Guy Brags 'I Only Flush Once A Week' To Girl On First Date

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React Couch watching TLC Extreme Cheapskates where Greg takes Brandy on the world's cheapest date where he brags that him and his roommates only flush once a week. First date life!
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Greg puts his cheap skills to the test on a first date.
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Nikki Jordan
Nikki Jordan 6 soat oldin
Shouldn't the roommates be able to flush at will since they pay rent?
Angel de las Muertes
Angel de las Muertes 19 soat oldin
I have noticed that Dr. Phill's face is in most of your videos!!!!
BrokeBot Kun oldin
my dude snagged some ZooPals plates 😂
Jon Vecellio
Jon Vecellio Kun oldin
Guy's date goes back to his house and sees used condoms hanging up to dry in the bathroom. "One of those has your name all over it." he would say in his cheapskate voice.
Jon Vecellio
Jon Vecellio Kun oldin
When I was a kid, we had a great-aunt that would take EVERYTHING that wasn't nailed down in the restaurant. Silverware(she LOVED Outback Steakhouse utensils the most), salt/pepper shakers, cloth napkins, sugar/Equal packets, bottles of ketchup and on and on. My parents put the brakes on going out wit her after two times of her doing this. Even as a child I was mortified by this. She's still alive & is probably Facebook friends with his dude.
Kyle Kooistra
Kyle Kooistra Kun oldin
Internet but no water to flush toilet
C T 2 kun oldin
McChicken sandwiches are tasty though! Add a small fry and a water and I'm in!
J W 3 kun oldin
I was reminded of Chris Rock's small debut in a movie where he was like "how about I give you a quarter and you let me lick some sauce?" at a BBQ restaurant
kalob hunt
kalob hunt 4 kun oldin
That dude called an escort off the Internet.
Aaron Espinoza
Aaron Espinoza 4 kun oldin
11:20-30 😂😂😂
Mad as Max
Mad as Max 5 kun oldin
The girl is the, room mates girlfriend!
Mad as Max
Mad as Max 5 kun oldin
She is, chewing gum just like a, cow, chews on grass!
Mad as Max
Mad as Max 5 kun oldin
He get's a boner, out of walking for free!
Mad as Max
Mad as Max 5 kun oldin
His a serial killer now because, he did not want to buy clothes so, he just kills people for them instead. Also there are plenty of, cheapskate book's out there to, help people like him.
Gabiskat 6 kun oldin
I think it's funny that these cheapskates think they're saving money (by all the numbers they throw at you) but in the long run they are actually spending more and endangering their health and of the people that live with them. In this video alone I could see all that he does wrong and that doing it properly would actually save him money (like the dishwasher, a full dishwasher cycle uses less water than actually hand washing every single thing..) but he probably didn't think about doing some research 😅
Amber Clark
Amber Clark 7 kun oldin
All my first dates ate park dates. They are free and neither of us feel bad if the date goes south
Julia McCoog
Julia McCoog 7 kun oldin
Lol she's got to know what she's walking into letting them film cheapskates, tlc prob doesn't tell them specifics
Sydney Sharp
Sydney Sharp 7 kun oldin
I thought he was living in the house for free? So does that also include utilities? Lol
havoc127 8 kun oldin
Junior Avilez
Junior Avilez 9 kun oldin
Mchicken dinner was my cheapest date, we lasted a while 😂
William Meyer
William Meyer 10 kun oldin
When me and my (now ex) fiance first go together, our first date was just sitting in the park talking. Then the cops showed up because it was after hours, so we went and set in the walmart parking lot. We were together for 6 months after that. Not even joking, that was our actual first date.
Eclipse Moon
Eclipse Moon 11 kun oldin
"long walks are free."?! You jerk stop being so... cheap! This makes me so mad!
Goodolmal Ginger
Goodolmal Ginger 11 kun oldin
Y did buff say that with so much honesty
Chris Allen
Chris Allen 12 kun oldin
It kind of sucks that its an actor. Insco has been on a bunch of other reality TV shows, but for once I would like to see someone who legitimately does this sort of stuff.
Krenzzler 15 kun oldin
Lmao! I've never seen someone look so sure that they've walked into a trap 😂
J Mainor
J Mainor 15 kun oldin
Sometimes I worry about being alone in life. Then I see that this guy had a girl stay for a while date with him. Yeah, I think I’ll be fine.
Brad Lanky
Brad Lanky 15 kun oldin
Wouldn’t not flushing for a week pretty much block the toilet?
ray black
ray black 16 kun oldin
Buff looks like a bigger version of nova in this video no hate I love watching ken and him but it just hit me
Simp Squad
Simp Squad 17 kun oldin
Im a cheapskate aka mr. Krabs
t j
t j 18 kun oldin
3 guys...7 days...lets say every one of them takes 1 shit per day...that toilet would not have that much capacity to store that.
Tea laBlu
Tea laBlu 18 kun oldin
Wanna bet that the silverware isn’t free, he just takes it
Live Laugh Love Daily
Live Laugh Love Daily 18 kun oldin
Holy cow! I was watching this while eating my lunch. After seeing that toilet I'm not sure I'll eat again for for a week! 🤢🤮
Camille Hoopes
Camille Hoopes 19 kun oldin
No. Just no
1NQU1S1T10N 19 kun oldin
I'm just glad he wasn't saying condoms.
