Karen Gets Tasered Trying To Snatch Woman's Face Mask r/entitledparents

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Checking out reddit r/entitledparents where a woman "Karen" gets tasered trying to snatch a woman's face mask for her child and other great stores of Karen getting what she deserves. Entitled Parents on reddit is great!
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Memes - uzpost.info/vision/video/bbBo2pWbfnSCgZM.html
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CinnamonToastKen 3 oy oldin
Let me know what you guys think of bringing this series back like this! Any input is welcome from video features to topics!
BiG HaT ChOdEgAn
BiG HaT ChOdEgAn 6 kun oldin
This was actually dope the way you read these was really immersive (maybe cause I’m a widdle bit high m a y b e ) but fr great stuff man 🔥
Alexa Boyd
Alexa Boyd Oy oldin
Massimo van de Laar
Massimo van de Laar Oy oldin
Yess more of this
larry melroy
larry melroy Oy oldin
Man i wish there was video lol
K Oy oldin
Great video
SeriousName 7 kun oldin
These stories are just as fake as I assumed...sad =[
Tooru Oikawa
Tooru Oikawa 10 kun oldin
i love then Ken has already read the first story before lol
neontetra1000 12 kun oldin
No video all text. Thumbs down
CaleyWarrior101 16 kun oldin
I wanna know where ken got his headphones i love them so much
ssmf tattoo
ssmf tattoo 19 kun oldin
This dislikes are all Karen’s that agree with what these other Karen’s did and are mad we are all laughing at the stories. We see you Karen’s you can’t hide😁😁
Ronnie 22 kun oldin
You know this is basically like the "that happened" subreddit right Ken? Lol Totally fake stories. If you obviously know this then my apologies but it seemed like you were really shocked at the stories lol
MASTER 7 23 kun oldin
Ken, YES!, keep doing these!! Your original fans wanna see only you. Trust me (us) we've stayed here for YOU! Not anyone else. Honestly, idk if its just me? or if anyone else agrees, but I can't watch any videos of memecouch or whatever with your friend. His laugh is so damn annoying, it's like literal nails upon a chalkboard (and he laughs about EVERY. SINGLE. THING. it's bizarre)... TO RECAP: Ken, we (the fans) do indeed want videos with solely you (and also keep doing this series about karens)!!
Ms. Turkey
Ms. Turkey 25 kun oldin
Ken is like your dad who tells you 10 minute disney bed night story at 9:00
Sully 26 kun oldin
The last one made me so sad :’-(
- red the o.g imposter -
- red the o.g imposter - 28 kun oldin
Ah, the weapon that can banish Karen’s and her mouths, da taser...
ArchMagus Warlock
ArchMagus Warlock 28 kun oldin
Yes. Karen reaped what she sowed.
Chris Johnson
Chris Johnson 29 kun oldin
What camera do you use?
Davis Family
Davis Family 29 kun oldin
I have an attention span of like 2.5 seconds when it comes to videos on UZpost but I managed to make it through your entire video and enjoyed the whole damn thing . I think you found your niche
Miss. Danni Tiger
Miss. Danni Tiger Oy oldin
2:50 6:18
Rice V
Rice V Oy oldin
Better a taser than a bullet!!
Phantom Gamer
Phantom Gamer Oy oldin
Thats literally the most wholesome thing i heard
Clarence Domingo
Clarence Domingo Oy oldin
Alexa Boyd
Alexa Boyd Oy oldin
I demand more r/entitledparents!
JDoe Oy oldin
Quit talking and show the video.
Mia Eloise
Mia Eloise Oy oldin
I'm a firm believer in having to take a psych eval before being able to procreate. The world's already overpopulated with enough stupid as it is
sophia pratte
sophia pratte Oy oldin
Just thinking about all the kid who kill grow up reading hell has heck 😂
missy86 Oy oldin
Mask girl is a hero!
Elijah MacDonald
Elijah MacDonald Oy oldin
Please do more. These are the best, a little more personal videos with a hint of funny/touching/karma/wholesomeness stories to listen to. 10/10
Dark Wolf
Dark Wolf Oy oldin
She should have just asked where she got it. To buy it for her son.
Staci Wiley
Staci Wiley Oy oldin
For some reason American moms (a small percentage) can be entitled just because they dropped a baby out of their coochie. I grew up in the south and I have 3 goddaughters one of which stays with me most of the time so I got used to going to baby showers at 15, none of them expected special treatment but when I moved to LA in my early twenties it was a nightmare. I used to have a shirt that had the percentages of your kid becoming a serial killer. The masked girl did the right thing, it belonged to her, and the karen was trying to touch her and take it off her head I have a taser foo and I bought it for Karens mainly.
Snow Star35
Snow Star35 Oy oldin
I demand you give me your head phones! : jk where did you get the cat ear headphones? please send me link thanks.
