I Tricked My Step Dad And Stole His Car r/Prorevenge

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Reading Reddit today r/Prorevenge son tricks step dad into giving up his car, getting fired from a job then getting taking your previous bosses job, and church politics gone way way wrong.
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Lelynn Miller
Lelynn Miller 12 kun oldin
i was treated awful, at a TacoBell, down South.. they called me a "Yankee" & they were always REALLY rude to me. 1 time the manager even put a stick label, across the back of my shirt & every time a customer gotta drink & i had to turn around & grab them a cup, I'M SURE they HAD TO OF seen it. 👀 i was ALSO treated like crap, back in the 90s, when i worked at a WhiteCastle, over on 11 Mile & Gratiot.. they called me "Cinderella" & they always made me clean. (since i was the ONLY White person there at that time, & i've ALWAYS had natural blonde hair, that goes down past 3 ft.. fast-food jobs have ALWAYS criticized me over it) needless to say, i've worked at just about every type of place 1 could imagine.. (except the strip bar, or the Hotel industry.. those are 2 lines i'd NEVER cross.. but that's only cuz i KNOW the types of ppl who are associated with places like that) i've dealt with my share of jerk.. let me just put it that way... it aint as easy as u think, to b a natural blonde, with long hair, green eyes, that's short & top heavy.. not that i'm conceded or anything, (far from it) it's just that it's gotta b somethin.. otherwise, i just don't know... 🤷🏼‍♀️
JustMalThings 20 kun oldin
The last churched I attended I was constantly targeted by the youth pasta which was the adult pastors wife. At the time I was very depressed and very anxious and didnt know how to get help. she hated me for no reason 🤷🏼‍♀️ i didnt like most of the kids in youth and there was always some drama that i didnt wanna be involved in. I didn’t participate in a lot of events outside of church for personal reasons and because i just didnt want to be around kids who didnt even like me in the first place and the pastor. I also have a medical condition so i cant play contact sport games which we played a lot and i was very shy so i rarely spoke up when we got asked about our thoughts on lessons. One day I tried to interact with the group but they told me ‘i cant sit here this X spot u have to go’ so i went and told my youth pastor. They told me “maybe if you participated in youth and events that we have then maybe the others would accept you in their group”. I cried in the bathroom for a solid 30 minutes ans then was told to stop being so sensitive. The last straw for me was the fact that they wouldn’t let my nana sing amazing grace with me “because she was in a rock band and played at bars where people drink”. I asked the youth pastor why this wasnt allowed when previously she had attending there and sung with me. She said that it was the pastors choice and to basically get over it to which I told her “doesnt the bible tell us specifically ‘come as you are’ and to not reject someone because of how they dress, their race, or their past?” Especially over something as stupid as playing music in a band. I left after that. # southern baptist for you
Anila M
Anila M 27 kun oldin
Ken, you should do audio books!!
coolio diablo
coolio diablo 27 kun oldin
Both of these stories sound like complete horse shit. The first one gave it away with the price of the car, even for scrap they give you like a minimal of $500 to $1,000. The story said $100 lol no. Then the second story had so much ridiculous shit in it especially with the giant husband and him sending out videos of his wife and mafia strong arming the preacher to leave town...all that was pretty damn unbelievable, but he also said he doesn’t even know what weed looks like? Now I know you’re full of complete shit lol
XperimentorEES 28 kun oldin
Bit amusing here & there, but the mr charming undermining multiple churches! Ohh man I'm frankly surprised how far that accursed trail went.
Chubby Anime Girl With A Flip Phone
Chubby Anime Girl With A Flip Phone Oy oldin
i definitely was entertained and have some pretty crazy stories lmao, i didn’t know ken did these- I’m so impressed.
Nunayah Buisness
Nunayah Buisness Oy oldin
Ok these stories read like bad literotica. I’m comfortable saying most are fake. You deliver them well though. You could read audio books.
leon musial
leon musial Oy oldin
As someone who is awful at their job I can confirm that it's all about who likes you
JustSomeGuyOnTheNet Oy oldin
The last story is so intoxicating. It's most likely made up, But darn does it suck you in.
Dixy Kracht
Dixy Kracht Oy oldin
Yes please more!! LOVIN it
confusing the issues with facts
confusing the issues with facts Oy oldin
At my last job my boss, his boss, and their boss all went through school together. Needless to say, my work life was less than desirable. I was told that, basically, my toolbox was going to be used as the shop box. I gave my notice and told them I got a great offer. They though I was bluffing. Two weeks came and I was gone for a thirteen dollar plus an hour raise. Jokes on them.
