Man With Small PP 🍆 Tries To Play His Girlfriend and Fails

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Reacting to 90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After On TLC where Jess and Colt Breakup, then Jess meets Larissa to roast Colt for trying to be a player and a trash man. Debbie wont be too happy to hear her son/bf is getting picked on for being horrible. Oh yeah a larissa wants more plastic surgery.
Trash Man Tries To Play His Girlfriend And Gets Roasted For Small 🍆
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CinnamonToastKen Oy oldin
Leave a like for Colts small pp. Here's another 90 Day Fiance Video!
Heavy Metal Kitten Amanda
Heavy Metal Kitten Amanda 22 soat oldin
More please!
Slayer Oy oldin
Vampira Deathrocker Bat xq rip
Isis Whitty
Isis Whitty Oy oldin
I don't think he has the room for all these likes on his pp 🤦🏽🤷🏾
DVN MND Oy oldin
18:55 a legend is born lmao
Belle Oy oldin
Colt has an only fans account LOL
LauraKat87 Kun oldin
Lol oh hell no, first of all the mother is about to get slapped.
Debra Morrison
Debra Morrison 7 kun oldin
One more thing. Could someone wake Colt up before filming starts?
Debra Morrison
Debra Morrison 7 kun oldin
Showing that neon "LICK" sign with Colt and Debbie is creepy! No other seat in the place?
Dorinda B
Dorinda B 8 kun oldin
This made my night 😂😂
Kane Gibson
Kane Gibson 8 kun oldin
Surely he's rich or something
Ella D
Ella D 11 kun oldin
Larissa’s new bf looks like Max from catfish, and she’s changing her whole image like a catfish. They’re perfect for each other
Emporer Tivurnis
Emporer Tivurnis 11 kun oldin
Colt just trying to get a Harem going
Minecraft_Pumpkin_Head 12 kun oldin
Im so confused, what did he lie about? Edit: i get it, he's the third wheel
Jenna Leclair
Jenna Leclair 12 kun oldin
This mom really needs to bleep off
dat vergil doe
dat vergil doe 12 kun oldin
The one chick looks like killer Jeff.
Holly Warren
Holly Warren 13 kun oldin
What kind of neckbeard brings his mama on a supposedly romantic trip to see the new girlfriend in another country ?! Oh, wait...
Monsieur Monster
Monsieur Monster 13 kun oldin
Toyoda car
Toyoda car 15 kun oldin
I feel he should just stop the hunt for a lover and just take some classes on common sense and get a job. I am assuming he still does not have a job.
Bailey Gismo
Bailey Gismo 15 kun oldin
she sounds like Brad imitating Marzia
Virtual Mage
Virtual Mage 16 kun oldin
0:58 When my Arabic mom sees that I got a bad grade on a test😂
little duck
little duck 16 kun oldin
is it the same girl bro dammmmmmmmmm the original one was better
werdle92 17 kun oldin
better call Shane Diesel..
Sheena Folsom
Sheena Folsom 18 kun oldin
Larissa is ugly. Surgery won't help that.
MysticSybil 19 kun oldin
Fully expected that tiny redhead to just destroy colt Take out that trash jess
The Law
The Law 19 kun oldin
I really want to pity this guy, but everything he does makes me want to cringe
Sarah Miller
Sarah Miller 20 kun oldin
Did you SEE how Colt ran out of that room?? His arms never swung an inch xD
Please set me on fire
Please set me on fire 20 kun oldin
Does Colt literally have the same exact run, walk, and mannerisms as Shane Dawson or is that just me
Valya 20 kun oldin
Larissa shopping in the silicone valley 😏
Julia Rickett
Julia Rickett 21 kun oldin
Maybe her nose will fall off like MJ
DraKai The Lost Dragon
DraKai The Lost Dragon 21 kun oldin
Watched this vid a few times what triggered and disgust me the most, as a person I hate Larissa but as a cast member on TLC she makes it more interesting bc(tho I agree Colt trash guy) she has the gall judges a man's genital and yet not content with her natural self, has gone and going to get major plastic surgeries and even worse someone else money to do it.
Rob dajuiceman
Rob dajuiceman 22 kun oldin
I always have a hard time believing these people actually exist
Alysia Furr
Alysia Furr 22 kun oldin
Did he lose a bunch of weight?
Alysia Furr
Alysia Furr 22 kun oldin
She's going to look like Micheal jackson, in the end.
Malin Johansson
Malin Johansson 22 kun oldin
Its like when you give the ugly Guy a chance , he gets Some fame and suddenly thinks hes a king
Small Boy
Small Boy 22 kun oldin
Colt is the equivalent of a wet blanket, “I don’t know who I am anymore” he’s just mad that he can’t hit it from the back anymore 🌚🌝
Lethia Games
Lethia Games 22 kun oldin
Now I know what Colt is going to wear in Halloween.
Douglas Wells
Douglas Wells 23 kun oldin
Colt run run run don’t look back.
