Man Has To Fight His Own Mom On Wedding Day

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We're watching TLC Gypsy Brides US where a man has to fight his own mom on his wedding day. His mother isn't happy about something and plans to stop the wedding.
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Gypsy Meets His Gorger Bride For The First Time At The Altar | Gypsy Brides US
"Crazy" Swayze has broken Romanichal tradition by marrying a gorger her met online. Will this unorthodox wedding sit well with his family members?
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CinnamonToastKen 22 kun oldin
Like the video for CRAZY SWAZY. Also, check out this gypsy video about Stone Cold Mom
OvrD Edge
OvrD Edge 17 soat oldin
If you're wondering, at 5:57, where you didnt understand what she said, she said "Everytime I talk to him, even if we're not on the phone I would sit there and smile and think about him" and yes, I replayed it over 20 times just to put it together 😂
Canadian Guitarist
Canadian Guitarist 15 kun oldin
Random question to Ken! Do you actually enjoy playing among us? Or do you just play to help out your friends? I ask because it seems like you never talk when you play. Or you just stand there lol
ColinnF 17 kun oldin
i watched 3 videos of you on my bday, got 3 bday wishes and i love it! 😂
Animesh Ghosh
Animesh Ghosh 18 kun oldin
Gd video
Phree Phorm
Phree Phorm 18 kun oldin
I hate to admit that this family is from my state. I hate even more that about 16yrs ago they’d bring their 14yo daughters in to get rather adult (not indecent) pictures taken at my studio with them telling me they were for finding them husbands. Some of them would throw a big roll of cash into the pictures and the jangling jewelry was just as bad. I’ve been looking at the moms on this show trying to see if any of them were the girls, making my work potentially response for this shitshow.
Vittoria Gnecchi
Vittoria Gnecchi 3 soat oldin
Buff and Ctk are laughing at Crazy Swazy but once the girl was shown everybody was horrified for her.
Razakin Kun oldin
"Mamma" looks like she came right out of the crack lab lol
Nickii Youngblood
Nickii Youngblood Kun oldin
Too much talk, laughing not enough video
Spiderkhaos89 Kun oldin
This was adorable and hilarious, all in one preciously wholesome slightly strange and orange box.
Darreyl Henderson
Darreyl Henderson Kun oldin
16:52 dude look like he just got finished hooking up with one of the bridesmaids. 😂😂
lil Native
lil Native 2 kun oldin
Swayze it my step dad last name on his side the fam
kalob hunt
kalob hunt 2 kun oldin
This dude got the dumb n dumber tux on. Hell yeah boi
Karson Palmer
Karson Palmer 3 kun oldin
she actually just seems like a nice soft spoken girl
Brooke Gabrielle
Brooke Gabrielle 4 kun oldin
*The movie was footloose-*
Bronzebeard 4 kun oldin
Guys this girl is a West Virginia 21.
Miss Anthrope
Miss Anthrope 5 kun oldin
Dude! ROAD HOUSE! If you want to know Swayze, watch it. Live it
Kira A
Kira A 5 kun oldin
Kind of hard for Ken to judge when his wife is occasionally on the front page of Reddit's 13or30
10superpower 5 kun oldin
Soggysocks 5 kun oldin
It’s the teenage mutant ninja turtles wedding please tell me someone is wearing a purple suit please that’ll be great
David. Scof. 135.
David. Scof. 135. 5 kun oldin
Bloody Kastiel
Bloody Kastiel 5 kun oldin
If you wanna know what she said at 5:56 subtitles will be your best bet 😂
Jason Burnell
Jason Burnell 5 kun oldin
I actually was rooting for these two. Both of them seemed like decent people, hope they are happy together.
Silvia Grigová
Silvia Grigová 6 kun oldin
Why do I always watch these videos drunk?
Mad as Max
Mad as Max 6 kun oldin
Damn thats stone cold a, trailer park girl is, moving on up by, becoming a gypsy. I think, Bubbles, Julian and Ricky, will be having a shoot out very soon!
Mad as Max
Mad as Max 6 kun oldin
I think Julian from the, Trailer Park Boys is a bigger fan of Patrick Swayze.
Ed Dugglin
Ed Dugglin 6 kun oldin
I need an update on them
Rebecca Morrison
Rebecca Morrison 6 kun oldin
This bloke’s from Aberdeen MD? Mate didn’t even have to tell us we already knew
meme lord
meme lord 6 kun oldin
Did you guys notice what is yet to come
meme lord
meme lord 6 kun oldin
Oh it's coke and I'm stupid
meme lord
meme lord 6 kun oldin
more than nine
more than nine 6 kun oldin
i thought his mom's name was "Naughty"... anyone else notice auntie say "give me the juice!" as soon as Lottie started going off? and why is it her knee brace keeps switching knees??? it's on the right, then the left.... hmmmm..... this has got to be some BS "reality" TV
Brielle 6 kun oldin
Is no one gonna talk about how his mom has a confederate flag hat?
