldin
It doesn't matter if she's imaginary the thickness exists in our hearts
Bug Bug
Bug Bug 2 kun oldin
That America one had me rolling
julieg25 2 kun oldin
When you viewed the lily garden ad, a lily garden ad played
Malon Cases
Malon Cases 2 kun oldin
Damn Ken is that a Hajime no Ippo shirt? Kamogawa Boxing Gym and I'm already sold
Carmen Rose
Carmen Rose 3 kun oldin
Here after joinen posted the EXACT same video this morning
Danielle Bergmann
Danielle Bergmann 3 kun oldin
Let's not pretend we don't all live for the Lily's Garden ads at this point. 2020 has given us very little.
Danielle Bergmann
Danielle Bergmann 3 kun oldin
*Game Developers:* "Do women have belly buttons?" *Game Developers:* "... Probably not."
Danielle Bergmann
Danielle Bergmann 3 kun oldin
I hate when I'm playing an innocent game in like, a waiting room, and then a very sexualized ad telling me how to become the best concubine in the land pops up.
Velikan CodMW
Velikan CodMW 3 kun oldin
4:58k just saw the chair move super slow turning to ur direction ken
Tony Gene
Tony Gene 4 kun oldin
I still dont like solo vids😂
Insomniac Jac
Insomniac Jac 4 kun oldin
5:08 ken's voice almost sounded like shaggy lol
Bisma Naz
Bisma Naz 4 kun oldin
Petition for Ken to play choices for meme 😂lol
Gg man
Gg man 5 kun oldin
Nobody: Cinnamontoastken:mobile gaming ad must be stopped Optimus Prime:MOBILE GAMING AD MUST BE STOPPED,NO MATTER THE COST....
Dominika Melnik
Dominika Melnik 5 kun oldin
homescapes and gardenscapes are not even bad games, why those shitty ads :/
Sofie M
Sofie M 5 kun oldin
10:29 “What are you doing, step sis?”
Ruben Davila
Ruben Davila 5 kun oldin
ugh dude.. you've been on a roll hating on Markiplier.. getting a lil too much bro. unsubscribe
Ruben Davila
Ruben Davila 3 kun oldin
@lizzy marlow he made a remark on a different video calling out mark just because he does ads for mobile games
lizzy marlow
lizzy marlow 3 kun oldin
Ellois1376 5 kun oldin
Fun fact the Gardenscapes game actually added mini games that are based off the ads. So technically they are no longer misleading.
Rotem Baruch
Rotem Baruch 5 kun oldin
If you don't wanna do Patreon anymore why no try Onlyfans?
Rin Kaneki
Rin Kaneki 5 kun oldin
why can't they just make some PV or the actual gameplay footage.
ew Cash
ew Cash 5 kun oldin
This video never had a skip button pop up? That's how I found out I clicked the wrong video and yeah.
dude cx
dude cx 5 kun oldin
Dang it, xD miss leading ads
Papa Rico Gaming
Papa Rico Gaming 5 kun oldin
i hate when the playable ad is better than the actual game
NAVEMAN3 5 kun oldin
the ads are the reasons why I look up the walkthrough before I get the game.
corkscrewfork 6 kun oldin
LoveLink and Arcana
Midnighthunter 6 kun oldin
okay so I love AFK Arena, what on earth was going on with them/their ad??
alistercat 6 kun oldin
Instagram will not stop showing me that dumb concubine and. It's the only one of these I've seen but it won't stop.
Justin Luke Estévez
Justin Luke Estévez 6 kun oldin
I think your mustache makes your 👃 nose itchy... jus sayn
Katelyn Long
Katelyn Long 6 kun oldin
Yessss omg these ads are so ridiculous 🤦‍♀️
Brandibb 6 kun oldin
Just making sure the game I play isn't in here. Thankfully, it is not.