JamJam's Art
JamJam's Art Oy oldin
Ken, i subbed in the early 2010s for YOU. i stuck around this long because i like YOUR content. Dane is great, and i do love the videos you two do with each other, but if i didn't like the content you make alone, i would have left a long time ago.
Alexandre Proulx
Alexandre Proulx Oy oldin
karen totally desserved it the taser ^^
CaitsFavoriteColors Oy oldin
As a 2x cancer survivor, I can agree that people can be ignorant AF! Some people even had the audacity to tell me I was using my cancer as an excuse when I clearly didn't feel well & would harass me 🤦🏼‍♀️ You would be shocked to hear all the stories from cancer patients!
Oak Island
Oak Island Oy oldin
tlf1962 Oy oldin
What the heck is wrong with this damn US! I can't even bare to hear these stories, ppl are aweful!!
Terry Prothero
Terry Prothero Oy oldin
Mask girl is my hero. She's awesome.
Yunie Deen
Yunie Deen Oy oldin
Why be a swine....belch...
Georgia Rios
Georgia Rios Oy oldin
That made my day!!!!! Awesome!!!!!
KpopBishForever Oy oldin
I apologize in advance if this is a dumb/rude question, but is Ken and Mary still together? Will she ever return to UZpost??
Marcus Taylor
Marcus Taylor Oy oldin
Dope ending to that Karen story
Marcus Taylor
Marcus Taylor Oy oldin
Yo she straight deserved that
Alex Ascencio
Alex Ascencio Oy oldin
Game fuel
Wai Wai
Wai Wai Oy oldin
This can’t be real....
Frances Oy oldin
One of the things I love about spending my winters in Italy is that when the bus stops people are falling all over the place to give me a seat. I think my gray hair and cane gives me the advantage. I'm hoping it's not because I really do look 78.
Casca4795 Oy oldin
DOOMspork Oy oldin
I have watched a bunch of your vids and never subbed until this one i actually prefer it the chunky guy's laugh is super annoying btw.
Myron Colwell
Myron Colwell Oy oldin
awesome narriative!
Alexandrea Nolte
Alexandrea Nolte Oy oldin
Karen totally deserved it!!! That would be freakin amazing to see!!! I swear 2020 is the year of the Karen!!
Altarum _
Altarum _ Oy oldin
Yo ken, I got that same shirt
kelly cope
kelly cope Oy oldin
I just love this guy the voices are fantastic thank you for the laughs
kelly cope
kelly cope Oy oldin
Yes that Karen deserved it.
Will W
Will W Oy oldin
You guys talk too much.
Sheila Scott
Sheila Scott Oy oldin
I was distracted by you cat ears, cool costume 👍
Eugene Bigay. 1990 American Skaters
Eugene Bigay. 1990 American Skaters Oy oldin
The only thing I don't believe is that a Karen went to jail. Karen's are entitled bitches and they don't serve time not even for murder.
Mickey Coronado
Mickey Coronado Oy oldin
I'd love to see a Karen go down.
Devon Woods
Devon Woods Oy oldin
I love the description of this story!! 😂😂
Nadine Marie
Nadine Marie Oy oldin
Why would anyone want to wear someone else's mask. Disgusting woman. I feel bad for her kid.
ali deluna
ali deluna Oy oldin
I luv ur headphones
Steven Oy oldin
I think Karen's brain snapped. She needs to spend some time in lock-up and have her kid rescued from growing up feeling equally entitled.
Anomalocaria Oy oldin
if this video doesn't do well - it's not because Buff isn't in it, it's because the stories are trash. these people can't help but write themselves like they're the protagonist in a wacky sitcom.
James Luna
James Luna Oy oldin
Amazing Karen story.
ADG 123
ADG 123 Oy oldin
You have to have the actual video or not interested
Michael Demers
Michael Demers Oy oldin
I wish people could just be decent. The world is getting worse all the time. As Rodney Dangerfield would say "No Respect!!!".
Bill Apel
Bill Apel Oy oldin
You asked what do you think was going through Karen's head when mask girl tazed her... Id say about 10,000 volts. Lol
Jennifer Chaney
Jennifer Chaney Oy oldin
That's some funny shit LoL 😆 I can't stop laughing first time here I'm in keep it coming I love how you tell the story
Pat w
Pat w Oy oldin
Your videos popped up and I gave it a look when I read something about Karen getting tasered. I had to see what was up! Well, I am now a subscriber if that tells you anything. People never cease to be aholes do they! Looking forward to more storytelling!
Brandon Basso
Brandon Basso Oy oldin
Ladies and gentleman, yes I just assumed your genders, we NEED Karens for our entertainment! They’re the best!
Cheryl Buffum
Cheryl Buffum Oy oldin
I think Karen who wanted the wolf mask was mentally ill. Maybe being tased helped her like shock therapy.
