Florida Man and Karen Memes Found Dead

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Meme Couch! Best meme compilation show on youtube! Checking out the r/cinnamontoastken reddit, Florida Man Memes, and your favorite Karen Memes! Try the florida man challenge! Search for "Florida man" then your birthday. See what comes up!
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CinnamonToastKen Oy oldin
Like the video if you're not from Florida, or a Karen.
D H Oy oldin
Floridians are a proud people and I, Florida man, will not rest until Karen gets to speak with your manager.
nathan frisk
nathan frisk Oy oldin
As a Florida resident this makes me very sad
Daily Nihilist
Daily Nihilist Oy oldin
I'm a Karen and I still like this video
Bridgette Griesinger
Bridgette Griesinger Oy oldin
You guys should review the TLC show sMothered its insane
Thomas Geiger
Thomas Geiger Oy oldin
She may have been able to give zero stars if she just didn't choose.?.
Josh G
Josh G 2 kun oldin
Yo my birthday is the 23rd of September we're September brothers
Brandi Gudinas
Brandi Gudinas 5 kun oldin
Sad part is I'm from Fort Myers...lol
Pinkfan112173 7 kun oldin
November 21st, the headline said Florida man says wind blew cocaine into his car... LMAO!!!
Anii 9 kun oldin
Bro I just kind of relate to possums though... they’re kinda cute ugly: same... they’ve got a food oriented one track mind: same... they can’t do math: same... they eat garbage: 100% same
BcOriginal 10 kun oldin
I know I'm late but my friend and me had a covo about possums before and he told me that what we call possums in the USA are technically opossums 😂 like okay??? Anyways so thats why its confusing...
Goodolmal Ginger
Goodolmal Ginger 12 kun oldin
It was better
Goodolmal Ginger
Goodolmal Ginger 12 kun oldin
We want the couch back
Theresa Whipple
Theresa Whipple 13 kun oldin
My birthday Florida man June 30th: "A Florida man kept one of the 'worlds most dangerous' birds on his farm. Then it killed him." Also June 30th: Florida man killed and cooked family puppy. toasty.
mr blue
mr blue 14 kun oldin
laughed at the cult picture 🤣👌
kimberly s
kimberly s 15 kun oldin
WHO thinks opossums are cute? Wait 'till you take the trash out at night and one of them hisses at you whilst eating your cat's food. Opossums are the only ugly marsupial. Even the babies are gross.
LiquidBlack Sleepsick
LiquidBlack Sleepsick 19 kun oldin
*looks up Florida man and birthday* Florida man born female Oh shi-
LilPutiAn 19 kun oldin
Florida man turns himself in for murdering his imaginary friend
SUMMIT 19 kun oldin
119 karens watched this video so far...
Oliver Spoopydroopsnoot
Oliver Spoopydroopsnoot 19 kun oldin
January 4th - "A Florida Man was arrested last night after allegedly covering his father’s face with pizza. The attack was prompted by the accused man “being mad his dad for helping give birth to him”. When police arrived they encountered Robert Houston outside the home. The man put his hands behind his back saying he knew he was going to jail." Idk what I expected, but it was not this.
Kevin Bacon
Kevin Bacon 21 kun oldin
Cult leader buff is a guy named shoko asahara they were terrorists..... It's worth a Google
Mel Sevigny
Mel Sevigny 21 kun oldin
Gonna play birthday Florida man game. I was born September 9
Miss. Danni Tiger
Miss. Danni Tiger 24 kun oldin
0:30 7 :10
Paige Wilhite
Paige Wilhite 26 kun oldin
Florida man seeking Florida man memes
Bailey Brian
Bailey Brian Oy oldin
I looked up the Florida man for my bday, and it was "Florida man driving home from strip club falls out of truck and runs himself over" LOL
Ryan Emery
Ryan Emery Oy oldin
My birthday Flordia man: "Flordia man shouts 'I'm looting' while stealing cop car, gets shot"
nicestory Oy oldin
theory: florida was once just a rock that was a little smaller but around the same size of the moon populated with aliens who went animorph and turned into a crowd of florida men that crashed into earth and _became one with earth_
James Wilson
James Wilson Oy oldin
Darn those double dreams, working for the JLA on the toilet...
