Doctor Calls Firefighters To Save Mans Balls

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We're watching Sex Sent Me To The ER on TLC UK where the firefighters are called in to save a mans genitals stuck in a metal ring.
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Doctor Calls In Firefighters To Remove Steel Ring From Man's Genitals | Sex Sent Me To The ER
This man has a steel ring stuck on his genitals, but the doctors attempts to remove it all fail, until they resort to calling the fire department.
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Alpha10prior Kun oldin
Couldn't they have just... applied cold so everything shrinks/goes 'in'... that would easily have solved it
Megan Heavey
Megan Heavey 2 kun oldin
Why is the acting so cringe worthy on that show
Renee George
Renee George 7 kun oldin
Say hello to the wedding ring of death...
lizzy marlow
lizzy marlow 9 kun oldin
holdthepickle 420
holdthepickle 420 11 kun oldin
6:54 Every guy was holding their breath lmao
SeriousName 11 kun oldin
I've seen highschool morning production videos with better acting than this. What the frick is that show?!
Renee Brady
Renee Brady 12 kun oldin
LOL, so much for HIPPA privacy laws..he's got his own studio audience in that cubical with him to observe!!!
Bagel Mom
Bagel Mom 13 kun oldin
I love how people in the comments think this is fake because the stores are extreme... but like... you know how many stupid things people have done that set them to the ER? You know how many people go to the ER cause they got a toy stuck up their ass or something stuck on their dick?
Over Enthusiastic Horror Guy
Over Enthusiastic Horror Guy 14 kun oldin
This has to be fake. Their acting is terrible.
DraKai The Lost Dragon
DraKai The Lost Dragon 14 kun oldin
I wish the man's genital did get cut, it would've made a great plot twist
Tooru Oikawa
Tooru Oikawa 17 kun oldin
cock ring gone bad also why does the patient look and kinda sound like he's enjoying it??
You Succ
You Succ 17 kun oldin
I like how they call a regular old pair of bolt cutters the jaws of life on this show. Look up the jaws of life and I can guarantee you wouldn't want that thing within even a mile of your balls lmao.
Elizabeth Hubert
Elizabeth Hubert 18 kun oldin
Watch Untold stories of the ER haha
SUPERIOR LAURA 18 kun oldin
did I hear right, she came back from a party and brought him that ring...what kinda party is she going to without him btw lol
Monika Lain-Shaw
Monika Lain-Shaw 13 kun oldin
And were those "firefighters" there? I bet they were...
Pedro Martell
Pedro Martell 18 kun oldin
No dude would be laughing after he almost lost his dick lol
Astrea Taegi
Astrea Taegi 18 kun oldin
3:39 same 😆
Barbie Twinmom
Barbie Twinmom 19 kun oldin
CTFU ken said a weiner goes flying by lmao 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I laughed so hard at the THUNDER RING scene lmao
Barbie Twinmom
Barbie Twinmom 19 kun oldin
The cringe of the TLC show killeed me Lmao at the fireman jokes 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I laughed at the entire video
Beccagirly93 19 kun oldin
I've never seen this show...but it so obviously wow.
SEEMS LEGIT 19 kun oldin
This is why you only use rubber cockrings.
Anthony Williams
Anthony Williams 19 kun oldin
"Jaws of life" is actually a term for the large jaws used to cut through cars damaged on a car accident
Anthony Williams
Anthony Williams 19 kun oldin
So these videos are basically pornography minus the adult bits
Robert Hancock
Robert Hancock 19 kun oldin
Every time I watch react couch ken and buff look completely different with the beards
Virginia Stirnweis
Virginia Stirnweis 20 kun oldin
Why dont they just pack it in ice, let it shrivel and cut the ring off in about 10 minutes
Axe 001
Axe 001 20 kun oldin
The answer is always oil. Tranq his junk when it "falls asleep" oil it and remove the thing.
Caitlin P
Caitlin P 20 kun oldin
Oh, ye of little kink
Carson Beer
Carson Beer 20 kun oldin
Carson Beer
Carson Beer 20 kun oldin
Thank goodness I thought it was a wedding rung
Pam j
Pam j 21 kun oldin guys.....I'm speechless!
Sonicfan 110305
Sonicfan 110305 21 kun oldin
Dr. :"We can't cut the ring!" Dr phill: "Step aside" *takes out the knife hands*
Gus Gus
Gus Gus 22 kun oldin
These people be using tungsten😂😂
Vonnie Cao
Vonnie Cao 22 kun oldin
If the man did lose his penis, I bet something like this would happen: wife finds a new man and get pregnant from him.
David Jones
David Jones 22 kun oldin
All the facial expressions while he's cutting were priceless
Daniel Boulrice
Daniel Boulrice 22 kun oldin
I'm so glad your doing more of these!!
