Husband Spanks Wife When She Doesn't Clean House

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Today we're learning about 'Domestic Discipline' where husband spanks his wife when she doesn't clean house.
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My Husband Punishes Me When I Break The Rules | LOVE DON’T JUDGE
Brandi and Laz Robinson look like a pretty conventional couple: Laz, 38, works in solar engineering, Brandi, 36, is a stay at home mum who (pre-Covid19) homeschools their three kids and has a penchant for coupon shopping. But behind closed doors they practice domestic discipline, a type of relationship which sees Laz dole out punishments to Brandi, from line writing to spanking. Domestic discipline is where one partner takes on the dominant rule maker (and enforcer) role, while the other partner is the submissive. In the case of the Robinsons, Laz is the ‘head of house’, or HOH, while Brandi is the ‘taken in hand’ or TIH. It also adheres to traditional gender roles with Brandi doing the cooking and housework, while Laz looks after the garden and related manual chores. The pair, from Columbus, Ohio, claim that being in a domestic discipline relationship has made them closer as a couple.
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Danielle Harned
Danielle Harned 21 soat oldin
love don't judge but I sure as hell do.
Marcus Waters
Marcus Waters Kun oldin
I’m fully erect right now watching this
Marcus Waters
Marcus Waters Kun oldin
Women these days need this
broodylavellan Kun oldin
As a Christian I can honestly say that there is no place in the entire Bible that says a husband should ever spank his wife, nor is it insinuated. The Bible DOES say that wives are supposed to submit to their husbands, but that doesn't give the husband any right to "spank" her as he sees fit. That book needs to delete itself. 😂
Lyricz Amor
Lyricz Amor Kun oldin
Something told me it was her maybe she didnt have attention as a kid so she having some kid ways I understand wanting to be submissive but you don't have to go this far
kalob hunt
kalob hunt Kun oldin
Sounds like someone who has been told and groomed what to say.
Jariatou 2 kun oldin
Maybe it’s part of the kink to act like she doesn’t like it
Sheri Reis
Sheri Reis 2 kun oldin
If no one enjoys, it then why do it?
Sheri Reis
Sheri Reis 2 kun oldin
Behind every successful man there is an exhausted woman lol. I'm all for equality so does that mean I get to smack him when he's been an a## ??
Christina F
Christina F 2 kun oldin
I would worry that would turn into abuse
baby poof
baby poof 4 kun oldin
Yeah thia was in snap chat and i reported it cuz honestly this is advertising abuse
Brandi & Laz Just Us Robinsons
Brandi & Laz Just Us Robinsons 4 kun oldin
There is nothing abusive about this lifestyle. Many people live very happy this way.
zin zon
zin zon 4 kun oldin
i wanna get punished
fatalrob0t 5 kun oldin
Husband may be the head of the household, but the wife is the neck that turns the head. Meaning, husband can be the head all he wants, make all the decisions, but the wife is the one that can influence those decisions.
PleasantPheasant 5 kun oldin
This doesn’t seem like the kind of relationship where you should have kids not because I think there’s anything wrong with it but because kids can’t consent to being exposed to this sort of lifestyle and consent is key.
Jessica Schuman
Jessica Schuman 6 kun oldin
The sub has all the power
VogelKonigin 6 kun oldin
This sounds more like a daddy/little relationship not dom/sub
Paddy Brøwne
Paddy Brøwne 6 kun oldin
Now kids this is what daddy issues mixed with a spanking fetish looks like 😂
James Klingensmith
James Klingensmith 6 kun oldin
i am a christan and i don't get the whole spank thing
Elias 02
Elias 02 6 kun oldin
First time seing a boderlinr masochist in real life (well, in youtube).
JessElle 7 kun oldin
What is she talking about BDSM made more sense! If she would have just said...yeah we do BDSM I would have oh ok and understood completely
Brandi & Laz Just Us Robinsons
Brandi & Laz Just Us Robinsons 6 kun oldin
@JessElle there was never a problem but we're always open to making stuff better. Having structure works for us. Having one person in charge eliminated arguments. We were able to completely immerse ourselves in our specific roles and we have become better because of it.
