Man Gets His Wiener Stuck In A Vacuum Cleaner

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We're Reacting to Sex Sent Me To The ER on TLC Uk where a man gets his wiener stuck in a vacuum cleaner. The acting is top notch!
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This doctor will have to investigate to find out what this couple was doing when this man's junk got caught in the vacuum cleaner.
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CinnamonToastKen Oy oldin
Leave a like here for all the comments that don't understand it's a scripted reenactment. Also check out this video!
DuckBoy Oy oldin
If you think about it, the title of this video is BARZ🔥😂
imyourjosh Oy oldin
Where do we upload our reenactment videos?
Neige Kennedy
Neige Kennedy Oy oldin
You should watch the one where the guy breaks his penis and his friends from church show up. 😂😂😂😂
I Wear Glasses
I Wear Glasses Oy oldin
And it would be really fast too
I Wear Glasses
I Wear Glasses Oy oldin
Any pair of medium wire cutters would work perfectly for that
Air Destroyers
Air Destroyers 21 soat oldin
Engineers don't do real work so they don't have real tools
wraceyjae •
wraceyjae • 2 kun oldin
NOT THE ad for a shark vacuum during this! 🤦‍♀️
N8than B8c0n
N8than B8c0n 2 kun oldin
When the adds went on, it was a vacuum add, and I laughed so hard
TheWaffleQueen 2 kun oldin
I love the fact I got ads for Shark Vacuums during this
Izaiha Buller
Izaiha Buller 3 kun oldin
Nice mug ken
Anna Johnson
Anna Johnson 3 kun oldin
OMG, I was watching the episode, and then the ad right in the middle of the vid was for a Shark vacuum cleaner. Loosing my sh*t.
Mr Crispy
Mr Crispy 3 kun oldin
I legit just got a vacuum cleaner add before the video
Ben Haynie
Ben Haynie 4 kun oldin
Right when I heard her say powerman 5000, I had instant flashbacks of high-school in the 2000's🙏🙏🙏 Pretty sick band...........back then.
Shanda Panda
Shanda Panda 4 kun oldin
Who else had a vacuum ad pop up b4 the video started
Thewildlife15 4 kun oldin
The fact that there was a shark vacuum commercial as the first ad☠☠☠
ALPHA RHODES Gaming 4 kun oldin
This made my balls hurt
Finny Oak
Finny Oak 5 kun oldin
I got an ad for "Shark Vacuums" before this video.
Izzy 5 kun oldin
I got a vacuum ad on this video and lemme tell you I couldn't stop laughing.
Lydia c
Lydia c 5 kun oldin
Ken has worn the same shirt in the past 4 videos I’ve watched lmao
Larry Smithart
Larry Smithart 6 kun oldin
That blonde chic b like," I think I'll go to a different hospital."
Larry Smithart
Larry Smithart 6 kun oldin
Wat if he gotta piss???
Toxic_Waste92 6 kun oldin
I know the vacuum cleaner man… he’s seen my tits
Snoop Dogg
Snoop Dogg 8 kun oldin
I really got a add for shark vacuum cleaner 😂🤣
ashley mechel
ashley mechel 8 kun oldin
Please, if you've never heard of the band powerman 5000, please do. Omg 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Gunsmoke-x 8 kun oldin
There was an ad for a Hoover vaccum right before they were getting ready to cut it off lol
Kane Gibson
Kane Gibson 8 kun oldin
If he just waited would it have not just come off when he stopped getting off
Jamie Darling
Jamie Darling 8 kun oldin
Me when I see the title: oh I’ve seen this porno before
camie scott
camie scott 8 kun oldin
the add before this video was a vacuum add btw ..........................just so yall know
Amber Rain
Amber Rain 9 kun oldin
Katrina Cabaniol
Katrina Cabaniol 9 kun oldin
Lmfao "she was cleaning, and it wouldn't get outta the way!" 😄 🤣
lizzy marlow
lizzy marlow 9 kun oldin
Was that real?
