Man Tries To Move Family Into A Dump To Save Money

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React Couch is watching TLC 90 Day Fiance where Paul and Karine go house hunting and paul tries to help her see why america is so much better than trying to move the family into a dump and explaining five for five at the supermarket.
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Foxy Lady
Foxy Lady 2 kun oldin
Paul's SuperMarket game is slacking for sure. 😂😂😂
ZoeyBayy 3 kun oldin
Trailers do get a bad "rap". My family owned one and they all (we all) lived in the same one that grandmother owned and i've heard some great stories. I don't like them because i'm terrified of storms and especially tornadoes. Probably because of what they can do to trailers... However my dad has a nice as HELL trailer, its huge, and he's paying it to own it and then its his to do with whatever he wants, to move it, anything. It's pretty cool. I've always been embarassed to tell people I lived in a trailer, though, if i'm honest. :S
ZoeyBayy 3 kun oldin
oof, the Kroger scare. I worked there for like 5+ years. Traumatic. Don't let your kids work at Kroger. Or your family. Literally any other supermarket is better than Kroger (minus maybe Walmart)
Lelynn Miller
Lelynn Miller 5 kun oldin
she did NOT look impressed
Lelynn Miller
Lelynn Miller 5 kun oldin
5 for 5, u save $5.... 🖐😮 .... ... don't even buy it, & u save it ALL... 👎🙄
Road Warrior
Road Warrior 5 kun oldin
What's wrong with living in that RV? I understand that first place, which was uninhabitable, but that RV is perfectly fine for a starter home. "Beatiful house or she's going back home". Another gold digging b1tch.
Shania Silva
Shania Silva 5 kun oldin
Ken’s shirt is fucked up
Julia Kazmierski
Julia Kazmierski 5 kun oldin
Aren't they paying them for this?
octave 6 kun oldin
She divorced him on the end 😂😂😂
Andy Rauscher
Andy Rauscher 7 kun oldin
Man, that guy's an idiot.
Karen R.
Karen R. 7 kun oldin
Wow 500??? Here it would’ve most likely been 1500
kalob hunt
kalob hunt 9 kun oldin
Dude Brazil has Walmart’s this dude acts like it was North Korea.
Irene Alamilla
Irene Alamilla 10 kun oldin
send him TO THE RANCH!
Alex E.
Alex E. 12 kun oldin
Can't stand this coconut husk dry excuse of a human being. If I was her, I would be bolting back to Brazil.
Little Bunny Bunny
Little Bunny Bunny 12 kun oldin
Ah fah for fah fah yes you buy now
Chan Kah Mun
Chan Kah Mun 13 kun oldin
I can’t wait until Dr Honda reaches this ep
Raheim Al-Kaabah
Raheim Al-Kaabah 13 kun oldin
Don’t they get money while on the show? 😭
jean chavez
jean chavez 14 kun oldin
Oh I just looked you guys have well over the followers!!! You can make the Big bucks just being yourselves !!! Have fun !!!
d k
d k 17 kun oldin
tampons go in the hole, right?
Just a normal guy
Just a normal guy 18 kun oldin
Buy five, save five
Potty Mouthed Planter
Potty Mouthed Planter 19 kun oldin
BAHAHAHAHAHA she hates him. Shit McDonalds would have been better than the grocery store and the dump lol
Just Mike
Just Mike 20 kun oldin
Buy 5. Save 5. How dope is America
Wednesday Raven
Wednesday Raven 20 kun oldin
Love how you just casually wipe your nose with your sleeve.
Jhountan Grantling
Jhountan Grantling 21 kun oldin
ken you literally are my Kinfolk love you bro
Jessica -aka JessaNae
Jessica -aka JessaNae 23 kun oldin
*I better ball Paul and teach him inane couponing lmao!*
isoldaDoesStuff 23 kun oldin
Is he trying to impress a person who lived in the middle of the Amazon forest with supermarket produce?
Alysia Furr
Alysia Furr 23 kun oldin
I only feel bad for one person, THAT BABY!
Alysia Furr
Alysia Furr 23 kun oldin
I saw them before the baby. She's only with him so he will take care of the baby, she doesn't even like paul. She's a bitch!
Kamila Zasada
Kamila Zasada 27 kun oldin
I cant believe it 👽🤣🤣🤣🤣
SB W 27 kun oldin
Homeboy seriously trying to impress her with onions.