JessElle 6 kun oldin
@Brandi & Laz Just Us Robinsons so what exactly is this helping in ur marriage? Like what was the problem that needed to be fixed for u guys to start doing this?
Brandi & Laz Just Us Robinsons
Brandi & Laz Just Us Robinsons 7 kun oldin
@JessElle we just aren't into that. No type of spanking or punishment would be enjoyable to either of us. Also it wouldn't work if they were. DD is meant to correct undesirable behavior so of the punishments were fun I'd get in trouble on purpose
JessElle 7 kun oldin
@Brandi & Laz Just Us Robinsons so have u guys tried like keeping the rules and stuff but making the punishment sexy and fun instead? I mean u break the rules regardless because if u didnt u wouldnt get punished may as well enjoy the punishment.
Brandi & Laz Just Us Robinsons
Brandi & Laz Just Us Robinsons 7 kun oldin
@JessElle not the discipline part but I o enjoy the effect it has on our marriage
noah strahn
noah strahn 7 kun oldin
so this is where half of the Walmart toiletries isle went during quarantine
MikeToTheE 7 kun oldin
Is it wrong that when 10:25 showed that I really wanted to punch a bunch of men in the face? Granted I am not a woman but this made even me a "guy" feel so peeved off in so many ways. By the way this is absolutely NO BITE OR OFFENSE on Ken. Any guys on here drop a like if you would join in to punch some dudes in the face who had this logic?
abc 7 kun oldin
Please post the original vid.
Quitaa Quitaa
Quitaa Quitaa 7 kun oldin
Tbh this video was just background noise until i heard them including their children
Kimmy yeong
Kimmy yeong 8 kun oldin
@cinnamontoastken you judge these people on what age they are but you are a grown man wearing cat ears on your not judge when you yourself ain't perfect.
Kimmy yeong
Kimmy yeong 8 kun oldin
I don't get why peopel are all upset over this jezus they need to get a life and let these people live theirs they way THEY want to P.S the four D rules i totally want that in my relationship i agree men should take the lead and be the head of the household,i wish to follow and not take control at all,call me old fashioned but this is what me and maaaany other women truly enjoy,don't pay mind to what those few old raggedy undesireable feminists say they cleary never had a healthy relationship with a man or else they wouldn't be so grumpy all the time
baby poof
baby poof 4 kun oldin
The issue is that its not equal. Only the women gets punishment, they guy gets away with whatever
Marie-Claire Chapman
Marie-Claire Chapman 8 kun oldin
I can not think of any biblical principle that encourages husbands to beat their wives. It tells men to honour and cherish their wives.
Cody Hedges
Cody Hedges 8 kun oldin
Still I would cringe of my girl called me daddy. I don't understand that whole thing. Edit: I got it. She's not a sub, she's actually a dom. She gets off on making him do weird stuff he doesn't wanna do.
Emily Ojeda
Emily Ojeda 9 kun oldin
This is just super irresponsible kink. This is why BDSM and kinksters get bad reputations because these people would never be accepted into the community, they are breaking too many rules. However people see it as a kink and think theres a connection but in reality they have no clue what they are doing and the actual BDSM community would never agree with that. If this were responsible kink there would be aftercare, they would not be getting complaints because kinksters NEVER have a scene infront of someone who did not consent to seeing it, they would NEVER do any play or scene around children, and if a partner didn’t want to do something or didnt enjoy something IT WOULDNT HAPPEN. Consent and care is EVERYTHING in BDSM. There’s just too much wrong here. ALSO this is child abuse. Kink and any kind of private play is not for anyone but tour partner especially not kids!!! Not to mention they are not old enough to understand this. They are possibly teaching abuse and lack of self worth and much more.