Daniel Harless
Daniel Harless Oy oldin
It was a total lie. Nobody ever would sign over an Audi for 120. believe what you want..... its bs. Just the metal is worth 500 euros pls
Alby Onair
Alby Onair Oy oldin
U need buffpro...... This episode sucked
Lieutenant BaconWaffles
Lieutenant BaconWaffles Oy oldin
The laptop/car one kinda sounds too oddly specific to be fake. The church one was great.
Garrett Kuest
Garrett Kuest Oy oldin
I hate church politics more than national politics. Cause it's the same level of intensity, but instead of arguing about things like "when does life begin?" And, "How do we handle the immigration crisis?" But in church politics it's over "how should we arrange the pews" and "the band is too loud"
Monika Nikolova
Monika Nikolova Oy oldin
It blows my mind how some fucked up church can affect your whole life.
Gracie Oy oldin
You guys have to check out MTV young and pregnant- there's clips here on youtube and it's honestly unbelievable
om1ra Oy oldin
Ken should start reading bedtime stories for adults, I would fall right asleep
omierufus Oy oldin
I want that third one to be a movie so bad
Shadow Night
Shadow Night Oy oldin
So I don’t know if this counts but my first job was working at Panera bread. I worked there for almost a year when. It happened. Now when I got hired I requested days off for the following year, I still to this day have screenshot proof, well things ran smooth for months, my one year was coming up in December when a new manager was hired. She f*cked me over. She’d talk to me about problems she’d have, id give advice, and I’d take long open to close shifts to help her out with her scheduling problems. Well. She began not giving me the days I requested off off. Telling me “find my own coverage” or “you didn’t request it off soon enough” well I’d tell her I couldn’t make it in because those days were days I needed off, another problem is no one takes shifts there they just kept pushing it off on someone else. So when I couldn’t find cover i told her “I’m not coming in on the date in question.” I missed the shift, come in the day after to clock in, and she tells me “you don’t work here. You abandoned you job by not showing up and have to leave.” I was pissed. I got employee of the month every month, (I still have the proof) was working almost 40 hours a week as a minor, and never had any write ups or problems. I know people will call it fake but I swear this really happened just in 2019 and I hated it
Quinn Sanders
Quinn Sanders Oy oldin
At my first job, (McDonald's) one of the managers cornered me and got in my face in front of a customer. She threatened to punch one of my coworkers in the face. She did this to a lot of my coworkers. We all brought this to the GM... Nothing happened. It took up till first quarantine for her to be fired. Now her and her delinquent child are stuck with each other all day (as far as I know)
Nanna T
Nanna T Oy oldin
Please continue doing these types of videos, very relaxing
Samantha G The Natsarim
Samantha G The Natsarim Oy oldin
The last one was honestly my favorite !! There were a couple of Mr. Charming Preachers I would have LOVED that to have happened to !!
C C Oy oldin
I love these videos, just listened to this in my car on my drive home from work.
Athena Tirey
Athena Tirey Oy oldin
Pls do this again
Casey Kee
Casey Kee Oy oldin
.....working on a single floor in the payroll department with 20 women aged 25 to 82. Shit hit the fan DAILY.
Rebecca h
Rebecca h Oy oldin
Love this
Panda Bear
Panda Bear Oy oldin
Ken should read whole books to us, I love his voice 😂
awesomejay 147
awesomejay 147 Oy oldin
I love these videos!
Shizkazam Oy oldin
Office politics: I don't golf or know every stat in sports history so I'm overlooked for raises.
Jake Oy oldin
I love these~ entertaining and I find Ken's voice so calming~
Grace Lizabeth
Grace Lizabeth Oy oldin
Church drama really do be like that doe
Michael Oy oldin
The church drama sounds like Independent Baptist, the drama is REAL with them and I am very glad my family moved away from that denomination
Santiago Mendoza
Santiago Mendoza Oy oldin
Great video :D
Lee ღ
Lee ღ Oy oldin
I have to deal with favoritism at work at the moment
Road Warrior
Road Warrior Oy oldin
More of these vids, plz
B Loveless
B Loveless Oy oldin
Dude. You should try out reading for audiobooks! I bet you’d be fantastic.
Chilli-Ice Olive-Abode
Chilli-Ice Olive-Abode Oy oldin
The sneakin' deacon got him in the end...
