Is This Safe? Coffee Enema Tutorial Reaction

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This woman give a Coffee Enema tutorial to the internet. Its uncomfortable. This is our reaction to the video. Rain Florence is on top of this. Is this even safe? Im sure putting coffee in your butt is fine.
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Holly !
Holly ! 26 daqiqa oldin
I died when the rooster happened and buff had the same reaction as me 😂😂😂
Faolan Hart {Animal Above The Man}
Faolan Hart {Animal Above The Man} Kun oldin
Buff was on a roll today. So many fantastic quips.
Joe Crane
Joe Crane Kun oldin
Leave it ...
Joe Crane
Joe Crane Kun oldin
Brunh she 13
Krista Deer
Krista Deer 2 kun oldin
All she is missing is a couple shots of liquor I mean why not get drunk while you shove coffee up your but
carla stanford
carla stanford 3 kun oldin
I read up on this and it says 3 people have died from this and it’s not a proven for medically and there’s no way I would even put coffee up my ass
Jade Green
Jade Green 4 kun oldin
So why do people do this?
Violet32makingit 5 kun oldin
She looks like she ate the coffee enema , slurp?
Jon Vecellio
Jon Vecellio 5 kun oldin
If her boyfriend eats her ass, does he need cream & sugar or does he just go in black??
Vince Charles
Vince Charles 6 kun oldin
I LOVE the dad laughs
Bernhard Skulstad
Bernhard Skulstad 6 kun oldin
The best part of waking up, is Folger's in your but!
Stronger By Nature
Stronger By Nature 6 kun oldin
that is one poseidan's kiss you never want to have XD
Jason De Jesus
Jason De Jesus 6 kun oldin
Iam Steve-O and this is the butt chug!! 😂😂
Savvy 9 kun oldin
As a person who has a really bad Constipation (runs in my mom family) i dont claim this lady.. we dont claim this lady lol i hate enemas they are so uncomfy... i had to do one one time.. never again.. this also reminded me of a my strange addiction episode of this lady who was addicted to laxatives...
Nick Von Dick
Nick Von Dick 10 kun oldin
"Now screeeaaam for your creeeaaam..."
Jorrie Wimmer
Jorrie Wimmer 10 kun oldin
You two are a hoot, lol. But seriously thanks for bringing back a childhood memory where us kids found out our aunt used to give our 2 cousins daily enemas. Even when our 2 families went on a camping trip together! Boy were us kids ever glad our mom never took her sister's advice.
Amanda Hammersley
Amanda Hammersley 10 kun oldin
I laughed so hard! You guys are hilarious
mike elliott
mike elliott 11 kun oldin
I'm sorry wasn't too hot? No it was too sweet!
Sheena Folsom
Sheena Folsom 11 kun oldin
Maybe she should think about eating a sandwich and not shoving coffee up her ass
madjack821 12 kun oldin
Correction. She still does videos. She’s pregnant now. Rain Florence.
Brown Sugar
Brown Sugar 12 kun oldin
i was cackling so hard my gall bladder....opened up
Yesthepotatoislookingatyou 12 kun oldin
I laughed way too hard at the Dr. Pepper thing
katelyn buschmann
katelyn buschmann 12 kun oldin
✨quarantine enema✨
I Luv Pittys !
I Luv Pittys ! 14 kun oldin
Prince Charles does this ! That is how I heard about this for the first time!
Ameera Mughal
Ameera Mughal 14 kun oldin
why is this the last video i decided to watch before i sleep
Joe Knoedler
Joe Knoedler 14 kun oldin
I did a meth enema once. Wasn’t fun
WhildGt 14 kun oldin
Just drinking coffee is enema for me 🤣🤣
Skully 5544
Skully 5544 17 kun oldin
u can tell this chick dont eat or drink right unless she just has skin problems. Not a doctor but her skin looks loose and thin
Stormie Key
Stormie Key 17 kun oldin
Can you imagine someone finding her shart stained underwear and shes like "oh no its fine its just coffee."🙈🙉🙊😂😂😂😭😭😭😭
Jessica -aka JessaNae
Jessica -aka JessaNae 18 kun oldin
*I mean, I'm not sure i wanna watch this but its one of those things you don't wanna look but your peeking btw your fingers lmao!! I wanna know what crazy, dumbass tried this first to see what would happen??!! Why coffee?? Why not beer.... i mean that's a lil smarter.... get real drunk real quick so you won't feel it after a min and i mean... two birds with one stone right?! Only thing.... don't pass out bc someone will find a real mess and you'll probably go viral with that super embarrassing shit pic they'll post of you lmao!! Oh damn ppl are crazy!!!* *FYI....never put alcohol up your derriere bc that's the best way to get alcohol poisoning.... and is also real nasty lmao.... look it up!!*
Tennyson Talley
Tennyson Talley 18 kun oldin
Your so funny
buddy bacon
buddy bacon 18 kun oldin
I use my finger to take liquid temp and i burn myself more often then not but i find it very efficient
Jennifer Haller
Jennifer Haller 18 kun oldin
I am fully expecting a follow-up GFuel and Dr. Pepper enema tutorial by my man Buff after this. 🤔
m.e. h.
m.e. h. 19 kun oldin
There were a lot of alarming things in this video but the takeaway that I'm going to have to live with is the sound of Ken saying, "I prefer the oral enema."