baby poof
baby poof 4 kun oldin
Its the inequality for me. The guy doesnt get punished, only the women? Thats abuse, idk what else u would call it
Brandi & Laz Just Us Robinsons
Brandi & Laz Just Us Robinsons 7 kun oldin
First of all we don't want to be accepted in the bdsm community because that's not what we do. DD is completely different. You really should try knowing what you're talking about before you speak. DD has been around for many years and is a complete different lifestyle!! Furthermore because this is a different lifestyle it is quite common for the kids to know. BDSM is bedroom stuff and should be kept from kids but this is very different. My kids never see anything but two loving parents who don't fuss, argue, or yell at each other. It is much better to sit and explain something to them rather than them happening to overhear something and be scared
The Reckoning
The Reckoning 10 kun oldin
It used to be very normal for husbands to spank their wives. Our current paradigm is actually very abnormal from the perspective of human history.
Paige Stecher
Paige Stecher 10 kun oldin
Low key kink I swear
Isabel Ortiz
Isabel Ortiz 10 kun oldin
she enjoys it, like duh
Pizza Man
Pizza Man 11 kun oldin
I hope This women knows that if she would just join the bdsm community (cuz that’s what it is even if she dosnt want to Admit it) she wouldn’t be judge because everyone there has similar kinks and she would be amazed on how much support she would get but just leave the kids out of it because that should be left out of there lives
Brandi & Laz Just Us Robinsons
Brandi & Laz Just Us Robinsons 11 kun oldin
This isn't BDSM!!! if it were we'd just say that. DD is completely different, search what it is and it'll tell you that they are different. There's nothing wrong with bdsm but that's just not what we are
Sheena Folsom
Sheena Folsom 11 kun oldin
If u got to do all that then u really don't need to be married.
valerie mercado
valerie mercado 11 kun oldin
I think this is domestic violence
Bailey H
Bailey H 12 kun oldin
he just let the dog bite at a weed-wacker 🤦‍♀️ And the fact that the author actually mixed bdsm with Christianity!? I guess they need an excuse to act that way?
Brandi & Laz Just Us Robinsons
Brandi & Laz Just Us Robinsons 11 kun oldin
This isn't BDSM and we didn't once say anything about Christianity either. We don't need an excuse to live how we choose, this lifestyle has been around for years and years and lots of people live this way. Also Buddy didn't bite the week wacker he was just barking at it🤦🤦
Dark Howler
Dark Howler 12 kun oldin
Fetish? Just be honest about it.
HoneyLemonadearts 12 kun oldin
"I don't enjoy being spanked" *Hold up*
King TittyFroster
King TittyFroster 12 kun oldin
Also, spanking often times is enjoyed by what's is called a brat. They will break rules on purpose, just to be spanked. One reason why I don't use spanking as a punishment. Because a punishment isn't something that should be enjoyed. Brats are fun though, an I love taming a brat.
King TittyFroster
King TittyFroster 12 kun oldin
As a Dom, watching Ken try to wrap his brain around BDSM is just funny lol. Ken I honestly think if you did a bit of research it would help you understand it more. A Dom only has is power because of his Sub. Without her consent, nothing is ever engaged. Consent is a huge thing. Along with trust and respect as well. Everyone has their limits, and those limits should never be ignored. I'm happy to answer questions that you may have. You give off Soft Dom vibes Ken. Anyway, thank you for your videos, I really appreciate all that you do.
mr blue
mr blue 13 kun oldin
what's worse divorced with kids or widow with kids?.. 😢 I think if it's normal what happens in the bedroom stays in the bedroom 😂👌
Potty Mouthed Planter
Potty Mouthed Planter 13 kun oldin
Lillith Oxford
Lillith Oxford 13 kun oldin
I'm no kink shaming scrote, especially as a lass who enjoys a wee bit of BDSM, but this is less BDSM just because it's not a sexual thing. And just the fact that it's a reenactment is odd.
AsamiZed 14 kun oldin
I hope their sons don't think this is how most relationships are because if so they are gonna have a rough future.