Jason Hofstein
Jason Hofstein 7 kun oldin
"Every time I talk to him, even when we get off the phone, I sit there, smile, and think about him." Three rewinds, lots of concentrating, and a deep need to take a nap.
Alexandra Cohen06
Alexandra Cohen06 7 kun oldin
Man going to his wedding looking like a tall serve of orange sherbert
Christina F
Christina F 7 kun oldin
She said that when she gets off the phone she smiles when she thinks about him. Hope that helped☺
Alexa Cole
Alexa Cole 7 kun oldin
john baker
john baker 7 kun oldin
I'm PeeWee Diddy and I'm 5'4 I'm short by I'm full of spunk!
Seance 7 kun oldin
The confederate flag on the mom's hat really ties it all together
Julia McCoog
Julia McCoog 7 kun oldin
It looks like swayze purposefully didnt wash his hair for weeks and figured F it and put on a hat with pieces of greasy hair sticking out. With ALL the bride does to look her best he can't just take his hat off and put some gel on it and slick it back? It better yet, I know this sounds crazy, shower and wash his hair? Don't get me started on that tux 😣
SpartanVirus 7 kun oldin
He looks like a thin, confused Kevin James.
Dana Bananas
Dana Bananas 7 kun oldin
Damn! I think she looked very pretty on her wedding day . Very pretty
Dana Bananas
Dana Bananas 7 kun oldin
That is that "Dumb and dumber " suit Jim Carey wore it better 👉😜👉
Dana Bananas
Dana Bananas 7 kun oldin
Bout that loopy life
YourLocalAlien 7 kun oldin
according to one of the other gypsy videos, gorger (or whatever it is) is a word for someone who isn't a gypsy
Alex Gonzalez
Alex Gonzalez 8 kun oldin
If he gets with a pretty girl like that looking like him then I guess I still have hope lmfao
jean chavez
jean chavez 8 kun oldin
Ok I will say it again you all need to go live on Tictok or utube make some money 💴 you guy are funny 😂🤣😂🤣 I know you would do great ! I would follow you and help you build up followers !!! Can’t hurt to try ! You need 1K followers to go live on tictoc it won’t be hard for you guy to get there !! You can get banned for talking foul for 10minutes but you guys don’t have to worry about that !!! There is big money in it !
Lil Dipper
Lil Dipper 8 kun oldin
jake the dog and finn the human (❍ᴥ❍ʋ) ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
Lil Dipper
Lil Dipper 8 kun oldin
Wait its earth 🌎 🤺 🤺 Always has been
Crash Loaded
Crash Loaded 8 kun oldin
From Trailer park to Traileur Parquee
Kimmy yeong
Kimmy yeong 8 kun oldin
What is wrong with his mother xD
Cody Hedges
Cody Hedges 8 kun oldin
Did he go to his wedding as a convict?
Cary Brown
Cary Brown 9 kun oldin
27????... look like 47... LOL
Rice Cracker
Rice Cracker 9 kun oldin
2:08 Nah, it was footloose
Veronica D.
Veronica D. 9 kun oldin
Isabella Sandore
Isabella Sandore 9 kun oldin
I watched dirty dancing time and time again as a child and I still can’t remember it. I watched it recently and I still can’t remeber lmaooooooooo
Stellar.Luna2004 9 kun oldin
Literally got mad because she got called "embarrassing" and then was like "and marrying her isn't embarrassing?"
Eclipse Moon
Eclipse Moon 10 kun oldin
Why his mama being a b**ch? Like got away lady!
CrimzaMadness 10 kun oldin
Anyone else get a Markiplier ad?😄
jkishhabi_#HTD4Life 10 kun oldin
Patrick Swayze, Currently worlds dirtiest dirt dancer.
friggin' tourist
friggin' tourist 10 kun oldin
The guy looks like my neighbor if my neighbor was about 30 years younger
Jared Rodriguez
Jared Rodriguez 10 kun oldin
Peewee in that orange suit and converse looks like vector from despicable me
Jonathan 10 kun oldin
That cane has a sword in it, and you can't prove me wrong even if you do, I will deny it
Jon Vecellio
Jon Vecellio 10 kun oldin
That wedding has the lowest tooth-per-head count in America. It did, however, have the highest blood alcohol per guest content in history.
Eri Strüm
Eri Strüm 11 kun oldin
So Gypsy’s are from Alabama?
NOT a DrUg dEaLEr
NOT a DrUg dEaLEr 11 kun oldin
The whole wedding was chaotic.. a fukin shit show
Thrash McNash
Thrash McNash 11 kun oldin
If someone said "show me a video of what its like in America." I would send them the video of Crazy Swayze.
Latasha Willis
Latasha Willis 11 kun oldin
Now thats a wedding 💒....all its missing is the shotgun...moonshine and fireworks 🎆.....and a restraining order...🤣
Sheena Folsom
Sheena Folsom 11 kun oldin
Omg she look like she from Lumberton, NC and strung out on drugs
Sheena Folsom
Sheena Folsom 11 kun oldin
So dude is 27 with a homemade tattoo on his chest bruh🤣🤣 stop it
Beth Yant
Beth Yant 11 kun oldin
It was the zit for me......
