Handsome Ghost Hunters Spend Night In Haunted House

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Playing Phasmophobia with @PewDiePie We're two Epic level handsome ghost hunters spend the night in a haunted house to find vengeful spirits and angry ghosts. Supernatural scary stuff here.
Check out more gameplay at: bit.ly/3j1BSKe
This was recorded on stream: www.twitch.tv/cinnamontoastken
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CinnamonToastKen 23 kun oldin
If you like gaming we have a whole second channel dedicated to fun gaming times! Also, stream on twitch all the time! Check the description!
Syn The Magician
Syn The Magician 9 kun oldin
I just realized Ken was only lvl 20 for this, I caught a recent stream of his and dude was lvl 184. He's loving this game. Also, in case you read this Ken, thanks for wishing me luck on my first solo high school run and giving me the motivation to nearly get killed to figure it out!
Haylee Costello
Haylee Costello 20 kun oldin
You should play this dangarompa game that's called sdra2 please 😟😭😂😁 I really want you to play it thank you😊
Reddusk Ironsky
Reddusk Ironsky 22 kun oldin
@Steph K yeah he is always pretty sus
Papa Doobie
Papa Doobie 22 kun oldin
.........:::::::::::::::::::D~~~~~ ( _ ) _ )
Steph K
Steph K 22 kun oldin
You and pewds have the best dynamic - I always thought out of everyone he collabs with you two in particular just have the best flow and bounce off each other perfectly. I love how you're not afraid to snap at him sometimes, skyblock was some of the funniest shit I've ever seen. PLEASE speak up more in among us, ken! You're too quiet!!!
Bianca Ioana
Bianca Ioana 6 soat oldin
Felix: "So...are they scared of me?" *Flashback from 2 minutes ago* Felix: "I HAVE A KNIFE" Ken: "Yeah"
Kinsley Nunn
Kinsley Nunn 9 soat oldin
Ayo play with buff
Jenna Michelle
Jenna Michelle 3 kun oldin
Ken’s voice is oddly attractive, corpse’s voice is nice but I feel like Ken should narrate every nature film there is
Otaku_Dude8153 5 kun oldin
It honestly makes me so happy to see them playing games together again, I’ve been watching Pewds since like 2009 and found Ken with the prop hunt games. Crazy how it’s been like 10 years
Cierra Destini
Cierra Destini 7 kun oldin
One of my favorite duos 🤗🤗
v v
v v 8 kun oldin
does anyone know which stream was this? this wasn't the one with Gab and Jack right?
Kat Valentine
Kat Valentine 8 kun oldin
I love it so much when they play together
NOOB BOY 9 kun oldin
5:56 Not my computer
Mazena 9 kun oldin
Not gonna lie, the title was half the reason I clicked on the video. I was not disappointed.
Reva 9 kun oldin
I swear UZpost isn’t getting half as many comments as it used to.
KSFreddie11 10 kun oldin
this gave me so much serotonin
kelsey hartman
kelsey hartman 11 kun oldin
everytime they say patricia i think of that meme where the guy screams PATRICIA. like i can’t stop
Ayy Apy
Ayy Apy 11 kun oldin
ken is underated tho.
Klementine Bae
Klementine Bae 11 kun oldin
*"Come out gurlllll"* lol pewds HAHA
uzbecka 12 kun oldin
Ken and Pewds in the closet together.
She's a Seesawer Seesawian
She's a Seesawer Seesawian 12 kun oldin
Who's Margret Williams? I only know Patricia Williams.
Jon Menard
Jon Menard 13 kun oldin
Jessica -aka JessaNae
Jessica -aka JessaNae 13 kun oldin
*Ever play the old school pc game Phantasmagoria? That was my shii back in the day!!*
Daniëlle Zbn
Daniëlle Zbn 13 kun oldin
Pewdiepie is literally friends with everybody
JoostArchives 13 kun oldin
Ken “OH, She’s speaking to me!” Pews who’s been experiencing haunted things the entire time: “nooooo..”
Robby G
Robby G 14 kun oldin
maryjane 14 kun oldin
Now all we need is Cryaotic and the trinity will be complete.
Marthine Dybvik Våge
Marthine Dybvik Våge 16 kun oldin
i really hope someone makes an animation out of this
N05133P 16 kun oldin
Sorry to be late but happy belated birthday Ken!
Ernieca Edwin
Ernieca Edwin 18 kun oldin
Did Pewds stream this too? I didn't see it tho
swagglord 18 kun oldin
17:21 that was a cute scream bruh
swagglord 18 kun oldin
Fun fact: i have no fun facts
Hardinfardin 18 kun oldin
Hahaahahahahah ken is something else. Love u man!
