Dr. Phil Takes On The Ultimate Karen

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We're watching Dr. Phil take on the Karen phenomenon where the ultimate Karen's come on the show to defend themselves and just look like even bigger Karens. These women labeled Karen are the most accurate depiction of what a Karen is that I've ever seen. Praise Dr Phil!
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CinnamonToastKen 28 kun oldin
Do you guys know anyone who is a Karen? If you like Dr Phil check out another of our videos! uzpost.info/vision/video/ZrOFrdiBjYh7noU.html
Ray October
Ray October 3 kun oldin
It’s like the evolution in a digimon like Karen is the rookie level digimon
Bellator Z
Bellator Z 8 kun oldin
Everybody’s a Karen deep down inside 😂
Jamie Smith
Jamie Smith 16 kun oldin
I’m literally regretting my most current EX, she turned out to be a huge Karen and then her mum turned out the same.... was like an eye-opener.... the apple sure as shit don’t fall too far from the tree. 😂
bill tucker
bill tucker 18 kun oldin
Not to be a Karen or to agree with the first women but you two clearly do not know what PTSD is like. I love your vids but please do some research boys. 💙💙
Monica Garcia
Monica Garcia 22 kun oldin
Yup I do and her name is Karen, she lives up to her name so very very well! 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
heavenawaits100 6 soat oldin
Hahaha as someone who requires four inhalers I can not yell if I do I have to us my inhalers lmao she's got some strong lungs for having a breathing issues
Rykensnow 10 soat oldin
You see The worst karens are the ones that don‘t look like a karen
elwood myers
elwood myers 13 soat oldin
Ally Monster
Ally Monster 16 soat oldin
I'd like to say if I was the cop, I'd be leaning over Buff. I don't have a crush I dunno what you're talking about. -- But seriously that's messed up.
Noveris 17 soat oldin
Tbh i hate both parties in the dr phil
Evisceration Plague
Evisceration Plague 18 soat oldin
That dudes just as much of a drama queen.. If cops are inherently lethal ALL humans are. Its also funny coming from an Asian American since they are seen not as a special group but the same as white folk.. Colleges proved that ages ago..
Aaron -
Aaron - 19 soat oldin
SANDRA is evolving! SANDRA has become SANDRELLA!
David H.
David H. 20 soat oldin
Truth: Being labeled a 'karen' is not dependent on color, the behavior of the individual is what gets noticed. Karens: Why are you saying I'm wrong? Clearly you don't know everything. Narcissists: Why are you saying I'm wrong when you clearly don't know what you're talking about? Psychologists analysis: 'Karens' are narcissists who no longer have anyone at home to suck precious emotional validation from, and therefore make scenes in public to get attention from others so the narcissist/karen can use that attention to tell themselves they matter. I think there is enough evidence, on this platform, to show a similarity between narcissists and 'karens'...after all their behavior is quite similar and their reasoning process is also similar. This coming from one who was raised by two generations of narcissist and recently having taken a liking to searches, on this platform, for 'karens getting what they deserve' where 'what they deserve' can be changed to any number of variants to get similar results. So my fun little jab at them is this: I think the term 'karen' is the abbreviation for: Killjoys Adamantly Recreationally Embracing Narcotics. After all they are always high-strung, full of energy, and hostile to anyone who disagrees with them...like people who are on pcp, meth, crack, or some other drug that can typically cause those side-effects.
Hailey A
Hailey A Kun oldin
After hearing that woman compare wearing a mask to the f**king holocaust, I can not longer watch this video. I’m sorry guys I just cant
Hailey A
Hailey A Kun oldin
“Karen” was made up years ago by colored people to joke about typical white women.....
Ghost Kun oldin
White privilege: when you listen to a black man say his thoughts everytime he gets pulled over is "this is how I die". You, as a white man, feel this is the perfect time to brag about how you've only ever gotten 1 ticket after being pulled over many times....THEN your poc co-host tells a true personal story of being discriminated and degraded against bc of his race and YOU react by nervously chuckling and mumbling something about not wanting to get political so change the subject... perfect example.
Darreyl Henderson
Darreyl Henderson Kun oldin
Funny people are so against masks, most of y'all probably look better with them on , covering up half your face
Victoria Berdon
Victoria Berdon Kun oldin
I'm so glad you helped me laugh about these idiots. It can really get under my skin sometimes! Thanks!!
Josh Alyssa Jenna and Val and Connor VR
Josh Alyssa Jenna and Val and Connor VR 2 kun oldin
Do you remember when Dr. Phil was lambasted at the beginning of this Pandemic for quoting false statistics on Fox to support Trump's opinion of no shutdown? I do. He was quoting half the stuff on Karen 2's card.
