Man Gets TRUMP Tattooed On His Forehead

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Checking out some of the worst tattoos I've ever seen on the internet like this guys TRUMP tattoo on his forehead. Not a good look for anyone. Bad, terrible, awful, and tattoo failure.
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CinnamonToastKen Oy oldin
You guys know anyone with bad tattoos? Also, check out this video of a dad that spends $30,000 on his kids birthday party.
Elle W
Elle W 26 kun oldin
As if you couldn’t see that was a fetus tattooed on a hand and it had a sperm on the finger
Leavestrike 28 kun oldin
Trump 2020 😘
Mounceanater !
Mounceanater ! 28 kun oldin
Ken did u say 2”Ford” logos 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ those are Chevy logos
Tweety Bird
Tweety Bird 28 kun oldin
Is anyone going to talk about the fact that that was two Chevy symbols on the back of the girls legs instead of ford signals. 😂😂😂😢😢😢😂😢
Leon Summers
Leon Summers 29 kun oldin
I love that kin dosnt know the difference between Chevy and furd
That Stupid Bitch
That Stupid Bitch Kun oldin
9:44 fremdie mercuy
John N
John N 2 kun oldin
At 5:40 that's not a tiger it's Garfield.
APC Languages Academia de inglés
APC Languages Academia de inglés 3 kun oldin
The best thing is being British and knowing that a TRUMP is a fart !
Austin Tackett
Austin Tackett 5 kun oldin
Did anyone else notice that he said 2 ford tattoos and they were Chevy tattoos lol
Dan Solo
Dan Solo 7 kun oldin
Oh ken buddy there not ford there chevy logos
Slicing Onions
Slicing Onions 8 kun oldin
Trump cult in a nutshell. Ima get a tattoo of trump on my forehead to show my loyalty!
Darkashtar 10 kun oldin
He doesn't have a forehead... He has sixhead, skipped over fivehead
Terrence Vergauwen
Terrence Vergauwen 11 kun oldin
It's crazy that none of them realized you could just take a photo of her "meat curtain" and work off it, instead of having her sitting there showing off her bits to the tatoo artist, LOL! ;)
Pinkfan112173 11 kun oldin
OMG, that is definitely so disrespectful to one of if not THE greatest frontman in history!!!!! Freddie is turning over in his grave...
alisa purpo
alisa purpo 11 kun oldin
My grandpa used to call me Mui so i got it tattooed in morse code to my wrist (morse code reminding me of my mom, grandpa was moms dad) and these sons of bitches charge me 100€ for three damn lines! I was 18
Melinda C
Melinda C 12 kun oldin
More like a Cheshire Cat than a tiger
Mei Mei
Mei Mei 13 kun oldin
Yikes.... that drunk driver one...... That's kinda really rude tbh. My grandfather was a drunk, never around for my mom or the rest of our family - was always a drunk and died like a drunk. But neither I nor anyone else in my family would disrespect him like that no matter what bad choices he's made in his life. You just don't do that....
Lewd Tamamo
Lewd Tamamo 14 kun oldin
Batsy is looking like this emoji 😬
Sean Dupuis
Sean Dupuis 15 kun oldin
Trump 2020! (agree it is a stupid tattoo though)
Punkboyleech 15 kun oldin
Chonky Tiger Tatoo is BEST Tiger Tatoo!
RiresDelven 15 kun oldin
I love the doggo and bat 💕
coochie overlord
coochie overlord 16 kun oldin
that’s not a ladybug it’s a mf FETUS OMG
HoneyLemonadearts 17 kun oldin
How does he get a job
RezRoulette 17 kun oldin
Two ford logos.............. Thatz Chevy.
Cassandra McDonell
Cassandra McDonell 18 kun oldin
My husband has his and his ex girlfriend’s anniversary tattooed on his back. Awkward. 😅❤️
Tap2Kpop 18 kun oldin
5:43 is the most relatable thing I've heard in a while 😭😂
Buzz Killington
Buzz Killington 19 kun oldin
The trump guy looks like a really well educated and intelligent fellow
Barbie Wright
Barbie Wright 19 kun oldin
I bout died when he said "meat curtains" lmfao 🤣🤣🤣
Joe Hughes
Joe Hughes 19 kun oldin
I've not heard altered beast since my childhood. Which, granted, wasn't very long ago. I loved altered beast so much
Irate Puffin
Irate Puffin 20 kun oldin
Gotta admit... I love the derpy dog one. I’d def get that if I had that dog.
Irate Puffin
Irate Puffin 20 kun oldin
That Trump stamp had to be a lost bet. Maybe the first one too but def the stamp.
Caleb Ivesdal
Caleb Ivesdal 21 kun oldin
Lol I got a trump ad on this love it
Christoph Von Wewelsburg
Christoph Von Wewelsburg 21 kun oldin
Trump tattoo was an Inked Magazine April Fools joke.
