Cult Of The Longest Nails In The World

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We're watching a group of nice ladies call the long nail goddesses. This group of ladies probably has the longest nails in the world combined.
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The Sisterhood Of The Long Nail Goddesses | HOOKED ON THE LOOK
A SISTERHOOD of women with gigantic, intricately decorated nails - as long as 19 INCHES - call themselves the Long Nail Goddesses. At Maria Ortiz’s nail salon in Newark, New Jersey, the group of women meet regularly to share stories about the pleasures, trials and tribulations of the long nail lifestyle. The group was founded when Maria began specialising as a nail technician for women who preferred to have elaborately designed nine-inch nails, than trim French-manicures. As her client list (and her eight inch nails) grew, so did the Long Nail Goddesses group. Now, the Goddesses meet monthly and Maria charges $100 for a manicure, which can take her up to seven hours to do.Maria, who is a transgender woman, struggled to find her place in the world, but now she has found a sisterhood that truly love and accept her. and, as her client list grew, so did the sisterhood. Maria, who is a transgender woman, struggled to find her place in the world, but now she has found a sisterhood that truly love and accept her.
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Mia Smith
Mia Smith Soat oldin
React to family guy roasting celebrities and women.
Jason Lewis
Jason Lewis 8 soat oldin
Wait kens from Mississippi??
DraKai The Lost Dragon
DraKai The Lost Dragon 16 soat oldin
Reminds of those old folklore about witches, gives me goosebumps watching it
Josh Plur
Josh Plur 23 soat oldin
A cigwarr or a pwn
WinterNomad 23 soat oldin
Ken, I think you mean.... nailsfuratu :^)
ASMR you sleepy?
ASMR you sleepy? Kun oldin
I don't think I've ever laughed so much in a UZpost video before..I was literally crying throughout. Thank you💎
Najaya Reed
Najaya Reed Kun oldin
Gross and really creepy!!!!!!!
Katsuki Bakugou
Katsuki Bakugou Kun oldin
I have 1 cm long stiletto nails and I still have trouble putting a bra on, doing up buttons, picking up change off the ground, and typing on my phone. How tf do they do these things. Plus, how are they able to keep a job with these?
Samuel Jones
Samuel Jones Kun oldin
I feel so sorry for the camera man at the end there
JustapassingTHOT: formerlyknownasTheAFKAAAF
JustapassingTHOT: formerlyknownasTheAFKAAAF 2 kun oldin
Just fuckin' CLACKIN'
Day Dreamer
Day Dreamer 2 kun oldin
Why have they not got the pens you can buy for phones lol
Heavy Metal Kitten Amanda
Heavy Metal Kitten Amanda 3 kun oldin
I remember that guy in the Guinness book of world records show with the longest nails. I think he’s in India
Heavy Metal Kitten Amanda
Heavy Metal Kitten Amanda 3 kun oldin
It’s like an AA meeting for nails
Criptin 3 kun oldin
What are they using the long fingernail for in terms of drugs? I feel dumb not knowing this lol
Worm Time
Worm Time 3 kun oldin
there’s 52 weeks in a year and if u times that by 50 u get 2,600 a year on nails
apple pie
apple pie 3 kun oldin
How about the toe nail goddesses??🤔🤔
thegamechump 3 kun oldin
how are they supposed to open up a can soda
The_Bombatic_ Bre
The_Bombatic_ Bre 3 kun oldin
The nail sounds that happened remind me of when slandering came to kill u in roblox hahaha
Katie Lloyd-Smith
Katie Lloyd-Smith 4 kun oldin
I can't imagine how expensive the bill would be at the end of a manicure for those...
MartMeme E
MartMeme E 4 kun oldin
Woman: I have the longest nails in the world :Jenna Marbles has entered the chat
Chadley Burgerboi
Chadley Burgerboi 4 kun oldin
how did buff not stop you when you said JINNESS world records
Pete Georgopoulos
Pete Georgopoulos 4 kun oldin
is everyone in this cult a bit "plus sized"?
Suné Blommie
Suné Blommie 4 kun oldin
😂 I just imagine them picking something up with the line "the claaaaaawwww" from toystory in the background
Rom Vacuous Spooder
Rom Vacuous Spooder 4 kun oldin
As a violinist... My strings would break 40 times over with that!!