Jonathan P
Jonathan P 9 kun oldin
The funniest thing about this, is the fact that i got a Shark vacuum ad!!! Right after they said to cut it off
Teagan Everts
Teagan Everts 9 kun oldin
I got an add for vacuum cleaners after this video
Hydra 9 kun oldin
I’m halfway through the video and I just got an ad for shark vacuum cleaners.
brass skull forge
brass skull forge 10 kun oldin
From my understanding of the medical Field from family that works in hospitals doctors have to know the full story for medical reports of each visit so the doctor or nurse is covered under law
Nikki 12 kun oldin
i.... i got an ad for a vacuum on this video
Jacob Wadsworth
Jacob Wadsworth 12 kun oldin
Jacob Wadsworth
Jacob Wadsworth 12 kun oldin
I could get through that hose in 45 seconds with a box cutter and high grade side cutters
Peter Broody
Peter Broody 12 kun oldin
at least its not as bad as the guy that got his member stuck in a grill... its was on the same show.. check it out
Peter Broody
Peter Broody 12 kun oldin
I hate when that happens
Emily Alice
Emily Alice 12 kun oldin
You two always make my day
Keith Thompson
Keith Thompson 13 kun oldin
This was like watching an episode of Children’s Hospital
Granny 13 kun oldin
I dated a guy who had been an orderly and said this happens all the time lol
HoneyLemonadearts 15 kun oldin
Ok but that is the most adorable relationship
Lucy 15 kun oldin
did anyone else get a vacuum ad? lol
Kaye T
Kaye T 18 kun oldin
it's like coxring
Josie Davis
Josie Davis 18 kun oldin
😂😂a gd one !
Official Vibe Check Queen
Official Vibe Check Queen 18 kun oldin
I got a vacuum ad on this vid lol
Jimmy's game play's and review's
Jimmy's game play's and review's 19 kun oldin
Shoulda went soft bruh Shoulda went soft
Grinning Cheshire
Grinning Cheshire 20 kun oldin
Heh he saved thousands of lives.
DumbSided 20 kun oldin
MsCalmb4thestorm 21 kun oldin
You guys are awesome, I'm hooked. Also, Dane is hot 😊
Major Misfit
Major Misfit 22 kun oldin
I like how the firemen walked in like they were superheroes come in to battle Dr. 🐓 ring 🤣
Major Misfit
Major Misfit 22 kun oldin
Luckily there was a divorce attorney in the bed one bay over 🤣
margaret hurrell
margaret hurrell 22 kun oldin
You guys must be to young to remember the star who got a Gerbil stuck up his butt.. in the 90s I think. Google it. Lol
shinra358 23 kun oldin
This has to be fake. Penises shrink. So how the hell can it get stuck 😂
shinra358 23 kun oldin
Why would someone use a dirty ass vacuum? Infection up the wazoo.
Jasmynne Taylor
Jasmynne Taylor 23 kun oldin
That lady reacted about her vacuum the way that guy in avatar reacted when his cabbages kept getting trashed
Super Dave
Super Dave 24 kun oldin
I think the doc is a prevert!
Eri Strüm
Eri Strüm 24 kun oldin
I wonder if ken heard the one about the buzz light year action figure
Witty Gabriel
Witty Gabriel 25 kun oldin
He should change the name to cinnamontoastkenandbuff
AVERY HOPPER 25 kun oldin
directions unclear, noodle got stuck in vacuum
Aiden 25 kun oldin
I can think of a 101 things you can do that are safer then this if your tryin spice things off. Why would you do this?
Sonic exe channel
Sonic exe channel 25 kun oldin
Every male watching this is in pain
PChamileon97 25 kun oldin
when i said Hoover was doable I MEANT THE SIMPSONS CHARACTER
Beverly Marsh027
Beverly Marsh027 25 kun oldin
What an odd vacuum commercial 😯
Rockabilly Rebel
Rockabilly Rebel 26 kun oldin
I’m js either he has a small you know what or a very thin one with a small set 🤣😭
Atreyu 26 kun oldin
reacting to a satire comedy video like its a serious video is a waste of 21min. WTF
rampage the sneaky lil bitch
rampage the sneaky lil bitch 26 kun oldin
it's fake. like how come he has a manly PP but don't have the tools to cut a hose like that? aint no man not gona have the tools for that so it's actualy a girl and he has a vagane
dawnmccarthy1 26 kun oldin
He should have used lube so it could at least have a chance to slide out at least.
