Dr Phil Flexes $80,000 On Lady Who Was Scammed By White Money

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We're watching Dr. Phil interview a guest who was catfished and scammed out of 9k by 'white money'
Dr Phil flexes pretty hard and throws down a real stack of $80,000 dollars to show her what real money looks like.
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Why A Woman Who Gave A Stranger $9K For Stacks Of ‘White Money’ Insists The Cash Is Real
Dr. Phil Performs Test On ‘White Money’ His Guest Insists Is Real U.S. Currency
Lois says she met a man in a motel room and gave him $9,000 in exchange for what was supposed to be a suitcase from her former online sweetheart, filled with gold, cash, and what was intended to be her wedding ring.
Lois says she met a man in a motel room in 2019 and gave him $9,000 in exchange for what was supposed to be a suitcase from her former online sweetheart, “The General.” She says she didn’t receive the luggage, but, instead, claims she was given stacks of “white money” - camouflaged U.S. currency - that require being washed in a “special” solution from France before they can be used.
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CinnamonToastKen 14 kun oldin
If you like Dr Phil check out when he takes on the ultimate Karen uzpost.info/vision/video/fMyHyJRnf3elrHU.html
Robbie Rotten
Robbie Rotten 9 kun oldin
She probably got catfished to go on dr.Phil
annabel cousins
annabel cousins 11 kun oldin
You both need to review 'Its Me or The Dog' hosted by Victoria
Natalie 11 kun oldin
Chuckling the whole way through this. You guys turned a somewhat rubbish morning around. Thank you ❤️
GregoryPaulSmithGPS 13 kun oldin
Ashley B
Ashley B 14 kun oldin
It's an illustration of cognitive dissonance. No matter how blatant the evidence they will did in deeper to a reality of their own beliefs. It's the brain protecting itself from what it doesn't want to be true.
Ariel X
Ariel X 14 soat oldin
I wonder how many complete printer paper pages you can get if you combine them all together again. 🤔
Butterflysnme2 Kun oldin
That's just sad. 😔
Gabriel tomte
Gabriel tomte Kun oldin
She keeps what she belive to be hundred of thousands of dollars in a safe that an elderly courier could pick up from the ground and walk out of the house with...
Marianne Kun oldin
Honestly how can you be this dumb? Like even if your dumb enough to believe a solvent will reveal the bill to you, don’t you have to realize how illegal that sounds? Like, why accept this “money?”
Jesse Torres
Jesse Torres 2 kun oldin
This scam was on 1000 Ways to Die, stay woke guys lol
DraKai The Lost Dragon
DraKai The Lost Dragon 3 kun oldin
I don't care much about money but as a guy who's study psychology since I was 8(lol flex a bit) I'm more interested on what kind of living environment to be this kind of lady, too bad I don't live in America to study her
Henry Marckisotto
Henry Marckisotto 3 kun oldin
Its called the dunning-kruggar effect
UncagedPine9 4 kun oldin
"Bad magician scams women with super cool slight of hand tricks!"
Isis Blackfeather
Isis Blackfeather 4 kun oldin
I use Green Apple Fabuloso.
Adam Seccombe
Adam Seccombe 4 kun oldin
Buffs laugh puts a spring in my step
Shadow Meka.
Shadow Meka. 5 kun oldin
katana hand
Luis Debnath
Luis Debnath 5 kun oldin
This is like those fantasy movie that only this woman believe about the whole thing and when the comes, the rebels show up, create a war and she is like "I KNEW, THEY EXIST!!!" Lol
Toby Alexander
Toby Alexander 5 kun oldin
I'm thinking whoever did that to her, could've been a magician. I've seen something similar to this, and the guy happened to be a magician as well.
nicholas garrett
nicholas garrett 6 kun oldin
He's a Phillionaire.
Broham Burger
Broham Burger 6 kun oldin
Mega_Bird700 6 kun oldin
"The guild of alchemy is forbidden from teaching the techniques of turning regular objects into gold." Her: "what if it's turning papers into dollar bills?"