Ashleigh G
Ashleigh G 14 kun oldin
I can hear the future therapy sessions for their kids when they are grown ups.
Stephanie Conley
Stephanie Conley 14 kun oldin
There is bdsm relationship and there is Dom/Sub relationship, ultimately it can be tied together or not (your perferences), it's a whole (nonreligious, sometimes kinky) community... I mean I don't know 😶
YashibaSouma 14 kun oldin
I got it until she said it wasn’t BDSM. Like... don’t use dom and sub then. That really ticked me off lol. Don’t use the lingo if you aren’t gonna claim it and get pleasure from it. It’s abuse at that point if you don’t like it. No matter if you consent it
Ina Scott
Ina Scott 14 kun oldin
To all you people that don't know my daughter and her family. YOJR OPINION DO NOT MATTER💯💯💯💯💯💯 It do not change anything. My daughter is happy, healthy and well loved💯💯💯💯💯💯My grandchildren are healthy,happy and well loved. Do not assume because you don't understand 💯💯💯💯💯💯. Get you a husband or wife and keep them!!!!!!!!!! Most of you can't 😂😂😂😂😂😂Pooh and Pep continue to do you💯💯💯💯💯Most of these people are haters because their life is FUCKED UP💯💯💯💯💯💯And the asshole that made the video😂😂😂😂 hoarders!!!! boo only if stupid could be fixed with duct tape💯💯💯💯💯 Its called being prepared!!!!! Try it😂😂😂😂😂NOW CARRY ON HATERS WITH YOUR NON PRODUCTIVE MISERABLE LIVES
Natsumi Nana
Natsumi Nana 14 kun oldin
Later that day: Ken: *quietly burst through the bedroom door* The kids are asleep and I wanna try something Mary: ???
Oumry Love
Oumry Love 14 kun oldin
Imagine going to school next day this show is aired... The entire school children and teachers looking at you like a weirdo whose parents play with spanking spoons 😱
ChiNoire 15 kun oldin
As a Christain I hate how that book uses the Bible as one of it's sources.
Heather Stanfield
Heather Stanfield 15 kun oldin
What I have...sort of gathered, that MAY be why they do Brandy came across this book. And they had a rocky marriage so instead of idk..marriage counseling or... thinking of the root problems and talking like a normal adult couple she just read this and thought.. this is IT this is the ONLY way our marriage will be saved. That's the only explanation I can think of as to why both of them would practice this usual BDSM subculture or kink..when NEITHER of them enjoys it. That's the only way my brain can make sense of this I am just grasping here. XD
Brandi & Laz Just Us Robinsons
Brandi & Laz Just Us Robinsons 15 kun oldin
We were never headed for divorce. This book kept being on my recommendation list and after months they offered it for free so I was like what the hell I'll read it. We didn't like the book but thought the concept was interesting so we did our own research and found out about DD and we decided to try it. You don't have to be unhappy or in a bad spot to want to make things better. We're always open to things that can make our marriage stronger. Countless couples live this lifestyle and are very happy, we know couples who have been married over 50 years and have done this the whole time
Emmi R
Emmi R 15 kun oldin
Im not gonna kink-shame anyone but I think... this... type of dynamic is intended mostly as bedroom fun, not daily life dynamic. You need time away from your kink space to function-healthily. Not to mention the dangers that permeate from the Facebook group. It’s not something I think your kids should be aware of either. Hopefully they’re teaching their boys equality; the girl seems to understand, given she has an opinion about it. I dunno... I’m seeing a lot of red flags after watching that video again. Hmm
baby poof
baby poof 4 kun oldin
The second i watched this it made me sick. Its abuse, point blank. Even if is consensual, she doesnt like it. Not to mention the kids are told about this. Like its teaching inequality in romanitc relationships, which isnt ok
Mike Willett
Mike Willett 15 kun oldin
This is great more people should do this I bet they stay together. She knows her place is home taking care of the kid and doing her part to keep the house in order. He provides for the family and that's how it should be. When she gets out of line he checks her it keeps her from making that same mistake again. I'll bet she isn't mouthy and don't talk back and don't bitch all the time. Whats funny is half these people think its ok to spank a child but are against this when honestly there's no difference.