Zama p
Zama p 19 kun oldin
Assuming this girl is not an actor, she handled this craziness like a champ. Stayed patient, entertained his weirdness, gave him a chance, wasn't judgemental of a different lifestyle. She deserves much, much better tbh
chvrrvism 19 kun oldin
does he realize that.... normal dishes and cups can be reused endlessly and disposable cups and plates are just making his life more difficult....
احمد الظاهري
احمد الظاهري 21 kun oldin
they paid her to say that at the end
Matt Howland
Matt Howland 21 kun oldin
If it's yellow let it mellow. If it's brown flush it down!
Jess Ess
Jess Ess 21 kun oldin
Returns have a time limit for THAT reason. In Australian you have 7 day return limit
Dr.ATsavage 21 kun oldin
I got an ad that was 50 minutes long
Nsyafs1215 22 kun oldin
Spam X
C L 22 kun oldin
No way he shits all week without flushing. The toilet would explode when it comes time to flush
Nicole Bock
Nicole Bock 22 kun oldin
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Sander Ananas
Sander Ananas 22 kun oldin
Pretty sure it’s all staged.
T.L. Wolfe
T.L. Wolfe 22 kun oldin
There is no freakin way this guy is for real. If you ask me on a date and then ask to split my meal and if my tea has free refills, at THAT point I am saying, “Ok. No. You pay for your shit and I’ll pay for mine to go”.
Ama Park
Ama Park 23 kun oldin
chelsea carlone
chelsea carlone 23 kun oldin
if he lives there completely free...why does he only flush once a week and take the bulb out of the refrigerator?
Stronger By Nature
Stronger By Nature 23 kun oldin
yeah no way is that little bucket of water going to shift 5-7 turds per one flatmate compacted/settled into the bowl. not happening lol. i kinda wonder if he's an incel.
spiko 1337
spiko 1337 24 kun oldin
How has this man gotten a date i quite frankly do not understand.
Theaches 24 kun oldin
If your priority in life is to save money, above all else, you're probably a very bland, boring, uninteresting person. You more than likely obtained this lifestyle because actually working was too difficult for you. These people are children who have convinced themselves they've discovered the loophole to life, when all they've done is ruined it.
Tanner Burgess
Tanner Burgess 24 kun oldin
You guys should react to Horders or extreme couponing!
Angelo Federico
Angelo Federico 24 kun oldin
Joshua Hoffman
Joshua Hoffman 24 kun oldin
He looks like goodwill Elon Musk.
Natalie Boatwright
Natalie Boatwright 24 kun oldin
My question is, is why doesn't he just go other places to go to the bathroom and maybe go to the gym and take a shower? Because I'm pretty sure that is cheaper. Also its just my suggestion if he's so worried about the money and to not torture his roommates who are paying for the apartment when they don't need to pay. But I guess he just isn't that smart?
Tripsy Roses
Tripsy Roses 24 kun oldin
You can return clothes that have been washed? Lol!
Joanna Jedrzejczyk’s Forehead
Joanna Jedrzejczyk’s Forehead 25 kun oldin
“Lemme get one” “One rack of ribs?” “No, one rib” “How much for the sweet tea?... well how much if you just pour it in her hands?”
Night Cat
Night Cat 25 kun oldin
Elli Sowers
Elli Sowers 25 kun oldin
The secondhand cringe from this dude is almost unbearable
max bajan
max bajan 26 kun oldin
This guy looks like teen elon musk
trogdorthe8th 26 kun oldin
You knew the show was fake when she said she'd go out with him again.
CajunPride 26 kun oldin
Her name (Brandy)was one of the names written on the yougurt cups lol
Temporarily Nobody
Temporarily Nobody 26 kun oldin
Right but if he lives in the house for free... why is his worrying about the bills as if he has to pay them?
Edison Geul
Edison Geul 26 kun oldin
Bruh u can get a set of cups at drug mart for a dollar
mcsmokey phatrip
mcsmokey phatrip 26 kun oldin
If you've ever had to use a longdrop, then I sympathize with you ma dude...
ShriLL KiLLs
ShriLL KiLLs 27 kun oldin
11:48 my exact thought as Dr. Phil stares into my soul from over your shoulder...
Kaus Australis
Kaus Australis 27 kun oldin
i went on a date with a guy one time, he wanted to take me to a nice steakhouse. We went and he told me to get what ever i wanted and he got a really nice steak. Said it was on him (mind you HE picked the more expensive place) then after we are done eating he nervously gave the lady his card. She came back and said it was declined. He was like how about you pay this time and i'll get the drinks for after dinner. Drinks was a cheap bottle of vodka he bought with cash and after the hook up, dude went to leave and came back to grab the bottle to take with him. lol like dude wtf? i didnt care were we went or anything, this dude just straight played me for free steak meal and a hook up and i couldnt even get a cheap drink to forget my misery. lmao. its funny now but i was about to kill him when it happened
B 27 kun oldin
Why is no one talking about his pink tutu and pink kicks?!?