Larry Smithart
Larry Smithart 2 kun oldin
What about all the native American Indian tribes lives, we were repressed long before any of the rest of y'all...so go cry to someone that cares
Mad as Max
Mad as Max 2 kun oldin
200,000 people have died in America from COVID and that sounds really bad. But put that into context that's, 200,000 out of 400,000,000 people! The COVID death rate in Europe is not much better and that's, out of 800,000,000 people. The death rate is not as bad as it, was predicted to be and a, second lockdown is completely unnecessary. The only people at real risk are, people with underlying conditions and the over 85's! The rest will suffer from a, very minor flu if that at all! So to lockdown the world for a very few people is, ridiculous and stupid!
Captian_Cereal91 2 kun oldin
Doc hit em with that technique from TLOU gotta pit em against each other
Em Essi
Em Essi 2 kun oldin
For the viewers complaining about Ken and buff talking through the video.... I'm guessing they're new or are Karens🤦‍♀️
Kat Tedder
Kat Tedder 2 kun oldin
this may sound completely ignorant and if it does i apologize, but what ethnicity is Buff?
Cheech Whit
Cheech Whit 3 kun oldin
let the video play out... dont know what anyones saying except for you two...
Jordzyi1 3 kun oldin
I hate when they say BLM is a Important movement witch is not, it’s a terrorist cult.
Emily a chick who likes stuff
Emily a chick who likes stuff 3 kun oldin
I have a hard time paying attention to their videos..all I do is stare at Buff 😍
David Wood
David Wood 4 kun oldin
She is a karen.
Debra Morrison
Debra Morrison 4 kun oldin
My favorite Dr. Phil expression is dumb looks are free! Thanx for the examples in this video!
Jami Conroy
Jami Conroy 5 kun oldin
....number 2 Karen (no pun intended) went from kinda Karen haircut....... to super Karen Haircut!!!
Maison May
Maison May 5 kun oldin
She thinks democrats MADE the word KAREN
Rexy _42
Rexy _42 5 kun oldin
Bruh, I’m a republican, but u can keep these ones, lol
Bettina Scurlock
Bettina Scurlock 5 kun oldin
I love the look BuffPro gives Ken after Ken said he's only got one ticket ever, .... lmao!
Indica Blue
Indica Blue 6 kun oldin
Her named Sandrella. What a name.
Jo R
Jo R 6 kun oldin
Karens only apologize when they get caught...
L Lawliet
L Lawliet 6 kun oldin
I think these kerens have brain damage
princessali83 6 kun oldin
The white Karen’s looooove to act like blm is a personal attack it’s so weird like they can’t stand the fact the poc deserve way more respect and there is still so much to be done
TiredAllTheTime 6 kun oldin
Every time a Karen starts talking my brain cells start dying
Maeli Powell
Maeli Powell 6 kun oldin
With this logic, wouldn't staying in your house be considered cutting off oxygen too? Oxygen can't just...be blocked so easily.
Tiny Baby
Tiny Baby 7 kun oldin
Gen Z and millennials came up with Karen lol but OK BOOMER
REN NAI 7 kun oldin
I have never read something so stupid until I read the anti mask fliers
Your moms Puss
Your moms Puss 7 kun oldin
But like how can you hate masks as a white woman? Less makeup, no one asking you to smile, and you can match it with your bag where you carry your privilege?
Karlin Bennett
Karlin Bennett 7 kun oldin
The toxicity going on right now has my wife and I so worried, everyone please just be safe. 💜
LiquidBlack Sleepsick
LiquidBlack Sleepsick 7 kun oldin
Dr. Phil's wife out here looking like Skeletor
Chey 7 kun oldin
Ugh Karen's like her with their ugly ass, smug smiles makes me wanna punch them. I cannot stand idiots like her. My eye is twitching from seeing her and hearing her spew stupidity
Elyon M
Elyon M 8 kun oldin
Speaking of political, one of the only things that both a republican and democrat can 100% agree on.... Don't let a Karen speak on behalf of you
Sira Skovgaard
Sira Skovgaard 8 kun oldin
Wait... Is buff black? Then is Ken also black? They look the same colour to me?
Night Knight
Night Knight 8 kun oldin
I don’t like BLM but I do agree with what he said
Dylan Nance
Dylan Nance 8 kun oldin
Vegeta: "Her Karen level is over 9 managers!!!!!!"
Scrotus 8 kun oldin
imagine writing black lives matter on your property lol.
the classy xenomorph
the classy xenomorph 8 kun oldin
Yes, white people do have privilege So do mexicans, blacks, asians and middle-easterns. We all have our own form of privileges. I don't really like the whole "white man= bad" message.