Damien Hegedus
Damien Hegedus Oy oldin
Finally!!! There's an arrest on one... hopefully it sparks a new trend, but sadly, entitlement of this magnitude knows no logic, and will still think "WHO ME!?! Nope, not today..." Then "Wolf Mask Girl" comes outta the bushes, from behind... *SNAP CRACKLE POP* Yep, I agree, Disney has a possible new SuperHero Duo... OG & Wolf Mask Girl save the world from Lex Karen... Karen Lex rolls off the tough better, and really does sound like some kinda symbiote LOL OMG The symbiote is Karen, and she possesses Lex Luthor LOL Take my money Mickey!!! 😍
dubbl dounn
dubbl dounn Oy oldin
Mickey's Extralicious Glam
Mickey's Extralicious Glam Oy oldin
Give us more Karen's lol
HD shovel Ed
HD shovel Ed Oy oldin
I'm thinking a pay preview for Karen's gone bad.. would sell like hot cakes...
Patricia Guimard de val
Patricia Guimard de val Oy oldin
Very cool solo, carrion thanks
Alex Camacho
Alex Camacho Oy oldin
are you wearing 2 watches?
Aleah Sprague
Aleah Sprague Oy oldin
Your voice acting is hilarious! (I especially enjoyed the mom going into "growly bass voice mode" when on the phone with Tommy's mom!)
Stacey Frost
Stacey Frost Oy oldin
I'm supposed to be doing HW... But I had to finish this video. Love it.
lorna williams
lorna williams Oy oldin
Alicia Ramsey
Alicia Ramsey Oy oldin
Dude, I have I rare facial pain condition, bilateral trigemnal neuralgia. So wearing a face mask is more painful than my normal level. I've managed to order some that tie behind my ears that aren't elastic. If someone tried to take one of these precious things from me.. Everyone probably in the city would be able to hear me. I definitely wouldn't put up with it. I put in a ton of time doing research online to find them. Beware all Karen's!! Plus if someone yanked on it and caused me extra pain well I'd see red.
LHW Oy oldin
Start shit, get dealt with.
Marie Alaina Walukas
Marie Alaina Walukas Oy oldin
DAAAMMMMMMMMNNNN! YASSSSSS! I wanna see that footage!
Dustbowl Hammer
Dustbowl Hammer Oy oldin
I honestly would like there to be a study, of Karens, and their kind, just to see if there is a connection between their behavior and Pharmaceutical drug, and or psychotropic meds, just curious if Society is going insane by chance, or by design.
Joel Bulger
Joel Bulger Oy oldin
It's a women stop with the Karen sh** say the women dam so annoying
Michelle Johnson
Michelle Johnson Oy oldin
Love these Karen stories. People are so annoying 😒
joseph scozzari
joseph scozzari Oy oldin
really...buying two of each brand of a thing to circumvent the 2 per rule was a bit karen in itself.
lorraine groark
lorraine groark Oy oldin
K S Oy oldin
She deserved it, plus More. She's lucky the Girl was Young and not a Man, Something wrong with that Lady.
Demarr Jenkins
Demarr Jenkins Oy oldin
The bus karen story was awesome! Wish Karma was more consistent in this fucked up world
Scott Mills
Scott Mills Oy oldin
Christian Martin
Christian Martin Oy oldin
Someone should make an animated series for R/entitled mom, I don’t work here, etc.
Michelle Stepp
Michelle Stepp Oy oldin
I hate entitled anyone’s. But especially those women that use their kids for a free ride.
Donnie Phillips
Donnie Phillips Oy oldin
Karen should have had the Hell beat out of her by Another Female
Bethany B.
Bethany B. Oy oldin
I never know how much of a reddit story to believe, but they sure are entertaining! :D
Happy Angie
Happy Angie Oy oldin
I’m a new follower. I enjoyed your Karen reads while cleaning. Laughter adds years to your life right?! 😂
Zenomorph Oy oldin
Beatch was looking for a fight and got one.
Sydney Kendall
Sydney Kendall Oy oldin
The mask-grabbing mom sounds like she was having a manic episode.
Carrie Oy oldin
I wish a Bitch would........Yay, Mask Girl, my new hero!!!
Ame Oy oldin
I like it
Xavior Gustafson
Xavior Gustafson Oy oldin
This was by far the best one in my opinion
Dianne Zipperer
Dianne Zipperer Oy oldin
The story about the Karen in the store that got tased was AWESOME!!! I laughed so hard I was crying and choking.😂😂😂😂😂😂. I can really see myself doing the same thing. Definitely Showtime🎊🎈🎉
Lynda Liephatdt
Lynda Liephatdt Oy oldin
If you think these Karens are fake, say something negative about trump. See for yourself. The kid in the store with his karen mom is going to need a lot of therapy, or a cold cell.
Aceload Oy oldin
Hilarious storytelling. Love when just deserts are served-Society 1, Karen 0!
becky Sawyer
becky Sawyer Oy oldin
sybil727 Oy oldin
Great story telling. Love 💕 it
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