Dei 27 kun oldin
how much did he save and what is he saving for? funeral?
Nic Coetzee
Nic Coetzee 27 kun oldin
omg that dinner was cringe as f........ I hope she finds a decent guy.
Devon Isaacs
Devon Isaacs 28 kun oldin
Funny thing is my family knew this guy, he had a big zoomba class my aunt and grandma went to every other night he’s a really nice guy and he ended up running for trustee for Cincinnati and won, really nice guy I don’t think any of this happen, I think he did most this stuff for jokes he was also on pawn stars he teed to pawn a shark suit
Shut up! I`m thinking.
Shut up! I`m thinking. 29 kun oldin
there is no way 3 people flush only once a week if everybody shits once a day there would be 21 shits in there it would be clogged after the first day that is disgusting and also not possible
Bob Hurst
Bob Hurst Oy oldin
Is this guy even real?
Grace Whitaker
Grace Whitaker Oy oldin
So a lot of times when I go out to eat with my family we will get big meals and share. Cuz there’s 8 of us so we can like 4 or 5 or even 3 sometimes. Cuz the little kids won’t eat much. But the adults get their own meals bc they hungry man! They don’t need to share!
Tanya Kwankis
Tanya Kwankis Oy oldin
As soon as he said he wanted half of my sandwich, hoooweeee I would've been gone. I would've immediately said I'd pay for it and tell him to get his own meal.
evildustmite25 Oy oldin
you know his roommates are taking all their dumps at work or going to a friends house to drop kids off at the pool. cuz you know he ain't spending money on air freshener.
A guy that looks weird
A guy that looks weird Oy oldin
Look at this dude he washes his cups but if you do that why not buy a glass cup
Amy Tabara
Amy Tabara Oy oldin
"Where did he find her...on Craig's List?!!" I nearly died! Omg, you guys crack me up!
Tasha Vladimiroff
Tasha Vladimiroff Oy oldin
It’s definitely not ok
Tasha Vladimiroff
Tasha Vladimiroff Oy oldin
Has this dude seen “I’m gonna get you sucka” ? because he stole that one rib from that movie lol
Koresephone Oy oldin
Do they not know you can buy reusable silverware and utensils at the dollar store for literally just a dollar
Mar_s19 Oy oldin
Ew, he exposing himself about the fact that he doesn’t wash his ass🤢😂😂
Travis Williams
Travis Williams Oy oldin
The price difference between flushing and using the garbage can shower water … about $3.50
Lauren Barnett
Lauren Barnett Oy oldin
What happens if he has to take a shit? does he let it sit in there for a week? lol
Tom Sheils
Tom Sheils Oy oldin
OMG that dude is so awful!
bullet journal desire 88
bullet journal desire 88 Oy oldin
They didn't say who paid
bullet journal desire 88
bullet journal desire 88 Oy oldin
She's being nice for the cameras
bullet journal desire 88
bullet journal desire 88 Oy oldin
I'm horrified Two diff bucket s used for flushing the toilet lol
Captain Valravn
Captain Valravn Oy oldin
Also what’s up with the water bill issue? He’s not paying for it anyways may as well flippin flush every time.
Dark Wolf
Dark Wolf Oy oldin
Oh that is so gross.
beamerboy 444t222
beamerboy 444t222 Oy oldin
How is he a pimp and a cheap ass lmaooooo
Christian Galesias
Christian Galesias Oy oldin
Ken is hot
Lelynn Miller
Lelynn Miller Oy oldin
🧙‍♂️ "Wizard on the Wall"? [LOL] that was the name of a game we all use to play, back in the 90s... 😉 ... b like "whoaaa... 😵 ... 😵 ... what a RUSH!!" .......... 🤪
Lelynn Miller
Lelynn Miller Oy oldin
the day i think i truly fell in luv with my Hubby, (who i've now been, with for the past *20 yrs)* was out on a cheap date... we bought a bag, went & got some papes, &then he took me out to the land, where him & his family would hunt.. 🦌 we didn't see any deer, but when those fireflies came out, it looked like i was in outer-space.. it was soooo beautiful!! ✨✨ it was like magic!! ✨✨
Jamal Jackson
Jamal Jackson Oy oldin
L Oy oldin
He is not even cleaning stuff correctly!! How has no one around him gotten sick??!!
Apple AR glasses ?
Apple AR glasses ? Oy oldin
Me: Mom can we get Elon musk. Mom: We already have Elon musk at home. Elon musk at home:
Stephanie Hall
Stephanie Hall Oy oldin
lmao if on my first date, a guy brags about flushing just once, and was as cheap as this guy, it would be my last date... lol... idc who you are... 😆😆
Harrison Wilde Official
Harrison Wilde Official Oy oldin
The geezer on the left reminds me a bit of bill Mosley
wafflesbro5412 Oy oldin
i guess i can respect this dudes frugality, BUT unless hes saving all this money up for something he really should just get another job OR get a hobby that he can profit from. its almost lazy having to stress yourself and roommates just to live a near homeless living style.
amir merrikhi
amir merrikhi Oy oldin
i want one of these with pdp
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