Chilli-Ice Olive-Abode
Chilli-Ice Olive-Abode Oy oldin
Ow-dee = Audi Thank you 🙏
Lizzeke Mouse
Lizzeke Mouse Oy oldin
Ken ... try to do asmr once ... your voice is so ... soooothing. Still would crack me up to see you tap on a bottle of nailpolish or what else the asmr girls do. 🤣🤣🤣
SuziTheMoose Oy oldin
Great episode Ken!
Noob MasterChief
Noob MasterChief Oy oldin
Not surprised with that last story, religious folks usually have a deep closet to keep all those skeletons inside.
Sandra Oy oldin
Don’t Get my started in working at Macdonalds 😫
Valerija Kogovšek
Valerija Kogovšek Oy oldin
I could easily fall asleep listening to you read. Your voice is very soothing
keenarnia Oy oldin
I honestly dont believe any of these, but entertaining none the less.
Moss Oy oldin
Me listening to BamaFan4Jesus’s story: Yessss king! Get his hide. Roll tide!
Idiot Bitch
Idiot Bitch Oy oldin
People ruin religions¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Basil Rizopoulos
Basil Rizopoulos Oy oldin
We just gonna skip over the fact that Ken read Magna Cum Laude as "Magna Cum Lawd"?
Brianna Watson
Brianna Watson Oy oldin
One thing that my boss had done (which is illegal, by the way) is that we can not sit for 4-6 hours (depending on the day) with no breaks. Had to find time to eat, but drop the your meal when a customer came in. You were alone at night. Yeah. I was glad to have left after a year. Now I’m working an amazing job for an awesome company that REQUIRES me to take a (paid) break. P.S. My old job didn’t have a general manager or any kind of management. It was him as the boss and his wife as the HR.
Tati Oy oldin
That last story was long but so worth the listen
levigerrardhades Oy oldin
Yes, the church is full of drama, and I've been in the position where my whole family and I were the one who got targeted, and it was awful
Alana BananaCanada
Alana BananaCanada Oy oldin
Liberal in a church setting has to do with interpretation of the bible. Literal vs. Allegorical. Do you take the words literally, or do you believe there is a deeper meaning... a moral to the story if you will. Like actual history, or Aesop's fables.
Alana BananaCanada
Alana BananaCanada Oy oldin
17:12 counties, not countries.
Rooholah Abolhasani
Rooholah Abolhasani Oy oldin
Nice stories. I watch these videos before sleep
jeremy dobbs
jeremy dobbs Oy oldin
Looks like you forgot to censor the f word. Epic fail.
twacar Oy oldin
Why don't you practice an organized religion, please see above video... I don't need what is essentially a corporation to have faith/be spiritual.
Nile Oy oldin
When i was 8 months pregnant, i was working at a Jamba Juice where the general manager was the owners sugar baby and was constantly being given cars and phones. I wasn’t showing but I did love showing my coworkers my newest Ultrasounds when they asked me about my appointments. My manager hated me and I’m still not entirely sure why to this day, but even with a doctors note saying that I was at risk and needed breaks, she forced me to stay on my feet for entire 8-9 hour shifts. The owner refused to say anything to her about it because she “always did her job” even though when she was working all she did was sit around in the back on her phone. So when I was told by several coworkers that she had been asking people if I was faking my pregnancy and trying to get people to tell her I was using someone else’s Ultrasound, I waited, noted all her behavior, and kept track of it. Two weeks later I moved cities, called to quit and provided all of the information to the owner. She was fired and his wife found out about their “arrangement” and left him. Felt great. My daughter is about to be 2 and even though it was rough, we both made it through safely. 😁
Kiana K.
Kiana K. Oy oldin
Those are my new fav bedtimestorys, omg... Love Ken's voice❤️
Boky Milenkovic
Boky Milenkovic Oy oldin
Right now at my current job - the previous Operations Director has completely gone off the deep end. I've been drilling my boss about how we desperately need business domain emails for better security - as all of our emails are just personal Gmail accounts, but he brushed me off and said it was "one more login he didn't want to remember" and "why spend the money when gmails are free?" Welp. Operations Director has worked for boss for 10 years, but they both had an agreement that she was looking for a new job and training me to take her place, and their agreement is she would leave the second she got an offer. He backed out on the deal and fired her Friday. Fired the woman that has the passwords for every. Single. Gmail account. She changed all the passwords, deleted all of our UZpost videos, sent slanderous emails enmass, and more. Now boss is desperate and crying to me about fixing it because I used to work in IT but there's literally nothing that can be done other than getting a lawyer. 🤷‍♀️ Imagine not wanting to spent like $30 bucks annually for a domain email package for peace of mind simply because Gmail emails are free lmao
ok nilem
ok nilem Oy oldin
That first story was petty as all hell. That stepdad didnt have to tamper with his property to initially get the laptop. Something tells me if mom knew about the car sabotage she definitely would have gotten involved then. Teenager should have just learned thier lesson and moved on.