baby poof
baby poof 4 kun oldin
Okay. But what about when the man does something wrong? He doesnt get punished. This is inequality. U sound awfully misogynistic "isnt a mouthy bitch"
lolimgayand s u b m i s s i v e
lolimgayand s u b m i s s i v e 15 kun oldin
this is me and my boyfriend but no kids and im the submissive one
Multiverse666 15 kun oldin
"don't feel bad for calling out people on their crap" thanks ken, I needed to hear that
Multiverse666 15 kun oldin
domestic discipline? more like domestic abuse. WHOOPS
Multiverse666 15 kun oldin
I know they're consenting in this case, but I wanted to say it anyways alright?
Multiverse666 15 kun oldin
2:29 they prepared themselves for corona
Elizabeth Hahn
Elizabeth Hahn 15 kun oldin
She got daddy issues 4 sure
Lelynn Miller
Lelynn Miller 15 kun oldin
using coupons is 1 thing.. BUT.. hunting down a store that doesn't have a limit, & buying out the whole rack, JUST so that the store OWES U a few cents, or a buck here & there, is straight STEALING!! (the stuff usually just expires on your shelf anyway, WHILE leaving others WITHOUT, & the store loses money) those ppl are just abuncha hustlin asss THIEVES, & they ALL deserve spankings!! (i think it's quite clear that they did all this, JUST for CLOUT) 🙄
Lelynn Miller
Lelynn Miller 15 kun oldin
how is this any different from ppl hurting THEMSELVES? (like cutters) don't ppl usually end up getting locked up, for things like that?
Lelynn Miller
Lelynn Miller 15 kun oldin
i will not swear in class. i will not swear in class. i will not swear in class. i will not swear in class. i will not swear in class. i will not swear in class. i will not swear in class. i will not swear in class.
Lelynn Miller
Lelynn Miller 15 kun oldin
if my Hubby tried this crap with ME, i don't think we'd still b together anymore. (20 yrs strong, & growing) even if he goes as far as to try & rush me outta the store, i turn around & loudly say "what, u think u got your b!tch on a leash?" just to prove to him, HE DON'T!!
Lelynn Miller
Lelynn Miller 15 kun oldin
are we sure this aint a cry for help?
rabid rabbitshuggers
rabid rabbitshuggers 16 kun oldin
Is this gonna be like Ichi the Killer where the top is the bottom and the bottom is the top? I'm up for that kind of weirdness.
Bri D
Bri D 16 kun oldin
When daddy issues meets mommy issues
Jose Peña
Jose Peña 16 kun oldin
See there are guys out there when in a relationship want the girl to be like them. But we all need to understand that the girl also need to be herself. Real talk
Goddess Caroline
Goddess Caroline 16 kun oldin
Don't you think the thumbnail is just a little too much ..
Mystical Goddess Gaming
Mystical Goddess Gaming 16 kun oldin
It's Disgusting! I don't care if it's their kink, It's promoting/Condoning Abuse!
ThisIsItAashi 16 kun oldin
me: *hears the phrase sub drop in the FB group* giiiiirl, hate to tell you but these people are *NOT* talking about "domestic discipline" in the sense that you're thinking, js. You need to educate yourself on what BDSM actually is, dang. Most of the terminology used in their relationship, the book completely notwithstanding is D/s terms and they *definitely* need to do more in-depth research
Brandi & Laz Just Us Robinsons
Brandi & Laz Just Us Robinsons 16 kun oldin
We are not BDSM and I'm well aware of what sub drop is. Some of the people in the group are bdsm and Dd and that's why that term is used.
やぶ 16 kun oldin
ExoChen B
ExoChen B 17 kun oldin
Pretty sure there are five Ds in that house
Shellie Hennings
Shellie Hennings 18 kun oldin
"Just shut the hell up, hit me with a wooden spoon, and let's be done with this!"... Actually, I could see this in some relationships.