Jilly Bean
Jilly Bean 22 kun oldin
I’m a medical dispatcher and one of my coworkers had a woman call who had a mouse in her vagina..... no lie we have it in our weirdest calls folder lol
Fuckadoodle Muthertucker
Fuckadoodle Muthertucker 22 kun oldin
My nephews a Firefighter I hope he never has to do some crazy shit like this 🤣🤣
timothy naquin
timothy naquin 22 kun oldin
4:17... "I need a moment"... He recognized her from Chip and Dale's... She's one of his regulars
timothy naquin
timothy naquin 22 kun oldin
2:24... Time to call the firefighters from Chip and Dale's
minty truffle
minty truffle 22 kun oldin
The re-enactment is so bad bro this acting is just wtf
iSango5050 22 kun oldin
Dr. Phil’s knife hands could have cut through it
Willard 23 kun oldin
My uncle who was a former firefighter had to rip a mans penis ring out in order to save the man’s member after it got damaged during a violent car wreck. I don’t know how his penis got injured, but yeah that is a situation I’d never want to be in.
Kaleidoscope Eyes
Kaleidoscope Eyes 23 kun oldin
Future Darwin Award winner. One hopes.
Cheese Gremlin
Cheese Gremlin 23 kun oldin
i relate to this, i stuck 9 in there
Kendra Johnson
Kendra Johnson 23 kun oldin
They really needed to know how to use a cock ring ahead of time...this even gave me anxiety as a woman, none of the firefighters could look when the Dr was cutting!
Rory Robinson
Rory Robinson 23 kun oldin
Dr: but what Wiilllyyyy happened??
Robert H
Robert H 23 kun oldin
This looks super set up. Is it supposed to? Like the dialog and everything, the firefighters, etc.
Joe Ekman
Joe Ekman 23 kun oldin
We once had a guy come to the ER who got a 4 inch inflatable ball stuck up his ass. We had to pop it inside him, wait for it to deflate, open him up with a vaginal specula then pull it out with forceps. He gave no explanation as to how he got it up there. XD
Mia Mizuno
Mia Mizuno 23 kun oldin
You are just the best Trash TV reviewers and commenters. No hate, but just funny comments 😂😂😂
Jeff Shittles
Jeff Shittles 23 kun oldin
wow how realistic. i love reality tv
Dallin Stoddard
Dallin Stoddard 23 kun oldin
House: is burning down* Firefighters: we got some testicles to save
DaWhiteWolffie 23 kun oldin
So this is why trips to the ER take hours and hours of time...idiots like this hog up the attention of the staff. xP
Jessica -aka JessaNae
Jessica -aka JessaNae 23 kun oldin
*Actually.... come to think of it.... a metal ring in that area is crazy!! Not only will that area swell during that time, but the ring is meant to help that process, so it'll be even worse! Dumb idea!! There are plenty enough different gadgets to use now!! Lol!*
Sinon Hecate
Sinon Hecate 23 kun oldin
“Docs weak”
Abigail Rose Cottman
Abigail Rose Cottman 23 kun oldin
nurse: their turning blue! doctor: oh yeah look at that
m0x 23 kun oldin
This show is fake af lol
Dj Cessika
Dj Cessika 23 kun oldin
So they called like 4, strong firefighters but the doc is the one handling a tool he never worked with before? Oh ok.
Nolinette Casillas
Nolinette Casillas 23 kun oldin
All these unsatisfied woman look to spice up the bed room activities be trying to kill their men
Tangled Charm
Tangled Charm 23 kun oldin
Do you guys not do meme couch anymore?...
Danielle Harrison
Danielle Harrison 23 kun oldin
Ahhh yeah that ring was a ring for BDSM sexual entertainment
Shining MoonSong
Shining MoonSong 23 kun oldin
You guys have to watch the episode where a man gets high and tries to use a campfire grill. They call in the fire department for help and almost everyone who comes through the door and sees his penis passes out.
Jennifer Rose
Jennifer Rose 23 kun oldin
This is cringe...
ezequiel hernandez
ezequiel hernandez 23 kun oldin
Lmao didn’t do nothing 😂😂😂
PieceOfToast 23 kun oldin
If it fits on there while fully erect, how does it shrinking down into flaccid form make it get stuck? Also I'm pretty sure lube would've done the job much faster than the doctor and the stripp- oop I mean firefighters
Clayton Davis
Clayton Davis 23 kun oldin
New 2020 trend propose to your boyfriends with cock rings lmao
Tattastrophic Witch
Tattastrophic Witch 23 kun oldin
All I could think during a love scene was Garth brooks singing in the thunder rolls and the lightning flash… LOL
Julianne Luka
Julianne Luka 24 kun oldin
ok anyone notice buff is lowkey starting to get buff??
