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React Couch is checking out Dad's gotta fork out over $30,000 Dollars for a Fairy Tale Birthday Party on TLC. Outrageous Kid Parties fueled by mom.
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Gracie wants an over the top fairy tale themed birthday party, and her mum is determined to make it extra special! But her $10,000 budget quickly gets forgotten and Gracie's dad isn't happy.

Trevor Hensley
Trevor Hensley 15 soat oldin
One of my birthday parties was my mom, a friend from school, my cousin, and I seeing Digimon: The Movie in theaters.
Jack Jackson
Jack Jackson 23 soat oldin
way to tell the rest of ur kids how unimportant they were compared to their youngest
chica chan
chica chan Kun oldin
that is the most extra birthday party i have ever seen for a 6 year old- when i was 6 i saw my parents both at home at the same for once and they gave me a news paper and i stayed happy for hours- like- tf- how much do you need for a b day party-
s0lastsummer7 Kun oldin
That belch tho omg 😂😂😂😂😂🙊🙊🙊🙊
Ali Alkuwari
Ali Alkuwari Kun oldin
We dont do birthday parties
Tuholy 2004
Tuholy 2004 2 kun oldin
I feel bad for the daughter, she just wanted a dragon themed party with her friends and instead her mom invites like 200+ people that her daughter doesnt know and then spends 30k on a princess party for herself🤨
Minecraft_Pumpkin_Head 3 kun oldin
All because the bird was supposed to be blue.... Laughing my A$$ off, Its the mother's fault the daughter turned out this way. The dad should've put his foot down on the financing aspect.
Sophia Rentzing
Sophia Rentzing 3 kun oldin
I'm nearly fifty, but I have fond memories of my childhood birthday parties up to the age of nine or so. My parents and Gran, and half a dozen friends. Cake, snacks and icecream, balloons and streamers, a few party games and pretty dresses. Probably didn't even cost a hundred dollars.
Katie 4 kun oldin
Where was the dragon..? I thought that is what she wanted was a dragon.. lol
Sarab 7 kun oldin
All that girl wanted was a dragon, a blue bird on her cake and for her mother to do her hair & these parents spent $30,000 and somehow managed to not do any of the three things she asked for lmaooooo
jean chavez
jean chavez 7 kun oldin
Oh no it is all ruined!! Ungrateful
jean chavez
jean chavez 7 kun oldin
They could have rented a real Castle and did there own decorations and the girl would have had a blast and save twenty eight thousand dollars 💵
jean chavez
jean chavez 7 kun oldin
That mom is crazy as hell !
Elias Husain
Elias Husain 7 kun oldin
this guy is literally simping for his daughter. nonce alert go brrrrrrr
kalob hunt
kalob hunt 9 kun oldin
I see why other countries hate America.
Danielle benes
Danielle benes 10 kun oldin
Wait, kids actually got party's? I just got to pick out supper and sometimes got to pick out a toy and ling as it was in the priced range!!!
prime Raptor
prime Raptor 10 kun oldin
Process of turning children into Karens ....
Rae C.E
Rae C.E 11 kun oldin
The kid would've been just fine with a bouncy castle and a store bought cake. If you wanna be all bougie, then rent some ponies or take the family to Disney land. It would be cheaper and more enjoyable for everyone. I would not be surprised if that man divorced her.
yu kki
yu kki 13 kun oldin
13:30 me and the boys in my sis birthday party xD
Pouel Kippik
Pouel Kippik 13 kun oldin
30 000 bucks for mommys overcompensating
Pouel Kippik
Pouel Kippik 13 kun oldin
No pitty for the dude....he new what he was getting into before his first kid...and if not for is first kid s birthday...not my type of lady. Who ame i to judge
dazmate 14 kun oldin
Why not take her to Disney World instead, cheaper too..
7 a m z a NotFound
7 a m z a NotFound 18 kun oldin
I swear i didn't even have a single one birthday party my whole life, guys i think I'm adopted :[
Aemilia Raymond
Aemilia Raymond 18 kun oldin
"Perfectionist like her mom" more like spoiled like her mom
Hailey 21 kun oldin
Well... I really hope that girl kid wasn’t planning on going to college someday. Her mom spent all her college savings money on a birthday party she probably won’t even remember by the time she’s 18.