Leave_brittney_alone 4 kun oldin
If they really do wipe their pussies must look like an emo girls arms from 2012
Shelby shoff
Shelby shoff 4 kun oldin
Yo how did you just pronounce Guinness 🤣🤣
TheMucusMan 4 kun oldin
Someone needs to photoshop a nail spider now...
clair baer
clair baer 5 kun oldin
Imagine all of them dropping change on the floor 🤦🏽‍♀️😂😅
Xtina.marie1234 5 kun oldin
at the beginning "spirit fingers" lol.
jay jay
jay jay 5 kun oldin
As a lesbian I’m horrified
Tara Shelton
Tara Shelton 5 kun oldin
I have noticed that most all the women who do this are overweight. Wonder why?
jacomijn van poucke
jacomijn van poucke 5 kun oldin
spamming likes
Sweet Alice
Sweet Alice 5 kun oldin
The itchy butt brigade.
Tony Fury
Tony Fury 5 kun oldin
They probably haven't had dick in a minute
Rosine Carail
Rosine Carail 5 kun oldin
If raptors were human
exileexecutus 6 kun oldin
Does long nails and obesity go hand in hand?
TakAttackTV 2.0
TakAttackTV 2.0 6 kun oldin
Did the maths, think it's 2,600 a year on her nails.
IBLV2DOU 6 kun oldin
Looks gross. Unsanitary too. How do they work or do just everyday necessities? 😬.
mae is 12
mae is 12 6 kun oldin
My grandma had super long nails she's old and sweet and vietnamese
sarinjaro 6 kun oldin
omg thats the stuff of nightmares.... they look so yellow and gross
Alana BananaCanada
Alana BananaCanada 6 kun oldin
Ken did u just say Juinness book of world record....
Joe Berry
Joe Berry 6 kun oldin
Ew, how do they wipe their butt.
Jen Jennifer
Jen Jennifer 7 kun oldin
I had an old lady that would always come with her foot-long nails and her toenails were really long too.
Ricky Dicky Ding Dong
Ricky Dicky Ding Dong 7 kun oldin
Welcome to my nightmare.
Alczam 7 kun oldin
I honestly love them
Lyssa Moura
Lyssa Moura 7 kun oldin
I have long nails, but nothing like that... I GO MONTHLY & PAY CLOSE TO A $100 FOR A FILL OF GEL OVER MY NATURALLY LONG NAILS & FOR GEL POLISH! The longest my nails have been is 5-6"! I wear an orthopedic brace that I tie! But other than that... Everything is NORMAL... TP ISSUES "BUNCH" 😂🤣!!!
giih__ aragao
giih__ aragao 7 kun oldin
How do they wipe their butts?
LaNesha 7 kun oldin
How the hell do they wipe their BUTTS~~!!!! EWWWWWW lmao
TheWorldAroundMe 7 kun oldin
None of these women BFs could play mine craft with them around they would hear the fingernail sounds and think a skeleton was coming
TheWorldAroundMe 7 kun oldin
All I ever think when I see this is how do they wipe their ass after they crap!?
Narukouso Dragneeal
Narukouso Dragneeal 7 kun oldin
bruh, they got so much to say, talk over the video, i wanna watch the damn video
Jaime Herrera
Jaime Herrera 7 kun oldin
You should see the "bubble nails" that are popular in certain circles....
GrandmaLoves2Scuba 8 kun oldin
How do they wipe their asses??? Buff answers with, " Chopstick it"...and I died.
It’s Just Thia
It’s Just Thia 8 kun oldin
The real question is how do they do nails without stabbing the client 66 times
Hot Water
Hot Water 8 kun oldin
How do they wipe there ass
Ally Ockenden-Kemp
Ally Ockenden-Kemp 8 kun oldin
This instantly made me think about salad fingers!
I'm not here
I'm not here 8 kun oldin
Saint Possum
Saint Possum 8 kun oldin
Johnny Joestar could one shot everyone else with those nails
me_ i__a
me_ i__a 8 kun oldin
It’s really cool that the one lady said she quit using drugs n spent her money on nails. I quit using drugs myself and went to college to be an actual nail technician and have been sober over two years now. It’s really nice that people can turn addiction into something like taking care better care of yourself even if it is having freaky Long nails! Haha (-:
stanton teo
stanton teo 8 kun oldin
More importantly, how do they wipe their ass?
tawny. 8 kun oldin
watching this while making a set of press on nails lmao.
breadcob 8 kun oldin
the kings nail your talking about ken was cut off
HakuNeko 8 kun oldin
This is so gross. I almost couldn’t watch the video...
steve mathis
steve mathis 8 kun oldin
The chemistry between yal is epic
timothy naquin
timothy naquin 8 kun oldin
Long ass nails like that... You know them bitches ain't wiping correctly after dropping a deuce
Isis Blackfeather
Isis Blackfeather 8 kun oldin
Dane, you get at it. I had a strange experience today and got a hateful by someone telling me that I don't look clean. As a goth, I am used to some negative comments but that just hurt and I'm not entirely sure what they meant.