NECR0 _ 8 kun oldin
White privilege is a false ideology created to cultivate victimhood! DON'T BELIEVE IN THIS BS
weasel1822 8 kun oldin
Handing out a flyer with misinformation that you don’t understand but still support is like buying unmarked tin cans and not understanding what the contents are and still taking it home and feeding it to your family.
Minecraft_Pumpkin_Head 9 kun oldin
"Through peaceful protests" including burning down a building peacefully
Jessi B.
Jessi B. 9 kun oldin
My boss has asthma. She’s super anal about people wearing their masks at work. She legit has breathing issues and she’s fine with a mask on her. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Worst case scenario wear a face shield. Won’t effect breathing and protects others
April Williams
April Williams 9 kun oldin
Ok I have asthma. I wear a mask when I go out. I get lightheaded sometimes. I park my cart and step outside away from people and catch my breath then finish shopping. I recently had surgery to remove a cancerous tumor. I had to stay in hospital for over 24 hours. With the exception of meal times I wore my mask I even slept with the damn thing on. I'm cancer free and I don't have covid-19. This is natural selection let these idiots own natural stupidity take themselves out!
Man of Steele
Man of Steele 9 kun oldin
So glad Dr. Phil addresses this Karen issue. Unfortunately they are Karen's and they are very unaware of what they say and do to make themselves Karen's, so how can it be fixed? Well seems like we will have to go from Karen to Karen and try to make them understand how and why they are Karen's. It's not going to be eazy!!
Christopher Lieske
Christopher Lieske 9 kun oldin
Sometimes it's hard to respond to toxicity. This is one of those times.
dezi phisher
dezi phisher 9 kun oldin
Why do the people have to comment so much through these videos? Can we please just watch? I will go and find this video without the talking hopefully.
William Johns
William Johns 9 kun oldin
This woman should star in the remake of "Throw Mama From The Train".
Cuz I'm the Mom
Cuz I'm the Mom 10 kun oldin
SanDRELLA?? Seriouslly?? I spit my coffee out - Through. My. NOSE - when you said her name!! Bahahahaha! She is *such* a classic Karen!! LOVE this video!! And I'm a "White woman with strong opinions" GTFOH Karen.
Eclipse Moon
Eclipse Moon 10 kun oldin
Oh so thats where my father got that info. XD
Erhan Kucuk
Erhan Kucuk 10 kun oldin
karen is undercover
Jasmine Lopez
Jasmine Lopez 10 kun oldin
We could call them CUNTS instead of Karens if that's what they prefer
Caleb Deems
Caleb Deems 10 kun oldin
Lost me on the white privilege shit
Deez Nughts
Deez Nughts 10 kun oldin
I'm a republican, I wear a mask. These people don't represent me. And I'm those sick people, I had the rona. I hate that this is political......
Im A NerdXD
Im A NerdXD 10 kun oldin
Does she know what a Karen is?
Shnozzarooney 10 kun oldin
Im losing brain cells just listening to her
Kirsten MS3
Kirsten MS3 10 kun oldin
She's trying to claim they're violating the Americans with Disabilities Act. All it says is reasonable accommodations must be offered. Therefore, by offering curbside pickup the store isn't breaking any sort of law. Not to mention that, anyone with breathing issues bad enough to prevent using a mask will, at the very leasf, have a rescue inhaler and can simply produce the inhaler, at which point some sort of compromise will be offered, if it hasn't been already.
Robert Martin
Robert Martin 10 kun oldin
I HATE people apart of groups that make the rest of the group bad. Republicans aren't super I refuse to wear a mask. Same with crazy homophobe christians. They make it seem like christians hate homosexual people but christians are taught to love everyone and these crazy ones are just a vocal minority christian and Republican.
Super rockhardstoner
Super rockhardstoner 10 kun oldin
I hate blm
Quinn Snide
Quinn Snide 10 kun oldin
5:30. thank me later.
b0sse 11 kun oldin
Theres no such thing as white privilege. Get over yourselves.
Jackie wale
Jackie wale 11 kun oldin
Stupid is as stupid does . These Karen’s are elevated stupid .