A.B. Cooper
A.B. Cooper 18 kun oldin
The author of the book and the people who reviewed positively about the book seem like the kind of people who use violence/aggression instead of trying to talk about their problems and reaching a compromise. If they wanted something faith-based, there are THOUSANDS of marriage books written by Christian authors that talk about healthy communication, mutual respect and honoring, compromise, etc. How the hell did she find "Spank Your Spouse" first out of the sea of marriage books (Christian or otherwise).
Origami 18 kun oldin
If they don't like it then they shouldn't do it. If their lieing, iT's NOt chRisTIaN!
Ida Thomsson
Ida Thomsson 18 kun oldin
Is- isn’t the 4 d’s from 50 shades??
Brandi & Laz Just Us Robinsons
Brandi & Laz Just Us Robinsons 18 kun oldin
We started this before that movie existed
Forsaken Mar
Forsaken Mar 18 kun oldin
she is so into bdsm, and that is not a bad thing, but it consists in consent... she just wanted her husband to do those things to her and pretend that is a thing about family...
Forsaken Mar
Forsaken Mar 18 kun oldin
@Brandi & Laz Just Us Robinsons well not hating on it but then why would she say that she want it when she hate it? It doesn't make sense... Is this her kink and she is pretending that is a dynamic? Her husband looks weirded out with this. It seems to me and others in the comments that she was looking for a kind of "justified" bdsm relationship. Every kind of relationship is okay if there is consent and happiness...
Brandi & Laz Just Us Robinsons
Brandi & Laz Just Us Robinsons 18 kun oldin
WE ARE NOT BDSM!!!! Do your research and you'll find that DD is something completely different. Lots of couples live this way and it has nothing to do with being Bdsm. If we were we'd just say so, Lord knows it would be easier and we'd get a lot less hate from ignorant people
Danny Lucas
Danny Lucas 19 kun oldin
Ugh my mom is into this I know because I overhear it while she's on the phone telling her friends. Im an adult its just so weird I know it can be a ddlg type thing
Rebecca Griffith
Rebecca Griffith 19 kun oldin
The bible actually says if your spouse abuses you in any way, it's ok to divorce. Obviously paraphrasing lol. This episode is interesting
Melissa Yau
Melissa Yau 19 kun oldin
this is a DDLG dynamic
Jenny VanderPas
Jenny VanderPas 19 kun oldin
This is crazy! She's being treated like a child! This is not a normal relationship at all. As someone who has been married for 17 years, marriage is about compromise, sharing and understanding! It definitely shouldn't include punishments.
baby poof
baby poof 4 kun oldin
Yes! Thank you! There should be equality in relationships
Xavier Elliott
Xavier Elliott 19 kun oldin
You never involve unconsenting adults or minors in any sort of kink/bdsm activity or dynamic
TheGamerInDisguise 19 kun oldin
"BDSM and spanking are not the same thing." I'm sorry, wut? xD
TheGamerInDisguise 19 kun oldin
I get it, it's her kink. But does it have to be in front of the kids? They're going to grow up thinking that shit is normal, and they'll be abusive to their partners without realizing what they are doing is wrong.
TheGamerInDisguise 19 kun oldin
Brandi & Laz Just Us Robinsons That’s fair. Have fun writing ten pages of lines and getting spanked for not doing the dishes, then lectured on how you need to be a better spouse. Oh wait that’s right, you won’t have fun doing those things. 🤪
Brandi & Laz Just Us Robinsons
Brandi & Laz Just Us Robinsons 19 kun oldin
@TheGamerInDisguise because this is what works for us
TheGamerInDisguise 19 kun oldin
Brandi & Laz Just Us Robinsons Then if you don’t enjoy it, why do it? I don’t understand why anyone would consent to being punished as if you were a child, all because you didn’t follow the “rules.” There are far better ways to improve your marriage and keep it strong rather than go back in time to the 1930’s.