Nestor Robles
Nestor Robles Oy oldin
I think it’s Ken’s condescending voice that makes every story sound fake
Frenchie John
Frenchie John Oy oldin
1st one is fake
archerer98 Oy oldin
Damn anyone else get hard with that GM revenge one? LOL
Dizzy D
Dizzy D Oy oldin
workspace politics and drama are BULLSHIT! I was working at an answering service a few years back and had my identity stolen. Initially I was suspicious of a newly ex boyfriend because it made sense. I was fired about a month after I had reported the ID theft and the investigators had showed up at the office. They found a few things within the office that actually violated state labor laws and they pursued the company separately for that stuff. I was let go and sent on my way with almost no explanation despite the fact that my whole shift was contingent on me running 3 accounts without help because no one else knew how they worked. But after the investigations and all the legal stuff we found out it was my manager who stole my identity. She used my job application (that included my ssn) and opened several credit cards in my name. Then maxed them out within days. I didn't have any of her information except the name she used at work which included a false last name so I am still waiting for my retribution. wish me luck
Kat Oy oldin
That was a wild ride
Rim Beeper
Rim Beeper Oy oldin
My bad I didn’t watch this when it was posted, didn’t get the notification, came up in recommended, will try to watch the videos asap Edit: love the Super Saiyan 3 Goku figurine
Anita MG
Anita MG Oy oldin
Please do more of these!! I secretly listen to people reading reddit at work with an AirPod.... it’s nice to hear a familiar voice do them!!! Helps the day go by
hiyoko kinnie
hiyoko kinnie Oy oldin
ken play hello puppets!!
1337woody Oy oldin
More ken asmr!
Jude Dude
Jude Dude Oy oldin
*”talk about church drama”*
Kohaku Kitsune
Kohaku Kitsune Oy oldin
Ken, you should check out r/churchdrama
Sezel4 Oy oldin
Ken! You are killing it with the videos lately! Love the react videos still and these Reddit listen videos are amazing! I love Reddit listen videos and the fact that you started doing them has me so happy! Keep up the great work :)
Srishti Sur
Srishti Sur Oy oldin
I turn this video on and carry on with my work because Ken reading is so soothing.
Spicy Espresso
Spicy Espresso Oy oldin
I work at a retail store known as Safeway. So I’m currently 18, but this happened back when I was 17. So I work as a courtesy clerk, where is bag, do carts, make everything perty, etc. I was told to fix up the dairy since the cheese was scattered along the coolers (isles that keep the products cold) I thought she was exaggerating, but I saw cheese ALL over the cheeses that are packaged in slices and packs. I fix up the cheese and go to return to my station to bag. I notice the yogurt was out of order. I fix up the yogurts, out of curiosity, I check the expiration date. (The date was: August 8th, 2020) The date said July 31st, 2020, I found another that was back in June of 2020. I ended up carrying 5 crate fulls of expired dairy products back to the cooler behind the milk fridges. One of the cheeses that was lying on the pack of cheese, was mozzarella sliced cheese, but it was mostly green than it was white. I am only just a courtesy, so this wasn’t really my department. I return after dealing with all of that and tell the second in command since the manager was on vacation. I told her what happened and she told me that whomever was in charge is gonna get a talking to. I started back in May of 2020, but that was the hardest thing I had to go through. 😂
Angel A
Angel A Oy oldin
Why is Ken's voice so calming even when he's reading some gossip
Ines Alice
Ines Alice Oy oldin
you didnt say happy birthday and i love you? I feel my heart crack
Cat Cos
Cat Cos Oy oldin
Oh ive got a story for you. I work for a high end pizza chain, after a few months i was offered a closing manager position. Every was great until we hired a new driver. He was a older man around in his fifties. He gave off a bad vibe but i ignored it for the most part. He started complementing my makeup and i thought nothing of it until they started getting creepy like “you gotta stop doing this to me” and i should take a picture of you everyday. Clearly uncomfortable i ask are gm what i should do. They said to tell him to stop which i had. I let it go until i closed one night with him, i was closing with him and it was only me and him. I was cashing him out and he stated, “you’re so small” i ignored it but gave him a knock it off look. Then i dont know why bit he then said “your so small you could probably fit in the back of a car” so obviously that was it and i told the district manager. He just got a warning and didnt get fired till a few month’s later after he harassed a minor.
steph Oy oldin
This is the content i didnt realize i needed, but absolutely need more of. Especially with the fireplace🙏
Tia Seay
Tia Seay Oy oldin
Could Ken possibly be any hotter?!? More like Cinnamon Toast Zaddy vibes!!!!!