Nath Lahava Einherjar
Nath Lahava Einherjar 24 kun oldin
You just know there is a parody of this on the hub somewhere.
yag mi
yag mi 24 kun oldin
this is such a weird and terrible show
Bloody Mary
Bloody Mary 24 kun oldin
When you are ``ballsdeep`` into the relationship
Dan D
Dan D 24 kun oldin
The jaws of life are now a pair of $40 bolt cutters?
MissL nineOtwoOneO
MissL nineOtwoOneO 24 kun oldin
you are some joy!
curtisrice142s9 24 kun oldin
All the people in this video look like they are from porn.
Donk 24 kun oldin
How he get one of Thanos rings on there
Ralion 24 kun oldin
I have so many questions that I don’t want the answers to
Angelina Francis
Angelina Francis 24 kun oldin
I'm anxious as fck and only a min in 👀😲
Brian Whin-Yates
Brian Whin-Yates 24 kun oldin
does meme couch know that these are actors?
Jeremie Matte
Jeremie Matte 24 kun oldin
Can't watch. Did they save it?
Oisin Scully
Oisin Scully 24 kun oldin
Lucid Lilly
Lucid Lilly 24 kun oldin
The thunder got me. I can't breathe im laughing so hard.
Laine882 24 kun oldin
So I have some really cool docs and I've asked them about stories and they all are able to tell me at least one that is crazy like this from when they interned in the ER haha
Ducky 24 kun oldin
_Voodoo_Creep _
_Voodoo_Creep _ 24 kun oldin
Lol imagine getting home as a firefighter and you wife asks how your day was after this 😂🤣😂
LordDarkSause Darksause
LordDarkSause Darksause 24 kun oldin
You probably won't read this, but have you seen the one about the couple who went camping and he got his dangalang trapped in this weird campfire stove thing? Or the one, where the guy got a fire poker stuck up his butthole?
Kat G
Kat G 24 kun oldin
The acting is so baaaaaaad
Carver Upqik
Carver Upqik 24 kun oldin
i feel like this show is just a commercial for that "ring" cause wasnt it in the other video for no reason
TheVertical92 24 kun oldin
Yeah i dont think the stories of these re-enactments are real. Like the one with the vacuum. Do they not know that the pp gets smaller and bigger from time to time?
Mark Andrew Bryer
Mark Andrew Bryer 24 kun oldin
Thinking outside of her box got them in this situation.
Freaksmile13 24 kun oldin
This is the worst acting lol. It's like a soap 🤣😝
Cannibalistic Fawn
Cannibalistic Fawn 24 kun oldin
The acting in this is so comically bad omg I love it
TheNepsters 24 kun oldin
What is this ring made of unobtanium lol
jamjamasian001 24 kun oldin
Watching on my birthday, just to hear Ken wish me a happy birthday! Thanks, Ken!
Ms. Pookie
Ms. Pookie 24 kun oldin
I know its a reenactment, but fr.
Ms. Pookie
Ms. Pookie 24 kun oldin
Have they thought about using lube???? They have GALLONS of lube at the hospital....smh. my guys are hilarious as usual..
Shoelacy 24 kun oldin
I saw the title and thought "what an american hero"
Ms. Pookie
Ms. Pookie 24 kun oldin
Thats like stock footage from the last video. Same guys and everything. But the image is inverted to seem like theyre coming from a different direction.
Leonardo Vaquerano
Leonardo Vaquerano 24 kun oldin
I used to work for a hospital in Materials Management and these kinds of things happen all the time. Usually on holidays and I’ve only seen it need surgery once. The guy had lost a big purple vibrator inside himself and had spend an hour or so trying to dig it out with a soup spoon then this wooden ladle thing. Needless to say he damaged his anus and had pretty much swelled closed. The doctor had to dialate his asshole and then pull out the thing out with a proctoscope. The guy is awake the ENTIRE TIME trying to make jokes, the on call doctor woke up in the middle of the night to do this and was not happy. When it did come out it fit inside those cheap ice cream buckets from the bottom and peaked about an inch from the top... moral of the story is... don’t put stuff in, on, up or around your genitals unless you don’t mind losing them.
Es Stagefright
Es Stagefright 24 kun oldin
Does anyone else say, "Hey, guys!" when Ken introduces themselves?
Andrea Johnson
Andrea Johnson 24 kun oldin
If you want trash tv watch BAD GIRLS CLUB!!!
John Benedict Arguelles
John Benedict Arguelles 24 kun oldin
Y'all know this is scripted right but still Hahha
SpaceOrc13 24 kun oldin
I hate that I've already seen this. Lmao.
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