Dumb People Give "Friends" Prank Tattoos

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Just Tattoo Of Us where dumb people get stupid tattoos and ruin friendships. They give each other prank tattoos. Sounds great.
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Just Tattoo of Us
Guy Dumps His Girlfriend With A Tattoo | Jaw-Dropping Moments
The Just Tattoo Of Us studio is no stranger to jaw-dropping moments, and these tattoo reveals are definitely some of the most shocking. There's a marriage proposal with a twist, an absolutely unforgivable bombshell dropped, and Brian dumping his girlfriend Victoria with a 'pack your bags' tattoo. You will definitely have to pick your jaw up off the floor after watching these reveals!
Reddit - www.reddit.com/r/CinnamonToastKen
React Couch and Dr Phil - uzpost.info/vision/video/etqvk7eig2d9mmQ.html
Memes - uzpost.info/vision/video/bbBo2pWbfnSCgZM.html
5 Min Life Hacks - uzpost.info/vision/video/ia2etK2am3WxoYE.html

CinnamonToastKen 20 kun oldin
Thank you to my beautiful wife for being my translator. Apparently Australian accents are the perfect bridge between American and British accents, who would of guessed?!
Honey Badger
Honey Badger 7 kun oldin
She is simply stunning. Just like a disney princess.
Adelina Noah
Adelina Noah 7 kun oldin
It was truly adorable lol Reminds me of my husband and I everytime I coax him into watching foreign films
Da Reel Slim Shady
Da Reel Slim Shady 13 kun oldin
Ofcourse your wife is Australian 👏🏻(in Aussie aswell)
Abbey 15 kun oldin
I thought she was your daughter at first. I'm so sorry for that as I've only watched you since pewds and your skyblock series you never finished. I will say she's lucky to have you because i see why she fell in love. Just my type of guy but i know my boundaries when one is married unlike the twat my ex is with. And he has the nerve to say shes the stepmom. Um no she isn't until you get married and you cant get married until we are divorced plus she has to be old enough . Oops im rambling. Just hate ny ex and his child GF. And hate is a strong word. Until im free im suffering from the narcissists ways.
Serendipity Drake
Serendipity Drake 16 kun oldin
Is it just me or does ken look like the grownup/bearded/tattooed version of the kid from Kindergarten Cop. The who talks about his dad staring at "vaginas all day long...."
Ewok Girl
Ewok Girl 2 kun oldin
*Bashing nightmare before Christmas tattoos* Me: *stares at my tattoo of Zero from nightmare before christmas* 😂
7,000,000,000 sUbScRiBeRs wItHoUt vEdEo
7,000,000,000 sUbScRiBeRs wItHoUt vEdEo 3 kun oldin
you can tell Mary actually likes this show and doesn't really like it when Ken throws shade
Henoik 3 kun oldin
I love Ken trying to stumble thru the British accents
HauntedZombie22 3 kun oldin
Mary is soooooo pretty!
Slicing Onions
Slicing Onions 3 kun oldin
This is the first time I've seen Mary. Pretty and cool wifey u got there
Lyndsay W
Lyndsay W 4 kun oldin
Mary is so beautiful! Such a lovely couple :D
Matthew Hutchison
Matthew Hutchison 4 kun oldin
the scottish couple were on come dine with me too .. thank you algorithm for this little gem of useless information
Siniirr 4 kun oldin
I love your videos Ken, but in this video you were pausing too much! Usually you keep nice little breather in between you talking and video playing, but now you were pausing the video too much. I like to hear your opinions but I just couldn't keep up whats happening, because you didn't let the video go on long enough. :(
Caitie Lue
Caitie Lue 4 kun oldin
Mary is so so so pretty
Cat misc
Cat misc 4 kun oldin
I really like mary ^^ such a nice personality! and she is super pretty
Juliette Comte
Juliette Comte 4 kun oldin
Mary is so beautiful 😭❤
7 a m z a NotFound
7 a m z a NotFound 5 kun oldin
WOW this british tana is just annoying as the american one
Najaya Reed
Najaya Reed 5 kun oldin
Naruto -kun
Naruto -kun 6 kun oldin
Wait, is Ken serious? He really can't understand her?
The Koda Wolf Gaming
The Koda Wolf Gaming 6 kun oldin
Low-key wanna get the Doom Slayer's sigil and maybe an Imperium of Man Tattoo.
The Koda Wolf Gaming
The Koda Wolf Gaming 6 kun oldin
What's wrong with doing porn in the UK did I miss something or if it's different in the US.
Rosa Cuevas
Rosa Cuevas 7 kun oldin
She looks so angelic like 😍 she's so gorgeous.