Rachel Sweets
Rachel Sweets 18 kun oldin
Rachel Sweets
Rachel Sweets 18 kun oldin
Blakesta 18 kun oldin
I really need to play this game...
rabbitsonthemoon 18 kun oldin
they are so cute and stupid 😂😍
Barbie Twinmom
Barbie Twinmom 19 kun oldin
Lmao at the sick gaming set up lmao n chad jokes i died laughing lmao hahahaha
Erica Richter
Erica Richter 19 kun oldin
"Youve seemed kinda lonely" "I have a wife.." "...oh"
Hailey Gregory
Hailey Gregory 19 kun oldin
My fav UZpost content is these two 😂
A.Robbinson 19 kun oldin
two great youtubers! It made my day to see that you guys play games together!
Mrs. Robinson
Mrs. Robinson 19 kun oldin
I’m trying to find Evelyn but no one tagged her not even pewds 😖
Giselle 8 kun oldin
She's Gab Smolders on UZpost
justagirl NV
justagirl NV 19 kun oldin
Best session of Phas I have watched so far. Especially since they havent been attacked like everybody else had been that I watched before this. Like, what the heck? Lmao the ghost was so passive I was like "Is this like, the equivalent of minecraft Peaceful mode?"
E̛mPL̶oYEe͟ ̸MaN̡gL͡eR̢
E̛mPL̶oYEe͟ ̸MaN̡gL͡eR̢ 19 kun oldin
Me: * _laughing as Pewds phases halfway upside down through the table to look at the ceiling_ * Ken @ 2:48: Is someone _laughing?!_
Second Grader
Second Grader 19 kun oldin
The ghost: you guys should be scared... Them: PLATE MOVE! PLATE MOVE!
MissAimeePond 20 kun oldin
I love that you two are still friends :)
GamerGirl09 Epic
GamerGirl09 Epic 20 kun oldin
Me: Laughs Ken:Is SomE OnE LaUgHiNg
Johann Lamraoui
Johann Lamraoui 20 kun oldin
We need more of this
Kody Webster
Kody Webster 20 kun oldin
Anybody elses time going backwards?
TheJimma137 20 kun oldin
Go to sleep buddy.
Tonez211 20 kun oldin
when ken and pewds are the only people who say "over".
mr blue
mr blue 20 kun oldin
Ah Ken be the best and the beard is on the grow epic man let's see pew try that 🤣👌
Blah Blah
Blah Blah 20 kun oldin
Anyone know what game this is?
Falcor 20 kun oldin
Man I miss this duo. Hilarious as always 🤣
SunlessNether 20 kun oldin
Patricia 😭🤣😭
Alexander Hammy Bottoms
Alexander Hammy Bottoms 20 kun oldin
Toast Ken has the greatest voice ever, I stg 😅
Insanity Shayla
Insanity Shayla 20 kun oldin
one of the better scary games in a while.
Haylee Costello
Haylee Costello 20 kun oldin
You should play this dangarompa game that's called sdra2 I really want you play it please thank you
_anoja31_ 21 kun oldin
This is so chaotic lol
Fixx Ashley
Fixx Ashley 21 kun oldin
React to the onion
secretlady646 21 kun oldin
the bit reminds me of stewie and brian talking on the radio OVER
Ellen Burke
Ellen Burke 21 kun oldin
we now know that pewdiepie means "I dropped my candle."
DementiaGaming 21 kun oldin
Didn't Ken diss Pewds like a year ago or so?
DallyBoy 21 kun oldin
You two are my favorite two people to watch play any game, and I usually like the video Ken posts more. Sue me.
DraKai The Lost Dragon
DraKai The Lost Dragon 21 kun oldin
I feel like I'm watching horror movie with comedy mixed in, Nice.
Nicole J
Nicole J 21 kun oldin
Pewds playing peekaboo in the lockers 🤣😂🤣 Im dying
Littil Avindar
Littil Avindar 21 kun oldin
How to tell if the place is actually haunted: "Write your favorite UZpostr in the book." *Ghost writes T Series."
Littil Avindar
Littil Avindar 21 kun oldin
Bro, I was laughing while Pewd was bending over backwards in the kitchen, and then you asked if someone was laughing. Creepy!
Lully Bean
Lully Bean 21 kun oldin
You should be playing this in vr....
Melloniche 21 kun oldin
You two have the most adorable bromance.
Mortal Unknown
Mortal Unknown 21 kun oldin
Turn off the lights if you want some activity, and turn on the lights to get some sanity.
Makeup and Vlogs
Makeup and Vlogs 21 kun oldin
Anyone knows where the full link of this video is?