Veronika Permaul
Veronika Permaul Oy oldin
My birthday Florida man : Florida Man accuses dog of shooting girlfriend in the leg.
Selena NB
Selena NB Oy oldin
my birthday is Sept. 21st too!!!
Bohomouse Oy oldin
Looked up my bday Florida man. Shot after cops arrested him for selling drugs near preschool... I work at a preschool
Kim Chunchu
Kim Chunchu Oy oldin
Hey, somebody needs to report that pink mouse!!
Kim Chunchu
Kim Chunchu Oy oldin
I think I know some of those Florida men!! C'mon man!, does that guy even remember Alanis from "You can't do that on television?"
Kim Chunchu
Kim Chunchu Oy oldin
No... opossums are NOT cute. We get them in our yard sometimes. The Raccoons are cute though, especially the babies. Skip the armadillos... they sink to the bottom of the pool if they fall in and their claws can screw up a liner pretty bad.
Kim Chunchu
Kim Chunchu Oy oldin
Liked the little car with the Seminole plate!
Aldo Parziale
Aldo Parziale Oy oldin
10:20 Wtf is up with that guy's face... Surprised two of you didn't seem to notice the Demon Spawn Florida Man pic that went along with his cat to strip club
1k subscribers with no videos challenge!!!
1k subscribers with no videos challenge!!! Oy oldin
The cinnamon toast ken community is so much better then most of UZpost! I’m just glad to not see : in ever comment
Jimbo Slice
Jimbo Slice Oy oldin
I did mine: "Florida Man Kills Imaginary Friend" lol
Raishee Oy oldin
7:03 i guess you could say the argument was... "heated"
Sofie M
Sofie M Oy oldin
12:10 Didn’t he get house arrest, though?
Coby Grant
Coby Grant Oy oldin
you could say that argument got pretty heated
Moonari Lemurtails
Moonari Lemurtails Oy oldin
My birthday Florida man said three syringes found in his butt didn't belong to him
caleb curtis
caleb curtis Oy oldin
That joke at the beginning hit harder then it should cuz I live in Florida
Andre Daniel Batlan
Andre Daniel Batlan Oy oldin
2 june 😂😂😂😂 " Cops: Florida Man arrested after being found with decapitated shark" 😂😂😂🦈🦈🦈 I'm dying inside. Hy form Romania 🇷🇴
John Biggs
John Biggs Oy oldin
*adblock on* At the bottom "buy cinnamon toast Ken merch"
Anti-Heroine Oy oldin
Why did it kinda... Hurt to imagine Buff Pro hating me?
imheadphones Oy oldin
Ken's daughter was so freakin adorable. How can you dislike her??
Miss Bizy
Miss Bizy Oy oldin
Happy late b-day, buff
Karly Robinson
Karly Robinson Oy oldin
My birthday: Florida man encases self in concrete outside governors mansion
saxumbonum Oy oldin
I know you don't really believe that anyone dislikes Layla more than they dislike someone claiming a lifestyle choice is being shoved in their faces while also browsing a *spcific* subreddit to find that content and invalidating childless families, but okay, play dumb.
Megna Mudaliar
Megna Mudaliar Oy oldin
i’m watching on september 4th, happy birthday buff :)
bear guy
bear guy Oy oldin
I had the best Florida man on my birthday a couple years ago. Florida man dies taking part in Destroy Dick December Challenge.
Sentity Oy oldin
I got a foot sniffing Florida man for my birthday...