Zetar11 7 kun oldin
this bit of not knowing what they are saying runs so long through this it is great
Tori Baas
Tori Baas 7 kun oldin
My mom has three Nightmare Before Christmas tattoos, she's not goth or emo or punk.
silky johnson
silky johnson 7 kun oldin
this is the first time i've seen mary but she deserves a third chair. she is delightful. ❤️
Hexighost 7 kun oldin
lol, did anyone see the one with the pile of shit she tattooed onto her ex . . .
Donnan Huggler
Donnan Huggler 7 kun oldin
Hippy 🛀 bathday purdy lady
Sarah JamiesonMua
Sarah JamiesonMua 7 kun oldin
These are the tame ones! Get ken to watch the one with the tampon!!!!
Cup Tea
Cup Tea 7 kun oldin
Ken almost got murdered in the first 5 sec
11bangbang 7 kun oldin
This program contains some swearing, adult themes, moderate peeing and outrageous ta-oos
MOMOもも 7 kun oldin
Buff looking gooood~
super motarded3
super motarded3 7 kun oldin
Mary equals translater lol
amanda blair
amanda blair 8 kun oldin
MORE MARY PLEASE!! I miss her 😞 There’s something about her presence that’s so comforting
Cass K
Cass K 8 kun oldin
I love your wife 💜
GaiaArcade 8 kun oldin
I feel called out about The Nightmare before Christmas because I have plans for a tattoo on my thigh for that movie 😂
MississippiDevL 8 kun oldin
Mary was beautiful as every .... /roar
Sweetiepiekay 8 kun oldin
Also Mary should give you a doctor Phill tattoo xD
Sweetiepiekay 8 kun oldin
You have a very beautiful wife, im rather jelly hehe xxx
Colette Berry
Colette Berry 8 kun oldin
Mary: the hostess is famous in Britain Me, a Brit: “I don’t even know who you are”
Ivy 8 kun oldin
Mary Is so cute love her😍
SmolPotato 8 kun oldin
I like Mary, she's cute and bubbly and she gives a nice perspective.
DallyBoy 8 kun oldin
You and your dang beautiful mother to your children I don't know how to finish this sentence.
Chad Sexington
Chad Sexington 9 kun oldin
Mary introduces America to Geordies. 👍🤣🤣🤣👍
E DDS 9 kun oldin
Ur wife is gorgeous. She looks like a doll
1314Lermanlover 9 kun oldin
you two are such a cute couple
Kristy Kola
Kristy Kola 9 kun oldin
The luggage tatt is on her ass....how many people is she gonna show it to?!
Danielle Taylor
Danielle Taylor 9 kun oldin
I love that she's translating English in a deep British accent, into one you can understand which is English in a Australian accent. ❤😂
zoelhek 9 kun oldin
Mary hair is shining like some kind of shampoo ads
wanderingbutnotlost 10 kun oldin
I am not sure if I should be proud that I understood every word they said or not.
Wagg Shore
Wagg Shore 10 kun oldin
The presenters (I believe) were on The Only Way is Essex? Which you should definitely do a review of
DraKai The Lost Dragon
DraKai The Lost Dragon 10 kun oldin
I wish Mary uses her accent more its adorable af just like that puppy-ish girl(forgot her name), the most impressive about this vid is that Mary could fully understand what they're saying
Lea Hutto
Lea Hutto 11 kun oldin
We adore Mary!! And we like Ken too!
fat panda
fat panda 11 kun oldin
Buff looks different :/
ellalone 11 kun oldin
Mary, you are awesome!
Reese Yamawe
Reese Yamawe 11 kun oldin
Stronger By Nature
Stronger By Nature 11 kun oldin
Is Mary kiwi or Australian? i'm too tired to tell properly
Sciche D' alien
Sciche D' alien 11 kun oldin
Mary is so preeeeeetttttyyyyyy. I envy her hair too XD
Tommy Marco
Tommy Marco 11 kun oldin
Gosh dude, Mary is absolutely stunning. You are one lucky guy. Australian women are gorgeous
Luca Bedford
Luca Bedford 11 kun oldin
Is it just me or does she sounds Australian
kyle smith
kyle smith 11 kun oldin
Why does mary look so young? I swear she looks like a teen. (I know she's not probably closer to kens age) she looked older in the past
Aki Pop
Aki Pop 11 kun oldin
Barely noticed how stupid this show is because I was distracted by Mary. thanks for reminding me that I'm gay
Mike Z
Mike Z 11 kun oldin
OMG been missing Mary so much!!! :)
Erica B
Erica B 11 kun oldin
i missed seeing mary!!! she’s as beautiful as ever and glowing!! ❤️
Joan Banan
Joan Banan 12 kun oldin
Maryyy!! Nice to see ya again. You wholesome people
capt. madness
capt. madness 12 kun oldin
At least the suitcase lady got him before. Dude was a sports fan and she put rival team's logo on him 😂
Faircloth Retrievers
Faircloth Retrievers 12 kun oldin
Omg I love Mary ❣️
sambhu sankar
sambhu sankar 12 kun oldin
Mary looks like pam from the office in this vid.