Stephen Tolman
Stephen Tolman 19 kun oldin
The overuse of jokes just bores me now
Super Dave
Super Dave 19 kun oldin
This gal looks sickly! Probably not drinking enough coffee and a vegetarian. Bet she lives in California or New York City!
Super Dave
Super Dave 19 kun oldin
And to think..... I came here to see the big brown eye! I’m seriously disappointed.
Logan Harris
Logan Harris 20 kun oldin
# ØMEME 20 kun oldin
Is it bad that I used this as a tutorial?...
Silveragebeauty with Kimberly
Silveragebeauty with Kimberly 20 kun oldin
Awkward eye contact! 👀
MoonlightingHope 21 kun oldin
Why does she remind me of Bella Swan
BigDaddy C
BigDaddy C 21 kun oldin
2 girls 1 coffee
Jimin's pinky
Jimin's pinky 22 kun oldin
This lady could literally just drink enough water and it would "detox" her body on its own. I can't stand these types of people who promote unhealthy dieting and home-performed procedures such as this. Yikes.
Grigglet 22 kun oldin
I didn't know what a coffee enema was. I was eating my chocolate birthday cake. "Was" being the keyword. 😂🤢
The Over/UnderThinker
The Over/UnderThinker 23 kun oldin
when she put in the enema, she looked at the camera the same way that my dog used to look at me when he was pooping. That "you've got my back, right? nobody's sneaking up on me or you would've said something, right?" look.
Naturally_Rosemarie 23 kun oldin
Why does she stand with her legs wide apart in the beginning of the video!?? 😂 I hope there isn't a mystery tube up there
Fatima Alex
Fatima Alex 23 kun oldin
ayeeeee, i’m on the toilet when i picked this video
Katrina Doyle
Katrina Doyle 23 kun oldin
I just had a Starbucks commercial in the middle of this video XD
Tristan Gadomski
Tristan Gadomski 23 kun oldin
What coffee mug is Ken using? I really like it.
Clara Bear25
Clara Bear25 24 kun oldin
No buttholes here folks 😂
Jonah Hayden
Jonah Hayden 24 kun oldin
Who is this lady
TogetherWeSurthrive 24 kun oldin
Death clock coffee song 🎵
Esther-pearl M
Esther-pearl M 24 kun oldin
By the condition of her physical appearance, I wouldn't even take as much as diet lessons from her :T This....woman is cray cray 0-0 This lady is one of them, crazy Vegans also that delicate your knees crap isn't true I should know cuz my sissy is a nurse
donel rico
donel rico 24 kun oldin
This gives Cory in the house a whole new meaning
Turtles 25 kun oldin
I love coffee but not that much also caffeine is a diarrhetic. I mean I always wanted an IV of coffee but doesn't mean I am gonna do I still think an IV of coffee is better idea .. She should seriously seek professional help.
yojimbe1 25 kun oldin
Bruh...there was a Strange Addictions show on coffee enema's. XD
Haleed Saleeh
Haleed Saleeh 25 kun oldin
Yikes 😬
visitjessiechan 25 kun oldin
the entire video she looks like she's going to pass out
Shea Shea
Shea Shea 25 kun oldin
She really said waa-Brandon Roger's bruh
FightingStripS 26 kun oldin
Persephones Charm
Persephones Charm 26 kun oldin
If she is using that free range cat shit coffee it's like coffee poop Inception
Persephones Charm
Persephones Charm 26 kun oldin
She looks like she doesnt eat. Maybe she only eats like this like off south park
Boho Glam Chic
Boho Glam Chic 26 kun oldin
I could not stop 🤣😂🤣😂
rnoemi4 26 kun oldin
I need to stop doing my makeup watching yalls videos! I kept messing up my eyeliner because I kept laughing 😂
Nicole Novo
Nicole Novo 26 kun oldin
She looks like those raw vegan women that starve their children
Kornypie 26 kun oldin
Why is Kens neck a different colour compared to his body?? 12:57
Bheki Nkosi
Bheki Nkosi 27 kun oldin
Her talkin bout enemas: Its to detox ur body and is safe👍. Me: Hearing that guy scream in the background "Nope"👎✋😶
Nikki M
Nikki M 27 kun oldin
She is supposed to be a super health nut but is drinking water from a PLASTIC bottle!🤣🤣🤣
Matthew Faulk
Matthew Faulk 27 kun oldin
Organic usually means more pesticides because they don't use gmos which could resist the more effective pesticides most often used. Organic and non gmo stuff is usually a bad idea, they aren't any better for you and they usually have a much higher environmental impact because of the way it has to be farmed. Free range and humane products are more ethical but obviously have a bigger environmental impact, but there is no reason to go for organic and non-gmo trash.