AEBI KIM 6 kun oldin
These ads are weird and stupid, but at the same time it makes me haha
Jax Light
Jax Light 6 kun oldin
Paige Moor
Paige Moor 6 kun oldin
Please show game of sultans and mafia city 😂
Emma C
Emma C 6 kun oldin
Okay but the homescapes ads are partially legit, after you complete some levels those puzzle ones pop up :)
Klyde Vincent
Klyde Vincent 6 kun oldin
Nice shirt
Indica Blue
Indica Blue 6 kun oldin
I wanted to see the pregnant guy ad!! Lol
gray ????????
gray ???????? 6 kun oldin
i wasnt paying attention and tried to skip at 9:30 😭
DigitalRedux 6 kun oldin
Yeah they got worse more recently then ever.
Denni Knight
Denni Knight 6 kun oldin
You are the new ad for the campus game
Nicky Phenix
Nicky Phenix 7 kun oldin
Accept the fact that you guys are most entertaining together ❤️ alone.... you suck lol js
Recluse Spider
Recluse Spider 7 kun oldin
Campus gaming ads XD
Puddin Xo
Puddin Xo 7 kun oldin
Can you a buff pro react to scary videos?🌝 mayyybe about spiders👀😝
Eric Willings
Eric Willings 7 kun oldin
Yes ketchup on steak I agree killem
Lane Adams
Lane Adams 7 kun oldin
The ones where the girl and her sister are pregnant and the girl poisons her sister and steals her baby to marry the emperor. Those ads got me fucked up. Make lily's garden look like nursery rhymes
alyssa diann
alyssa diann 7 kun oldin
the fact that you have to pay to download the knock off among us when the original is free.......
Alex Garfias
Alex Garfias 7 kun oldin
Bruh I’m not even lying, ken should run for president
Foul Lily
Foul Lily 7 kun oldin
remember when ads used to show you actual gameplay and what their game was about? seems like a crazy concept
Stepanьko 7 kun oldin
I'm sorry but choose egg
just_a typhloion
just_a typhloion 7 kun oldin
When the video of bad gaming ads has ads of bad gaming ads
Puppy cat
Puppy cat 7 kun oldin
I actually play lifeafter lol didn't think the game had adds out lol
Miss Hard Stan
Miss Hard Stan 7 kun oldin
Ha, fools. Only the finest of concubines can defeat assassin ninjas. Go back to history class, peasants.
Mixer Preston_ S07
Mixer Preston_ S07 7 kun oldin
Me clicking on the vid also me hoping raid shadow legends in on the vid
Ralphydoo 7 kun oldin
Probably one of the funniest content of Ken. HAHAHAHAHAHAH!
Nemba Bo
Nemba Bo 7 kun oldin
here from Pewdiepie
Liam Leggitt
Liam Leggitt 7 kun oldin
Fun fact. When he did a video like this with thebuffpro... He made a joke that mobile adds dont use real content creators. When in actual fact, that content creator he made that comment about has 5x the subs he does. Seriously look it up.
Irrah Ang
Irrah Ang 7 kun oldin
Thumbnail tho...
Ti Jiuan Tan
Ti Jiuan Tan 7 kun oldin
Anyone notice the UZpostr in one of the ads
Fabio Rizzo
Fabio Rizzo 7 kun oldin
Btw, that "Honkai Impact" game Is legit cool
Alysa Banuelos
Alysa Banuelos 7 kun oldin
cool, suck money from youtube not your fans
harryoneill93 7 kun oldin
I’m so conditioned that at 9:22 I reached to skip ad.
Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz 7 kun oldin
What game is the mpreg one??. 😍
• God
• God 7 kun oldin
My children. The thumbnail should not have been the reason you clicked.
Trixie Andrews
Trixie Andrews 7 kun oldin
Not all are fake now. They added them as mini games.....
Immortal Outcast
Immortal Outcast 7 kun oldin
I'm waiting for him to encounter the mobile ads for those games that will give you free money to play them
Daegan Schafer
Daegan Schafer 7 kun oldin
While watching the video I got an afk arena ad
James Bender
James Bender 7 kun oldin
right now there using command and conquer stuff on some ads
Eddie T Dead
Eddie T Dead 7 kun oldin
I'm 1 of your most hated viewers, 1 with adblock. I have however started budgeting in buying the subscription for UZpost Premium so I can avoid ads in a way that still supports the people I like to watch that rely on the support. Sorry my friend, glad you're doing well.