Bjornar Frantzen
Bjornar Frantzen 26 kun oldin
I always manage to find the least appropriate videos to eat dinner to
Bailey Nielsen
Bailey Nielsen 27 kun oldin
I swear they bring in the engineer like every episode
justanotherperson 27 kun oldin
I love that I got a vacuum cleaner ad for this video. Very fitting
Jesse Buckle
Jesse Buckle 27 kun oldin
He spilled some crumbs on his lap
destroyer of memes
destroyer of memes 27 kun oldin
Imagine going to the er with like that lol
karla Knapper
karla Knapper 27 kun oldin
I used to watch that was hilarious
Felix 27 kun oldin
What are y'all's vacuums made of ?
EmmettXIV 28 kun oldin
that sucks.
John Smith
John Smith 28 kun oldin
> when henry uses the succpack
ezzybgood 29 kun oldin
My favorite part of this video is going to recommend videos and seeing “5 weird banana gadgets” 😂😂😂
Pontiac Firebird U9
Pontiac Firebird U9 Oy oldin
Haha 🤣 ‘tis is bullcrap
Chaosrunner Nightswings
Chaosrunner Nightswings Oy oldin
I binge watch this show
who do you think
who do you think Oy oldin
Holy cow buff pro tour weight loss is amazing, go you my friend stay funny
Kendall Williams
Kendall Williams Oy oldin
When Buff's mind loses a little more innocence
bear guy
bear guy Oy oldin
Hey hey the gangs all here we're gonna sell a Kirby! Yes we sell the Kirby! Warning do not bang the Kirby.
adrianna n
adrianna n Oy oldin
the weirdest part abt this is that i know someone that looks like the patient
Amy Kuhls
Amy Kuhls Oy oldin
Those fish have seen some stuff! 😂
Lieutenant BaconWaffles
Lieutenant BaconWaffles Oy oldin
One of the oldest patents for a vacuum machine in the 1800s was made for erectile disfunction. We have cum full circle.
The Noobest Girl
The Noobest Girl Oy oldin
If his circulation was bad after the removal of the hose why didn't they just get hold of some leeches and stuck them on there? 😆
The Noobest Girl
The Noobest Girl Oy oldin
Whoever comes up with the ideas for these shows are 😘👌 **chef's kiss**
DARK SHADOW2054 Oy oldin
They should have called in the tf2 engineer
Kayla Ball
Kayla Ball Oy oldin
Well that dick is gone
Lightdreamer1985 Oy oldin
I feel like the actors in this couldn't even get a part in a middle school play normally
Krystal Khan
Krystal Khan Oy oldin
I seriously couldn't watch the whole video so ima just leave bye.......i watched up to 12:30
Nearly Stuck
Nearly Stuck Oy oldin
Turning off the vacuum didn't work because he built up pressure in his penis and until the pressure is released his penis will stay erected and swollen.
outlaw trucks tv
outlaw trucks tv Oy oldin
So his junk and a nut got stuck. I feel big now
Rypnami Oy oldin
My dad works in the ER, and he told me a story about a guy who came in with a cucumber up his ass that he couldn't remove himself, so a doctor got it out for him. But the same guy came back the next day, same situation, except the cucumber was so far up that even the doctors couldn't get it out and it had to be surgically removed.
Phatt Jay
Phatt Jay Oy oldin
Dude shoulda bought one of those big 2.5” shop vacs
RetroSongHits Oy oldin
The acting in this is worse than a soap opera! Give me a break it's so pathetically moronic!
Butterflysnme2 Oy oldin
Not my POWERMASTER 5,000!
Kat G
Kat G Oy oldin
What was the budget on the re-enactment? Like $100? The props and acting are shit.
Exmik Oy oldin
thats when the man wishes he was a grower not a shower
YoSoyCopia Oy oldin
@20:45. Nice.
Jerry Kubiak
Jerry Kubiak Oy oldin
i like how none of them thought of lube
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