Lorelei Catherine
Lorelei Catherine Oy oldin
I lived in Florida half my life, it is literally its on continent down there lol I can’t even blame that one dude for doing yardwork nekkid, it’s freakin HOT and HUMID, even after the sun goes down but then you also have the mosquitos and the palmetto bugs comin out. Side note: Mary is correct, opossums are precious. And they’re really sweet. ❤️
Jonathan Baldwin
Jonathan Baldwin Oy oldin
FLORIDA MAN Hell that's a badge of honor for a lot of us I've lived here my whole life 30od years. We're a different breed down here bubba. I think it's a couple things everyone moves here. 2 you can be in the middle of Miami and drive 30 min and be in the middle of the swamp. 3 it's it's another kinda HOT down here and I think it cooks our brain. Been watching since Ken had purple hair and y'all had a couch haha love the videos and always will. Ya missed the best FL man meme the gator with the steak knife in it's head. I'm still looking for it, the real question is what happened to where someone stabbed a gator in the head with a Walmart steak knife?
Smooshies Mommy
Smooshies Mommy Oy oldin
Buffs bday is this Friday. Happy early birthday buff🎂🎁🎈🎈 Buff is birthday twins with my little brother. He turns 12 this year.
Jody Huwyler
Jody Huwyler Oy oldin
Y’all killin me!!!
Isabel Ortiz
Isabel Ortiz Oy oldin
you know these newscasters in florida just are trying hard to work there way out of that market........
wehvgirlpwr Oy oldin
This is mine Florida man: Well, this is a story. A 38-year-old Tampa, Florida man was arrested for driving under the influence (of what… it's still not confirmed) after mistaking a Bank of America drive-through for a Taco Bell drive-through. 🤣😂🤣😂. Jan 19
Cameron Jones
Cameron Jones Oy oldin
Scary Godmother is practically the definition of obscure reference lol damn
dom sturman
dom sturman Oy oldin
Buff went quiet at the 322 dislike for ken and Layla video! He’s probably tired from making 322 new UZpost accounts! 🤔😂
Laura Oy oldin
Mine is Florida Man arrested for throwing a burger at pregnant woman 😂🤦🏼‍♀️
Sarah Duropan
Sarah Duropan Oy oldin
I got Florida man pleasures himself at dollar store. Florida man is charged with robbing a Chinese restaurant at gunpoint. Except he didn't have a gun, he just pointed his fingers like a gun. And Florida man arrested for attacking a man dressed like a minion.
Dimas B
Dimas B Oy oldin
May 29th, “Florida man arrested for allegedly throwing corn cob at mom's head”
Rebecca Perry
Rebecca Perry Oy oldin
10:55 “Florida Man on Drugs Kills Imaginary Friend “ ...wasn’t that the plot of a Supernatural episode?
Apex Rex
Apex Rex Oy oldin
I'm really happy that Karen's become a meme. Spreads awareness about all the bigotted falsely accusing power abusing women. Otherwise the unjust nuttiness just keeps on going. Don't give in to a Karen. Make her realize that you're about to call the police and or sue her for her abusive unruly behaviour.
Leo Semro
Leo Semro Oy oldin
All the "Trump 2020" ads ☠️
Baipo2141 Oy oldin
I only can imagine what would pop up if I searched for my birthday.
Baipo2141 Oy oldin
I spoke way too soon. I forgot that the Parkland school shooting was my birthday. I’m sorry and wish the families all the best.
Mohammed 817
Mohammed 817 Oy oldin
The dude in 3:25 i know him and he is a memer and youtube comedian as an actor and dirctor, what’s most important that it appeared finally on memecouch and i could die now a happy man
Kiamo Oy oldin
''Florida man accused of stabbing women over underdone potato''. november 27th
Courtney M
Courtney M Oy oldin
16 December - "Florida man arrested after he attempted to pay for his McDonalds order with weed 😂
Cool guy
Cool guy Oy oldin
March 8th: Florida man walks into a random house, high on meth, and falls asleep on their couch
Sarah Davis
Sarah Davis Oy oldin
When you don't have to Google "Florida Man" because you and Buff share the same birthday 😊
Britt k
Britt k Oy oldin
My birthday Florida man: Man turns himself in for killing his imaginary friend......