Emiliy Kelley
Emiliy Kelley 28 kun oldin
My friends lot rent is 300 and it was in worse condition than the trailer they showed
Nuria 28 kun oldin
Paul needs to be sent to the Ranch 😂
Tricia Applewhite
Tricia Applewhite 28 kun oldin
I am literally
Lisa Anderson
Lisa Anderson Oy oldin
Paul is a fish eyed weasel.
Dei Oy oldin
I don't get it. she didn't like him from the start, she thinks brazil is better... WHY IS SHE WITH HIM?!
Ghost Dog Drey'
Ghost Dog Drey' Oy oldin
2 years later.. Baby: "biii.. faa.. fu.. fiii.." Mom: "first words?! What is it baby?" Baby: "baaau... faa.. fuu.. . . . . . . . . . . "BUYFIVESAVEFIVE!" *Vietnam flashback*
Been Dead
Been Dead Oy oldin
I've been looking into renting a trailer and eventually buying one someday because they're so affordable and tons of them are lovely, my sister lives in a gorgeous trailer. But when I saw the inside of the place my jaw dropped. I can't believe they didn't even attempt to clean it up, that would be an expensive remodel.
Sivart B
Sivart B Oy oldin
Bah fa se fa...
Jade Hedden
Jade Hedden Oy oldin
Can we just take a minute and his admire Fullmetal Alchemist shirt
Lady TekNo
Lady TekNo Oy oldin
Can we get some "BUY 5 SAVE 5" merch!?!?!
Drake Docson
Drake Docson Oy oldin
It ain’t gonna matter if he gets a job or not. She’s gonna go back to Brazil.
Trump Has My Vote
Trump Has My Vote Oy oldin
Somebody needs to make a buy five save five remix song
Joelus Maximus
Joelus Maximus Oy oldin
Yo why doesnt Paul make a compromise with his mother? Asks to move his Wife and son in with his mum.... moves into the trailer and finds a job until he can get a decent place for them to stay lol? Then hes proving to his mum and wife hes gonna be a man xD
DubCatXero Oy oldin
I’m like less than 5 minutes in and I already feel like this guy is being a bit rude by treating her as though she’s incompetent. Yes things are (MAY BE) different, but if you genuinely believed this was a new experience for her then why not let her experience it and ask questions in her own time.
LongLostSouls Oy oldin
She's ignorant. The camper was nice. You make due until you can get a beautiful house
Б Јањевић
Б Јањевић Oy oldin
It's funny how everyone is on her side and not his. She's not even giving America a chance. I'm not on his side cuz he's crazy and annoying as hell, but she's already negative towards everything as if her country is better or something 🙄
Some Human
Some Human Oy oldin
The mom should lowkey just house the baby and the baby’s mom
Marina D
Marina D Oy oldin
I’d be super upset too if my husband tried to put our family in a literal dump
E K Oy oldin
Paul’s allergic to work
Dark Wolf
Dark Wolf Oy oldin
I feel bad for that girl.
don't look at me
don't look at me Oy oldin
Mom :Don't worry insecure kurt Cobain don't exist Paul joins the chat
Nea Oy oldin
Ahh omg haha Ken's shirt has such a dark meaning
Brenda Gutierrez
Brenda Gutierrez Oy oldin
can yall watch People So stupid music video????
Nadine Nirnberger
Nadine Nirnberger Oy oldin
James Studley
James Studley Oy oldin
I make $10 an hour at my neighbors farm and can only work 6 hours a day max and could afford that fucken trailer 😂🤣😂
DVN MND Oy oldin
That shirt though
Guy Sanders
Guy Sanders Oy oldin
So where did this guy live
Melissa Manke
Melissa Manke Oy oldin
Watch some old episodes of To Catch a Preditor
ᅡ렄산ᄃ라Alexandra the ARMY
ᅡ렄산ᄃ라Alexandra the ARMY Oy oldin
You should react to Anna and Mursel from 90 day fiance.They can't even talk to each other,but they got married.
Cassie Jayy
Cassie Jayy Oy oldin
Bet she’s wishing she had a fahv for fahv deal on condoms now
Cassie Jayy
Cassie Jayy Oy oldin
This dude is the biggest dip
Bambi plantz
Bambi plantz Oy oldin
No no needs demolished. No way.
C Ali
C Ali Oy oldin
She looks so depressed!!!!