Nancy Kuehnel
Nancy Kuehnel 9 kun oldin
Eww! These ladies remind me of the Kardashians. The only way they could function (hopefully) is with a bidet, a nanny for their kids, and a maid to do housework, etc.
Chris Andrew
Chris Andrew 9 kun oldin
Lady deathstrikes followers
Alexis McCray
Alexis McCray 9 kun oldin
I think it would be cool for like a day but like not for that long some of these girls are like 50 and they've been doing this since t they were 13 I could not do that.
Jeanicia Sparkles
Jeanicia Sparkles 9 kun oldin
As a nail bitter, I am lowkey jealous and at the same time a little scared lol
Warden of the North
Warden of the North 9 kun oldin
These girls remind me of The Witcher 3 higher vampires
Miss Anthrope
Miss Anthrope 9 kun oldin
Ok, I may be wrong, but the super straight ones may be fake the ones that twist and curve may be the real ones.
Chey Baby
Chey Baby 9 kun oldin
Lol I learned about the one long fingernail thing while I was working at a fast food place😂 a lot of people had them and I was like tf up with that and my older co worker laughed and said that’s a Coke head finger
FBIagent 9 kun oldin
It must take like 10 minutes to put on a ring
Nour Imam
Nour Imam 9 kun oldin
That’s disgusting
maxi 9 kun oldin
They sound like a fun bunch tbf. I mean I don't get how they do basic shit but you do you. Keep on going crazy nail ladies
Grubby Fruit
Grubby Fruit 9 kun oldin
Looking like the babadook coming out the door
Georgie Constantinou
Georgie Constantinou 10 kun oldin
Imagine trying to using those nails on a blackberry curve 9320 phone 😂😂😂
Isabel Pacheco
Isabel Pacheco 10 kun oldin
Jada Wilson
Jada Wilson 10 kun oldin
What if they ripped their actual nail off 😰
Merri M
Merri M 10 kun oldin
These women obviously don't have to work...they COULDN'T work with those freaky nails! How do they cook, clean, do dishes, whatever? I don't even want to think about cleanup after using the toilet! To each their own, but this is some weird shit.
SwordLily 10 kun oldin
Somebody needs to bring the nail clippers when these people sleep, do us all a solid, nobody should be allowed to be carrying around all that germy dirt
Neo GHeartC
Neo GHeartC 10 kun oldin
I just misheard "This my nail and this is modern weapon" Rewind it again 4 times
margaret hurrell
margaret hurrell 10 kun oldin
Now l have long nails but seriously WTF. Uh ya I'll say it. How do you masterbate
Elizabeth Murphy
Elizabeth Murphy 10 kun oldin
They look like the witches from the movie.
Brenden Narivar
Brenden Narivar 10 kun oldin
Well as someone that enjoys longevity it’s certain ways we all have our little thing hahah I like I’ve been growing my hair for over 12 years without cutting (and no religious reasons)
Mizakiro 001
Mizakiro 001 10 kun oldin
What I want to see is one of them put on a shirt
B 10 kun oldin
My 90 yr old Gma has wanted nails like the Guinness lady for decades. Seems like getting clean, or going to the bathroom, would be like Edward Scissorhands. I could attach my keys like the ornaments & never lose them.
The Cosmic Joker
The Cosmic Joker 10 kun oldin
Pinky nails for coke my friends grow out their thumb nails to break down cigarillos easier to and break down weed faster for blunts
Ben Haynie
Ben Haynie 10 kun oldin
The goddesses nails vs Doctor Phil's knife hands. Who wins the fight?
Angel 10 kun oldin
How do they insert a tampon?
Docofthedead 10 kun oldin
Not gonna lie, I would love a scalp scratch from those! ( of course only if they weren't a filthy petre dish of various diseases
Rhonda Carter
Rhonda Carter 10 kun oldin
Bet they all crush on Freddy Krueger
Dee Loves
Dee Loves 10 kun oldin
The $100 does not include the extra she has pay for design n the different jems
Gigga Vega
Gigga Vega 10 kun oldin
Dirty. They just look DIRTY!
عبدالله الحربي
عبدالله الحربي 10 kun oldin
1:44 look at these marvles pradeters that clic sound is what we like to call "the mateing call"
Jordan G
Jordan G 10 kun oldin
For some reason I get the chronicle of Riddick vibes from these nails
Goddess Terra
Goddess Terra 10 kun oldin
• Grandpa joe from Willy Wonka had a long nail for playing the banjo, not coke. • Bob ross had a long nail for scraping off paint, not coke. • Carrie Fisher had a long nail but not for coke. She said she used dollars or tiny spoons like any other respectable drug addict.
Sue Winchester
Sue Winchester 10 kun oldin
Yeah how do you do anything around the house how do you button your clothes how do you clean yourself and how do you do dishes without breaking your nails and cook
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