Larissa boyfriend gives off huge simp energy
Sinon Hecate
Sinon Hecate 23 kun oldin
So you should do a video how Larissa got fired off the show
Colin Little
Colin Little 23 kun oldin
Najaya Reed
Najaya Reed 24 kun oldin
No simple September!!!
Joe Knoedler
Joe Knoedler 24 kun oldin
I honestly don’t understand this show anymore. I’ve never watched it without commentary. How do these people end up with other people?
Kyle Ray
Kyle Ray 24 kun oldin
The mom seems to think she's a kardashian or something with the way she eats and stares *8:38
N MM 24 kun oldin
That story of “she is a latina, she has fire” is really annoying!
Just Mike
Just Mike 24 kun oldin
Are we sure colt isn't like head of sanitation somewhere and trash man is just something lost in translation 🤔
Nonesense Speaker
Nonesense Speaker 24 kun oldin
See, I never loved Larissa. But with Colt I knew who's side I was on immediately. Colt can ✨die✨. Plus, Jess is the best, she said "no we don't gotta talk I know what's going on it's over" YES!!! She's actually likable, Larissa was more of a... Unwilling acceptance that if I had to choose a side it would be hers. Though in her new relationship I don't mind her too much, she's a bit shallow but oh well The mom pisses me off to no end. He should just marry her since she's apparently the only one capable of loving him. 8:45 HIS HANDS ON THE TABLE! I knew he was a psychopath but this proves it.
layla gracia
layla gracia 24 kun oldin
Can we take the time to appreciate ken and buffs clear skin, we stan
Bronzebeard 25 kun oldin
His mom is so cringe dude. Throw them beautfiul foreign ladies my way, my mother isn't in the relationship with me and I don't cheat lmfao
Diana 25 kun oldin
Omg. Shut up Debbie!! It’s none of your business. Plus why are you co-signing your sons manipulative behavior by saying “ he didn’t lie” yes Debbie he did. It’s lying by omission plus he told Jess that he didn’t speak to Vanessa anymore when the girl is living in his house. How is that not lying.
olej1215 25 kun oldin
moni moni moni moni
Furisca Fynn
Furisca Fynn 25 kun oldin
I like Jess - She's a no bullshit person and I can respect that
Kendra Johnson
Kendra Johnson 25 kun oldin
He's not even mad she's going to bang another dude. Unless it was cut filming, he's resigned to whatever due to his Mom with no boundaries.
what who
what who 26 kun oldin
why were jess and larissa speaking english like speak Portuguese and sub title it see we can get a better picture of what their saying
satans taint
satans taint 26 kun oldin
Colt is lucky he didn't get his shit rocked. If i caught my man sending dick pics to other girls. Im breaking your jaw. Flat out
Melted 26 kun oldin
They're all trash lol
michael rains
michael rains 26 kun oldin
Colt's pick up line be like "hey gurl, you wanna be on TV?"
Jenni Ross
Jenni Ross 26 kun oldin
Buff is looking great Awsome job!!!!!
Alyssa Graham
Alyssa Graham 27 kun oldin
Colt is disgusting way beyond his looks. He needs to stop trying to play women cus he's gonna eventually meet his match and I can't wait for it
Kins Kelly
Kins Kelly 27 kun oldin
Buff shouldn’t say much, he’s ugly
Erin 27 kun oldin
The girls in the comment sections of their videos would disagree lmao
Son of Helghan
Son of Helghan 27 kun oldin
Something screams incest to me.
Levian Sama
Levian Sama 27 kun oldin
There were a few times where they showed colt flirting and probably cut most of it out. One was with the cute waitress with glasses when they went out with colts friends.
Alyshia Kroll
Alyshia Kroll 27 kun oldin
RainOtter 27 kun oldin
Why does Colt move like Big Bird? Does he not know how to use his body? I'm actually concerned.
Queen Vaeh
Queen Vaeh 27 kun oldin
Omg I remember getting up every morning for school watching meme couch and getting ready because it would make me happy before hell. I’m glad these videos where recommended to me again
Drake Docson
Drake Docson 28 kun oldin
Polygamy is Colts aim.
Matthew Pool
Matthew Pool 28 kun oldin
Colt seriously acts like a psychopath! He doesn't consider other people's feelings at all and doesn't comprehend that there are consequences for what he does. Either he's a terrible actor and this is staged, or he's a complete psychopath.
Nando Peraza
Nando Peraza 29 kun oldin
Tahlia louise
Tahlia louise 29 kun oldin
I watched one old episode of you guys talking about 90 day fiance... Now I'm like a crackhead for it... Soooo addicting even though it's trash 🤣
Tasha Callahan
Tasha Callahan Oy oldin
I had the same reaction: DAAAAANG!!! LOL
Yoshilass 123
Yoshilass 123 Oy oldin
You guys should watch dance mom clips
rhonda graybiel
rhonda graybiel Oy oldin
It’s ironic that he is named after a horse and he is endowed like a gerbil. Not Colt, Dolt.
courtj11 Oy oldin
isnt a colt a baby horse. such an accurate description of this "man" to be honest.