Brandi & Laz Just Us Robinsons
Brandi & Laz Just Us Robinsons 19 kun oldin
We aren't bdsm!!! Look up DD it's completely different and not meant to be enjoyed. My kids understand what we do but they don't ever see anything and also they understand that this is a lifestyle choice and not done by everyone
tychul 20 kun oldin
Dad Ken would be the one to notice the dirty air vent lmao
Marisa Carrasco
Marisa Carrasco 20 kun oldin
Blade Kick
Blade Kick 20 kun oldin
My guess. She likes spanking but he doesn't like that she likes it. Maybe he sees it as not what he wants in his lover. Idk. But she deff is scooting around just admitting she likes being dominated.
Brandi & Laz Just Us Robinsons
Brandi & Laz Just Us Robinsons 20 kun oldin
Not the case at all. Lots of couples live this way and it has nothing to do with liking to be spanked (which I don't)
Sherrie Garron
Sherrie Garron 20 kun oldin
Its a kink. Alot of the time the sub is the one to bring it up.
Ixxy Rodrigo
Ixxy Rodrigo 21 kun oldin
Ngl. This is exactly how my chickens act in my yard...
Kira Anastasia Andersen
Kira Anastasia Andersen 21 kun oldin
Its a teacher-student kink
Chris la due
Chris la due 21 kun oldin
I can just imagine Ken and Mary laying in bed at night all silent and Ken just goes "So I found this book today"
Christopher_Geissler 21 kun oldin
2:36 - She doesn't have the "coups" she has the POOPS.
Phoenix santillanes
Phoenix santillanes 21 kun oldin
Bro the first time I watched this video I couldn't tell the girls bangs was mud or messed up makeup! 🤣
Gildor's Adepticus Nerdica
Gildor's Adepticus Nerdica 21 kun oldin
The 4 D's Duck,dip,dive and .............. Duck
Naomi VDS
Naomi VDS 21 kun oldin
my pshyco dad used to do that to my mum. Safe to say he's in prison now, people like him go way further than that trust me
Kumara Dosha
Kumara Dosha 21 kun oldin
Lu Bu
Lu Bu 21 kun oldin
Meh. Whatever works. Not my business.
Dragonbleps 22 kun oldin
Comment rescinded. See reply.
Brandi & Laz Just Us Robinsons
Brandi & Laz Just Us Robinsons 16 kun oldin
@Dragonbleps thank you so much, we really appreciate it☺️
Dragonbleps 16 kun oldin
@Brandi & Laz Just Us Robinsons After thinking about it for a while, you're right. It's so easy to get caught up in a judgmental mindset over these things, but that's no excuse. Just because it's a lifestyle that wouldn't work for me, doesn't necessarily mean it's invalid in any way. I was concerned about things but came off really aggressive and judgmental, and that's not fair after only seeing a fraction of a day of the lifestyle. I'm really sorry for my ignorant comment. If you're happy and he's happy and everything is healthy, then who am I to judge?
Brandi & Laz Just Us Robinsons
Brandi & Laz Just Us Robinsons 21 kun oldin
This is not BDSM. Furthermore I talk to my husband about everything. This was a day long shoot crammed into 6 minutes and lots of things are missing. What I actually stated about my group is that it's a place for us to support each other, give advice, and be able to vent without the husband's hearing and having input. It's not about not being able to talk to our husbands it's about having a support group with people in your same position. This whole video has bits and pieces of what we said. Also having to convince someone to try something doesn't make in not consensual and it also doesn't mean that he didn't like it once he tried.
Chris Madaris
Chris Madaris 22 kun oldin
I did lines as a kid but it was always fun
Hannah Johnson
Hannah Johnson 22 kun oldin
They brought the Bible into it. I'm triggered. 😐
Brandi & Laz Just Us Robinsons
Brandi & Laz Just Us Robinsons 22 kun oldin
When did we mention the bible??
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