KEAL Gaming
KEAL Gaming 22 kun oldin
It's been 8 years, I've been celebrating my birthday alone because at an early age I had to live in an apartment near to my schools and luckily this year due to this pandemic i got to celebrate with them again!
Nicci Gericke
Nicci Gericke 22 kun oldin
I wonder when they're getting divorced.
Joe Knoedler
Joe Knoedler 22 kun oldin
If I were dad I would’ve just bought a new wife. Probably save a few dollars in the process
Najaya Reed
Najaya Reed 25 kun oldin
(A crybaby brat angry about...) The bird isn't purple! WAAA!
MysticSybil 25 kun oldin
Dude I thought my childhood princess party was legit but these people are nuts My mom made us all little princess hats and built a castle out of old refrigerator boxes for us to play in This is not a childs party this is the moms party (And MINE had a dragon. Also cardboard, with an open mouth so we could toss beanbags in to "feed" him)
Jlinus 26 kun oldin
The only party I bloody had was that one time when I went to maccas. I don't know what's a worse childhood. That little girls or mine 🤣
Scrotus 26 kun oldin
my parents would spend 30 grand to beat my ass for just asking for 30 grand.
Jacob Noethens
Jacob Noethens 26 kun oldin
They’re bad parents. They’re setting her up for failure later in life and setting unreal expectations of what her future is gonna be like. Nobody’s going to buy you everything you want and NO ITS NOT GOING TO COME IN BLUE. Any boyfriend she’s gonna have is going to be either miserable if they marry her or they’re just gonna leave her.
Jasmine 26 kun oldin
They should have saved the money for therapy all the kids will need it
Alczam 26 kun oldin
Why didn’t they just bring her to Disney land?
Deana Wheatle
Deana Wheatle 26 kun oldin
How they live, they cannot afford it. Debt!!!
Hannah 27 kun oldin
what actually happened to the couch
Lorna Phillips
Lorna Phillips 27 kun oldin
The mother is a narcissist, the daughter is an over indulged brat. I see a very expensive divorce in the near future.
Severn Herrington
Severn Herrington 27 kun oldin
The mother used her daughter as an excuse for her to do something she probably wishes she had as a child. This is really stupid and a waste of money.
apandama 1666
apandama 1666 27 kun oldin
I only go big on certain birthdays like first birthday 5th 10th 13 stuff like that. But we just can't afford it my son's 5th birthday was a conjoint birthday so save money and I spend $200 and that was a lot for us lol
Hubris 27 kun oldin
The mom is clearly doing this for herself. The kids are secondary. It's all about the clout.
beanbean 27 kun oldin
the mom knocking her daughter's tiara off her head whilst prepping for her party is egregiously symbolic
xLionsxxSmithyx 29 kun oldin
I'd be like, sorry we're getting a divorce, it's cheaper.
Ozkar GC
Ozkar GC Oy oldin
Does she have a problem in her fingers. She snapped them at least 20,000 times.
Hexighost Oy oldin
kid would have loved maybe a dragon bouncy castle, dragon cake and dragon decorations, not all that bullshit that was to show the other parents how much better they are, all about mummy making an impression
Wren Rambles
Wren Rambles Oy oldin
you guys should react to that mtv sweet sixteen show. also going from extreme cheapskates to this would give me anxiety.
Vadermods Oy oldin
buy her that same dress and take her to the ren fest....
Greene Mango
Greene Mango Oy oldin
That little girl literally might become Karen 2.0
core knight gaming
core knight gaming Oy oldin
The only reason she did this was to Larp
Cara Beara
Cara Beara Oy oldin
I remember being a kid and if my mom got us a room at a hotel with a pool I thought she was loaded rich! Then to top it off, little caesars and name brand Doritos
Natalie Bedford
Natalie Bedford Oy oldin
Am I big on birthdays 🤔 well I just had one on Father's day and my dad had a heart attack... Father's day wasn't that long ago and last week we learnt my mum is going to die the next time her lungs fill with fluid.... I don't have party's because even as a kid my parents couldn't afford it with my brothers being 3 days later, even now I don't do anything.