Princess GlitterBerrie
Princess GlitterBerrie Oy oldin
I just now noticed you have a bat shirt on 🦇🦇🦇 woot woot spooky season
Ashley Oy oldin
What's with 90 Day Fiancé people and their moms lol
B Oy oldin
How is Colt getting all these girllsss howww he's an 🥑
Bailey Oy oldin
Colt and Debbie creep me tf out
Kadú Martins
Kadú Martins Oy oldin
Haha, I wish the conversation between Jess and Larissa was in Portuguese, but I guess TLC couldn't afford someone to translate and make subtitles. Jess speaks in portuguese but uses English vocabulary. All her sentence construction is in Portuguese, but she uses English words. Like when she said that she was going to stay at her ex house. She meant that she was going to sleep at the place where she lives before moving with Colt. Or when she says that Colt is a Trash man. This is a very popular expression in Brazil, Boy lixo. But the best was, "muita mão pra pouca rola" Too much hand for a tiny dick! hahahahahahahahahahahaha!
Candice Crawford
Candice Crawford Oy oldin
I love Larissa’s new boyfriend!
fuhqtoo Oy oldin
When he suddenly leaned in and hugged her and said sorry in her ear, it reminded me very much of when my autistic and socially clueless son says something to me that he doesn't realize will hurt my feelings, and he gets desperate to fix it, so he hugs me and apologizes. Except when my son does the awkward ass hug thing, I think it's sweet. Watching Colt do it made my skin crawl. Probably the difference is context and I love my son. Colt is just... really creepy.
zi gamer
zi gamer Oy oldin
Hey colt soooooooo sus.
Christian Galesias
Christian Galesias Oy oldin
Ken is high key daddy
ROSE Oy oldin
She isn’t fluent but she sure has a way with words
Jess B
Jess B Oy oldin
If a dude I was with cheated on me, showed no remorse, and then tried to follow me around like that and pin me to keep me from leaving I would fuckin throw hands.
Stella Kattalakis
Stella Kattalakis Oy oldin
"I'm sorry" no affect DAM COLTIE NO NECK ED WAS A BETTER ACTOR "I don't believe in love😭😭"
Lil Missynna
Lil Missynna Oy oldin
He's not really with Vanessa. It's a front, they're trying to hide that Coltee is really in a relationship with Debbie. If colt ever commits a crime, Debbie's gonna be like "yeah he killed someone but..." They're both on the wrong show lol
vee Stayshigh
vee Stayshigh Oy oldin
I keep lying and she keep throwing hands lmao .
DeepFried Oreo
DeepFried Oreo Oy oldin
You know what they say about chubby players who live with their mothers *holds thumb and index finger close together*
Thomas Walker
Thomas Walker Oy oldin
The ice cream parlor scene the flower decoration on the bench behind debbie looks like tits
gatordontplay417 Oy oldin
She's got some Toxoplasmosis in her.
margaret hurrell
margaret hurrell Oy oldin
Larrisa is going to melt. And that man a sucker big time.
Adam Seccombe
Adam Seccombe Oy oldin
Hey Danny devito is the only trash man....always sunny in Philadelphia
Ethan Streetman
Ethan Streetman Oy oldin
Wasn't he the guy from 90-day fiance with the Brazillian chick
Michael Robinson
Michael Robinson Oy oldin
Yet I own 2 homes and hung like a horse and nothing but the uglies hmu
bob obo
bob obo Oy oldin
Her smile isn't what they say it botox
Dei Oy oldin
it seems like colt is calling himself and actor, he creates drama and thinks himself of an improv master, while the women here are trying to get an actual relationship (debatable)
J W Oy oldin
Colt is trying to start a rkelly haram in his mom's house
Angel Oy oldin
Don't use gypsy as an insult.
Ashley Reffitt
Ashley Reffitt Oy oldin
Colt is the biggest creep I don’t see why any of those girls liked him
Mr Self Destruct
Mr Self Destruct Oy oldin
The moms voice is literally giving me a migraine,I had to pause the video and take a break at the lunch table scene because her voice was killing me
Lee Brooks
Lee Brooks Oy oldin
Colt is gonna open his own ranch
Megan Wilder
Megan Wilder Oy oldin
OMG, I went to go find where Colt is now.... he is an "onlyfans model". I dare you to check that out.
Destiny Lavertue
Destiny Lavertue Oy oldin
Just found y’all and you’re officially one of my new favorite you tubers!! Keep doing you 🤗
ProudlyModified Oy oldin
okay but if youre the chick sleeping with the guy with a girlfriend, you cant just agree hes trash, youre part of the filth smh
veiledfox Oy oldin
I would be so embarrassed if I ended up having a son like him. Just end my life at that point.
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