Miggy250 Oy oldin
I’m legit wearing the same shirt😂
Stickingnote Oy oldin
wait.... is that Sea of Thieves in the background of the text?
Jordanc90 Oy oldin
At my last job I was brought in because my immediate supervisor and the girl I was replacing hated each other. They had to be brought into the conference room with the company’s Vice President and HR to resolve issues. They couldn’t. They made a new job in sales for the girl I replaced. A year later my supervisor found a new job and I was out to have major neck surgery. I get a call that my new supervisor would be the woman that wasn’t able to get along with my supervisor and I had to replace. (Several months before i had even told the owner of the company i wanted my own department there and he had promised to make it happen and said he saw great initiative in me.) She couldn’t understand half the stuff of my job anyway, she could barley spell or read at a 3rd grade level. I came back from surgery two months later. Things had changed drastically and nobody deemed me as useful anymore because of her and she took credit for my work. I was eventually laid off when coronavirus hit. I’m still mad about it.
Inuyashagirl2015 Oy oldin
Ken, I love these reddit videos, but I just really feel like you have a tendency to pick some of the most r/ThatHappened stories in each category 😂
ilikeshinystuff01 Oy oldin
I used to work in childcare, the workplace politics were the worst. I once told my boss that a member of staff had left an unqualified student teacher alone in the room for over an hour. My boss then told the woman I said that and allowed the woman to literally scream at me in front of other staff members as well as parents and families of the children in care. I have never been so embarrassed, it killed my passion totally for the job. I quit 3 weeks later.
Alex Luna
Alex Luna Oy oldin
That was a crazy story! I loved it but loved more listening to you read it!
Fulbert Oy oldin
This is like an audiobook but *for free!*
Isham Oy oldin
Church post should be short film that would be epic
Aaron Moore
Aaron Moore Oy oldin
Why in enjoying not getting a job till next year. Loving this extra unemployment. Lol
BinguRani Oy oldin
For workplace politics, I’m a security guard full time and had a promotion dangled in front of me for three months to convince me to work double shifts and cover anything that needed covered before they handed the position to a guard that had been in the company less time than me and had no prior experience in security because I was “close” to a guard that had formerly held the position even though I was only “close” to him because we were partners on a previous site due to THEIR scheduling. Then the same company moved me out of the sites that paid more due to “operational needs of the company” come to find out it’s because the property manager of one of the sites (I happen to have a part time job there) had been pissed off that they had placed a dispatch phone at the site (the site has a 24/7 concierge that the guard is in constant contact with therefore needing the guards undivided attention) without informing her and they believed it was my fault that she found out even though the concierge that had reported it had also been on the call... yeah I’m sick of this kind of crap...
Jacob Armstrong
Jacob Armstrong Oy oldin
Buff:Ayo Fred, can I uh.....get some of those vids?
JustSomeGuyOnTheNet Oy oldin
Read that in Buff's voice lmao
Tim the bear
Tim the bear Oy oldin
I love this subreddit now I gotta think of a revenge scheme if I get another girl that cheats on me lol
Rica Celestia
Rica Celestia Oy oldin
We need more of this
Trevor Morgan
Trevor Morgan Oy oldin
I dont think I can watch you with those dumb ears bro . Wtf you think you're qt pie. ...please
K Oy oldin
I love these! Thanks for uploading more. 🥺💕💞💖💗💓
P0PkornKing Oy oldin
*PLEASE DO MORE OF THESE* Ken, my dude, your reading voice is so smooth and consistent and the stories you chose to feature were 10/10. I was listening to you while I was drawing and I honestly felt so relaxed.
Queen Strawbz
Queen Strawbz Oy oldin
I gained confidence I have no idea why
Nicholas Hohnstein
Nicholas Hohnstein Oy oldin
I'm interested in this Mr charming thing, I live in Alabama as well so kinda scary
Adrianna Shaw
Adrianna Shaw Oy oldin
both of these stories were great, and also very gratifying. i hate organised religion and arsehole parents alike.
mad honeybee
mad honeybee Oy oldin
btw, If a church wants a say in politics, they can start paying taxes.
Camron Sparks
Camron Sparks Oy oldin
TimDeathMatch Oy oldin
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