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Meme COuch! These memes make me wanna put mayonnaise in my hair. Never forget Big Ed and how hes brought us all together with his awkwardness.
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America’s Finest
America’s Finest 14 kun oldin
Nice mulit
Joanna J
Joanna J 16 kun oldin
Buffpro's laugh is so contagious. It makes me laugh too😂
STRADI 18 kun oldin
Timothy Verheyn Jr.
Timothy Verheyn Jr. Oy oldin
Ken is handsome no matter what
Lau Bean
Lau Bean Oy oldin
Japanese Giant Emperor Moth = Mothra
Dark Wolf
Dark Wolf 2 oy oldin
No it's Manbat.
KT J 2 oy oldin
The cat sleeping on legos.. it probably feels like one of those egg crate bed mattresses to her 🤣
KT J 2 oy oldin
You have to keep the doc safe! Put a face mask on him 🤣
Ja Baited
Ja Baited 3 oy oldin
Imagine getting a fly swater to fight that thing
Alexzandrama 3 oy oldin
Mark 4 oy oldin
Did you let your four year old cut your hair?
The Great Mammon
The Great Mammon 4 oy oldin
R. I. P hair line
ZoSoArt 4 oy oldin
Genuine question for any Americans, why do you guys call it/them Legos? In the UK we refer to it/them as Lego (singular and plural).
Melrose1215 4 oy oldin
I don't mind your haircut 😉
Eric Baumgardner
Eric Baumgardner 4 oy oldin
" the Dane mane" 8:35
Miss. Danni Tiger
Miss. Danni Tiger 5 oy oldin
Cody Mitchell
Cody Mitchell 5 oy oldin
I'm gonna be honest, the "no" edits had me concerned I was hallucinating
Maddie Pitts
Maddie Pitts 5 oy oldin
That “NOOOO” scared the shit out of me.
Cosmic Cadet
Cosmic Cadet 5 oy oldin
Dude the moth looks like Disney’s Genghis Khan
Hazeeq Mahzi
Hazeeq Mahzi 5 oy oldin
0:21 dat eighthead tho
marki huff
marki huff 5 oy oldin
Rose has a tiktok
Carla Meister
Carla Meister 5 oy oldin
“Give me the shtones”
Devin Adam
Devin Adam 5 oy oldin
Ken, yo that hairline is TRASH dude !!!! Thaey make shit to fix that now a day lol
Abigail Rose Cottman
Abigail Rose Cottman 5 oy oldin
ohhh so that's where mothra comes from
Jennie Faust
Jennie Faust 5 oy oldin
Thank you guys for all the laughter!
Brittanica Morningdove
Brittanica Morningdove 5 oy oldin
You have the heart of the lion! Positive thinking no fear.
Brittanica Morningdove
Brittanica Morningdove 5 oy oldin
Meme couch and meme table! Both two different things
Trinnie May
Trinnie May 5 oy oldin
Ken looks like a random generated Breton..
TheDango 5 oy oldin
Puts hat on to hide hairline-hat has big piece of fuzz on the crooked side of hairline
the great old one
the great old one 5 oy oldin
I was digging the new hairdo ken, but now that you mentioned the crooked hairline I can't stop staring 🤣👍
Apex Fenix
Apex Fenix 5 oy oldin
Wheres the table
S. Lame
S. Lame 5 oy oldin
Just get plugs when the pandemic subsides. lol
Apricot Bro
Apricot Bro 5 oy oldin
I also have a hairline like that
Kasder King
Kasder King 5 oy oldin
7:05. "write that down!!!"
patrick patrick
patrick patrick 5 oy oldin
Your hair line needs to be sent to the ranch
Car Parts
Car Parts 5 oy oldin
Don't feel self-conscious about the hairline, Ken. Mine zigzags like two upside-down W's (or two outstreched arching M's depending on your perspective) but I ain't worried about it. To be frank, I thought you were going for the Viking 'do.👌
Siri But with a cat profile
Siri But with a cat profile 5 oy oldin
Cats can sleep anywhere and feel comfortable
CurliestEel7 5 oy oldin
the moth looks like a male dark elf from skyrim
Kirsty Murphy
Kirsty Murphy 5 oy oldin
Ze Mole
Ze Mole 5 oy oldin
Get a edge up son
jasiel delgado
jasiel delgado 5 oy oldin
ramon piedra jr
ramon piedra jr 5 oy oldin
Couldn't help but think about "all about the Benjamin's" you ain't gotta forehead you gotta five head, when you salute you salute like this, with his hand on top of his head saluting
Narf 5 oy oldin
You just have to rock a devils lock. Boom problem solved
Mary Elizabeth
Mary Elizabeth 5 oy oldin
Ask Steven Miller, he knows where to get hair paint. 😅🤣
Don Royster
Don Royster 5 oy oldin
I want side kid rip a moth's head off and the body of the month continue to fly around do you know horrorfing that is!!!!!!!????
Ink Specter
Ink Specter 5 oy oldin
Quit crampin my style, bro!
steve mathis
steve mathis 5 oy oldin
That fuzzzzz is buggin me
SPARKY SINN 5 oy oldin
UMG OFFICIAL 5 oy oldin
We just gonna act like buffpros hair dont do the same thing
Condor Crow
Condor Crow 5 oy oldin
*F U Z Z*
Tinyfată 5 oy oldin
Something tells me having lunch on a beach won't give you beer virus.
Have You Tried Crossing Over Yet?
Have You Tried Crossing Over Yet? 5 oy oldin
It bothers me so bad he didn't name it "The Buff-Fro".