Heavy Dee
Heavy Dee 12 kun oldin
We need more of this lol
N05133P 12 kun oldin
Woah woah woah all the comments saying Mary's a goddess and its crazy Ken's with her, umm are you all poopie for brains? Ken's in no way ugly and his personality is = goals. Stop judging by face value folks. We're reaching simp levels that shouldn't be possible.
N05133P 12 kun oldin
Nice things to Mary
N05133P 12 kun oldin
Lol ken's "ohhhh"s
PaintingOfTheMind 12 kun oldin
Love when Buff turned into a woman THEN that woman turned into Jaystation. This is art.
timothy naquin
timothy naquin 12 kun oldin
9:39... She has to much baggage and she has to get rid of it... Is my prediction
timothy naquin
timothy naquin 12 kun oldin
Marry is back... Yay... Been way to long
Lauren Wolfe
Lauren Wolfe 12 kun oldin
The way they look at each other is so cute and wholesome and they seem to have such great chemistry and are genuinely happy together. So cute! 😍 also im jealous of Mary's gorgeous hair and pretty eyes! Overall she's beautiful, so glad to see her in a video with him again 🤗
Pinhead Larry
Pinhead Larry 12 kun oldin
shes so much prettier than you
Armands k
Armands k 13 kun oldin
yh this gyals proper leng
Aliquid 13 kun oldin
waiiitt mary had an accent??????????
Gamer Angel
Gamer Angel 13 kun oldin
I love your shirt Ken!
Jakub Dziekan
Jakub Dziekan 13 kun oldin
She was a guest on Would I Lie to You and she seemed like quite a sweet, if not a little hyper, girl.
Nicole Patterson_is_Rad
Nicole Patterson_is_Rad 13 kun oldin
Why does Mary say everything that I'm thinking at Ken? I love her 😂
GrimTurtle 13 kun oldin
Mary is lovely and beautiful. Stay safe both of you guys
A lonely boy
A lonely boy 13 kun oldin
Why does she look like your sister🥺💔
hercules Puga
hercules Puga 13 kun oldin
Stephanie Packer
Stephanie Packer 13 kun oldin
I have jack skellington tattoos but I'm not goth... Just a 30 Yr old Tim Burton fan 🤙
Tonez211 13 kun oldin
buff shaved his beard and now he looks totally different.
Jrowme92 13 kun oldin
tinkerbell is not owned by great Ormond street hospital but the rights to Peter Pan are.
Reili Põder
Reili Põder 13 kun oldin
She is so beautiful
Vics of Doom
Vics of Doom 13 kun oldin
Mary is so pretty! :3 Dang!!!
Turtlecuber 13 kun oldin
I dont get how ken doesnt understand the accents when Mary's isn't that far off
booterbooter 13 kun oldin
3:31 this women gives me morgz energy and i dont like it
Jessica Emilyxo
Jessica Emilyxo 13 kun oldin
Don't give shit to Charlotte she's amazing 😂
Dinesh Thakur
Dinesh Thakur 13 kun oldin
how the mighty have fallen ....ken u cant read and now u cant even hear.. pretty soon u r gonna turn into a blob of slime. .....jk love u bro❤️
Sheer Lisa Hakim
Sheer Lisa Hakim 13 kun oldin
Ohh Mary is soooo pretty 😍😍😍
Aka The Flailing Chicken
Aka The Flailing Chicken 13 kun oldin
I love how Ken has to keep asking for a translation from Mary when it in English lmao 😂
emma crummey
emma crummey 13 kun oldin
Aw no I’m from the same place as the host 🙈
Kenny Laysh
Kenny Laysh 14 kun oldin
Mary! This was fun, I like that you have been brining in guests now and then when Buff can't make it. When Mary said "tattoo" in the accent, lol. Love it.
Lexy Ricketts
Lexy Ricketts 14 kun oldin
Man, Ken and Mary really calling me out here lol *goes back to planning my Nightmare Before Christmas tattoo*
Filthy Penguin TV
Filthy Penguin TV 14 kun oldin
Ken: I love you Mary: GET A RANCH SHIRT!
Thiago Reis
Thiago Reis 14 kun oldin
Ken, how dare you harvest our simpness with your hot wife? *pulls out meet scepter*
Ahnaf Atif
Ahnaf Atif 14 kun oldin
She's a sight for sore eyes, this woman. She might be Caucasian pureblood. Beautiful.
Anteep 14 kun oldin
trust me, these are the dregs of British society, the absolute peasantry.
Kathleen Green
Kathleen Green 14 kun oldin
"nice things to Mary"
Adrian 14 kun oldin
Bro id give you a subscribe to pewdiepie tattoo lol
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