Brom Johnson
Brom Johnson Oy oldin
Personally, my theory is that the girl was more of the tomboy type. She wanted a dragon more than anything, didn't want to wear the dress/makeup when the guests were over, roughhoused with her cousins away from the main party, and belched on the adults who tried to subdue her. It's obvious that the mom was trying to live vicariously through the daughter, but i think this was a factor too.
The cowtch 😂😂😂
Nix Emory
Nix Emory Oy oldin
Man the parties I had were like, at most, £10 per child - even the venue that was rented (we just used a play area and the party area they made) was cheap af. Pretty sure an entire party has never gone over £100-£120
Nix Emory
Nix Emory Oy oldin
I went to Disneyland twice and stayed in Paris for a week with literally £250 I feel bad for the kid
rani 🐢
rani 🐢 Oy oldin
Party looks boring
Mark Willis
Mark Willis Oy oldin
For some reason I'm getting some sips vibes from the dad
Lee Len2
Lee Len2 Oy oldin
the only thing she'll be catchin' is the moment of divorce
Tipsy Brewer
Tipsy Brewer Oy oldin
"Why's this girl look confused" The one thing she wanted was a dragon and they didn't listen to her. This kid will never trust her parents and will always remember them not listening to her.
Bugs! Oy oldin
I would’ve killed for this when i was 6 but i know for a fact I wouldn’t have remembered that
Jaime Herrera
Jaime Herrera Oy oldin
When I was a kid my school art class made a paper mache dragon. We put it up in the library. Then we made puppets characters of our favorite fairy tale books. Then we made a small stage with curtains to read our stories every library day with our puppets. So what I'd do if my kid wanted a dragon, we'd make a paper mache dragon. Teach her things she's not learning in school so she had stuff to share and be proud of. I feel terrible for the dad.
Nathaniel Turner
Nathaniel Turner Oy oldin
I’ve been to weddings less extragent than this
Nathaniel Turner
Nathaniel Turner Oy oldin
Somebody buy them a couch. Tables are lame and couches are dope
Highly_ kxzde
Highly_ kxzde Oy oldin
kid probably would have been fine with a walmart costume, cake, and decorations with some dragon themes, but no mom had to make it about her
MisFitAshley Oy oldin
lmao I have had one birthday party in my entire life and it was at a crusty chucky cheese that smelled like vomit and I didnt complain and this 6 yr old brat was upset all throughout her $30k BIRTHDAY PARTY??? BRUH SOME PEOPLE DONT EVEN SPEND THAT MUCH ON THEIR OWN WEDDINGS?? Coulda bought a Tesla model 3 with that kind of money smh
Nadine Nirnberger
Nadine Nirnberger Oy oldin
tazgamer Oy oldin
Girl: Mom, dad you guys didn't get me any gifts. Dad: Honey, we spent your siblings college money, we didn't buy the newest model car this year, and we took out a third mortgage on the house Judy to give you this fairy tale party. We just didn't have any money left.
Cat Oy oldin
I kinda feel like the girl put up with all her mother's princess bullshit only to be ripped off. Now i think of it, she probably asked for a dragon cake and her mother talked her into a bird instead and then it turns out to be the wrong colour. WHERE'S HER DRAGON KAREN?!? Reminds me of when i was about that age and i wanted a monster cake, my mum made a monster cake by icing together a few square cakes, and decorating it with lolly teeth, smarty eyes, licorice monobrow, sprinkles, and crazy musk stick hair. It was awesome.
Spencer Dean
Spencer Dean Oy oldin
this party was for the mom , living out some childhood fantasy
Tanya Kwankis
Tanya Kwankis Oy oldin
Honestly I'm not big on Birthday parties, never was. I remember crying at one, because there was too much noise. And now I'm 0lder and they're just awkward. I'm fine with what we do now, cake or cupcakes and whatever my parents got me. Because I'm indecisive it's mostly money or art things and I'm happy with that. The money I can save until christmas or whatever lmao. But no, whenever people sing happy birthday you just gotta sit there and smile and eh. It's too much attention lmao. Oh also my first actual school birthday part was a flop, it was in year.... 4 or 5 and hardly anyone showed up and it was just traumatizing.