Anthony 6 kun oldin
I have some old printing paper, if anyone wants to buy it for 9k
BangShanghai 6 kun oldin
I see white money and think crack
Alphakenny One
Alphakenny One 7 kun oldin
How does someone this dumb even have 9k to spend?
Alphakenny One
Alphakenny One 7 kun oldin
Never trust a 2ft tall general that sells insurance!
Katherine Davidson
Katherine Davidson 7 kun oldin
Yes, clearly the solution is the problem 😂🤦 The General made out finding this lady! I went to feel bad for her but it's so hard. Instead I just feel bad that I don't feel bad.
David Alaniz
David Alaniz 7 kun oldin
My guess is that he had the bills at the bottom of the clouded "purple" liquid and just did a switcheroo with the white paper right in front of her to seem legit.
Dad Shoe
Dad Shoe 7 kun oldin
It’s like you should feel bad but you can’t, when people act that stupid all sympathy goes away
Trevor Harrill
Trevor Harrill 7 kun oldin
Dr. Bills
Daniel Boulrice
Daniel Boulrice 7 kun oldin
Damn this general dude got away with this?? Fuckin hell.... That's fucked up. Likely he put powder on a few real bills to make it look real to fool her... ALSO!! she said she spent it at a store?? How??
Charles II
Charles II 7 kun oldin
the "general" had 100 dollar bill at the bottom held down by some sort of weight and just switch the printer paper with the hundred dollar bill
aerie cosmos
aerie cosmos 8 kun oldin
This is so sad, I'm embarrassed for her.
HoneyBadgering TheWitness
HoneyBadgering TheWitness 8 kun oldin
Oof...this one really hurt. Feeling so bad for her, she really wanted it to be true, all of it! 😔
justjakk 8 kun oldin
Hey, wasn’t that lady the same one who sent money to scammers, posing as guys who was interested in matching her¿
Isabel Ortiz
Isabel Ortiz 8 kun oldin
PLEASE teach your parents just in case they don’t know about money being fabric, if pulled, won’t tear in half, check the lines to because people print on fives....they do know to wash the ink.....
Isabel Ortiz
Isabel Ortiz 8 kun oldin
BUFF NO WHY THE CRACK JOKE??? you had me rolling....i didn’t expect you to say it.....anyone can wash money, i mean take the dye off, it’s not hard look up, it never turns back instant, if they uh hid on in there solution, i am just saying.
Matthew McSparren
Matthew McSparren 8 kun oldin
And I thought white cash was just another name for cocaine...
Urban Kobal
Urban Kobal 8 kun oldin
that scammer must feel so proud for scamming her out of reality
Minecraft_Pumpkin_Head 8 kun oldin
wait dr. phil, the real money stacks have that banding around them when you place it on the scale.
Melissa Russell
Melissa Russell 8 kun oldin
Sister must have spent the 3 real hundreds lol
Minecraft_Pumpkin_Head 8 kun oldin
the dr.phil face in the back is so funny
escape night
escape night 8 kun oldin
I wont comment at all cus dr phils at the end of my bed with knife hands ready
Madison Webster
Madison Webster 9 kun oldin
That woman is so gullible, and stupid!
Fehnik 9 kun oldin
RedOphelia 13
RedOphelia 13 9 kun oldin
Scams like this happen so often it isn't funny. There is literally a scam for everything and they all target either the elderly or the extremely naive. And if you have an elder that has to stay in hospice care for a little bit or permanently, watch out because some of the nursing/rehabilitation centers sell your loved ones information and you will start getting Medicare, social security, and insurance scam calls left and right. We had the same scam call two to three times a day for a couple of weeks straight last summer. They also don't take no for an answer and will ignore you when when you tell them to take your number off their list.
Kat B
Kat B 9 kun oldin
"gold, diamonds and cash*-" ma'am, this is not a ducktales episode, this is a wendy's"
Teensiersun 9 kun oldin
Dr Phil? More like Dr Bills, amirite?
Prisoner 24601
Prisoner 24601 9 kun oldin
awesome tiger shirt :)
Katie Fyock
Katie Fyock 9 kun oldin
First I want to say that I love Ken's tiger shirt! Second thing I want to say is this woman is a fish lipped idiot!