Dumpy Goblin
Dumpy Goblin 7 kun oldin
Gee, I sure do love ads that only sexualize women just to clickbait people into downloading their game 😍
A G 7 kun oldin
These are rough, but whole trend of games advertised as being for children but they're about pregnant Elsa, spanking Dora, helping undress Tangeled, etc those are much worse. Also I hate to admit this but I've played the emperor kind of story games. It's kinda fun but I'm refusing to use money so I've never gotten far in the story.
Chanhyun Pak
Chanhyun Pak 8 kun oldin
Isis Whitty
Isis Whitty 8 kun oldin
None of these ads have anything on Lily, her garden OR her story 🤣🤣🤣
2006glg 8 kun oldin
Lily's Garden ads deserve to be a movie themselves. I searched "What's up with Lily's Garden ads" and a NYT article came up. 😂 A whole article devoted to their ads. It's an advertising ploy to get women to try their game because these never really target women 25+ . And its working tremendously well apparently. And the game itself does not ever involve any of Lily's life drama in the game. Genius marketing.
Emmy Allexis
Emmy Allexis 8 kun oldin
Ironically I got an ad for the Fun Build Game where the dude washes up on a deserted island and pukes. I see too many ads with irrelevant youtube gamers and their terrible acting, they make me not want the games even more XD
cristincik91 8 kun oldin
I expected you t actually play these games in order to compare
Rave Spy
Rave Spy 8 kun oldin
Gross thumbnail lol
Eman DeMoan
Eman DeMoan 8 kun oldin
Did Buff cease to exist? Why are you always making solo vids lately?
lizzy marlow
lizzy marlow 8 kun oldin
Vergil Victoriano
Vergil Victoriano 8 kun oldin
I got some of these ads during this video 🤣
Reggielacey 223
Reggielacey 223 8 kun oldin
Also funny how u made fun of honkai impact when the game is LITERALLY like the add. How about playing it
Vlod Lukyanov
Vlod Lukyanov 8 kun oldin
Was reading Hajime no Ippo as I clicked on the video, surprised to see the Kamogawa boxing gym shirt!
auron570 8 kun oldin
honestly at this point the ads are more creative than the games themselves
Nya Dawson
Nya Dawson 8 kun oldin
I've been having horrible ads recently, I can't believe that UZpost assumes I'm voting for Trump. Those ads get 0/10
Navi Valdez
Navi Valdez 8 kun oldin
I still want those family vlogs tho😔
MystiCatastrophe 8 kun oldin
I'm bouta download that campus for research purposes 😏
Holly 8 kun oldin
And the "AMURICA!" Grandma was hilarious too
Holly 8 kun oldin
the one with the guy swimming in gold coins cracked me up
mira ann
mira ann 8 kun oldin
I just got an AFK ad on here with markiplier and chicha
Peters ogodo
Peters ogodo 8 kun oldin
Helicard 8 kun oldin
I thought the salad on the Campus tasted a little fishy
Co weetie
Co weetie 8 kun oldin
I feel click baited, where is the pregnant dude!
Samantha Khan
Samantha Khan 8 kun oldin
I’m as confused by Ken’s patron announcement, as he is by those mobile ads.
KittKara 8 kun oldin
I actually got Lilly's Garden and I love it
berserk wolf
berserk wolf 8 kun oldin
Cement toe skin
Trevor Hensley
Trevor Hensley 8 kun oldin
I just wanna drive a spear into my eyes.
Marsha Jelly
Marsha Jelly 8 kun oldin
9:30 Condolence to Ken, that very ad actually played at the beginning of this video for me, and yes, it's very real.
Kailynn Hernandez
Kailynn Hernandez 8 kun oldin
The AFK Arena ad looks bad but it’s an okay mobile game. Markiplier is in the game for a little while too.
john gram
john gram 8 kun oldin
1:18 I quit my work because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Narayan 8 kun oldin
So am I the only one who gets "Single moms in my locality" ads
inial8tor 8 kun oldin
Among us is a rip off it self of a jack box game we’re u need to find the alien (imposter) it’s exactly the same as among us and it was out along time before among us
DIO 8 kun oldin
I like your shirt. YATTAAA!
Vince Clarck
Vince Clarck 8 kun oldin
nice tshirt ken
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