Boxes 3:33
Boxes 3:33 Oy oldin
I just realized that a thinner dr while would look like ghandi
GeminiCrones ConesCreations
GeminiCrones ConesCreations Oy oldin
Buff looks sexy in Red
Joseph Cerrito 93
Joseph Cerrito 93 Oy oldin
im that Florida kid, el bambino de peninsula
sisterofeluria Oy oldin
Me and buff have the same birthday 😎
Juliet Patterson
Juliet Patterson Oy oldin
I’m a Florida woman and my birthday Florida man is a Florida man who committed murder over an imaginary girlfriend
Kookaburra Oy oldin
yOOOOOO! Me and Buff have the same birthday!
weavile1997 Oy oldin
Dane has the same birthday as I do (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
Hyena Gutzo
Hyena Gutzo Oy oldin
A fellow September birthday!!! Mine is the 7th! (*´ω`*)
Hannah Oy oldin
Me too! 🎂
alysha merville
alysha merville Oy oldin
Layla is her fan art like "yes, I am the cinnamon toast princess. Worship meeeeee"
Josh F
Josh F Oy oldin
All those downvotes were Donatello fans
SpookySady Oy oldin
For my birthday Florida man (Jan. 22) I got things like: "Florida Man Arrested for Fried Chicken Attack on his Girlfriend" " Florida man wanted to prove independence to his mom so he tried to rob a gas starion" and "Florida man caught exposing himself in Walmart pillow aisle" HAHAHAHAHAHAHA 🤣🤣🤣
Insect Uncle
Insect Uncle Oy oldin
June 6th: A Florida man is facing a misdemeanor charge for allegedly pouring ketchup on his girlfriend
THORD 1958
THORD 1958 Oy oldin
Mine was “Florida man slaps girlfriend with a cheeseburger”
Teodora Stupic
Teodora Stupic Oy oldin
I was half expecting it to say Florida man sets a woman on fire before the argument
Autumn Martin
Autumn Martin Oy oldin
Oh my gosh I have the same birthday as Ken September 21st😩❤️🤣
Jezek Hashimoto
Jezek Hashimoto Oy oldin
August 20th: Florida Man Arrested For Botched Castration On Another Man He Met On Eunuch Fetish Website
Louis Adonis
Louis Adonis Oy oldin
January 15th "Florida man threatens to kill his neighbors with 'Kindness'" which is what he named his knife
Elarai Mayne
Elarai Mayne Oy oldin
Florida man accused of forcing small alligator to drink beer
subscribe me if you can
subscribe me if you can Oy oldin
Everytime i hear the word florda man,my brain project a pic of a man walking his pet gator in the sideways
Icecupcakescreame Oy oldin
Why does Layla look like that kid that used to be on "kids react to ......"
Fall Pants
Fall Pants Oy oldin
I’m mad that no one made the joke that the argument must have been a heated when in reference to the man setting the woman on fire
Kenny Laysh
Kenny Laysh Oy oldin
"borderline sometimes love you" Boy, I feel THAT, lol.
Babbit Rabbit
Babbit Rabbit Oy oldin
Florida Man April 11th Police: Florida man threatens to destroy everyone with army of turtles
Cherry Oy oldin
I was curious and try to search it up on December 4, I don't think it would be anything worst.. boy, I was wrong. Florida man abandons son on highway because he thinks boy is gay, police say
Dazdrasen Konstantin
Dazdrasen Konstantin Oy oldin
Everyone, we found Rasputin.
Gurshaan Aujla
Gurshaan Aujla Oy oldin
Bruh my birth day Florida man stabs a person with scissors and the guy who got stabbed had no arms
Stealthbull Gaming
Stealthbull Gaming Oy oldin
I checked one on my birthday and this guy was arrested for assaulting his dad with a pizza 😂
Erdbeer Milch
Erdbeer Milch Oy oldin
Mine: Florida man stabbed in the back at Gainesville bar over remark on a hat.
LeilaKoch Oy oldin
My Florida Man meme is about a dude shooting his neighbor in the balls after a argument on Facebook
Monkey Lover
Monkey Lover Oy oldin
September 23: Florida man throws another Florida man off bridge
Aldrea Silva
Aldrea Silva Oy oldin
"Florida man accused of stabbing woman over underdone potato" November 27th, 2018 WTF
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