Stefanie Taylor
Stefanie Taylor 9 kun oldin
This can't be real.........I refuse to believe it
sgt major
sgt major 9 kun oldin
I thought The General sold insurance
Nancy 9 kun oldin
When I worked at my first job at 18 years old a coworker got scammed. Someone came to the store and gave her an envelope and told her my boss owed him money (like 200$) and that my boss told him that she was to give him the money in exchange for the envelope. I was in the back when this happened and she told me afterwards. I couldn't believe how stupid she was.
Da Vinki
Da Vinki 10 kun oldin
Dr. Phil more like Dr. Bills
LeJ3STER 10 kun oldin
You cant say white anymore bro. It's just money. Jk I dont know anymore
Upbeat_Garbage 030
Upbeat_Garbage 030 10 kun oldin
This lady is so far in denial it actually hurts
artistic2016 10 kun oldin
I always wondered why I had to put a solvent on my debit card EVERY time I use it! Lol 😂
Chelsea M.
Chelsea M. 10 kun oldin
idk bout yall but, BUFF IS SOO HOT
Jerry Goss
Jerry Goss 10 kun oldin
I can't believe doctor Phil would use expired rebel solvent He just destroyed all of that white cash!!!
BlitzenTrapperLover 10 kun oldin
Dr Phil is HARD flexing and I’m living for it 🤣🤣
Hexighost 10 kun oldin
this is the derpiest woman ever; bet the scammers were watching and laughing their now rich asses off
The Mandalorian
The Mandalorian 10 kun oldin
It also starts with US "paper" currency is not make of paper... its made of a wool composite... absolutely no trees/wood go into making US "paper" currency.
Pinkaugust 10 kun oldin
I'm curious... If someone had $150,000 in "White money", why would they SELL you that for $9000 if it wasn't a scam? Is there any reason to believe they would need "real" money in exchange for that white money? It's not like they couldn't just wash it and have money, so why sell it to you?
Adrianna Shaw
Adrianna Shaw 10 kun oldin
i can't fathom how dense this woman is. i mean c'mon
AA AA 10 kun oldin
Dr phil more like Dr bill 😳😂
Kirsten MS3
Kirsten MS3 10 kun oldin
I could never believe these people exist in real life... then I had a woman call the pharmacy to complain that her Ciprodex wasn't working and she was putting the 4 drops on her tongue twice a day and still had her ear infection 5 days later. Ciprodex is an ear drop. 😳😅🤣
Robert Martin
Robert Martin 10 kun oldin
So what if there is a real solution that works on real money and he just gave her the fake versions
Southpines Hooligan
Southpines Hooligan 10 kun oldin
People pay for tickets to get disappointed in humanity, and then get upset when they're disappointed in humanity
Just Smit'n
Just Smit'n 10 kun oldin
I never knew the cost of my house weighed 1.75 lbs 🤷🏼‍♀️
Toasterella XX19
Toasterella XX19 10 kun oldin
To be 100% if I was tricked that bad and realized what I might of done I would want to do all I can to insure I really messed up that bad. Cause man that would suck.
Toasters CantUseWifi
Toasters CantUseWifi 10 kun oldin
Something about this video is off
Janae P
Janae P 10 kun oldin
*doc pulls out 80,000 dollars* Dr. Phil to Daddy Phil
Pumpkin Patch Exotics
Pumpkin Patch Exotics 10 kun oldin
Think she is mixing this up with bit coin
Just_Chell121 10 kun oldin
I feel bad for her
sleek the geek
sleek the geek 10 kun oldin
I got the white money from a mister jeffery daniels. so jeff daniels sold you white money did he have a partner named james or jim carrey? were they driving a shaggy dog van?
cody jourdet
cody jourdet 10 kun oldin
I like your guys happy plushie in the back
THE ANGRY DWELLER 10 kun oldin
When the scammer showed her the trick he might have painted the money white then put them in paint thinner
Indian potato Farmer
Indian potato Farmer 10 kun oldin
The amount of flex that the doc is pulling is just.....