Daniel Linger
Daniel Linger 21 kun oldin
The guy with the Trump tattoo on his head is deeply ironic. I never thought I would see a worse hairstyle than Donny Tinyhands himself, but yet here we are.
Lareland Cooper
Lareland Cooper 21 kun oldin
I have a portrait booked in December. I completely trust my guy to do it, he is great at portraits and I have seen dozens of his that I love. But THIS.. This is still giving me anxiety. So if you could wait like 4 months before posting another one of these? Thank you.
Ze Mole
Ze Mole 22 kun oldin
You son of a -----! That is a Chevy emblem! Regardless of trashcan recognition sir, it's nearly impossible to confuse the two emblems! />
alex Edds
alex Edds 23 kun oldin
@8:18 thats clearly a fetus in the hand. 😂😂
Doodle Dust
Doodle Dust 24 kun oldin
My sister knew a girl in high school which her and her boyfriend got their initials *branded* on each other's feet. Not tattooed. *BRANDED*. As in, those metal stake thingys that farmers or whatever used to put their farm logo on cows butts so people knew who they belonged too. The ones that you have to heat up to a hundred degrees or so. I think they ended up breaking up, but I don't know for sure
Francisco H Coronado
Francisco H Coronado 24 kun oldin
The tiger one is as if the guy looked at the pic and went "man, I'm nowhere near skilled enough to do that lol... I'll give ya a chunky, depressed tiger tho". I mean, I would've taken that offer
Cutthroat 3
Cutthroat 3 24 kun oldin
I like the chunky tiger tattoo better than the original🤣
Frances Overton
Frances Overton 24 kun oldin
My stepdad is a tattooist and he let my sister draw him a tattoo, and my mum tattooed it on him. It has horrible lines but my dad loves it.
eri C
eri C 24 kun oldin
I don't think y'all realize the genius of the lady with the Chevy tattoos...Chevro-legs 🤣😂😂😂
Evangeline Collett
Evangeline Collett 25 kun oldin
Who else got a tattoo ad while watching this?
Irving Edwards
Irving Edwards 25 kun oldin
He meant CHUMP.
Jasmine Hewitt
Jasmine Hewitt 25 kun oldin
I love how you thought is was a chicken hanging that got covered up by batman....when really it was a tattoo of choking the chicken 🤣🤣🍆
CaspersGhoul 25 kun oldin
I really dont get why ppl want freckles tattood on them now....those of us who grew up with feckless were bullied mercilessly because of them (probably by half the idiots now tattooing them on!) and hate them with a passion, do all we can to cover them up! These ppl, if they're gonna nab our freckles, they need to line up and pay their dues....can't have the gain without the pain we all suffered! 🤣
Michelle Wei
Michelle Wei 25 kun oldin
Umm.. ok. Trump supporter here. This guy is a dope! Ugh! Horrible choice!
Ryan Sparks
Ryan Sparks 25 kun oldin
I wonder if he knows there's a ton of people out there with Bernie Sanders face tattooed on them lol
Alex 25 kun oldin
13:21 no. they're red stars
Censoredcontrol Gaming
Censoredcontrol Gaming 25 kun oldin
I absolutely love Ken's tattoos
Alex 25 kun oldin
8:28 😂
Alex 25 kun oldin
the tiger is a perfect mistake
Darinae's World
Darinae's World 25 kun oldin
Hey.. heavy Chevy! Not a Ford.
Darinae's World
Darinae's World 25 kun oldin
Gives new meaning to p*ssy whipped.. also I think that Batman was previously choking the chicken.. but that fetus glove.. eeek.
Isis Whitty
Isis Whitty 25 kun oldin
The 🐅 tattoo definitely represents the tiger in me
David Roman
David Roman 26 kun oldin
TyrannoJoris Rex
TyrannoJoris Rex 26 kun oldin
That a TOTAL...disaster
Булька и Шарик
Булька и Шарик 26 kun oldin
I was screaming, "ANIMORPHS!"
Darkking Ice
Darkking Ice 26 kun oldin
The hand has a fetus in it, I guess it is referring to abortion.
Michael Bugner
Michael Bugner 26 kun oldin
The picture of that Trump guy looks like a picture you would see on the news after he committed a mass shooting. Not saying anything about Trump supporters, just this one creepy looking dude.
Crustaceous Gastropod
Crustaceous Gastropod 26 kun oldin
Freddy Mercury tattoo looks like if Kens beard turned into a chin
Demonix Realms
Demonix Realms 26 kun oldin
9:31 Is Freddie gonna eat his mic? What the hell is going on there? xD
Marco Castillo
Marco Castillo 26 kun oldin
9:28 I had the same reaction , but while I was flossing 😂....
Alczam 26 kun oldin
Who told ken his tats are bad? Ken I love your tattoos and the style is beautiful compared to the creepy realistic shit people get
Andrew Amason
Andrew Amason 26 kun oldin
Dolly Games
Dolly Games 26 kun oldin
Some of these people need a therapist and Dr. Phil...