SHADOW WALKER 11 kun oldin
Kar-en kelly-anne ..... Coincidence.... I think not
Miss M
Miss M 11 kun oldin
✨All white people have white privilege✨
Gage Klein
Gage Klein 11 kun oldin
*mentions white privilege* Ignorant white person: BUT I HAVE STRUGGLED 😠
Alice Cheshire
Alice Cheshire 11 kun oldin
Everyone else ever: “BLACK LIVES MATTER!” “ALL LIVES MATTER!” Me, a confirmed misanthrope: 🙄😬😑
jcwittig 11 kun oldin
I would love to resurrect Survivor. it'd be great if we could call it survival / the Karen's to see who makes it out alive. kind of sounds like Lord of the Flies but you'll be very interesting & entertaining car crash to watch.
Teresa Kemp
Teresa Kemp 12 kun oldin
positive vibes sunshine and roses. is what I've been saying to myself from about 3 seconds ofter Karen stated talking so my brain would not euploid.
Sicilia Luciano
Sicilia Luciano 12 kun oldin
Take away the guns, the problems will be solved, when will America learn 🤦‍♀️I just don't want to be human anymore.
Martha Harris
Martha Harris 12 kun oldin
These are the kinds of people who make me ashamed to be human. I swear if aliens ever show up I'm hitching a ride off planet.
Jo Mama
Jo Mama 12 kun oldin
How come every one only show white Karen's ???? Karen's come in all races 😢 . 👧☎🚓🛂🚫
Racheal Bennett
Racheal Bennett 12 kun oldin
She’s on all our social media lmao
LADY DEATH RAVEN 12 kun oldin
Democrats: wear your mask! Democrats: feel free to shit in the streets!
Nicole Reardon
Nicole Reardon 12 kun oldin
She was "triggered" by PTSD? What a load of crap. For someone that does have PTSD, I really take offense to her completely!
Icy Lad
Icy Lad 12 kun oldin
So now karen is a hate word used by democrats. Why is everything political.
Violet Knight
Violet Knight 12 kun oldin
Late to the vid, I work in customer service for a natural gas company that services basically the whole state as the only natural gas company
Mikael Hreinsson
Mikael Hreinsson 12 kun oldin
Those bithces got way too many brainworms in their heads ffs! Typical republicans. . .
ivyshaolin 13 kun oldin
having opinions isn’t a racial attribute so which one is it
Techis God
Techis God 13 kun oldin
Uhhhh...do you guys fart together or alone?
Whersda Spaghet ༒
Whersda Spaghet ༒ 13 kun oldin
I'm going to launch a new product called "THE BICH SLAPPER 3000" so, i was wondering if anyone would be interested in it.
yoohoo my tutu
yoohoo my tutu 13 kun oldin
Ken's reaction to the jew comment was priceless 🤣 the shock and fear 😨
Queen Strawbz
Queen Strawbz 13 kun oldin
I'm.... I'm just *ssssiiiiiiiiggghh* ya know?
Hazel Angus
Hazel Angus 13 kun oldin
If those masks with a tight seal around the face are hard to breathe in (which they can be), people could go with a face covering. Perfectly fine for regular folk. Medical professionals and other people in high-risk jobs might need an N95 or similar, but a face covering with fabric filter is just fine for me in most situations. There's no way anyone would have trouble breathing in it.
Solgaleo 13 kun oldin
They keep the sick people out back in the shed
CeltyVI 13 kun oldin
Even tho she was a Karen, she was pretty dang attractive.
Delora Sledge
Delora Sledge 14 kun oldin
You guys are hilarious. Also, you hit the nail on the head - part of the privilege is the ability to be unaware.
Frankie 14 kun oldin
"mask blocks my oxygen" plus "mask doesn't stop virus" equals contradiction. Oxygen is many times smaller then the virus. If it stops oxygen, it stops the virus. If it stops the virus it doesn't mean it stops the oxygen. Although it does seem some of these people have suffered prolonged lack of oxygen before, it's not because the mask.
Bethasaur Chapman
Bethasaur Chapman 14 kun oldin
When Buff mentioned he knew he was driving *his* car why would he feel like that would get the police to target him more (sorry I don’t know cars and wasn’t sure if that was why)
Max Nikolenko
Max Nikolenko 14 kun oldin
Well, the world health organization did admit that masks don't prevent the spread of viruses
Bethasaur Chapman
Bethasaur Chapman 14 kun oldin
My mums has many health issues including serve asthma but still wears masks when she could be exempt despite being called Karen is thankfully isn’t one 😅
Bryan Hutchinson
Bryan Hutchinson 14 kun oldin
When she said “triggered” it was then I knew she was a Karen.
Caroline 14 kun oldin
the flu argument is so stupid. The US has 35 million cases of the flu in 2019 and of that 34,000 died, possibly up to 62,000 from oct 2019-April 2020 Compare that to the 7.5 million cases we have gotten so far of Covid (and still counting) resulting in 211,000 deaths (and still counting).
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