Gyon Niens
Gyon Niens 5 oy oldin
7:27 you cant see where is hair ends and his beard begins
Jean-Dominique wahl
Jean-Dominique wahl 5 oy oldin
7:05 the chloroform isn't the one that is concerning to me, the chlorine gas, or chloramine seems way more dangerous
Maintenance In Progress
Maintenance In Progress 5 oy oldin
Dane's barber: how do you want the hair line Dane: aight imma head out Barber: say no more
Sydney Myers
Sydney Myers 5 oy oldin
Ralion 5 oy oldin
Rip Ken’s hairline
Abigail Prichard
Abigail Prichard 5 oy oldin
Ive watched every meme couch
Lisa P
Lisa P 5 oy oldin
6:48 lol why are they idiots for having a picnic on an empty beach? Perfectly socially distant with a side of vitamin D, win win!
Diego Romero
Diego Romero 5 oy oldin
2:59 "oso" gently LMAO 💀
Diego Romero
Diego Romero 5 oy oldin
Ken's hairline had the vasectomy big Ed wanted to get.
Diego Romero
Diego Romero 5 oy oldin
Ken is looking like the Ruin operator from Call of Duty Black ops 4
Time to binge watch meme couch :)
Leenonu Shimhopileni
Leenonu Shimhopileni 5 oy oldin
Mary don’t make Ken look attractive please, he’s a married man 😞
Aro Lurker
Aro Lurker 4 oy oldin
She deserves an attractive husband though
Swek 5 oy oldin
Ken I think you can rock a viking braid with that hair 👍
Shyra SeaStar
Shyra SeaStar 5 oy oldin
Your amazing for sharing the hair problems 🤣
beasty728 5 oy oldin
Ken my guy why just why
Duchess May
Duchess May 5 oy oldin
The haircut I dub, the doughnut.
Dan 5 oy oldin
Perfect hairlines are wack, stay a king Ken
Sophia J
Sophia J 5 oy oldin
I hate to break it to you Ken But we've known how sideways that hairline was from the beginning
Ingrid Shala
Ingrid Shala 5 oy oldin
The fuzz on the hat was actually extremely triggering
Ethan Lockwood
Ethan Lockwood 5 oy oldin
Kens hairline is getting to Lars Ulrich level of fucked
Abby_Ave 5 oy oldin
Im late! And just saw the!!! 😋
Spanglebelt Sparkle
Spanglebelt Sparkle 5 oy oldin
'Buff fro' that's the 2024 hair do for you there kidda. X 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Bryon Shaffer
Bryon Shaffer 5 oy oldin
darthtaiter 5 oy oldin
Moth?.. Kaiju?... Moth?... Kaiju?... Moth?... Kaiju?...DEMON FACE!!!
Mofine Bovine
Mofine Bovine 5 oy oldin
0:02 woah!. that is a level 9000 mullet.
LotusBloomsTwice 5 oy oldin
Ken's final evolution 7:14
Naomi Rocha
Naomi Rocha 5 oy oldin
Why he have a JoJo siwa hairline 😂😂
StrayTulpa 5 oy oldin
KEN! Mary is right. Looooksss waaaaaaaaaaaay sexier!!
Jarvis Jewett
Jarvis Jewett 5 oy oldin
Enough about your hair already
Dan LaBrecque
Dan LaBrecque 5 oy oldin
Everybody's hair is fucked right now with the quarantine going on. Unless your a barber or live with one lol
Dan LaBrecque
Dan LaBrecque 5 oy oldin
Your hairline looks like it took a hard left at Albuquerque
The Smiling
The Smiling 5 oy oldin
Time for bangs Ken!
KICKAT SHOW 5 oy oldin
I am a little upset that he called it the pufffro rather then the Dane delion for the hair
C Mo
C Mo 5 oy oldin
Not gonna lie my hairline is fucked too. I do shave one side of it often to match lol cant wear my hair up if I dont
Isa Bella
Isa Bella 5 oy oldin
Wouldn't it be funny if you guys reacted to a reaction video lol
The GGH 5 oy oldin
okay sorry i’m stuck thinking about it but Ken i think you can pull off whatever hairstyle you want like your hairline isn’t bad dude. do you
Vixxen Fox
Vixxen Fox 5 oy oldin
At 6:59 looks like a ghostly image sitting on the passager side in the car. Like a kid. 👻
chronicbootysnatcher 5 oy oldin
Ken your hair looks terrible
Venom Snake
Venom Snake 5 oy oldin
6:23 Ayyyyyyyyyyy
Patchouli Knowledge
Patchouli Knowledge 5 oy oldin
6:40 hoho !! mukatte kuru no ka ?
Wonky Dick
Wonky Dick 5 oy oldin
Ken looking like the new AC protagonist
Shaun Moses
Shaun Moses 5 oy oldin
Not hornets lol just called Giant Asian Hornets. The media is just calling them Murder Hornets to instill fear. Watch Brave Wilderness about the hornet
Atom Ogre Boatswain
Atom Ogre Boatswain 5 oy oldin
The name for Buff's dream hairstyle is obvious. The Buff-fro.
Nerdy gaming
Nerdy gaming 5 oy oldin
WTF is that ken
Axel Munn
Axel Munn 5 oy oldin
4:10 Ken, he spelt dessert right. You just don't know how to read.
Knight Owl
Knight Owl 5 oy oldin
Ken not trying to be mean but that haircut was a huuuuggggeee mistake
Tim Paige
Tim Paige 5 oy oldin
Hell yeah man you look like a viking lol
szappanka 5 oy oldin
Ken, with that hairline you and Jojo Siwa can actually have something in common... :D
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