The name's Elaine
The name's Elaine Oy oldin
On my 10th birthday my parents decided to throw a big party. I hated it because I had to sit and look pretty the entire party while my friends went swimming, I couldn't go swimming because it would ruin my make up and I had to take pictures with guests..All I said was I wanted to go swimming with a couple of friends, in the end we didn't spend much time together cause by the time I can swim they were all going home...I mean hey atleast my parents had fun.
Von Sakharet
Von Sakharet Oy oldin
The mom doesn’t even make 10k a year and asking her husband to throw a 10k party for his 6 year which she’s going to forget and can’t even understand how much 10k is
Stepping Playlist 1
Stepping Playlist 1 Oy oldin
The problem started with a 6 year sitting at the head of the table. 2. Not putting a limit on the mother. Come on now? Was that a Chuckie E Cheese in the background.
sophia foshee
sophia foshee Oy oldin
I haven’t even watched this and I wanna whip these parents in their legs.
Olivia Berg
Olivia Berg Oy oldin
This girl isn't even gonna remember half of this party by the time she's 12.
ifrah wasim
ifrah wasim Oy oldin
The girl wanted a dragon and a princess party 😂
Ellen Burke
Ellen Burke Oy oldin
I was happily eating peanut putter from a spoon at the beginning of the vid, but as soon as that child started the weird half-twerk, I completely lost my appetite. That is the single most disturbing thing I have ever witnessed.
Jeremy Sauve
Jeremy Sauve Oy oldin
I would have told her u better hope this shit going to my taxes
sirano Oy oldin
thats why you should use the belt or a flip flop if ur a mom
Lep P
Lep P Oy oldin
Even if the kid was terminally ill, that’s a ridiculous party.
Alec Polatis
Alec Polatis Oy oldin
The couch is more than just a couch... its a part of our identity, who we are on the inside.
Nilviani A. Santos
Nilviani A. Santos Oy oldin
I think the party was more for mom then the girl
Georgie Constantinou
Georgie Constantinou Oy oldin
Is this party for the daughter or the mother ?? 😂😂
Shiani Storm
Shiani Storm Oy oldin
That's more than I make in a year 😣
Mikey Milynn
Mikey Milynn Oy oldin
Another case of mothers living vicariously through their daughters....
S J Oy oldin
Bro I had my birthday at the senior citizens home right down the road 😂
Global Gabby
Global Gabby Oy oldin
Bruh, you could have ligit went to Disneyworld and have a party there for less then that sorry party.
Marissa Bones
Marissa Bones Oy oldin
I just want that money
Oisin Scully
Oisin Scully Oy oldin
She must love Susan
Oisin Scully
Oisin Scully Oy oldin
Because it all her fault
GipAdonimus Oy oldin
So like, does the dad just accept that there's camera men in his house for some reason as normal before knowing the topic of the video? The logic here makes little sense unless that dad really ain't camera shy even when he doesn't know why cameras are on him.
Greg DeBacker
Greg DeBacker Oy oldin
Where's the dragon?
Kuri M
Kuri M Oy oldin
The dad needs to take the other 2 kids and run..... run far XD I'd take the $30K money, spend $100 on a party and keep the rest XD
Reese The Beast
Reese The Beast Oy oldin
Anyone else content with a sleepover with a few friends, a pizza, and some snacks?
Rickie Dean
Rickie Dean Oy oldin
I am to see how much they would spend on a wedding.
Andrea Witzemann
Andrea Witzemann Oy oldin
Was there a unicorn. Then it’s not magical enough.
Justin Hancock
Justin Hancock Oy oldin
Yeah no. One the little girl attitude won't be allowed in my house and two that's just ridiculous. She won't remember the party by the time she has grown up
Andrea Witzemann
Andrea Witzemann Oy oldin
How are they going to deal with the depression that’s coming next year and the years to come because it’s not magical enough.
Dennis Fereoles
Dennis Fereoles Oy oldin
Fock the car. Where’s the dragon?
Ewok Girl
Ewok Girl Oy oldin
Tasha Vladimiroff
Tasha Vladimiroff Oy oldin
Damn. When I turned six I got a cake and I’m a cherished adopted kid who’s parents couldn’t have kids, I was stoked to have my name on a cake and get first crack at the sugar roses on the cake. 30k? 🤡
MasterofAardvarks Oy oldin
that 30k wouldve been 120k by the time she was ready for college. Or buying a home.
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