Gurleen Sodhi
Gurleen Sodhi 21 kun oldin
It maybe on twitch in cinnamon toast ken
Captain S
Captain S 21 kun oldin
I never seen ken play video games with buff pro
Rachael McKenzie
Rachael McKenzie 22 kun oldin
You totally missed the opportunities to make Supernatural references lol Brings me back to the SAM! DEAN! In that Mario video you guys did.
SydTheShortOne 22 kun oldin
I was laughing really hard at Felixs character being in the freaking island right when Ken asked if someone was laughing and I dunno scared the shit out of me for some reason...I've never went from laughing to concerned and quiet so fast in my life.
What You want?
What You want? 22 kun oldin
Pewds and Ken: Patricia, Patricia Margaret: Am i a joke to you *literally sulking and didn't come out to them*
Scarlett Says
Scarlett Says 22 kun oldin
umm, why are all female ghosts located in only kitchen & bedroom... feel like there's a nice little hidden message here
FOFF SALT 22 kun oldin
At long last, the day I have been waiting for a very long time. We finally have it, Pewds and Ken playing a scary game together. And its all our to indulge in.
Alexandria reetz
Alexandria reetz 22 kun oldin
Yell should do a couch episode with love has won off of doctor Phil. They are a cult and really really insane.
Jessica Duemling
Jessica Duemling 22 kun oldin
You guys NEED to do more of these. The live stream was 🔥
Rykensnow 22 kun oldin
the legendary duo is back
Arica B. Alien
Arica B. Alien 22 kun oldin
I'll actually watch game play if it's these two
YourSocialnetwork 22 kun oldin
The ghost doesnt do anything because they use the wrong name... The ghost had to call her friend with this name and wait for Patricia to arrive xD
Rachael McKenzie
Rachael McKenzie 22 kun oldin
Patricia: I want some toast *grabs plate* Pewds n Ken: *PLATE MOVeD plATE movED PLATE MOVED* Patricia: I just wanted some toast
MissSara101 22 kun oldin
you gotta check out these askreddit videos
AllThisStuff 22 kun oldin
Man I love it when ken and pewds play together. U can just tell they're real friends, it's so wholesome & genuine, I like jacksepticeye but u can just tell there is a certain level of fakeness there when pewds plays with Jack as opposed to ken
Fred 20 kun oldin
Totally agree. The more I watch the collabs, the more I've noticed this
jordannew thomas
jordannew thomas 21 kun oldin
Mark dying in their video of this game was priceless, that distant muffled scream from mark killed me.
AllThisStuff 22 kun oldin
Bro ken and pewds playing horror games together? All youtubers playing Among Us? Basically videogames galore on youtube? The Golden age is back.
Rachael McKenzie
Rachael McKenzie 22 kun oldin
Watching you live on Twitch playing this game was so much fun. I think I missed you and Pewds just playing it together so this is exciting for me. You two are by far the best duo for games
Sakuya Yume
Sakuya Yume 22 kun oldin
That "PLATE MOVED!" part was so funny, I had to come back to rewatch it.
Adriana 22 kun oldin
Aw man this reminds me of the old days. You guys are so funny together
SMOOTHS1X 22 kun oldin
Wizard plates!
sophia foshee
sophia foshee 22 kun oldin
I love you two together. This made my day!!!
lilmisssydnis1 22 kun oldin
"I have a wife." "...oh." 🤣
phil 22 kun oldin
Im hoping one day. Poods, ken, mark, jack, seananer, minx, syndicate, cry, smosh will someday play again with each other. hoping but I feel like it will never happen ever
Natasha Swan
Natasha Swan 22 kun oldin
Plate flip over .... Skyrim guard : " It could been a wind"
iTzMajor 22 kun oldin
Kiana K.
Kiana K. 22 kun oldin
6:37 no, this is patrick
FireIdar 22 kun oldin
"Patricia are you in the bathroom?!" me-"no but Myrtle probably is."
NOTsiddarthorke 22 kun oldin
3:16 y'all didn't freak out when the drawer popped open! Y'all cute my dudes!
Mimi Christensen
Mimi Christensen 22 kun oldin
Pewds: "What kind of camera can only take five photos?" *Throws camera in muddy sink water* *Camera flashes and takes a picture* :D :D :D
AP TUNES 22 kun oldin
Ken: is that a ghost Also ken: HADOUKEN!
Bob Bob
Bob Bob 22 kun oldin
This has such a 2011 collab vibe it’s amazing, I love these videos
Christian Galesias
Christian Galesias 22 kun oldin
Title doesn't lie tho.
Grey Man
Grey Man 22 kun oldin
"where's the ghost?" waiting until you all stop joking around
ZoroElric 22 kun oldin
omg yessssss ken and pewds playing phasmophbia!!!!!
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