Chad Sexington
Chad Sexington 11 kun oldin
Crazy Swayze’s mum looks like Charles Bronson.
Chad Sexington
Chad Sexington 11 kun oldin
I watched Roadhouse last week. Crazy Swayze is off his nut!
Anthony Vezzetti
Anthony Vezzetti 12 kun oldin
I see crazy Swayze got his suit from the set of dumb and dumber
Amy Hax
Amy Hax 12 kun oldin
Everyone needs a best mate like these 2, puts me in the best mood watching K&B 😂😂😂
No One
No One 13 kun oldin
My boy confused Dirty Dancing with Footloose
PowerArmorMeow 13 kun oldin
I wonder if there's a follow up of the couple
Amy Wilson
Amy Wilson 13 kun oldin
As soon as I saw her running with the cane, I said, there goes her disability!!! Lmao!
beanbean 13 kun oldin
jay jay
jay jay 13 kun oldin
She looks like she spent time on meth
Tina Belej
Tina Belej 13 kun oldin
is ANYONE noticing kens PINKY finger way up while drinking? hahahha *true brittish gal*
Mystery Girl
Mystery Girl 13 kun oldin
Well. A better love story than twilight!😆
King TittyFroster
King TittyFroster 13 kun oldin
He got that Dumb & Dumber suit on tough. Lmao
Rykensnow 14 kun oldin
My nickname is lotti and hearing them say it like latte is hilarious
Bio Hazard
Bio Hazard 14 kun oldin
She said 'I just wanna talk to him, even when we get off the phone I just sit there and smile and think about him.
Grant Pylant
Grant Pylant 14 kun oldin
What's wrong with community college bro!?!? 😂
Alicia Griffin
Alicia Griffin 14 kun oldin
You need to react to the UK ones 😂
Drake Docson
Drake Docson 14 kun oldin
Wedding day dude looks like Dumb and Dumber.
ChestTurtles 14 kun oldin
I think she's saying, "Every time I talk to him, even when I get off the phone, I sit there and smile thinking about him." Idk what else it could be
Andrew 14 kun oldin
Does it not concern you that these people can vote LMAO
Diana Argos
Diana Argos 14 kun oldin
When they paused it at 9:45 PeeWee and his groomsmen’s tuxedos color schemes reminded me of Team 7. They got that orange pink and blue
Teresa Lindow
Teresa Lindow 14 kun oldin
I like my mother in law because she DOESN'T COME AT ME WITH A CANE
DARTH VADER 14 kun oldin
ZARIFUL ISLAM JOY 14 kun oldin
His mom running reminded me of zombie movies 🤣
Anders Bylund
Anders Bylund 14 kun oldin
I feel so bad for the bride
Luís Glacius
Luís Glacius 14 kun oldin
Sorry, What spider-man was talking was Footloose
Haley Hornsby
Haley Hornsby 14 kun oldin
Footloose is actually the movie they mentioned in Avengers.
Sky 14 kun oldin
New game, take a shot every time ken can’t understand someone and looks at Mary or buff for help
Jennifer Priest
Jennifer Priest 15 kun oldin
They talk about Foot Loose in the Avengers. Peter Quill loves Kevin Bacon and Footloose, his favorite movie. To Quill, Kevin Bacon is worthy of joining the Avengers and he even looks to his idol when constructing battle plans to save the universe. While arguing over their strategy against Thanos, Drax brings up the time the Guardians saved the galaxy with a dance-off. "What, like Footloose?" asks Spider-Man (who was on point with his pop culture references). "Exactly," Quill exclaims, happy to finally have met someone who knows what the hell he is talking about after some 30 years. "Is it still the greatest movie ever made?" "It never was," Peter answers without missing a beat.
Julia Naomi
Julia Naomi 15 kun oldin
I couldn't handle myself hen I saw his suit lmaooooo
Jooniper Lynn
Jooniper Lynn 15 kun oldin
It took me a minute. But if her mom's sister (aunt) married a man, that would make him her uncle. The way she said it sounded so weird. But it's just her Aunt married a dude who's now her Uncle and they are Gypsies.
Jacquelin Sainte
Jacquelin Sainte 15 kun oldin
Look, he seems like a stand up dude but at 9:58 it looks like a promo shot for the movie "Dumb, Dumber, and Dumbest". 🤣
Morganism 15 kun oldin
Isn’t Gypsy a slur?
Mitchell King
Mitchell King 15 kun oldin
Am I the only one who caught the fact that Ken called his nipple a zit? XD
Multiverse666 15 kun oldin
Brittany looks like she hasn't slept in 100 years
ejano Crowsnatcher
ejano Crowsnatcher 15 kun oldin
This is the real reason there were ever Bridesmaids To distract the enemies of who the real bride is+ also protect her lol
ejano Crowsnatcher
ejano Crowsnatcher 15 kun oldin
2:10 that was footloose!
Nova's Galaxy
Nova's Galaxy 15 kun oldin
Wholesome couple uwu.
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