D Squad Lady T
D Squad Lady T 27 kun oldin
I am I am laughing my head off
Joe Blo
Joe Blo 27 kun oldin
When you mentioned Korn, I thought you were talking about corn. A corn enema?
Jamie Fultz
Jamie Fultz 27 kun oldin
Lmao I was waiting for a twist like a taped up dong to fall out of her skirt than buff pro being surprised saying wtf
trashtruck entertainment
trashtruck entertainment 27 kun oldin
this is the most ive laughed at a video ever bro i chocked on my pancake XXDDDD
Wompwurp /\
Wompwurp /\ 27 kun oldin
I want pancake
Kaz Mosis
Kaz Mosis 27 kun oldin
13:26 So at this point your brain is so pissed at you that left and right are fcked LOL
Tiny To Tall
Tiny To Tall 27 kun oldin
She strikes me as one of those pro-ana tip addicts who will like eat a box of laxatives a day and only drink her own piss or something.
jessejames1999 27 kun oldin
Burning down the house!
vee Stayshigh
vee Stayshigh 28 kun oldin
You guys are so funny 🤣
Trash BME
Trash BME 28 kun oldin
How about we use death wish coffee and jameson irish whiskey I'm sure something will happen
DeepFried Oreo
DeepFried Oreo 28 kun oldin
I had my gallbladder medically removed, I feel like if someone like me did this, they would die lol. Also, who wants to go sky diving!? Just remember, we're not going to plummet to our deaths in a violent fit of fear and excitement as you second guess your entire life and eventually become okay with it just before waking up in a hospital bed as a paraplegic. We'll be fine.
Tara Baxter
Tara Baxter 28 kun oldin
It was like a straw but without drinking or anything 🥴 do her farts smell like coffee ?
Tara Baxter
Tara Baxter 28 kun oldin
When I heard that “scream” or “rooster” at like 6:50 I started crying actual tears from laughing so hard had to pause the video and catch my breathe 🤣
Otis Driftwoodd
Otis Driftwoodd 28 kun oldin
If you're worried about seeing a butthole hahahahaha 😎
Laurie Fast
Laurie Fast 28 kun oldin
Please tell me why I got an AD half way though this video for Lumi deodorant which is applied to the a** hole area💀
Kelly Meyer
Kelly Meyer 22 kun oldin
😐 when and why would someone need that? 😂😂😂😂
Noah Raab
Noah Raab 28 kun oldin
Bruh buff pro is my favorite
Mark _
Mark _ 28 kun oldin
I have alot of callous on my hands I think my butthole is probably a bit more sensitive
Jase Clarkun
Jase Clarkun 28 kun oldin
I have started watching you for the first time a week ago and since can’t stop you guys are great please react to Jeremy Kyle mad dog Dion haha yes I’m from the uk
Kaitie Crady
Kaitie Crady 29 kun oldin
Just drink the damn coffee
Saki The Keeper
Saki The Keeper 29 kun oldin
Why is this even on UZpost. One step away guys..
charity rzonca
charity rzonca 29 kun oldin
You 2 are super funny! Both cute. But the one in blue🤩. Happy day to you both
no name
no name 29 kun oldin
Never thought I would see something like this on YT ... Now I have and it hurts my butt.
A _Texan
A _Texan 29 kun oldin
She was just laying there percolating
A _Texan
A _Texan 29 kun oldin
A mentos and soda enima.
Scalamaster Electros
Scalamaster Electros 29 kun oldin
This is wors then the girl that mastarbets with cue cumbers
Slippery Sloth
Slippery Sloth 29 kun oldin
She muted her fast forward cuz she was making that noise
Taty Maz
Taty Maz 29 kun oldin
the stance looks like shes gotta shit already just from talking about it
D3MONZI Oy oldin
She listens to apex twins, i no longer listen to apex twins
Phoebe Friday
Phoebe Friday Oy oldin
How to end up in the emergency department in a few complex steps,,,,,,
E H Oy oldin
The best part of waking up... is Folgers in your rump.
lpsfankanr1 Oy oldin
I surely wouldn't go to her house for a cup of coffee.
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