Janeen Landry
Janeen Landry 26 kun oldin
The tiger is like a cute tattoo of what Kungfu panda 🐼 and Tigress’ 🐅 baby would look like 🤔
Janeen Landry
Janeen Landry 26 kun oldin
Bro your tattoos are freakin’ awesome 😍💯🥰
Shelby Sturgill
Shelby Sturgill 26 kun oldin
I’m 99% sure the minion tattoo on the tongue is from a Fruit Roll-Up
Kaleiola Smith
Kaleiola Smith 26 kun oldin
I LOVE that pitbull tattoo! It's so simple and cute! And I've seen that chonky tiger before and honestly I am 1000% more likely to get that than a traditional tiger- it's far more representative of me- I know who I am, chonky and grumpy.
Roy Martin
Roy Martin 26 kun oldin
my old man has a *not amazing* tattoo from back when he was in the navy that is a light almost limish colour of green. a dragon with a lions face on his biscept but, i kind of want to get a sketch of it, have it modernized but keep the original idea and have basically a second generation of the tattoo, with today's colours and art style.
Taylor Horne
Taylor Horne 27 kun oldin
8:14 ... is anyone gonna tell him ....
Prisoner 24601
Prisoner 24601 27 kun oldin
Animorphs is the one where the kids turn into animals.
Sky K
Sky K 27 kun oldin
Ford... 🤦🏼‍♀️
Dee Lyteful
Dee Lyteful 27 kun oldin
The Trump tattoo on the arm or wherever it was, was surprisingly done very well. Portraits seem to be difficult for tattooists. Like the baby who ended up looking like a Voldemort/Avatar hybrid.
Ginny VanOh
Ginny VanOh 27 kun oldin
The chonky tiger and the bat and the derpy dog are so so cute!
Praherah 27 kun oldin
I think the "old books" he's thinking about is called "Animorphs". (10:41)
MadPlatypus 27 kun oldin
.:Fräulein Moon:.
.:Fräulein Moon:. 27 kun oldin
That's sharpie. You can see the pigment shining in the picture like a sharpie does in light. Has that marker look. And his forehead would be terribly swollen and red! I can smell the marker from here!
Cage O'Mally
Cage O'Mally 27 kun oldin
Lol “I want 2 Ford tattoos” when they’re clearly Chevy. That would be hilarious if she did ask for Ford and the artist hated ford so much he gave her Chevy logos instead.
Loden Walker
Loden Walker 27 kun oldin
The tattoo of the dude that got his hand pregnant was killing me.
Justin Shepard
Justin Shepard 27 kun oldin
Hahahahaha this was freak8ng great cimmentary
Justin Shepard
Justin Shepard 27 kun oldin
Nice lol
Will The Angry Dudeist
Will The Angry Dudeist 27 kun oldin
Dude wanted Freddie Mercury, But got Ba-Ba Booey. Lmao
Ot3p 27 kun oldin
Props to the stepdad for being awesome though.
Ot3p 27 kun oldin
Its okay Ken, your tats are super kewl to me.
AmbblyPuff 27 kun oldin
Looks more like Cat Lady with the Peter Griffin ball sack chin
AmbblyPuff 27 kun oldin
Freddie Mercury's ashes are flying around in his urn right now
JustMeLauren 27 kun oldin
persephone ratsputin
persephone ratsputin 28 kun oldin
The irony of saying saying that the first guy could have just used permanent marker to write "Trump" instead of getting a tattoo....that's most likely what they did, it's fake. Lol!
Platypuss 28 kun oldin
Animorphs! animorphs! Ken it is Animorphs!
Leavestrike 28 kun oldin
All I know is...that guy ain’t Black 😂
Jessica Johns
Jessica Johns 28 kun oldin
Jina Rowland
Jina Rowland 28 kun oldin
Chevy ;-)
Ted Dana
Ted Dana 28 kun oldin
I'm not gay but Ken is a snack x3
Eric Hultz
Eric Hultz 28 kun oldin
I believe you were referring to Animorphs...loved that book series and the show.
secretlady646 28 kun oldin
2 chevy tattoos dont insult them with the word FORD lol
secretlady646 28 kun oldin
the animorphs was my jam
Peter Ivanov
Peter Ivanov 28 kun oldin
At 8:15 that`s the too much masterbating meme whre your hand gets pregnant. You`re welcome.
Jukka Leona Tunstill
Jukka Leona Tunstill 28 kun oldin
am I the only one mad he called the Chevy logo a Ford??
G Perrin
G Perrin 28 kun oldin
Can Disney make you belt sand a Disney tattoo off your arm for copyright infringement?
Kenny Laysh
Kenny Laysh 28 kun oldin
So.....I have never had a tattoo, but I thought they would draw an outline first, then you look at it, then they finish it? This looks like they had 0 clue what they were getting until the tat was totally finished? As a person who dabbles in art (pencils and digital drawing), my paranoia would be 1,000% of having another artist putting a permanent tattoo on me.
betty rizzo
betty rizzo 28 kun oldin
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