Beer Thief
Beer Thief 10 kun oldin
Beer Thief
Beer Thief 10 kun oldin
Nice shit buff !
Beer Thief
Beer Thief 10 kun oldin
I ment shirt 😟
Gigga Vega
Gigga Vega 11 kun oldin
But did Dr.Phill pay back the 200$ he tore up? Lol
Babybluehashyo 11 kun oldin
She would have gotten it really easy if it wasnt her money she got scammed out of. Her denial has to be a self preservation method her brain brought up or something because the idea that she got scammed out of that much money would be too traumatic to really let sink in
Joanna Martin
Joanna Martin 11 kun oldin
Man, Dr. Phil is destroying all her money!! He needs the PURPLE solution!!
Joanna Martin
Joanna Martin 11 kun oldin
I actually saw this episode. It really makes you realize how gullible people are! Geez!
Kaiverah Art
Kaiverah Art 11 kun oldin
My parents always taught me “a fool and their gold are easily parted” and man was this woman ever a fool
Lina Inverse
Lina Inverse 11 kun oldin
................... -_- ..........send her to the RANCH!!!!!!
Kalmar Wingfeather
Kalmar Wingfeather 11 kun oldin
money laundering but youre legit just washing it
Nipplebutt 11 kun oldin
Counterfeit money -- just add water!!!
The Faceless87
The Faceless87 11 kun oldin
How can people honestly be this stupid? Its so damn stupid I wouldn't even try to scam someone this way because it should have zero percent chance of working
lorna Cairns
lorna Cairns 11 kun oldin
Denial is a powerful drug
Yargn Flarg
Yargn Flarg 11 kun oldin
Dr. Phil? more like "Dr. BILLS" yall! holla! C.R.E.A.M!
Faith 11 kun oldin
She genuinely needs a caretaker
Faith 11 kun oldin
Not 100% sure what I was expecting when they said white money... but it sure wasn’t that
ellalone 11 kun oldin
I just love how gentle Dr Phil is with the papers of hers
Chris Andrew
Chris Andrew 11 kun oldin
Gordon ramsay couldnt even cook up a scam this hilarious
Sheena Folsom
Sheena Folsom 11 kun oldin
I dont feel bad for any of these desperate women and men who get catfished and scammed cause u can't be two or three times my age and be that stupid
Jennifer Ostenson
Jennifer Ostenson 11 kun oldin
I feel like Dr Phil when talking to my Trump supporter mother.
Lina Inverse
Lina Inverse 11 kun oldin
What is the ONE THING that peops didnt have since the internet took off??? ....... -_- COMMON SENSE.
GreenGuren 11 kun oldin
6:20 uh I think thats the wrong clip.
Sahira Lopez
Sahira Lopez 11 kun oldin
Yay! The Dr. Phil content is back!!
Jeanicia Sparkles
Jeanicia Sparkles 11 kun oldin
Reminds me of that one episode of Spongebob when Spongebob and Patrick got paint on Mr. Krabs first dollar. And all they had to do was lick the damn thing to get the paint off 😂
Rookwings Kirk
Rookwings Kirk 11 kun oldin
Ooooh, my favourite! It's the "Pin the Idiot on the flat earth" game
A G 11 kun oldin
Man... no more unsupervised internet time or visits with strangers for her. She's clearly in a vulnerable place & may even have issues with her mental wellbeing & function. I saw my grandmother get scammed after my grandfather died. My dad (her son & the person named executor of Papa's estate) tried like hell to get her to see what was actually happening to her, but it ended up making her legally divorce us as family. We were actually scheduling a doctor for an evaluation of her, we saw signs of dementia right before she cut ties with the help of the scammer (of course) . It's nuts the mental gymnastics scammers can justify & explain away to the point where the person would believe anything. This shit isn't just taking money, it's destroying relationships with family. People like that deserve a special place in hell.
H 8Bit
H 8Bit 11 kun oldin
gonna have to start calling him Dr. Bills!
Sbeve 11 kun oldin
i hope her family got her the help she needs
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