001 002
001 002 Oy oldin
Paul get into trucking.... for fucks sake. Or give her my number lol
what no
what no Oy oldin
500$ per what
Frozen Kebab
Frozen Kebab Oy oldin
"A dude lived in years, what he do, eat the walls?" I like how it has more weight now after the eating drywall episode
Jordan Atlin
Jordan Atlin Oy oldin
lmao hf 😆
He's takin it to extreme
Izzi Victorio
Izzi Victorio Oy oldin
You know you can mix and match the buy five save five, right? 😂
Qorelin Oy oldin
No one is gonna mention Ken's t-shirt? Just when I thought I could forget...
LIFE is A. Small Lesson
LIFE is A. Small Lesson Oy oldin
I couldnt laught at this cuz this is the true life story of the guy that claims to be my dad. He just married a Chinese woman who doesnt even speak English.
junkjouster Oy oldin
Pauls eyes always look like he is fucked up!
Samantha Shuey
Samantha Shuey Oy oldin
Isn't Paul the same guy that didn't tell a girl that he was a convicted criminal at one point, as in dropped the bomb in person rather than in text ? Or am I lost on a different guy that seems similar ?
Ixxy Rodrigo
Ixxy Rodrigo Oy oldin
Paul needs to... *Come to Brazil*
Andrea Witzemann
Andrea Witzemann Oy oldin
Question? Do they get pregnant as soon as they see them cause they always have babies and I thought it was 90 day fiancé when do they get pregnant and already have these babies that are like two months old
Cringenen Oy oldin
That shirt ken is wearing.... why
Elvira Lund
Elvira Lund Oy oldin
If that dude talked a lil slower he would sound like Toby from The Office.
Baba Boy
Baba Boy Oy oldin
These dudes make boring things more better love yall
Mary’s Krishnas
Mary’s Krishnas Oy oldin
Is it just me or do these guys make the original video more boring
kymaster123 Oy oldin
There could be one possibility, which is that she is trying to get a green card, but IDK
Rachel Sheldon
Rachel Sheldon Oy oldin
WolfLion XTigerBunny
WolfLion XTigerBunny Oy oldin
Like Five Five Like
Rachel Sheldon
Rachel Sheldon Oy oldin
Paul is THEE DUMBEST son of a bitch I’ve ever seen 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Anonymous Eevee
Anonymous Eevee Oy oldin
Insane Plays
Insane Plays Oy oldin
Why is something not funny or enjoyable at all. Then you guys watch something this annoying and I love it because of y’all! 😁
shreya gupta
shreya gupta Oy oldin
You guys are amazing and some much fun to watch I love your videos. Can you please do more 90 days , weird obsessions
Caroline Navarro
Caroline Navarro Oy oldin
Paul is like one of those overly active dogs that jump all over you and slobber up your clothes and you have to lock yourself in the bathroom to get the hell away from them.
Gina Dodson
Gina Dodson Oy oldin
Please Please Please do Love after Lockup...this season is hella funny!!!! Ya gotta check out blue suit (Tyrece)..too funny!!!!! Then there's Scott with the botox lip much to laugh about this season
WiFi gaming
WiFi gaming Oy oldin
Say buy five save five very fast
D A Oy oldin
Ken is handsome.
punkgreg 138
punkgreg 138 Oy oldin
That first trailer was a meth house.
Starsick Studios
Starsick Studios Oy oldin
Ken, I hate your shirt. Why you gotta do my emotions like that fam
Peggy Rowan
Peggy Rowan Oy oldin
If you’re reading this I was in Miss Williams class about eight years ago and she said you’re her friend so😐😐😐😐😐😐
Narrator Nightmare
Narrator Nightmare Oy oldin
I was finally rooting for my man with that trailer... I understand the struggle. Then she just put em down..
Jessica Blair
Jessica Blair Oy oldin
Run girl!
Cody Mikles
Cody Mikles Oy oldin
Karine’s dream is to have a house with a big yard in America. Hell, I have that, and I only do 10 for $10. Sup gurl!
Broken Juniper
Broken Juniper Oy oldin
Why is he talking to her like she doesn’t know what onions are...
Boo Bryant
Boo Bryant Oy oldin
The more you spend, the more you save!
Ana Ta
Ana Ta Oy oldin
buy 5 save 5... only makes sense when it is something you use a looot in the same month and would have bought 5 anyways... otherwise gtfo off that mentality lmao
Emily Marie.
Emily Marie. Oy oldin
I both hate, and love your shirt
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